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Author(s): Jeyem
total rating:8.09 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
alan 8 8 8 8
bERT 9 9 9 7
Dimpfelmoser 10 10 10 9
Dougsan 8 8 8 8
eRIC 10 8 9 9
eTux 10 7 7 6
Freeman Porter 10 9 8 7
Gerty 7 7 7 7
Jay 8 7 8 8
Jose 7 7 7 8
Josi 8 7 8 8
Kristina 7 7 8 8
MichaelP 10 8 8 7
Orbit Dream 10 8 9 8
Phil 9 9 8 9
RaiderGirl 9 8 8 8
Ryan 9 8 8 8
Sash 8 8 7 7
Sheevah 8 9 7 7
Tombaholic 9 8 7 7
Treeble 9 8 9 9
Whistle 8 7 7 8
category averages
(22 reviews)
8.68 7.95 7.95 7.77

Reviewer's comments

"The main task in this level is to find the bike, which you will need to finish. You will find it by exploring some big areas, but not too confusing. There's a nice use of cameras and sound. I liked riding the bike, jumping over gaps with it, and rolling down the guards and dogs at the end. Textures are from Egypt, but this level is built with the city .wad. I really liked it. Found 3 secrets." - alan (14-Jun-2018)

"This is quite an ingenious level, in my opinion. It starts off quite deceivingly simple, but later gradually opens up into more spacious areas. I admired how you arrived back at familiar locations, but from a different direction and also the brilliant use of the motorbike. A few SAS guards turn up to annoy you, as does the odd dog or bat, but the emphasis is on gameplay and this level definitely excels. Highly recommended." - Ryan (15-May-2017)

"Yet one more game I played in my pre-reviewer days that I remember fondly and am glad to see still holds up well. Initially, the emphasis is on exploration, but it's interesting and beautifully well constructed in terms of route finding. Once the objective of finding the motorbike is achieved, there's much fun to be had racing the course and driving over guards. I was actually surprised at how well I remembered it from fifteen years ago, considering how much I can forget a level overnight. Perhaps that says something about the impact it made on me at the time. Definitely recommended." - Jay (05-May-2016)

"In this ruins there is nothing to retrieve, only floor, walls and ceilings; I think it's the level with less furniture and objects I remember. Gameplay is good but without interesting puzzles, only explore a lot to discover hidden passages, hidden switches to pull and a lot of movements for Lara. The best I liked was the funny ride with the bike along a great part of the level :D Enemies are well placed, and enough ammo to help you too as some useful cameras. Not a masterpiece but very playable." - José (13-May-2008)

"Now, I'm not a big fan of Japanese levels so it's no surprise I've pushed this one until now, but I can't deny this is a terrific level built only with the NewCity-WAD, one of the seldom used wads. There aren't many objects placed around, but I think it actually feels just right this way, the scenario is well put together and there are enough paths to make your mind elaborate hundreds of possible ways through the level, that's why I'll shameless admit having used the walkthrough for reference every now and then. When you get the bike you finally get the chance to run along the slopes you've been fooling around all along and eventually it'll take you to the outside, where you'll have a quick deathmatch (if you want to) and the end of this adventure. 35 minutes, 3 secrets. 08/07" - Treeble (08-Aug-2007)

“This older level was doubly attractive to me at this late date (8/04) not only for the glowing reviews but because no walkthrough had yet been written for it. It's neatly divided into two segments. The first which is the longer and more complicated engages you in a quest for the motorbike. After you get it you have to work your way up an elaborate but easy course (stopping along the way to open the final gate) until you reach the end. I was able to make it through without getting stuck or having to resort to outside help which by definition means that the level of difficulty is fairly low. However this by no means indicates that I didn't have a wonderful time working my way step by step through the level. The author has ingeniously provided advance glimpses of essential pickups that are lying there in plain sight but unattainable without considerable effort. In order these are the first floor lever the crowbar and the lasersight. If you haven't already played this level give it a try without using the walkthrough (now why did I say that?) and heighten your sense of accomplishment when you figure out how to get to where you need to be. I found four secrets and judging from the reviews that's all there are. Highly recommended.” – Phil (11-Aug-2004)

“I never thought I'd say this but…I agree wholeheartedly with Dimpf. This is an absolutely brilliant level! The design is heartwarmingly ingenious and extraordinarily well planned. The gameplay is as perfect as it gets with heaps of 'I know where I'm supposed to go but how exactly do I get there?' as well as my favourite 'so THIS is where I've ended up!' moments. Cameras are well (and sparingly) used to be just helpful enough to propel the gameplay progression forward without ever making it too easy; thus enabling you to feel a tremendous sense of achievement when you solve a tricky puzzle. Only the texturing lets it down slightly as the designer was obviously more concerned with actualising his concepts than with polishing up the appearance. Never mind it doesn't detract from what is surely one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling gameplay experiences you are ever likely to have.” – Orbit Dream (02-Jul-2003)

