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Author(s): tombraiderluka
total rating:5.17 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
EssGee 5 6 6 4
eTux 7 7 6 5
Gerty 5 6 6 4
Jay 7 6 6 5
Jose 6 5 5 6
Kitkat 7 6 6 5
Kristina 4 4 4 5
MichaelP 7 6 6 5
MpGrill 5 6 3 2
Orbit Dream 3 6 6 4
Ryan 5 5 6 5
Selene 4 6 5 4
Spike 4 5 3 4
category averages
(13 reviews)
5.31 5.69 5.23 4.46

Reviewer's comments

"This could have been so much better than it actually is. It isn't badly made and there are some nice gameplay mechanics using pushable blocks, but the things that spoilt it for me were the encroaching darkness and the overlong block puzzles. Secrets were hidden well, although the enemies were few so I didn't need to use the acquired shotgun. I initially thought that I'd encountered a bug with the aforementioned blocks when it turned out that I had been using the wrong tomb4.exe file (a patched one is included in the download that makes these blocks climbable)." - Ryan (10-Apr-2017)

"Although this is far better than the original I was still a bit disappointed. For a revision I would expect quite a lot in terms of improvement, but this was more or less the same level with a slightly better application of lights. The use of shadow bulbs wasn't really a success and certain areas were still way too dark. There are some cartouches to pick up as well as a couple of hands of Sirius/Orion. The enemies(red scorpions, a ninja, a crocodile and an easily avoided mummy) were a bit scarce and didn't pose as much of a challenge. I found three secrets and for a change these were quite well hidden. At some point you have to bring a moveable block with you through a timed gate after placing a cartouche. If you enter the hallway without the block you're permanently stuck and have to reload a savegame. The timed sequence with the ladder and rope swing is a bit frustrating as well as there's a chance you might get stuck inside the wall with no chance of getting back out. It's not all bad though, but still a bit too linear and a few more puzzles would be nice. Hopefully the future will bring no more revisions, but something more innovative and a more wholeheartedly effort." - Selene (25-Oct-2009)

"Not sure whether Luka is serious about being interested in what reviewers have to say as he stated that (and I quote)"I like learning form my mistakes". This could have been a much better level indeed if he did pick up in what reviewers did write in all his previous ones. Oh well, it is his loss. He better make use of some good beta testing, would be my advice. Textures are stretched, those can easily be corrected, as well as lighting as dark is not so good, but a gloomy atmosphere and playing around with shadows can add much more. Still a big NO NO are walkthrough walls and climbable walls that are not recognizable as such. Not even talking about that rope swing. The ideas he had were good, the execution however not so. We'll see what he comes up next." - Gerty (17-Aug-2009)

"I actually find this level a bit underrated as within the just under 30 minutes you spend here, there are a few rather nice ideas thrown in, mainly revolving around pushing and raising blocks. Unfortunately these ideas are set in scene a bit unfairly at times (darkness) and tedious at other times (unnecessary long pushing), but that aside you get a few traps to manage, the occasional enemy and several artifacts to pick up and use along the way. Not to forget the three secrets, though two of them again rather unfairly placed behind a walkthrough wall and an unmarked climb." - MichaelP (14-Nov-2007)

"I don't remember the other level but this one alone isn't much to go by. The textures are interesting but the rooms are small and with no puzzles except from moveable blocks and that is what you will be doing in the entire twenty five minutes it lasts. There are a few scorpions and a ninja with a lonely mummy in a corridor, some bird blades and spikes. The items to find are cartouche pieces and hands but they are dead easy to spot. The three secrets aren't that hard to find either. I would suggest that the builder concentrates much more on the gameplay." - Kristina (30-Aug-2007)

"A small level easy to play, only some traps and a few puzzles, but playable. In a corridor there's a small pit you can drop but you can't go back (reload). Very few enemies and few pickups, I found the shotgun but I couldn't use it. As said in the title of the level, the darkness is present in most of the rooms, but the author didn't give us any flare :-(. Not a bad level but improvable with few work, I missed some more action." - Jose (23-Aug-2007)

"Well I guess my main complaint about this level is that I wish it had been the Temple of Darkness Rewired not Revised, and that someone had rigged up some lighting. This would have made it much more fun. I feel I'm repeating myself but - blackness is not an excuse for good gameplay. Good points are new textures and objects, bad points are badly stretched textures and poor lighting, and what appeared to be a dead end if you miss the timed door for the star pickup. The level designer shows potential, but needs to develop more." - EssGee (13-Aug-2007)

"Having recently acquired the Key of the Temple of Darkness I was interested to find out what was waiting for me and Lara inside the temple. Well, just in case the temple's name didn't make it clear there is darkness inside! The lighting isn't lighting it is shadowing, and used correctly shadow bulbs can be really effective. Unfortunately here they just made everything so dark you could barely see where you were going in places. And no flare pick-ups. Not a good combination. Grumble over. What did I like about this level? Well, once you could see past all the darkness the texturing was quite well done. There were one or two misplaced or stretched textures however. The ninja at the beginning caught me completely unawares; there were sneakily hidden switches and some clever uses of pushblocks, along with some nice jumping sections - nothing too taxing though. The secrets were very well hidden, I thought. And the music fitted nicely. This is a good level but if Luka puts as much effort into his texturing and lighting as he does his gameplay I think his next level will be really good." - Kitkat (02-Aug-2007)

