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Author(s): ggctuk
total rating:7.73 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 7 8 7 8
eRIC 7 8 9 7
EssGee 8 9 7 6
Gerty 7 7 7 7
Jay 7 8 9 7
Jose 7 7 8 8
Kitkat 7 8 9 6
Kristina 7 8 7 7
MichaelP 8 8 8 7
Phil 8 7 8 8
Ryan 8 7 8 8
Spike 9 9 8 6
Teeth 8 6 10 10
totizedger 7 7 7 6
Vaughnage 10 10 9 10
category averages
(15 reviews)
7.67 7.80 8.07 7.40

Reviewer's comments

"Not a remake of TR1 Khamoon, but the Anniversary version instead, this was rather enjoyable to play. Some fun gameplay exercises, like avoiding boulders, moving blockers, jumping across unstable floors. Those Atlantean enemies proved tough, as poor Lara got poisoned a few too many times for my liking. There are also some nice music excerpts from Anniversary, which I thought was a nice touch. A fun hour long, extended demo." - Ryan (14-Dec-2016)

"This is not the usual TR1 styled level as it has some great tasks that you have to do. Textures were sometimes wallpapered but not in every room luckily so it didn't matter too much. There were some things that made me frustrated and that was the mutants as they are poisonous and you only have the pistols which was a minus, i got other weapons later though. The ambience was often greenish which didn't look too good. Quite a lot of enemies which could have been cut down a little. Lara made a very odd sound when pulling up on ledges. Now for the positive things, there are many enjoyable tasks in this level for example the jump sequence in the spikes room. I recommend this level if you are a medium skilled raider or better. Definetly not a demo in my opinion as it's not so short." - totizedger (12-Sep-2014)

"This is a pleasant enough raid in the old Egyptian style that took me a shade less than an hour to complete. It's not as visually appealing as many of the other levels that were released during the same time period, but the gameplay is suitably crisp and engaging. There's a neat jumping sequence across breaktiles to keep Lara from being impaled on spikes covering the entire floor area. As others have noted, this doesn't have the feel of a demo at all, but I understand that it was intended as the first part of a much larger work. Enemies are bats, rats, panthers, skinned centaurs and flying mummies. A good level to play in between those complicated epics we've been seeing more and more of lately." - Phil (09-Aug-2012)

"I found this to be a well designed and quite longer than expected since it is listed as Demo. There are a few places that look familiar from TR1, although the texturing is completely different. I found a few graphical flaws while playing, but nothing distracting. Game play is interesting and never boring. There are no really difficult jumps or hard puzzles, but the enemies are in the tough category. While it starts really easy with a few black panthers it gets quite harder later on. For example, there is a nasty crocodile, which starts eating away Lara's health while using an underwater switch and the look-button to break the camera does not respond. Also familiar from TR1 there are flying mutants and panther mummies, which attack in groups, are relatively bullet resistant and are poisonous on top of it. There are also some boulder and blade traps. I did like the atmosphere because of the background loop, which fitted perfectly in my opinion, although the lighting seemed a little dull and consistent. I think a few darker corners would have given this a better appearance. This is definitely a very nice level, well worth the download. Don't let the word demo keep you away. It feels much more like a complete level!" - Blue43 (17-Jun-2010)

"I loved this demo! It was really challenging at some points, but was great at others. The visuals were great, i don't know why this costum game really attracts me, but it may be because i love egyptian levels. The lara model is really nice, i really appreciate the puzzles. The room with the spikes and the falling floors was an astounding set of puzzles. It was my favorite from ggctuk so far, great!" - Vaughnage (09-Dec-2007)

"I quite enjoyed this 50 minute adventure. It is by no means very challenging, but keeps you busy with plenty of enemies (panthers in several variations, some of them poisonous, rats, bats and crocs), has a decent amount of jumping around platforms, some blade and boulder traps to keep you on your toes, breaktiles and some push blocks (one being rather tedious to move to its right place. The Sphinxes looks impressive and apart from a few places the texturing is decent and the lighting has some interesting colours to offer, although I found the ambience rather too green at times. Some of the sounds were a bit odd, but choice and use of audio adds well to the atmosphere. The three secrets require a bit of backtracking but are not too hard to get if you keep your eyes open. Enjoyable level - give it a try!" - MichaelP (02-Nov-2007)

