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Author(s): Piper
total rating:6.94 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
eRIC 6 5 6 7
eTux 7 8 8 7
Gerty 7 7 7 8
Jay 7 7 6 7
Jose 6 6 7 7
Kristina 7 7 8 8
MichaelP 7 6 6 6
Neso 7 4 7 8
Orbit Dream 8 6 7 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 7 7 7 8
totizedger 7 6 6 6
Treeble 7 6 8 8
category averages
(13 reviews)
7.00 6.38 7.00 7.38

Reviewer's comments

"This is a nice, classic Egyptian level that I had my fair share of enjoyment with. It's a bit dark in the main inner areas, but plenty of flares are provided, so this shouldn't be too much of an inconvenience and the colourful lighting demonstrates some artistic flourishes. Be on the lookout for devious booby traps (sometimes surrounding important switches, so be careful!) and there is also some blade traps, swimming exercises and movable blocks to keep you occupied. Worth a look, I think." - Ryan (07-May-2017)

"This is a colorful, good-looking level that I greatly enjoyed playing. Harry Laudie has provided his typically compact walkthrough, enabling me to clock in at just over one hour. Other reviewers have complained about the backtracking, but everything here looks so good that it's hardly burdensome to see the surroundings a second or third time. Camera shots are good, and progression is quite linear. Four secrets are documented, and enemies are sparse. In fact, I remember only a few bats. Classic Egyptian, which to me never goes out of style. Recommended." - Phil (02-Jun-2016)

"This level is quite good actually. It has some clever traps, pushable block puzzles. It is a bit dark for my liking but the gameplay here is quite rewarding though. I didn't like the long backtracking at times but i kept my patience through it all and got a nice raid in a typical egyptian styled level. Recommended if you like egyptian levels." - totizedger (10-Sep-2013)

"Admittedly it's been a while since I've played this, but the lasting impressions so far have been positive even to such an extent that I remember finding this little Egyptian themed adventure to be somewhat underrated when I played it myself. It's true that the outside areas at the beginning and end of the game leave much to be desired in comparison to the wonderfully claustrophobic and well constructed inner chambers (though they were a bit darker than I would've preferred), there are a few technical issues and the constant backtracking through its various areas is sufficient to test anyone's patience, but at least the way I saw it, the overall experience offered enough novelties, fun jumps, gameplay ideas and absorbing atmosphere to make this a worthwhile raid. And if you haven't seen one Egypt level too many by now - I'd recommend to give this a go. Worth a try." - eTux (20-Dec-2008)

"I have mixed feelings about this level. On one hand, it's a solid, good looking Egypt level; but on the other hand, the constant backtracking and sometimes unclear tasks you have to do totally hinder gameplay and make the experience a little repetitive (and then you have a number of missing sound effects, mostly on traps). The key hidden in what would have seemed an otherwise red-herring room was a neat touch, but I wasn't too keen on the rope swing (that I ended up having to do three times, each one taking its fair share of failed attempts). Oh and here's a hint, when you finally get out, do not jump or you'll get stuck in an invisible room, lol. The level is not bad, but if there was half or less backtracking as there is today, it could have been a lot more fun. 50 minutes, 3 secrets. 11/08" - Treeble (15-Nov-2008)

"More : Beautifully textured. The whole thing is quite dark, however it is supposed to be inside a pyramid, so well done. No problems in terms of gameplay, I didn't get stuck (except one part of the cartouche I firstly didn't find out), owing to cameras and enjoyable puzzles, you won't be annoyed and always know what to do next. Less : The square pool at the beginning, in need of no collision triangles. In the end, the view of the stepped pyramid is a bit ugly (black horizon with dashed-off textured pyramid). There are many problems in the script and many objects are called 'Load'. Finally, I got the same problem as Kristina did, that is to say that even if I've created a 'save' folder, I wasn't able to save anymore. I did have to take another tomb4.exe to play. One flyby would need improving. There are lots of missing sounds (lever_switch and stargate for example). 45 minutes." - Neso (25-Dec-2007)

"A solid and classic Egypt Level, which starts a bit unfortunate as you can easily reach the end of the world at the beginning, but from then on progresses smoothly for the 40 minutes it lasts with quite a few sneaky moments with well hidden push blocks, some swimming, some backtracking, four nice secrets and the occasional not too challenging blade or spike trap. If you still like Egypt, this one is a good little diversion for in between." - MichaelP (19-Oct-2007)

