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Author(s): Jer_Atch
total rating:3.64 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
alan 3 2 3 3
Ceamonks890 2 2 2 2
Dimpfelmoser 2 2 2 2
eRIC 6 5 6 5
eTux 1 3 2 2
Gerty 4 4 5 5
Jay 3 4 4 4
Jose 0 2 2 2
Kristina 7 6 6 6
Lady Lara 4 4 3 3
MichaelP 6 4 4 4
Orbit Dream 2 1 1 3
RaiderGirl 5 4 5 4
Ryan 3 3 3 2
Sash 7 6 6 7
Scottie 2 3 4 2
Treeble 3 3 3 3
Whistle 6 6 6 6
category averages
(18 reviews)
3.67 3.56 3.72 3.61

Reviewer's comments

"This simply wasn't a fun level to go through. Dreadfully-applied texturing, arbitrary trial & error gameplay, confusing navigation, nonsensical enemy/object placement, incorrect animation for the switches... Just do yourself a favor and don't play this one. It isn't worth the hassle by today's standards." - Ceamonks890 (17-Mar-2018)

"Maze-like corridors with scissor traps, some are active and others not. Some doors are placed from the side with the invisible block. Missing textures and repetitive. Platforming in deadly tiles which is a trial and error. Only red ninjas and crocodiles to shoot. There aren't cameras to give clues but there are some tracks. I already wanted it to end." - alan (13-Jan-2018)

"Even with all that defects, like the missing textures, the bad placed doors, the wrong animation for the buttons, the scissors trespassing solid walls and hanging in midair, the paper walls, etc. this could be, at least, a playable level, but the gameplay is one of the worst I've ever seen in all my life. First a very nasty maze where you only go around to press buttons to open doors, later a pool with fiery blocks without a hint to know what blocks are safe (trial and error), later again to the nasty maze and later the very huge backtracking several times to the top of the skull without a single camera so you can know what you're doing: press a button to open a very very distant door you can't see, go there to press another button and open a very distant door again you can't see, and so on returning to the same places a lot of times and runnin/jumping/walking dozens of kilometers. Pathetic." - Jose (14-Nov-2017)

"Argh, mazes. Argh, missing textures. Argh, lengthy backtracks. This level did not work for me whatsoever. The gameplay (with the exception of a few jumps) is unfulfilling, with backtracking, retracing steps and trudging through mazes. The visuals aren't any better. This was a boring experience and not really worth playing." - Ryan (01-Sep-2016)

"This might have garnered a few extra points for gameplay if it had been thirty minutes or so shorter;but an hour of repetetive and epic backtracking through long and dreary corridors and mazes,and no actual puzzles to encounter anywhere along this levels tedious course,meant that my patience had been exhausted by the time of the blessed Finish Trigger.Texturing is shoddy,while lighting is only marginally less so;but I rather liked the ambition of the room with the Dragons mouth - if only I hadn't had to encounter it quite so many times!" - Orbit Dream (12-May-2016)

"The Tomb of Fury 3/4/4/4 Ooof, maze like corridors, maze like mazes infested with scissor blade traps and lots of backtracking - these are not a few of my favourite things (apologies to Sound of Music). Also, there are so many missing textures in parts that I found myself trying to swim through them once or twice. It's all a bit confusing and hard to recommend really. Not so much Tomb of Fury as Tomb of Slightly Gritted Teeth. Moving swiftly on." - Jay (26-Sep-2015)

"Not only Lara has a nightmare, also the player lands in one. Lara has to go first through a maze, where behind almost every corner a jackknife lurks. Wall counters open doors. Where are exact now, one does not know, because there are no camera tips. Then she comes to a water basin where one can admire missing textures and must jump over blocks to the other side. With some blocks Lara burns. Which are this? There are no tips. Then there is one more water basin with even more missing textures. And one must open a few more doors. Here are also some tips absent. Nevertheless, even more badly it is which one comes not immediately to these doors, but always only through this irritating maze with the folding knives. One must visit always the same rooms once more. And once more. The monotonous textures, stretched textures and faulty textures give then the rest. The long playing time of about 45 minutes comes about only by the fact, which one must run several times through the whole level. Result: To play here would be wasted time" - Scottie (06-May-2009)

"Another of those levels I'd started and dropped many times in the past. Thankfully this time around there's a walkthrough - reading other reviews you might notice a lot of backtracking is in order on this level. The worst definitely is the lack of camera and the fact you cross that maze (with loads of floating blades) quite a few times. Otherwise this is an eventless level which lacks really bad on the visual aspects; lots of untextured spots, a weird combination of textures and the basic stretched/compressed mistakes. 35 minutes. 02/07" - Treeble (21-Feb-2007)

"This is a truly weak and uneventful experience in this arctic tomb. I simply don't recall any point where I was having fun I even enjoyed Eye of Eve much more than this one. You have to backtrack and do many unenjoyable parts like the maze so many times you just want to end Lara's and your own suffering. The texturing was very weak - beginner like there were stretched compressed missing textures not forgetting about wafer thin walls. The only positive thing I can name is that I liked the use of the waterfalls. Of course every level is worth a try but I don't recommend this one at all look for something else for the sake of your sanity!" - eTux (29-May-2003)