"I expected one of those classic remake levels but this isn't one of them and I am glad. It didn't feel like a demo actually and it lasted long enough to be a full game. I have to say that the textures were so grey and a little peculiar that I didn't like them much but they are different so that must count for something. The entire game is full of flying creatures and panthers but the mice were out of place in my opinion. There are many areas to visit, some underwater with crocodiles trying to bite Lara and quite a few ladders around. I would have preferred less enemies, there was no need for so many of them especially when some are poisonous. I liked the gameplay and the three secrets I found were nicely placed. Be sure to find the secret near the beginning because it has a shotgun and trust me when I say you will need that one until you get your hands to the other weapons. It is recommended for fifty minutes of fun raiding." - Kristina (22-Aug-2007)

"This egyptian level has a pure TR1 style with a lot of enemies and traps. Easy to play, huge rooms and long corridors, not difficult tasks but a lot of areas to explore. Good ambience and textures and some small defects in its construction. The only thing I didn't like was the very few ammo to deal with many hard and poisonous enemies but there are enough medipacks though. I found the desert eagle at the very end and though I had a lot of ammo for this gun I couldn't consume it all." - Jose (17-Aug-2007)

"The 'demo' tag had me a bit confused at first, as this is clearly a full level with more than an hour and a half of net gameplay. The demo tag refers to the level being a prelude to a larger game. New textures give this level a fresh approach to the well trodden sands of ancient Egypt. I found the gameplay to have good balance, and some nice new or revamped objects are included. Good choice of music adds to the feel of the game. Enemy battles are fair and provide a good challenge (perhaps 48 kills for one level is a bit on the heavy side) but sufficient extra fire power and health packs are provided. As a demo this is quite good, but two areas could do with improvement. Despite the addition of new textures, the way they are appplied could definitely be improved to lessen wallpaper effects, This applies to some objects as well. Lighting really needs to be more consistent and most areas could be improved by blending object colours with room colours to give a more natural feel to the environments. Transitions of room colours also need smoothing out. The gameplay is there, There's some well constructed feature rooms, but the environments need polishing up with a bit of care to detail. A promising demo of what appears to be a larger planned game nonetheless." - EssGee (13-Aug-2007)

"This game is made by the use of TREP, so this is a no-go-area for the Mac players. There is a missing texture right in the beginning, and then we have stretched textures and badly applied as well, also some paper-thin walls. Sound when shooting animals (get a flying sound with the black panthers), Lara a bit overdoing the hoist up action with her moans and groans. Watch out when trying to get out of the pool that you don't do it near that underwater opening. Also there are plenty of illegal slopes in the sandy area of the clacking teeth bit that Lara cannot get out off. Wrong sound when using a lever as you hear water draining but a pit appears that was filled with sand. In the empty sandpit are also illegal slopes Lara cannot get out off. Nice little tip with those Atlantean flying monsters, stay in a corner, they can't get at Lara and use a brick for your keyboard and go and make some tea or coffee. I would advice Gareth better get some beta testers going over a level instead of putting out a demo. A, I had my fill with demo's, B, hardly ever a demo get finished, C, and if indeed this will be a full version one day, I bloody have to play it all over again. Found 3 secrets." - Gerty (10-Aug-2007)

"I loved this level. It captured the atmosphere and style of Tomb Raider Anniversary perfectly, while still being very creative and unique in its own right. The puzzles are okay. A bit easy, but traditional Tomb Raiding action. And that room with the falling floors and trapdoors is just diabolical. The enemies let the level down a bit. Just like in the Unfinished Business remake, the mummies have a silly amount of health, and it takes ages to kill them. I found myself running away rather than killing them most of the time - the one in the forementioned falling floor/trapdoor room is particularly bad because there's nowhere you can stand if you want to shoot it. And those medipacks are just hideous. No offence to whoever made them, but...eugh. The atmosphere and sound is the strongest point. The music was placed perfectly and fitted very well - I loved it when the rat theme kicked in! The sounds were nice as well - Anniversary Lara noises with object sounds from TR1. The lighting was fantastic - very pretty, colourful and atmospheric. The textures were nice as well, but a bit blurry and jpeg-like. And there was some stretching in places as well. All in all, a great, long level, but those mummies are just horrid. I look forward to the full game!" - Teeth (06-Aug-2007)

