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Author(s): Nella
total rating:6.54 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
CC 6 7 7 6
Gerty 5 6 6 7
Jay 6 7 7 6
Jerry 6 6 7 7
Jose 4 5 6 7
Kitkat 6 5 7 7
Kristina 7 7 7 7
MichaelP 7 8 8 7
Moonpooka 8 8 8 7
PaoloM 5 5 5 6
Phil 8 7 7 7
Ryan 6 6 7 7
category averages
(12 reviews)
6.17 6.42 6.83 6.75

Reviewer's comments

"This is a quite peaceful, albeit quite confusing exploration of a quaint snow- covered village. The only enemies are dogs which don't cause that much damage to Lara herself. It's mostly about throwing levers and using buttons to open other doors elsewhere in the village, whereas the second cave section is more focused on jumping sequences (mind those illegal slopes) and a bit of swimming. The textures are rather crude, but lighting is quite good, especially in the later areas. Not a badly made debut level." - Ryan (24-Nov-2017)

"This is quite an involved level, although when you boil it down to its essentials you'll conclude that it mainly involves looking around for switches here and there which provide access to other areas in a quaint little village. The vast majority of the action takes place here, with an ending excursion through a surreal cavernous section. All told I spent about an hour and twenty minutes here, so the builder may have been better advised to end the level after the village had been completely explored, leaving the ice caverns for a later level. Anyway, this level hasn't been played and reviewed since the early days of its release, but it deserves a better fate than that. There are enemies and deadly traps to deal with, so it's not strictly an Advent level. Use Harry Laudie's well-documented walkthrough to make sure you stay on top of things, as it's quite easy to become confused wandering around the village." - Phil (03-Nov-2016)

"I found the environment of this snowy village nicely built, the more so as it is the builder's first level. But what looks pretty at first sight turns out to be a confusing course, as you have to look for keys and switches in and around all these buildings. There are some camera hints, although sometimes quite short and not very helpful, but at least there were some, so I don't really understand why the builder decided to leave camera hints most often behind in his following levels. And this is what you mostly have to do: Run around looking for where a door has opened to find the next switch or key and then again for the matching keylock. In one place you can get stuck forever if you are not quick enough to leave the room in time. I don't like these dead ends in general. Players should always be given a chance to find a way out of a seemingly dead end situation - or at least a deadly trap that finishes poor Lara's life instead of waiting for death from hunger (or reloading and replaying a certain part once again). Later on, as soon as you leave the village into a cave, gameplay becomes a little more interesting or to be precise less confusing and more straightforward. Lighting is good throughout, texturing could be improved, as many textures don't really match, the cave area looks a bit angular shaped and a little audio file now and then could have helped the atmosphere, but considering it being a debut level I found it not bad. But altogether I needed the help of the walkthrough way too often to really enjoy it." - Jerry (10-Jul-2009)

"A very good first level by this author. Yes, it has lots of no-no's and hiccups, but for a first attempt it shows great potential for the future. The author's intentions are clear, and a great effort has been made to present a lovely little town in wintertime. We can easily get onto roofs to have a good run around, and the interiors are nicely done. The overall feel is of a bright airy snowy complex of cabins, barns, town square, lots of trees and nice background scene. We only have to deal with guard dogs. But there are some nasty traps and underground areas to negotiate. Otherwise it's straight forward with a few oddities, i.e. reloading (on the mac) makes a lot of textures disappear, but they appear again if you reload from the desktop. Then there's the odd object placement like the floor lever in the bathroom! shooting shelves to open doors! a very do-able timed run, but you must get out of the room before the door closes or you're stuck there forever! unmarked surfaces that we can monkeyswing or climb on! a barn door that we can push open before we find the torch to light the sconce beside it! overly long and unnecessary flybys, and so on. Having said all that, it's a good little level, and with beta testing it could have been a lot more." - CC (07-Jul-2007)

"That small village looks very nice, but where could I begin to play? In the beginning I was running around and around more than half an hour looking for a switch, a hidden passage, a moveable object, a key,... so I can begin playing. It was very very bored. I had to draw a map of the village to know where the things I left back were. There are too much switches and keys for me to like and only in the final part of the game I could enjoy the level a bit. Few enemies and weapons but objects are good. Few sounds too and the best for me was the architecture and textures-lights but only this features don't make a good level." - Jose (18-May-2007)