“This was an extremely difficult level to rate. The puzzles were not very hard but the level was so much fun this factor seemed not to be important imo. The level is very attractive and very well thought out. No special jumps or real winding paths for the motorcycle but enough riding to be fun. When I had finished the level (45 minutes or so) I thought it rated about an average of 8.8 but my notes indicate there is almost no challenge to the level. Is a whole lot of fun worth 8.8 or so? Very tough decision. There is a lot of interesting gameplay and there are puzzles of merit therefore 8 is as low as I can justify. Enemies Objects and Secrets are fine and good for an 8. I don't know. Quad 8. Well done. Highly recommended.” – Dougsan (23-Mar-2003)

“In the time it actually takes you to get to the bike you already know that the funnest part of this level is going to be the bike ride at the end. It takes a while to get there though with all the well disguised crawlspaces and corridors. They seem to be hard to see because they blend in so well with the other walls. This was one of the best bike rides I've had in a while.” – RaiderGirl (07-Feb-2003)

“I had to abondon this level for a while cause I missed a climbing wall that was not so easy to spot so I can't remember much from what happened before the climbing wall. The texturing was kinda boring and not always pleasant also the lighting was gone somewhere so I couldn't rate that category very high. Pity as the outside areas were really neat and I wished I could've spent more time there. The atmosphere didn't capture me much too and I didn't expect much from the objects in the newcity wad too but the gameplay is really wonderful! The small crack that seems too small to get inside the way you get the crowbar the laser sight and the way you progress through the rooms with the motorbike all this truly makes this a wonderful level and I've rarely enjoyed myself in a level so much like this. Even if visually this level doesn't offer too much you just MUST get it for the fun you'll have while playing it!” – eTux (20-Nov-2002)

“When you played The Lost Valley then you immediately recognize that this Stunt in the Underground is from the same author. The same realism the same immediately engaging gameplay. Again you have the feeling being part of a little story: it's obvious that all the ramps must be the playground for a motorbike to be found. And find it we do by letting La Croft do all the gymnastics we've learned to manage. This one's not so difficult as his follow-up but again the author makes you think about the environment and how to conquer it. He also manages to build up tension: just when you think you've reached the last ramp there's another big gate and it's...closed. And then starts the big climb for that last item we desperately need: the laser view...GREAT. The ending shows great direction skills from this author who knows how to use camera's extremely fluently and making you part of his little movie. And there she walks towards the horizon a new Munakata I hope.” – bERT (05-Nov-2002)

“A short but nice level not difficult a nice change after long levels like the last crusade or the Atlantis-series I had a pleasant 45 minutes with this one. It looks good you have to get out of this place with a bike solving puzzles and shooting baddies on the way. I'm not a fan of vehicles but had real fun with this level.” – Josi (17-Aug-2002)

“Although there are parts of this level that are seen everywhere such as the sandy inside environments and the bike ride there is something extremely different about it. The difference is the absolute fantastic progression that for the first half of this 70 minutes level has you making your way through about 4 large rooms by climbing jumping and monkey swinging around practically ever wall and ceiling looking for a couple of levers and the second half is spent riding the bike along a great winding track through those rooms and after a short stop opening a large gate then riding to the desert above. There are no great puzzles here neither are there any wondrous textures although the huge bike room is quite awe inspiring looking down from above but if you just want an extremely fun and adventurous trek with 4 secrets to find along the way then you won’t be disappointed with this one.” – Sash (21-Jun-2002)

“What a creative mind must have built this level. The gameplay fascinated me and I could not leave my PC until I reached the end of it. Throughout the well over an hour of pure entertainment you constantly get glimpses of the next steps to achieve only to find yourself making a major detour to eventually get there. There are numerous jump climb shimmy monkey combinations to master and almost from the start you wonder when finally the motorbike will show up and for me it did after 35 minutes and most of the remaining game time I spent riding it through a fantastically integrated course only to then yet again be stopped by one of those required detours to open the final gate. Yes the textures and lighting are not overly special the enemies and objects mainly irrelevant and there are a few cameras that rather hurt than help and I thought the NewCity ambience sound did not quite fit the scenery but I urge you to try this one out!” - Michael (21-Jun-2002)

“This level has few traps the enemies are superfluous and lighting effects nearly absent. That said it was actually a real treat to play! Few levels are conceived so well in terms of how the course is integrated and inter-connected. All along the way you see where you need to go but getting there is the fun part. Once Lara gets the motorbike she crosses through many of the same areas winding over one of the best vehicle courses I've seen in a custom level.” – Tombaholic (21-Jun-2002)

