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Author(s): pTURKEYq
total rating:6.30 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 4 6 7 9
eRIC 5 6 7 8
Gerty 3 5 7 8
jawi 5 8 6 8
Jay 6 6 8 8
Jose 4 6 6 7
Kitkat 6 7 8 9
Kristina 4 4 6 6
MichaelP 3 6 7 8
Orbit Dream 2 5 7 9
Phil 5 6 7 8
Ryan 3 5 7 8
Samu 4 7 7 7
Spike 4 7 8 9
TimJ 7 7 8 9
Treeble 2 5 6 7
category averages
(16 reviews)
4.19 6.00 7.00 8.00

Reviewer's comments

"The first level of this game ended up taking me close to 45 minutes to successfully complete, but that doesn't necessarily translate to more enjoyment. Quite the contrary, in fact. Most of the time, you'll be tediously shoving cages excruciatingly long distances and performing some simple gymnastics. Which leads me onto the main bugbear of this entire game, quantity over quality. The aesthetics are quite pleasing despite the use of the old textures and music is generally used well. But the gameplay is a bit of a non-event, with the aforementioned tedium of the first and the bafflingly inadequate length of the remaining levels. Better beta testing would have ironed out the tedious parts and made this a more wholesome experience, in my opinion." - Ryan (06-Feb-2018)

"I'm not sure how this hodgepodge of levels qualifies as a holy conundrum, but it certainly is lacking in the gameplay department. Level titles and the secret sounds have been added since Harry Laudie's walkthrough, but although everything looks good here there's not a whole lot to do. The only segment with any substance is the first one, which took me a little more than 40 minutes to play. About half that time was spent pushing and pulling cages in obvious but criminally laborious pushblock exercises. The other four segments are little more than vignettes exhibiting different "looks," but each one providing a maximum of only five minutes of playing time. The levels are not connected, either, which means you have to start a new game each time from scratch (and the third one crashed to the desktop upon completion). Good lighting, pleasant surroundings, but pretty lousy gameplay." - Phil (27-Apr-2017)

"This level is a classic example of how something that could have been awesome ends up with a fairly low rating, because of multiple shortcomings and flaws that in the end dampen the gaming experience this level could have produced. The level starts in a beautiful temple area with nice architecture and all TR1 graphics, which seem to mix nicely with a TR Anniversary Lara model. Even the sounds are from TR1 and that with the combination of a really well done lighting adds up being a nice welcome for fans of the original. Unfortunately the excitement ends soon after that when the player realizes that there are a lot of sounds missing and worse of all, the game play becomes really repetitive and boring, especially the never ending push block sequences in three rooms in a row where there is no guess work or puzzle solving but extremely tedious pushing from A to B. Good thing after that, the game play speeds up quite a bit and is in general fairly easy and very straightforward through areas that look mostly beautiful, but all the following levels are rather short and not connected. Some end by simply crashing to the desktop and an attempted re-load from a save game in the caves level failed so the whole sequence had to be replayed, which was not much of a problem and easy to do. There are a couple of nice enemies like panthers, raptors, wolves and bats and also two human opponents. Camera hints are absent but not necessary, as doors etc are always close by, but the player has to always take a look to see what happens, since the doors are silent too. I recommend this level to TR1 fans and you might like it a lot if you try to ignore the flaws and be prepares for some serious repetitive block pushing. The architecture, texturing and atmosphere alone might make it worth your while." - Blue43 (18-Dec-2010)

"This game has five levels which aren’t connected with each other, so all weapons, ammo and medipacks you picked up in one level aren’t in your inventory in the next one. The other thing is, that author placed a lot of push-pull puzzle in the first level which annoyed me a bit. First puzzles with water was okay. Second with flames - interesting. But third… I wanted to close the game and threw it to the bin. It’s the longest level in the game. In the second level there were two enemies to shoot but nothing more. In the third I only like well-retextured objects. What interested me, was the third level. There was a beautiful valley and really nice put textures. The last one was more difficult than the others but again I had no troubles with passing through it. I found all secrets because they were hard to miss. Although the custom is short, player can see that author has a big talent. All textures look beautiful in his levels and lighting is fine. He also can place objects well and sometimes retextures them, what I like in his work. What’s more, he also created good atmosphere, even if it would be better without ambient track from TR4. But he has to work on his skills and create better gameplay. I hope his levels will be better in the future." - jawi (03-Aug-2009)

"This is a set of individual levels that are not linked and can be played in any order from the menu, though only one would actually qualify as a level as the others seem to be more like plot devices. Also, take notice that while you are in the 'The Cave' level, reloading your game (or finishing the level, for that matter) will cause the game to crash to the desktop. Temple Area (35 minutes, 1 secret): expect the same handful areas from the demo here, though you can triple the amount of time you will spend pushing blocks around. In fact, I believe about 90% of the time spent here is pushing blocks through narrow paths. It got really tedious. The same 'issues' I mentioned in my review for the demo are still here, and while the areas offer eye candy, you get little else here. From here, you then make quick trips to microscopic levels. Sanctuary of the Scion (3 minutes): kill two demigods and climb up for the Scion; The Cave (5 minutes, 1 secret): a quick detour to a snowy level where you throw two jumpswitches and push a block around to open four doors; City of Vilcabamba (10 minutes, 1 secret): when you thought things wouldn't get worse you're given an underwater maze, after that get onto the bridge and into the temple; Tomb of Qualopec (2 minutes): cross a hallway of traps, get another Scion, kill Larson (again) and leave. All in all, these levels felt rather unaccomplished - despite the obvious care that went into making the levels visually appealing - and I would have to say the demo seemed more interesting than this. Sorry. 55 minutes, 3 secrets. 04/09" - Treeble (06-Apr-2009)