"It's not that this is a poor level;it's just that the builder evidently made quite a few poor decisions during its construction. For instance: puzzles that require things to be done in a specific order,otherwise an impasse will be reached;moveable blocks which need to be pushed epic distances;huge swathes of darkness blanketing everything with no extra flares provided. It's enough to make you chuck the whole thing in,which would be a shame as plenty of work has evidently gone into it and some of the ideas (with better beta-testing)could have been quite original. Ultimately,though,this was one of those levels which produced rather too much frustration for it's somewhat short duration." - Orbit Dream (02-Aug-2007)

"I haven't actually played the original 'Temple of Darkness' level, but despite this being a 'revision', it isn't very good at all. Firstly, the most annoying thing is that despite the level being called 'Temple of Darkness', the author obviously forgot to place any flare pickups for us. This meant that there were several sections of the level in which I had to run down a corridor shooting my pistols in order to create some light. It seemed that the author had went shadow-bulb crazy at times, and the lighting was often terrible. The texturing wasn't that great either, and was frequently wallpapered or stretched. In terms of gameplay, it seemed to be push-block after push-block, and apart from a number of slamming doors to avoid and the odd nice jump over a deep pit, there was not much else to do here. Secrets were thankfully hidden well, although one of them once again involved pushing a block for miles in order to get to it, and considering it was an ammo pickup right before the end of the level (where there are no enemies) it seemed quite pointless. The use of cameras was also poor, and when one was triggered early in the level, it was not exactly clear at first that a block had just raised. Overall, this is a poor level, that should have been much better considering it is a 'revision'." - Spike (01-Aug-2007)

"When looking back at the author's previous levels I've played, I guess this definitely is the highlight of his career so far. I don't really think much of builders going back to 'improve' their previous efforts, but with my memory being a bit short on what the original "Temple of Darkness" was like, I found this to be practically a new level despite its title. This time I spent a little below half an hour in the temple and it certainly lives up to its name this time too. That, I actually didn't find to be such a good thing. First of all, because I found absolutely no flares and it definitely is hard to come by with the 3 you are given at start (seeing that the author used a custom exe file, he could've at least added some more for Lara to have when starting the game, if he wasn't too keen on placing any pickups)! Because the darkness here is not psychological, or even ambient when you can still see your way ahead with squinting, but pitch black darkness you have almost no resources to see through. If you take the rather monotone (though actually - technically well done for most part) looks of the level in addition to this, it turns out to be a pretty depressive experience atmosphere wise. On a more positive note - the gameplay has improved massively - not only do you get a couple of neat jumps and traps to spice up your time here, but there are several puzzles including those pushable blocks that require you to think too! The downside here, though, is that if you don't think, you're stuck for good, as it seems the author has had no pity for the players and not came up with a contingency plan if you failed to do this correctly. At least I never found different means of finishing if I screwed up along the way, so keep savegames at various stages. The other downside of the pushable block puzzles is that they tend to drag (no pun intended), but with some of the clever solutions provided here and enough traps and jumps in between to liven up the pace, I could overlook it this time. Overall - the author is definitely on the right path now - the gameplay is improving, the looks are decent, though unnecessarily hidden in darkness. If anything I'd recommend the author to make the gameplay more forgiving and try to come up with something that would make the level memorable visually as well, plus different means to achieve 'darkness' than just literally placing so many shadow bulbs so that you have to wonder when did you turn your computer off, when looking at the screen." - eTux (01-Aug-2007)

"Initially I thought"ye gods, not yet another version", but unless my memory is really failing (always a possibility) this is pretty much a new level in all but name. Anyway, it's certainly much improved from previous offerings. Enemies are scarce - a ninja, a few scorpions and a mummy. There are lots of tooth door traps to avoid, trigger tiles to generate various small timed manoeuvres and plenty of pushable blocks to put to good use. Yes, Luka really seems to be getting there. Granted, it's not Hall of Fame material, but it's a very playable, pleasant looking level. It's always heartening to see a builder gaining experience and producing increasingly better levels and at this rate I'm really looking forward to Luka's next one." - Jay (01-Aug-2007)

"I think that this level is just an avarage beginner creation.There were some bugs in the level.Some rooms were too dark and some textures were on the wrong place and stretched. The Lighting was really bad.The Author used only (many) Shadow Bulbs which made all the rooms look boring and very monotone.There were no flares to pickup in the level...Another big mistake by the Author.Maybe he wanted to make a level without any flares to make it a little bit harder to play...?I guess not... The texturing wasnt good too...I found some wall textures that were placed on the floor.There was also a Pushable Block bug ... I couldnt get out so I had to play the level again from the beginning. All those mistakes killed the atmosphere of the level which could be good. The Gameplay was ok( + - ).There were some jump passages and some puzzles with the pushable blocks. The Audio and Enemies were mostly from the TRLE...nothing new." - MpGrill (01-Aug-2007)
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