“Found this level extremely hard to review. Although I love climbing jumping crawling and figuring out where to go next this level was a very confusing one for me. As I am no fan at all off the use of the vehicles you need the bike to go through some walls. There are some crawl spaces that do look too small to enter but you can do it. In some you will find goodies in some you find a secret in and some of them are even traps. The enemies some SAS soldiers and dogs (the latter just appears out of thin air) are the only ones that bother you oh - and a few lost bats. In the end even two sentry guns. But so far I could do it with only Lara’s trusted guns. I still don’t really know what I did sometimes and also lost my way completely at times and probably did some things the wrong way around but I reached the end. 10-05-2002” – Gerty (21-Jun-2002)

“After playing ‘The lost valley’ from the same author I tried this Stunt-level from Jeyem and I must say this one is totally underrated! The gameplay is nearly perfect from the beginning you see what you can expect later on: a long driving course for the motorbike. But first you have to find it Lara has a lot to jump climb shimmy and monkeyswing push some levers until you can start the engine. A really fun level ok the textures and lighting are not very special but the gameplay is perfect for me. Playing time 1:15 hours 4 secrets. Waiting for the next level from Jeyem!” – Freeman Porter (21-Jun-2002)

“A good level for those who like to search round a variety of terrain. You have to look carefully and do the full variety of stunts to get where you want to go. Good bike ride to the penultimate level. The lack of mood music did detract from setting the mood of each section and came as a surprise when it did occur (perhaps this was meant). Only a small number of enemies but lots of holes to fall through and difficult jumps. Last comment do look round carefully.” - Whistle (21-Jun-2002)

“In this level you find yourself in a kind of underground desert ruins. Your quest is to get the bike and then make it through the ruins to find your way out. Now and then you meet a few SAS guards and the one or other dog. You shouldn't believe it's so easy to find your way. There is a lot of running around (but never annoying) looking and searching and climbing to find the bike and then the switches that open the two main doors in order to finally see the blue sky. Visually this level isn't that spectacular it's all the same kind of texturing throughout. But that doesn't matter as long as the gameplay is interesting. It took me more than one hour to finish and it was a really nice and entertaining hour.” – Sheevah (21-Jun-2002)

“It's a good level but unfortunately it doesn't have puzzles. The only challenge but a good one is that it has many jumps and climbs the passages are hidden between the blocks which is a very good way to make you stop and think. The main structure is big blocks and sloping platforms from the middle and further which you have to use the bike and proceed. I liked very much the different approach of the crowbar and the fact that you had to smash walls with the bike to get to the upper level but only to get a lever and open a big door. It's the kind of level that doesn't look innovative or has the original textures and complex puzzles but if you are tired of too many enemies some dogs and SAS guards here or getting stuck with a puzzle for hours this is the level for you. The secrets are cleverly hidden between the rocks but not very hard. The levers and jump switches are often here as well as huge gaps. All I have to say is that it's worth playing it.” – Kristina (21-Jun-2002)

“This level is excellent. The enemies the motorbike and the doors are from the newcity wad but the setting and textures are from Karnak I think. There is no temple to raid and no artefact to find here but there are all kinds of moves and very good puzzles the climbable walls and the monkeyswing textures are slightly different there are also some good jumps to do. The path does not seem to be straightforward but finally everything falls into place. This fun level is highly recommended. 3 secrets founds and 1 hour 10 net gaming.” – eRIC (21-Jun-2002)

“Are you all raving mad? I swear by the blood of my yet to be born children this must be the most underrated level in the short but glorious history of (it sort of rhymes if you spell the de the English way). It should be in the top 50 but it's not even rated 8 or higher. Hope I can set that to rights. The gameplay is just fantastic and the best I've encountered since Fort of Gigant. How the rooms interact how the motorbike is used how it gets the better by the second how you get the feeling you must be barking up the wrong tree but are making progress all the same. The only reason I got stuck is because I've forgotten how original and inventive a level can be (and because one crawlspace looks way too small). It's truly unbelievable how the excitement is mounting as you walk along the motorbike course and you get a glimpse of the crowbar lasersight levers long before you actually get there. The great achievement like in The Lost Valley is that the tasks and the setting really correspond that they support each other and make the whole adventure as real as it can be. Is there anyone who thinks the textures are a bit on the monotonous side? Well bugger that it goes with the atmosphere. So there are neither many enemies nor pick-ups (let alone items) so what; Didn't even think about it before I started to write this review. This Level doesn't rely on theTomb Raider by the Textbook crap (nice secrets though). I never had so much fun riding the bike around cause you don't have to be constantly on the lookout for traps you just let it rip and it really pushes the story forward. Believe me if the bike ever made sense than in this level. And when I finally ran into the sunset I knew that life was complete. Thank you Jun where is your next level?” – Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)
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