"Sorry to say but this is so typical. Make a level with all the newest stuff that is out there but can't get the script working, so I had to use the original script and then I got desktop heaven when Lara died. Luckily this is not often the case. For the rest, although the levels do look good, gameplay it pretty poor. What I remember most is pushing a lot... boring. So if you want to give it a go, read the walkthrough as there you can read how to make it playable." - Gerty (16-Mar-2008)

"I can't fault the actual construction (although correct Finish Triggers would have been nice),as the engendered atmosphere is rather effective and quite immersive (the lighting,particularly,is very accomplished); but,oh dear...the Gameplay in this level collection alternates between 'insubstantial' and 'as boring as something very boring indeed';the latter profoundly evident in the first level,where the concept of 'pushing objects onto heavy triggers' is soundly abused. What this builder needs is a good team of beta-testers who are not afraid to advise on Gameplay enjoyment;sadly,there isn't much of that to be found here.Worth a go,though,simply to see what this new builder is creatively capable of from a scenic perspective." - Orbit Dream (28-Dec-2007)

"Temple Area (30 min., 1 secret): This is by and large the previously released demo level with some areas added at the beginning and end. And it really looks rather nice and inviting in fairly classic style, has a few nice jumps to do and I liked the burner room and the use of audio there, but - gameplay is infuriatingly tedious with most of the 30 minutes spent pushing vases and boxes around. And the leveljumps are not working (for all the levels) due to the wrong finish trigger set. Sanctuary of the Scion (3 min.): Only two demigods to kill and the Scion to pickup (almost). The Cave (5 min., 1 secret): Starts in an Arctic TR1 style setting which again looks nice, but not much to do, except two jump switches that are easy to miss as they blend well into the walls. City of Vilcabamba (8 min., 1 secret): This part is a little more accomplished and the dino valley looks really nice. Some raptors, bats and a baddie to kill here and I could have done without the underwater maze. Tomb of Qualopec (3 min.): A quick exit with a few traps and a baddie to kill. All in all the author shows real promise in putting rooms together into a nice setting but clearly the missing piece is to actually add more to do in them." - MichaelP (02-Dec-2007)

"Well textured and lit, those 5 TR1 inspired levels are pleasant to raid. It is a pity that they do not connect together. Actually 4 of them are very short , only the first one has a good duration but it is only because there are extremely long pushable puzzles. There are also a few bugs ,but nothing that would be an hindrance for progression. Some missing sounds also , but I like a lot the new sounds for Lara." - eRIC (09-Sep-2007)

"Considering the size of the download, the level is poor. There is nothing we haven't seen with a few puma enemies or whatever those were and a lot of pushing blocks that totally bore the player. You do get a gem to use near the beginning after some climbing and pushing again but this time vases but there are no"real" puzzles or any challenge at all. I wouldn't classify this as an interesting level." - Kristina (30-Aug-2007)

"This set of five smile levels not interconnected have a TR1 style and they aren't much interesting. Why don't connect the levels? There are some construction defects as missed sounds, missed textures, not marked climbable walls, no words (only letters) in the menus,... Some scenes are good, but you only have to pull some switches, kill some enemies and move some objects over marked tiles and no more. Easy secrets and some danger musics; correct textures. I missed some more flares, weapons and pickups, and most specially some interesting puzzles." - Jose (23-Aug-2007)

"I have to admit that this game is tought out pretty well if considering it's made by first time builder. The environment looks much better and more detailed than beginner levels usually. Objects and textures are applied well and lighting is done with care as well. The only thing which spoils overally a good level is the gameplay. The biggest problem is that you have to push and pull blocks 30-40 minutes in first level and that's really not a joke. Time consuming block pushing sessions are one of the most irritating and boring things you can put in your level. I had also some crashes when playing this game but that's not a big problem. Author really seems to know how to create good looking and atmospheric environment but to make enjoyable levels you also have to design a good gameplay. This game would be truly very good if it didn't include time consuming and boring block pushing sessions. Author could have also tried to make harder gameplay which requires more thinking because this level is maybe a bit too easy. I'm sure that pTURKEYq is able to create great stuff but he just needs to get more familiar with the level editor." - Samu (14-Aug-2007)