"Another egypt level without much interest. The level is well builded with few defects as some missed sounds and the crash when you save if you use the author-supplied tomb4.exe but the tasks are only pull switches, push buttons and place some objects. There are some traps and very few enemies and pickups too, except in the easy secrets. I didn't like the lights too 'cause there are enough flares though, all the level is very dark and walking all the time lighting flares is not my idea of a level well lightened. But as I said, it's not a bad level." - Jose (03-Sep-2007)

"Can be played on the Mac, there is no need for the included Tomb4 exe, but why was the manual in this download is a big question mark for me. Anyway as the title is a dead give away, this is Egypt and to be honest I liked the use of the textures throughout. It is also a dark level, the readme says so, but there are a lot of flares to be found though. Lot of back and fro, and explore with your eyes wide open or else miss some small underwater crawlspace as I did. No need to put your thinking cap on, on how to proceed, as the puzzles in here aren't that hard. Various artefacts need finding and I could use a bit more camera work as I have been wondering in these vast underground rooms for about 2 hours. In the process I found 3 secrets so that is OK. A pity that we couldn't explore the pyramid once you got out in the open air again. Might play this again with the provided EXE just to see how the end looks as there was a serious horizon problem." - Gerty (31-Aug-2007)

"I had a serious problem with this level. Even though I created a"save" folder the savegames wouldn't appear in the load screen but I could see them in the root folder. I have never experienced such a problem and the builder needs to take a look at that one. As you can imagine I played the level in one go and luckily while reading the forum in case I find information for my problem I read about the trap button and since the other traps were obvious I avoided death. It was a bit hard but I made it. Some of the areas are pretty dark but there are plenty of flares going around so that won't be a problem. At the start you can climb the sandy blocks and get the"end of the world" bug. The items to find are a key, a cartouche piece and a vraeus. Also the four secrets I got had a canopic jar each but I didn't use them anywhere. It's a level with fluent gameplay but about the middle of it I got a little confused as there is some backtracking involved and I hate that. Make sure you explore and remember where the closed doors in each area are because later on you will need to find your way back. The enemies are few, just some bats here and there. I liked the level but I didn't actually enjoy it because the technical problem I had." - Kristina (30-Aug-2007)

"This starts off simplistically and with deceptive ease. The opening outdoor area is simple and unconvincing and the first ten minutes of gameplay is extremely straightforward. Progress is quick and easy and it looks as though this adventure will be another simple little quicky,but no; everything ramps up several gears around 15 minutes in and a good memory and very keen observation is essential in navigating your way through the surprisingly complex Temple environment.There are very few enemies,but the complex 'run-around' nature of the gameplay ensures that you don't regret their absence. The corridors and spacious halls are well constructed and lit,in an unpretentious fashion,and the level is immersive and enjoyable. It's only at the very end where it falls apart,with an extremely buggy Pyramid (whatever you do,don't try and climb to the top!) The plus points,however,completely outweigh the weaknesses and this remains an enjoyable adventure within a highly traditional scenario. Give it a go." - Orbit Dream (19-Aug-2007)

"This is a fairly routine Egyptian level, with some good touches here and there, that overall I rather enjoyed. It's well made and attractive, albeit far too dark in places and the gameplay moves along nicely. On the down side, there are missing audio files and the game kept crashing when I tried to use the custom exe file supplied with the download. Luckily, it runs perfectly well with the original exe file." - Jay (18-Aug-2007)

"Saqqarah: an intricate system of undergroung rooms, rather on the dark side but you get plenty of flares. The level starts outside and ends with a view of the stepped pyramid. The level seems pretty innocent and gentle at first, you have to spot a few movable blocks and avoid stargates, but turns to be a bit more tricky with a key facetiously placed on a cat statue in a room that you can think is a red herring, an artefact that triggers the appearance of another artefact somewhere else, or a rope swing that I found not so easy. The setting is solidly made and the TR1 Egyptian textures are well applied. Some things could have been improved, the end of the world and illegal slopes can be reached in the starting area, the end of the world in the final view which is a bit disappointing, the many dark corners , the missing sounds for some objects (bats, switches, stargates) and an artefact called 'load'; nothing that will spoil too much of your fun though. On an personal note, I would have liked more spacious rooms and architecture." - eRIC (14-Aug-2007)
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