"Instead of a complete copy of the original TR1 level, it's really rather nice to see a new concept in an old familiar setting and I certainly enjoyed the visit. TR1 remakes, whilst a valuable exercise to enable us to view the old game with good graphics, do tend to suffer from the inevitable lack of interesting gameplay inherent in the original. This has up to date, interesting and varied gameplay and I'm glad to see that somebody restocked the panther population since Lara's last trip here. The audio files seem particularly well chosen (although Lara's making some rather odd noises) and the atmosphere is effective. I just can't help but wonder though if somebody previously complained about a lack of medipacks in this builder's levels and made the poor chap paranoid, because I can't recall ever having picked up so many in a level. This is quite long for a demo and certainly does make the prospect of a full game very appealing." - Jay (17-Jul-2007)

"This demo was a good and fun 50 minutes raid. Nothing really difficult here as the flow is nicely fluent, reminding somehow how it was in the earlier TR games. Having not played TRA, I was pleased to discover these new and atmospheric Egyptian textures. Also the audio files are really lovely, but I would ask the author to change Lara's sound when she is pulling up on a ledge. Yeah Lara is a woman but this sound is err , well too effeminate and a bit ridiculous. Some other details that also could be improved : the textures are streched above the doors, there are illegal slopes in the sand, some areas textured or lit colourfully do not fit with the rest, it is especially true with the yellowish/greenish area just before the crocodile pool. The lighting is good and not dark so the level is very pleasing to the eyes, however it could be worked more. The mummies were fun to fight , and the flying poisonous mutants are really a threat, I hope there won't be too many of them in the complete game :) Anyway it is a game I'll surely wait for, as I found this demo very pleasant to play." - eRIC (16-Jul-2007)

"This isn't really a demo in 'here are the first fifteen minutes of my new level the textures are sloppy and there is no finish trigger' it is more like a 'teaser trailer' for a multi-level adventure - which is exactly what it is. Here you have a full length level; it is well constructed, the textures are lovely and fit the setting but unfortunately there are stretched and wallpapered sections and the lighting could be better but the audios are absolutely beautiful and enhance the gaming experience wonderfully! I spent an hour wandering around Khamoon killing panthers and, further into the level, Atlantean mummies. The gameplay is good with lots to do: climbing, rope swings, flooding rooms, avoiding clanking teeth traps, spikes and rolling balls and pushable puzzles. None of the tasks or puzzles are especially difficult, except maybe the 'falling blocks over spikes' room. Early on in the level the pick-ups are lying on the ground out in the open and seem unsatisfying - until you realise that you have to work to get the "good guns" later on! Just as it should be. And I thought the secrets were well placed. This level is more than enough to whet my appetite for the rest of the level set." - Kitkat (13-Jul-2007)

"For a demo, this is quite long, clocking in at around 40 minutes worth of playtime, which means that I feel I can effectively review this is a full level on it's own (considering that is what it actually is). From the start this is a massive improvement in terms of difficulty from the UB-remake. Enemies no longer take hours to kill, and the large medipack count makes it possible to get stuck in with the enemies rather than hiding away on a ledge. The combat is good, but what about the rest of the gameplay? Thankfully, that was also very enjoyable, and involved a variety of tasks. There were boulders to avoid, spikes to jump over, slamming doors and also some fun jumping sections to traverse. There were also one or two nice pushable puzzles to sort out. I also thought that the secrets were particularly well placed, and it took me a few playthroughs to find them all. The custom objects were also very nice, and fit in well with the feel of the landscape, as did the excellent background audio. In all, it was very atmospheric. Sadly, one problem is in the lighting and texturing department. While the texturing is mostly fine, there are some stretched, or wallpapered textures in some areas. Also, the lighting is sometimes poor, with some very contrasting colours that seem to suddenly 'stop', and then change to a different colour completely. As well as that, several of the static objects do not blend in at all with the surrounding lighting. However, they are the only things that need to be sorted out, and I feel that everything else in this level was particularly well made and enjoyable." - Spike (10-Jul-2007)
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