"After playing the Demo version of this levelset, I was hoping very much for new gameplay to match the quality of the texturing and environmental design. I also hoped that the builder would have read the reviews and altered their levels accordingly so as to create a more enjoyable game. However, I couldn't be more wrong. One of my main dislikes about the Demo was that fact that it concluded with a long, tedious block pushing puzzle, that was pretty much boring the entire time. I was extremely disappointed to find that it was, once again, there this time around, and while I was very relieved once I had finished it, the horror struck me once again as I entered another room with another long and tedious block-pushing exercise. Again, once I had finished, I was relatively glad, but when I entered the next room to find yet ANOTHER block to push a mammoth distance, I seriously started to feel depressed. Thankfully, the level was over shortly after. The next level only lasted a few minutes, and most of my time here was spent shooting some Demigods with only my pistols, (as every level has to be selected from the Main Menu) and I still don't understand why it couldn't have just been linked to the first level. The only redeeming feature of the Egypt levels, was the short 'jumping around platforms' section that also appeared in the Demo. Next up, we visit Peru, with thankfully less pushable objects here, and more jumping and shooting to do. While there was one pushable task at the end of the level, it was very short and only lasted about a minute. The next level was also quite enjoyable at times, and there was a nice section high in a room, involving finding your way to traverse from one area to another. There were also a few dinos to shoot, but once again it would have been nicer if I had more than just my pistols to shoot them with. Thankfully, there were once again no blocks to push here, although an underwater maze replaced it as my main dislike for the level. The final level was better again, with a nice trap gauntlet to work your way through, then a simple jog towards the exit, although once again I feel that this could have easily been connected to the previous level. Now that I am finished talking about the gameplay, it's on to the graphical elements of the level. Basically, it's brilliant, and the textures look amazing despite being from TR1. Everything is applied perfectly and the lighting was also great, although some areas were a little bit too dark at times. The use of sound is also excellent, and both the TR1 and TRA music fit in very well together. The objects used here were also well chosen, and I particularly liked the blue shirted, TRA-style Larson for a change, and the raptors and dogs also fit in very well (along with those lovely medipacks). The secrets could have been hidden more effectively though, as most that I found were simply placed under a shatterable box. While the Peru levels in this levelset are above average, the Egypt ones let it down immensely in my opinion, and if anyone wants to give this level a try, be prepared for equal doses of both enjoyment and downright boredom." - Spike (10-Aug-2007)

"I enjoyed the demo and was looking forward to the full game. The beautiful textures, additional objects and good room design are still present and on the gameplay front it starts of promising enough with Lara making her way up and down a large room trying to open the main doors. I think in hindsight that three almost identical pushable puzzles in a row that follow will prove to be a mistake. The first one was exactly the same as the demo, the second at least had flame traps to liven things up but by the time you reach the third you don't ever want to see another push box. It isn't all pushing though; there are enemies to be fought, panthers and demigods amongst others. The sounds suit the environments really well and music is used well to"set the scene". However the script file is messed up and I have no idea what any of the levels were called as all I could see was one letter: e, n, s, etc. And the third level kept crashing to the desktop. I really wish I could give this level set a higher score because I'm sure pTURKEYq could produce a level that deserves it, unfortunately I can't..." - Kitkat (10-Aug-2007)

"This little adventure contains five short levels. I really don't know why the builder cut the levels like this. There could have been only two in my opinion. The first one in Egypt and the other one in Peru. The levels are easy and you'll mainly have to work with pushable objects. You'll have to search some hidden switches too. There are puzzle objects to pick up only in the first level. By the way I don't remember having used the pharos pillar, but it is possible that I opened the door it was supposed to open without using the puzzle hole, because the builder forgot to put some special triggers somewhere... The first level is the longest one but there are a lot of objects to push in a long way... The best level is the last one with the trapped corridor in my opinion. Without these traps I think I'd give only 6 for gameplay. There are some enemies like crocodiles, demigods, raptors or panthers. By the way it would have been better to use other panthers than TR1 ones because they look very weird. The secrets that I found are really easy. It was a good idea to use TR1 sounds (I like them a lot) but be careful because some need to be adjusted. The climbing sound of Lara and the gun sound are too high-pitched for example. Lighting & Textures are rather perfect. Some stretched textures and too dark corridors lower the scores a bit here. But the levels are really beautiful and the builder used a lot of static meshes to decorate the different rooms. Also, the scripts aren't good. The loadcamera coordinates of the third level are wrong and every load from this level crashes the game. I think this author is able to build great levels but he needs to work again and to learn a bit what is written in the manual. Good luck pTURKEYq! ;-)" - TimJ (09-Aug-2007)

"Disappointingly, this doesn't live up to the promise of its demo for me. It's decidedly buggy in places and the separate levels have to be played independently of each other. I can't name them specifically as they, the load screen details and inventory items were only represented by single letters. It starts off well enough, as per the demo, but soon devolves into a mind-numbingly boring amount of block pushing - three consecutive rooms of block pushing to be precise - which does not exactly make for a riveting raid. The subsequent (extremely short) levels don't have very much going on apart from killing the occasional enemy and pulling a few switches and frankly it's all a bit of an incoherent mess. The only really positive thing I can say is that it does at least look good, but basically it could have done with a lot more work before being released as a finished level." - Jay (09-Aug-2007)
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