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Author(s): Seilion
total rating:4.89 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Cory 5 3 3 3
eRIC 3 6 5 4
EssGee 5 5 5 5
eTux 3 5 4 4
Gerty 4 6 5 5
Jay 5 6 5 5
JesseG 4 5 6 4
Jose 6 6 6 6
MichaelP 5 6 5 5
Orbit Dream 5 6 5 6
Ryan 5 5 5 5
category averages
(11 reviews)
4.55 5.36 4.91 4.73

Reviewer's comments

"A short journey through a simply made Coastal setting. Having said that, this isn't bad for a debut at all, albeit a bit short on duration (lasting around 17 minutes). You get some ninjas and guards to gun down, a couple of blocks to push, a boulder trap and a zip line, before culminating in an intense shootout. Not bad, and the author improved later, so that's always good." - Ryan (06-Dec-2016)

"Not a bad level, but not very substantial either. For 15 minutes you do the usual raiding with armed baddies, boulder traps, and a fun zipline ride in a mostly indoor coastal-based setting. Texturing is decent in the small rooms, but gets rather stretched in the larger chambers and the brief outdoor area. Lighting is either flat, and is sometimes 128-128-128, and other times the level is shrouded in giant shadow bulbs, which are also purposefully used to block switches from view, and I find that a bit of a dull hide-and-seek game. The author has you walking through fake door textures, although that at least makes some sort of sense. One unique part has you guessing which of three doors will let you continue and NOT get impaled by spikes on the other side. The level ends with you fighting an almost overwhelming swarm of SAS troops, which I think should be avoided in general." - SSJ6Wolf (15-Nov-2008)

"Well, this was a bad textured level. There is no doubt about that. the gameplay is average with walkthrough walls, a boulder, a zip line and ladders. Shadow was used to often and i found myself chomping down flares. The reason i didn't score higher for enemies is because there is an over use of them and gameplay replied on this too much. A short 15 minute level, not the greatest one i have ever played." - Cory (23-Apr-2008)

"Here is a quick 20 minute romp through a vaguely Egyptian style setting. The builder shows he has the aptitude for building, but there is lots to develop. Lighting is poor and inconsistent and texturing borders on being adequate. The level clearly represents a new builder getting his chops together, and experimenting with how to set various traps up. But as a consequence it fells like each new room is band-aided to the next. Continuity is lacking. Various sounds issues abound. Positives are that some thought has been given to gameplay. Negatives are are very basic architecture and lack lustre lighting. It's fine if you just want a quick raid." - EssGee (20-Apr-2008)

"A short level with a fast gameplay, easy walkthrough and no much switches to pull. The guns appear too late, only the shotgun is useful 'cause the uzis are at the very end. I've found ammo for the grenade gun, the crossbow and the revolver, but I couldn't find them. Secrets are easy to find too. Few music and correct textures with a lot of dark corners, but you'll have enough flares. Not a bad level but I missed some puzzles." - Jose (15-Apr-2008)

"A pleasant little 20 minute adventure with coastal textures, but due to many dark corners not with the classic coastal atmosphere. But worry not, plenty of flares are provided to show you the way. This is a very linear adventure, with two secrets added, that will hardly ever have you stop moving. Some small sound issues with the lever and the push blocks and some sort of hint would have been a nice touch when you get to pick thr right (or rather left) out of three doors. You pass a zoo, get to enjoy a zipline and some camera angles before an end fight against 5 guards. Solid debut level, now onwards and upwards from here..." - MichaelP (15-Apr-2008)

"Short and sweet as far as debut level goes, this one's set in a coastal-ish kind of environment despite the introductory text line stating that this is a USA based adventure. Adding that, and the ambiguous enough name together with the shark tanks and other zoo like exhibitions at the end, I could kind of get what the author was getting at, and though it's not presented too convincingly in the end - it's fun enough game on its own as it is too. Walking through the texture doors was a neat touch - but I didn't like the trial and error part where you had to choose the right door without an obvious clue, while the other options spiked Lara. Not far after this - if you evaded a boulder trap in a way not intended by the author you could get stuck for good and would have to replay the level to see the end of it. The level isn't too complex or demanding to make the actual replay an ordeal, but of course generally it's best to avoid such situations altogether. Bar that, there's nothing inherently wrong with the level itself - it looks kind of ok, if a bit bland and has one dark corner too many, the gameplay is straightforward, yet fun enough and assuming you don't stumble in the troubles I did - the only real game-stopper moments might be finding that elusive jump-switch in the dark. With no huge setbacks, this is all in all a decent raid, yet offers nothing spectacular in general, and thus won't turn out to be the most memorable raiding experience you'll have. If you want something simple and fun - by all means give it a go - you could do a whole lot worse than this, just don't expect anything you couldn't see in a hundred other levels as well." - eTux (03-Apr-2008)

"Yet another debut level and a nice, solid, pleasant little level it is too. It's easy gameplay, but the pace is lively and the duration short so it doesn't become boring. It's mainly a classic raid with some original touches here and there. There isn't a story readme with the download so I don't know what the rooms with a shark, harpy and giant scorpion were all about - it looked like a mini zoo, but who knows? Not a bad level for whiling away twenty minutes in a comparatively stress free atmosphere (well, up until the band of gunmen at the end, but you'll have plenty of ammo by then)." - Jay (02-Apr-2008)

"Everybody will die when starting up this level, but that is OK and by sheer luck I managed the second time around. There is no sound when using a lever, same with the pushing of the blocks. There are walkthrough doors, with or without traps behind them. Although I found a lot of ammo I only found the Uzi and one secret. Sort of wondered if I missed something. This is a straightforward little level with some rather dark corners. Enemies were placed rather good but the lights could be improved upon as well as the use of the textures." - Gerty (30-Mar-2008)

"This 25 minute level is more enjoyable than my scores suggest,but Gameplay really can't be scored any higher as it's all just a little too straightforward for most people. Rolling boulder? Don't worry;simply jump into the nearby alcove to avoid it. Can't find the jump-switch? Don't worry;simply jump toward that very dark patch on the wall.Enemies are plentyful and entertainingly deployed,while walkthrough walls are used very cheekily indeed. The texturing and lighting is basic and unpolished,thereby prohibiting a properly convincing atmosphere;but a lot of these things can be forgiven when the builder includes such fun diversions as a zip-line over a secret,and a wonderful little glass Menagerie of TR Monsters. Unpretentious,straightforward but fun." - Orbit Dream (29-Mar-2008)

"Not a bad first try with the editor , this is a rather decent 20 minutes with Coastal textures. But the looks are uninspired , some sounds are missing , and progression relies too much on darkness to be pleasant. On the opposite I noticed a good placement of enemies and I found two secrets along the way. There is a well made flyby that shows a ninja escaping by a"walkthrough door" , and a zipline ; aside from that it is standard progression with a few jumps and climbs." - eRIC (28-Mar-2008)
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