"Probably the longest flyby I have ever seen, but after that this becomes a really interesting game and one which I enjoyed very much. Lara is in a small village type area and will be entering various buildings to find items to proceed; such as keys, an apple, and the torch. It's a lovely snowy setting outside and the rooms within are nicely decorated. Enemies are dogs and guards. In the latter stages I found it all becoming a tad weird as Lara moves underground into a rather zany setting, and then there isn't really much to do compared to up top antics and you will simply be finding your way to the end trigger. This was an interesting level though, and made a nice change from Raiding in temples." - Moonpooka (11-May-2007)

"I think this level may just have the longest initial flyby I've ever seen. The snow-covered village is a pleasant setting to explore - full of dogs, mind you, but tourism is a risky business when your name is Lara Croft. It's a simple level, but there's a nice variety of task to perform, including a timed run and some torch work. A very creditable debut level." - Jay (23-Apr-2007)

"A bit odd to play this level when spring has just finally arrived and temperatures are rising outside, but a fairly enjoyable debut level nonetheless. You explore a little winter town which is nicely rendered and uses a lot of objects quite smartly. Gameplay is therefore unfortunately about searching and exploring and despite helpful cameras not really my kind of fun. Enemies are only a few stray dogs. There are also a few beginner mistakes like think walls, wrong script and some annoying illegal slopes, but nothing too bad. I also found some of the tasks a bit too enigmatic and even had to check the walkthrough on occasion to find out what to do next. As gameplay got better later in the game with the stables, the timed run, the jumping in the caves, the texturing and lighting got rather worse, so bringing the best of both together in the next adventure might be a good idea. About an hour spent in this wintery town." - MichaelP (21-Apr-2007)

"I rather had a title like: Confusing winter 2007 as it for sure was for me. I never use the included TR4 file so Mac players have a go at it. There are stretched textures to find and I even saw some un-textured bits throughout. Specially when climbing some roof, have a look at the trees. They all seem to have a small black flag at the top. You also can reach the end of the world here. Why go through all the trouble and don't rename the keys, as calling them"load" is simply not enough. As for gameplay this little village looks charming with all the nice objects placed in them, but the running around with no indication got me really peeved at a certain time so I left it for what it was and came back to it a couple of days later. This one lacks camera work in a major way and the ones that were there didn't add much for continuing with the gameplay. Found a lot of illegal slopes in one place and some paper-thin walls. Texturing wise it could do with some fine-tuning though. There is also this tip, when in doubt shoot, this way I could get out of the place with all the goodies as the shelves on the wall are breakable and that will open the door." - Gerty (21-Apr-2007)

"This is the builders first level and it plays better than some first levels. There are a few "newbie" mistakes like unmarked climbing/monkeyswing textures and items in the inventory menu called simply "load". (This may seem like "nit-picking" but these can be easily fixed in future and do add to gameplay.) The puzzles are mainly finding keys to open doors. The enemies are just dogs. I didn't find any secrets although I did find an "anti-secret" of sorts! A room full of goodies that, once in, I couldn't find a way out of and had to load a save game; thus knowing the items were there but unable to get them. There is an inconsistant use of cameras - sometimes no camera shot to show you what effect your action just had, sometimes a very long flyby that simply shows a door open. There are some lovely objects that add to the "cabin up in the mountains" feel: axes and piles of wooden logs , a snowman, bails of hay, lots of pine trees and a snowmobile. The rooms seemed overly bright but were textured nicely with lots of interesting, enhancing textures, and the outside buildings were more than just square boxes. They actually had the look of real building about them. Altogether this is a pleasent, if frustrating at times, little raid!" - Kitkat (01-Apr-2007)

"This is the author's first level; there are many building mistakes, and that's quite normal for a beginner. Gameplay is linear and rather simple, but a little boring because it's too repetitive. Lighting and textures are quite good, and I appreciated the use of the cameras even though the fly by sequences are too long. There are only a few enemies (dogs), and I didn't find any secret." - PaoloM (31-Mar-2007)

"I am not enjoying levels with many doors and levers and have you running around trying to find which door opened where. This level is one of them, with many keys and areas plus a timed run that if you are not quick enough to get the key in that room it closes behind you and you are trapped. Make sure you have enough time to get inside get the key and leave the room before it closes. The setting is snowy with a snowman somewhere and a nice horizon. The cameras are missing in critical areas and the ones that are placed in some areas, are too long and you're wondering when it will end to continue playing. It's a medium level I guess." - Kristina (31-Mar-2007)
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