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Author(s): Nella
total rating:5.70 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
eRIC 6 6 5 7
Gerty 5 5 5 5
Jay 6 6 6 7
Jerry 6 5 4 5
Jorge22 7 6 6 7
Jose 5 6 5 6
MichaelP 5 6 7 5
Orbit Dream 3 6 5 6
Ryan 5 6 5 5
Samu 5 7 7 8
category averages
(10 reviews)
5.30 5.90 5.50 6.10

Reviewer's comments

"It's a shame about this level, really as there were some good ideas here. But this level started to go downhill rapidly as I progressed through. The overall setting of a Babylonian temple isn't too bad, but the lighting was rather dull and the flare/binocular glitch appeared once I reached the inside portions. Another downside were the audio issues, such as a monkey sound playing when Lara hit a wall, and some missing sounds. A few cameras would have been decent as I ran around and around madly looking for what happened (the walkthrough didn't help, but that's not the writer's fault). It may sound like I'm being harsh, it's not bad at all, but it could have been better." - Ryan (10-May-2017)

"Strange work on sounds, missing audio files, missing camera hints and a not too impressive architecture are the most remarkable things here. There are big areas to explore meaning the player has to run around a lot looking for what has to be done next or which door could have been opened by their last action. I had some trouble with Lara climbing blocks, and there is a water room where this problem gets really annoying. Gameplay is not that bad, because it's varying, including a torch puzzle (well, not really puzzling), some pillar pushing (a bit too long) and avoiding spike balls and fire traps. Besides a couple of crocs and lions the builder seems to have a liking for ghosts (like in the Jerusalem level), and again it was quite annoying to jump, climb, swim or do whatever has to be done with a ghost on my heels, not knowing where to get rid of them and steadily losing health until finding out. Altogether this level could have been much better with some more care and accuracy." - Jerry (09-Jul-2009)

"I really wanted to like this for its awesome skygraphics alone, but whatever you can think of that can make the gameplay of a level tedious - it's in here: vast area to explore without many hints what to do next, push objects across a long path, excessive darkness, flare bug,...that all aside and once you do find a certain flow it does play quickly enough at about 45 minutes and towards the end gets a bit more interesting with some decent traps and a fun little timed run." - MichaelP (18-Jul-2008)

"It's very hard to begin to play this level 'cause you can run around and around a long time looking for something to advance a little and find nothing. Too much huge the first area to explore. Another times I missed a camera when I pulled switches. The level is very dark and, evenmore the flare bug appears precisely when you need some light so it was very disagreeable for me, making the gameplay more slow and tedious. There are missed sounds and erroneous sounds too and no musics. There are some two clic high ledges you can't climb with normality. The timed runs are easy. The best for me was the design of the city and some tasks I had to do. Not bad at all this level." - Jose (12-Jun-2008)

"In my opinion this level is very good in many aspects. Architecture for example looks quite nice and also realistic and I liked the way author has used textures and different colors to decorate this level. Considering gameplay there's also a lot of space for improvements. Mainly you just have to keep running and jumping around places and avoid some obstacles like boulders or deep ravines. The very few puzzles of this level are rather unlogical such as the pushblock puzzle and underground switch puzzle that you have to solve just by trying out different ways and combinations. I think that use of musics would have accentuated well the atmosphere but that wasn't a big consern for me. Despite the minus sides this level has, I enjoyed it and it surely offers good gaming time for a while." - Samu (17-May-2008)

"This is a most interesting looking area, perhaps better in conception than execution but imposing nonetheless. The gameplay's not bad either - quite varied and fun and the large area takes quite a bit of exploring. The only real downside for me was the dreaded flare bug kicking in as the overall lighting is rather gloomy and I was playing on a bright sunny day (yes, we do occasionally have those in England) so I was pretty much making my way round some areas by Braille. It hasn't the charm of Nella's last level, but overall I enjoyed it well enough. Give it a try if you have good night vision." - Jay (07-May-2008)

"I played it without the included"tomb4" but I think even with it, you still can play this on the Mac. OK I got through it and afterwards I can put my finger on quite a lot of things why I think that this could have been a great adventure but isn't. It does fall short of indeed taking more care into building. As this is a huge level (in square meters) the builder made use of large rooms but probably didn't know how to light the"doors" or portals properly. Then there is of course the flare bug and especially at the place you do need it the most. That also means no binoculars as that throws you to your desktop. Texture wise you can see that just clicking a floor and applying texture gives a wallpaper effect big time. Also the audio is not working, as it should, as Lara makes a funny noise when she bumps into walls and such. Hardly any sound when pushing and I can't even remember if there was any music. A pity though, as the concept was rather good. Anyway finding a revolver and the laser sight is a must so you can get your hands on the Vraeus to get to the end of this adventure (which I found was rather abrupt). I wonder if this has been beta tested." - Gerty (06-May-2008)

"Oh dear,what a pity. This had all the potential of being a well-crafted and smart little adventure but somewhere along the line the builder made a number of vastly regrettable and crippling errors which turned this into an absolute gameplay nightmare! First and foremost,the level is drenched in what can only be described as an all pervasive 'twilight gloom' which is compounded by the dreaded Flare Bug,thereby preventing any light being shed (using the Binoculars,of course,causes the game to crash).Next are the complete lack of camera clues which (as can be judged by the level title 'Pathfinder') are an absolute necessity in showing which way the player should proceed in such a geographically complex Level.Then we have a pushable-block puzzle for which the word 'tedium' does not do justice.There's the small pool which is very hard to get out of.The Maze.The two wild flybys. The lack of audio. Where were the beta-testers when they were needed?? Well-applied custom textures and an ingenious playing area with occasionally fascinating progression are all present and correct and completely applaudable;but that goes for nought under these straightened circumstances,I'm afraid.Recommended only for masochists." - Orbit Dream (03-May-2008)

"Quite a simple level in Babylonian ruins settings where I managed to get stuck a couple of times nonetheless, but maybe I wasn't paying enough attention. You can play it without installing but take heed, you XP players like myself, you'll have to use the XP patch instead of the provided exe, unless you want to be in for the long loading times. It suffers from a few minor grips such as the dreaded flare bug and the lack of many sounds as well as the lack of a soundtrack now that I mention it. The enemies are crocodiles, lions and skeletons. All in all, it makes for some interesting raiding in well achieved Babylonian settings if not as beautiful as some we've already seen in the past. Good enough level, I guess." - Jorge22 (02-May-2008)

"A one hour level interesting for several reasons, mainly for the fact the author has managed to create a believable Babylonian setting, also for the gameplay which is globally good. The Babylonian ruined city seems rather huge and it needs some rather fruitless exploration at first in order to get really started. Then after a movable blocks puzzle and a torch puzzle , a small underground journey with panels to shoot , some jumps , a timed raising block between other things before returning at the surface again with the most needed laser sight and completing a few other tasks before entering into the last building of the city. It could have been a more pleasant level if more care or work had been put into it as there are some issues like an average lighting , the flares bug , missing and inappropriate sounds, and I don't remember audio tracks triggered through the game. There are very interesting textures used, a few however did not fit so well like the bright beige ones which seem too immaculate when compared with the rest, and some walls with great paintings or mosaic would have beneficiated greatly of some spot lights or effects. The horizon used is interesting and the enemies play their role. All in all, a solid level , but which is far of reaching its full potential in the quality of the looks and in the atmosphere category." - eRIC (28-Apr-2008)
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