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Author(s): Pablo Fuentes
total rating:7.66 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bene 8 8 9 8
eRIC 7 9 10 8
Gerty 6 7 8 7
Jack& 6 6 7 7
Jay 7 8 8 8
Jose 6 6 7 7
MichaelP 8 7 9 8
MpGrill 7 8 9 9
Orbit Dream 7 7 8 7
Phil 8 8 8 9
Ryan 7 8 9 8
category averages
(11 reviews)
7.00 7.45 8.36 7.82

Reviewer's comments

" say the least. There's a creative mind at work here, and while this entire level may be a matter of taste, I ended up enjoying it overall. Giant bees (!), horsemen and wraiths are rife and there are also some amusing dialogue from Lara that is unfortunately difficult to understand, so the storyline may be a bit lost on you, but the ending is a must-see...Oxy, anyone?" - Ryan (25-Apr-2017)

"I have almost no memory of the original,but I'm certain it was never like this! 80 minutes of completely non-linear exploring,with many of those feelings of "have I gone too far,too soon?" that you often experience in these sorts of levels;but which,nonetheless,works itself out very pleasantly indeed.Although most of the game is quite tranquil and peaceful,the builder has a habit of throwing the occasional piece of adrenaline-inducing gameplay at you;which is highly effective. A terrific rolling-boulder gauntlet;some nasty swinging fiery lamps to avoid; a lung- busting underwater swim;a great showdown with wraiths and giant bee's - all immensely enjoyable; but nothing can beat the bewilderingly hilarious Finale,which comes quite out of left-field with no warning whatsoever. As for the rest: the textures are applied enthusiastically but far from perfectly;lighting is placed with care in some areas - ignored in others;a laser-sight and revolver are provided,for no particular reason;and the audio (while a great idea) wasn't always easy to understand. Nonetheless,this is a great example of a level which,although a little rough around the edges,vibrantly displays the personality of the builder;and is therefore well-worth playing." - Orbit Dream (28-Apr-2012)

"This was the first level I played from this author. I haven't played the original version of Brazilia, but this one was quite good. While playing this one-hour adventure it got sometimes boring :( ... Kinda too linear. The gameplay was maybe easy but not disappointing; I enyojed some parts. The flybys and the 'cutscenes' were cool, but I couldn't understand sometimes what Lara was talking. The custom objects were pretty good! Nice work... Graphics and the atmosphere were also good. It's not a 'Hall of Fame' level but its worth downloading and playing! Can't wait for the next project of this author...with just a little bit more work it could be an amazing level!" - MpGrill (17-Feb-2009)

"Not sure how to rate this strange little adventure. A weird laugh seems to follow Lara around and most dialogue is hard to understand but this seems to end with Lara screaming No and a hippo saying that Lara has to now feed and take care of it. That aside, I found the first part of this level rather benign and the latter part, a bit more difficult. The need for more than the beginning, usual flares doesn't help and I found myself hoping for more medipacks. Some elements definitely remind me of oxy. The giant bees, for example and the environment. Interesting download." - Bene (08-Oct-2008)

"Much like everybody else I only have a very dim recollection of the original level, but judging by my previous ratings this version is much improved indeed. You get a just under one hour long raid here in a friendly environment. It starts in a house looking for two keys and then you get to explore a nice outside area up and down and around for two gold balls, two coin bundles and a Maria picture. It is quite non-linear there and the various paths nicely lead you back to the central river/lake. Enemies are quite obscure with some huge bees, tinmen and a few wraiths and the ending is very Oxy-esque indeed, but see for yourself. Unfortunately the narrative audio is very difficult to understand, so this did not work so well to support a possible storyline, but it works all by itself as it is with some decent use of audio and a few nice flybys thrown in as well. Solid adventure, so give it a try!" - MichaelP (24-Aug-2008)

"Three years has gone by so forgive me that I really can't remember how the first one looked like. A pity that the voices were too soft to understand properly, as cranking up my volume to understand it wasn't really a great idea as the minute the"normal sounds" came on, I almost lost my hearing. For the rest it is a nice romp with a lot of ground to cover as there is a lot to explore and especially if you go into the wrong direction. I wish that there were flares to be found, as the latter part of this level is pretty dark and the three flares Lara has in her possession, are not enough." - Gerty (14-Apr-2008)

"Sometimes the more pedestrian levels can give you more playing enjoyment. I spent a nice, relaxing hour here, thoroughly enjoying the bright outdoors and the colorful surroundings. A far cry from TRSearch HQ - Emergency, a much more technically proficient release which I'm playing at home right now, and which is so dark in places that you'd have to say I'm enduring it more than enjoying it. That review will come later. What you get here is just good ol' fashioned raiding of the old school tradition, which was good enough for most of us several years ago and is good enough for me even now. There's nothing particularly new or refreshing in this level, but it provides solid, entertaining gameplay with plenty of ambient lighting. I'll take levels like these over the mega-sophisticated (and dark) releases any day of the week. Recommended." - Phil (20-Feb-2008)

"Not a bad level but not much entertained for me. No-lineal you can do the tasks in any order but it's better that you explore very well every corner 'cause if you miss something you'll have to look for it through the entire level. There is a huge outside area and another part of the game is underground with very dark rooms but I couldn't find flares so I had to pass all the dark zones only with 3 flares and the binoculars and this always ruins the gameplay. There are some original musics but cameras don't exist. Playable anyway but don't expect too much." - Jose (02-Feb-2008)

"It's not a bad level and certainly, as far as I can recall, an improvement on the original version. It's pretty linear and not at all difficult, but there seems to be much more to do than I remember from last time. The setting is an attractive house and grounds and you need to search for a couple of gems, a cartouche and two piles of coins. The only enemies are giant bees and they are quite easy to kill, plus some rather out of place looking tin men. Good use is made of audio files (although the voice overs are hard to hear) and if you're looking for a fairly gentle level you could do a lot worse than this one." - Jay (18-Jan-2008)

"WELL . a easy strightforward level with mediocre graphics and moustly boring ......i canot recomand this at real dedicated riders.. but playable .." - Jack& (11-Jan-2008)

"I haven't played the former version of Brazilia, so I can't say if it is different or better ; well, given the ratings it is certainly a lot better and probably different. Actually I really liked this one hour adventure , original and colourful. After finding a couple of keys in a mansion, Lara explores a vast outside area in the search of 2 golden stones and an effigy of Maria. Despite the size of this open space , this is not overwhelming for what has to be done is rather obvious. The level is user friendly , not difficult so it should be enjoyed by all. There are custom objects , giant bees and tinmen as enemies , the flybys and the new music are lovely , it is a pity I could not understand all of what Lara was saying, especially at the end when she meets the big Hippo. The gameplay is generally pleasant too, with a bit of exploration and climbing, some jumps , some pushable objects puzzles , a timed raising block at the end. My favourite moment is when Lara slides down a series of slopes with traps with a very well made camera travelling accompanying her. There is a couple of places where Lara managed to find herself trapped in an illegal slope or a plant, nothing that could spoil my fun in this charming original and interesting adventure" - eRIC (06-Jan-2008)
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