"The only thing I really liked about this level was the huge dog with the eyes that were on fire but after coming back to it a few times even it was losing its appeal. Otherwise gameplay consists of a maze with the chopping blades down every corridor huge hallways and ladders to go back and forth in and lots of buttons to push. The level had an original look that wasn't really Karnak and had good use of colored lighting but just really wasn't my kind of level." - RaiderGirl (19-Jan-2003)

"From the start this level didn't do anything for me. Pushing buttons and running around a maze with scissors pushing even more buttons. Respite (sigh) jumping that is better ack another button. Hmmm missing textures and all the blocks look funny whilst swimming. Nice that water and that small water feature. OK I admit it did get a bit better towards the end. More camera work would be appreciated. Now I know I am getting spoiled. 11-01-2003" - Gerty (11-Jan-2003)

"Long searches through various types of mazes are the main feature of this level. The use of knife scissors in the main maze abounds. Run round and find all the switches jumping across water and lava to accomplish all. Beware the fire platforms. Then into a large room work your way up via various other rooms (don't forget to backtrack though) to the top and exit. Enemies are the odd black ninja and crocs. Walls thin and the bottoms of blocks missing-disconcerting when under water searching. Textures were standard with little unexpected. Not a bad level for the Temple enthusiasts but I found it a little tedious." - Whistle (03-Dec-2002)

"Nicely put together this level takes you on quite a long journey only to end up making you do it again to finish it there is some lovely use of water and a comfortable progression through the nice looking rooms where you find some not overly challenging puzzles. Look out for the use of blocks in one room that not only hold an exit but also represent the face of an animal bearing wickedly sharp teeth all in all this level is worth taking a look at." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)

"Another level which turns out to be much larger than its only 42 rooms suggest. After a slow start with the annoying use of the same single texture tile all over and simple 'press button/enter next door'-progression the level gets better from a gameplay perspective towards the end. There are a few ninjas and crocodiles to battle and quite a few (floating) blades around. Especially in the later part a number of thin walls and missing textures spoil the atmosphere but still the exploring is quite fun. The use of cameras would have helped a bit to make this a quicker than the 45-60 minutes level it is." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)

"A nice level about forty five minutes of game play. Unfortunately the textures are bad I mean the author obviously didn't bother very much with them. Other than that and while progressing it gets a little better. You have to work your way through a maze with a lot of blades which are badly placed and floating and find the next door that has a button inside so that you can reach the final door and go further. Sometimes the player has to go back and access a door that is in the previous room and even perform a difficult jump close to the end. Huge rooms without objects though give a not so nice atmosphere. Fire traps and floating blocks are a few obstacles crocodiles and ninjas as enemies and a few jumps along with darts are mainly what you are going to face in it. One more door opens and while sliding on a slope you enter the room which will lead you to the end." - Kristina (21-Jun-2002)

"Not a bad nor a short level (50 minutes) with some good ideas. Not a usual Karnak level for the texturing and there are no outside areas. Some rooms are well designed but in others some textures are thin or missing. The gameplay is straightforward with a little maze corridors and some good jumps you have to find the next button to push. I like the huge room where you enter in the mouth of a huge dog (one teeth of this dog is as big as a block) and further you are on the top of its head. I have returned in this room three times and entered in the big mouth twice and I think I know now all the details of the way that leads to it and where all the traps (fire dart emitters) are placed. A few enemies to fight the explosives ammos were not necessary only the uzis or pistols." - eRIC (21-Jun-2002)

"This is the worst level I've played in a long while. I'm neither a fan of the uni-textured maze the simple button/door scenario nor the big scissors and here the author has the audacity to combine all three elements which results in an unbelievably dull gameplay at the start of this ordeal. Next comes a bit of hit and miss jumping and the rest of the level is spent in long uneventful climbs and a bit of swimming. There is no atmosphere to speak of and the carelessly applied textures (if applied at all) have all the trademarks of the clumsy amateur. You will encounter most of the other beginners mistakes as well but the thing that pushes this level beyond redemption is that it seems to take ages to finish. There is a point where you have to backtrack through half of the level (if you happen do guess the effect of yet another button) and bearing in mind how tedious the course is in the first place to be forced to do it three times (only to push yet another button) is surely a violation of the Geneva Convention. The best thing I can say about this level is that it is so aptly named cause when I finally reached the end I was steaming with rage." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)

"Well I usually only play very highly rated levels but this one I located from another site where it was higher in the list. It started off rather disappointingly - as soon as I saw that box-like beige push-button set-up at the beginning I almost stopped right there (note to author - atmosphere and textures are _very_ important). The level design got somewhat better a little later on (after the red room) but there was really very little in the way of atmosphere or design in this game and for me that means a lot. And all those floating blades looked a little bit silly. But perhaps this was an early try and certainly the author should keep on designing!" - Lady Lara (21-Jun-2002)
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