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Author(s): Pemon
total rating:6.56 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Cory 8 7 6 6
eRIC 8 7 6 7
eTux 6 6 6 6
Gerty 7 6 6 6
Jay 7 6 6 7
Jose 7 6 6 6
Kristina 7 6 6 6
MichaelP 7 6 7 6
Minox 8 6 7 7
Orbit Dream 7 6 6 7
Phil 7 7 7 7
Ryan 7 6 7 7
category averages
(12 reviews)
7.17 6.25 6.33 6.50

Reviewer's comments

"A decent beginning level from this builder that seems to avoid a lot of typical first time mistakes. The rooms and valleys may not be all that ambitious, but they're nonetheless competently made and not bad to look at, while the gameplay isn't without its challenges either as you get a spike trapped mirror room to solve, a couple of surprise banana jumps that weren't too difficult, a few traps, pushblocks and a bit of target shooting. Definitely enjoyable for the time it lasts." - Ryan (27-Mar-2019)

"This is a good first level, which is quite easy, the atmosphere is pleasant, textures are well known but still very pretty. There is a banana split to be carried out in order to find a laser sight and I was a little disappointed that the level ends at the sight of a vraeus, but I advise the author to continue another level, which should be even more beautiful!" - Minox (25-Dec-2007)

"This level has some interesting puzzles and it's not very easy to play; sometimes you can get stucked. Architecture is not very good but efficacious for the gameplay. There are few enemies and secrets are not difficult to find. I missed some more work with the cameras and lights; correct textured. It's not a great level but enjoyable. If this author evolve can offer us good works. Cheer up!" - Jose (27-Nov-2007)

"This is a good fun debut level with occasionally rather neat ideas that keep you quite engaged in the 45 minutes this classic adventure lasts. It is actually rather fast paced, as there is always something to do and moves quickly from area to area. A bit surprising that you needed a banana jump (while otherwise gameplay was quite straightforward and not too hard) and the Uzi pickup in the mirror room and the hidden jump switch near the end caught me out for a while. Nice start for the author - hope to see more from him soon." - MichaelP (25-Nov-2007)

"I guess the most practical humility test of gauging someone's first level is to ask: could I have done as well? In my case, the answer is most surely no. While this won't earn any awards for creativity, it's a creditable maiden voyage that I enjoyed playing. You get about 45 minutes of net playing time, which is about right for a stand-alone level. The tasks are reasonably challenging, too, and the surroundings are presented well with ample lighting. Hopefully we'll be seeing more from this new builder." - Phil (10-Nov-2007)

"It is a pleasant level with classic textures and a classic sort of cleopal setting. The tasks although easy are not boring at all. The enemies are crocodiles, skeletons, wraiths and scorpions. There are hands to find, some switches to use and quite a few moveable blocks around that either hind something like the star or are used to climb on and jump to avoid an obstacle. There are problems that need the builder's attention especially with the architecture. There seemed to be a continuation because by opening the last door you see a receptacle for a vraeus but the level ends before you approach it. I found two secrets in forty minutes of gameplay. It is worth giving this a try." - Kristina (05-Nov-2007)

"It's not all that often I get to recommend a debut level so I'm really pleased to be able to say do try this one, I think you'll enjoy it. It's a serviceable little Egypt/coastal style adventure, with well placed enemies and nicely thought out gameplay with a degree of sophistication not often found in debut levels. Pemon seems to have avoided most of the normal errors of the newbie builder and has clearly mastered the basics of the level editor pretty well. There's obvious potential here and I think we should see some first rate levels from this builder in future." - Jay (23-Oct-2007)

"Actually a very good level for a first one, involving lots of interesting ideas, mainly revolving around some pushable blocks - so if you get stuck - checking out the walls for parts that you can interact with is usually the first thing to do before looking for other solutions. A fun jump sequence every now and then freshens up the experience too, and climbing the palm tree was quite a neat touch! If there's something I didn't like - then picking up the uzi for a door to open seemed like a rather odd thing required for progress, and finding an underwater switch in a big lake a bad joke on the player. Looks are ok, but there's nothing particularly memorable about them. The geometry was overall pretty simple, but at times the chaotic and random appearance of the terrain was not so appealing, not to mention that it made it bit of a chore to make your way further at some point. But the action packed gameplay more than makes up for the less impressive moments here, and the abrupt ending suggests there will be a sequel, so looking forward to see what more the author can come up with. Not a bad effort at all." - eTux (21-Oct-2007)

"A good first level from Pemon, which offers almost one hour of solid gameplay with some pretty neat ideas and interesting tasks and a bit of challenge at times, although I must admit that finding an underwater switch in such a big lake is not among my favourite things to do. The setting is solidly made too , and generally the standard enemies are well placed. On the whole, this is an enjoyable level that shows that the author has a good raiding experience." - eRIC (14-Oct-2007)

"You can't play this level without the TR4 exe that is included in the download as there is a push block you have to stand on and that doesn't work without that exe file, A pity though. All in all a small little adventure where Lara starts in a desert of sorts that is invested with scorpions. Your goal is getting some Hands and don't forget the Sight and Crossbow for practice shooting. There is nice jumping to do and some swimming as well. It is quite linear so no problems there. The textures could be a bit better applied here and there and there was no sound at my end with the pushing of blocks. The lights could use some tweaking but all in all not a bad adventure" - Gerty (14-Oct-2007)

"It is a very good first level, you can get stuck easily, but never the less, very good. A few levers and some nice touches like the climbable tree. Not many enemies but the level didn't need them. There were some stretched textures and ones that souldn't be there and you get stuck too easily when you get the final star. It clock over 50 minutes of net gaming time and i can easily say that i enjoyed every second. Carry on building levels Pemon." - Cory (10-Oct-2007)

"This is a decent first offering and exhibits a considerable flair on the part of the builder for Gameplay,with several quirky and ingenious elements (although I'm not too sure about the 'Uzi pickup opening a door' concept). The rooms (although fairly standard) are well put together and the outdoor areas are efective in a rather modest sort of way;while the well placed enemies help to spice things up considerably. Progression is basically linear and not too demanding but there are several quite exciting sequences and enough imagination on offer to ensure that the 50 minutes were time well spent. Looking forward to 'Pemons second level'." - Orbit Dream (10-Oct-2007)
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