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Author(s): Miss Daemonica
total rating:1.16 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bedazzled 1 1 2 1
Ceamonks890 1 1 2 1
Cory 1 1 1 1
DJ Full 2 1 0 4
eRIC 1 1 0 1
EssGee 1 1 1 2
eTux 0 2 0 1
Gerty 0 1 1 1
Jay 1 1 1 1
Jerry 1 0 0 0
Jose 1 1 2 1
Larson 1988 0 1 10 0
manarch2 2 1 3 2
MichaelP 1 0 1 0
Orbit Dream 1 1 0 3
Ryan 1 1 1 1
Treeble 1 1 1 1
category averages
(17 reviews)
0.94 0.94 1.53 1.24

Reviewer's comments

"An incredibly pointless release that has no real reason to exist(even if it is admirable to have said builder be presumably comfortable with how they perceive life.) Only real noteworthy feature is the official Celine Dion song playing in the background. And having said that, I like to think fans of her would prefer to listen to it on their mp3 players, over having it be ambiance in a video game of all things." - Ceamonks890 (04-Aug-2017)

"Indeed you should be able to reach the finish trigger of this "level" before Celine's song ends - it (the level, that is) only lasts just over a minute. Nothing worth mentioning apart from the song and some texture experiments." - Ryan (04-Apr-2017)

"Even if the level consists of a single room, the oddly changing textures are rather crude and wallpapered, this game seems to be a bit underrated for me. At least there is gameplay with finding two levers, two raising blocks and pushing one statue to a marked tile (that's not always like this in the low rated games), the sound usage was rather clever as even if there was only one way too loud sound, "My heart will go on" is always great to hear and made this level feel a lot better than it actually was. And I cannot really downrate a level with at least a sort of message, thus my rather high ratings." - manarch2 (26-Apr-2012)

"Man, that girl has a faith. I have respect to the people who are not afraid to share their faith with the others. This requires a lot of courage. Now, for the level itself: it was quite short, but not boring. Texturing is rather good, and it seems flat only because of the bad lighting. If the lighting was better applied, this level would've got way better reviews. For the sound: I know "MHWGO" is one of the best songs about love ever written - but that's exactly why hearing it in the background through all the time of playing was distracting. I know some players may find it difficult to concentrate on the gameplay, so the sound gets 0 - sorry, Miss Daemonica - it's beautiful, but it doesn't fit at all. Objects get one point - the level isn't empty, there was plenty things to see, even if it lasted for 3 minutes only. One point for puzzles, as I had to think a bit about what to do with the... with the... no, I don't think I can tell this, as this is a review, not a walkthru. Anyway, I had to think a bit. Gameplay quite varies: we meet a raisingblock, a pushable, a jumpswitch, a trapdoor, a pitfall, a pool... but it's linearity forces me to give only 1 point for it. OK, that's all I can say. SUMMARY: I also believe in God, no matter if He annoys me a lot or not, but the rating is still for the level, not for anyone's faith. Miss Daemonica, now I'm gonna tell you something using the same style you have used in your project: "XI. Remember: if God released the world He had created without adjusting the gameplay and making some atmosphere first, He would've got something pretty, but containing nothing special." "XII. Don't give up and make something better as I can see you have the ability." Thus spoke Me." - DJ Full (08-Oct-2010)

"What a senseless level from a seemingly very self-confident builder overwhelming that one room with what I presume are pictures from herself. Maybe this was the intention of releasing a questionable enjoyment like this. Not much more worth mentioning except for the annoying flickering textures. One point on the whole for mercy." - Jerry (13-Jul-2009)

"This is a level that has been released during the Lepore fever some time back. You get to perform about 4 different actions before you hit the finish line. As a bonus, you may even get to listen to a complete loop of the love theme of Titanic. I thought the use of animating grass textures was rather surprising, even if it was obviously there for the wrong reasons, lol. 3 minutes. 05/09" - Treeble (17-May-2009)

"A very small level only with four or five rooms. The main room is full of messages, but in german language I couldn't understand anything. Even so it's easy to figure out what to do. Push a button, shoot some crocs, pull a switch, drag an statue and nothing more. Background music from the soundtrack of Titanic film and som new animated textures. That's all folks!" - Jose (18-Jun-2008)

"Non existent lightning, one pushable that did not fit well into the environment and on the + note, a great song. 10 to the sound because My heart will go on is one of my favourites. Don't bother playing this." - Larson 1988 (28-May-2008)

"3 minutes and I wondered what it was all about. There is one room with messages on the walls where an easy pushable object puzzle has to be solved and 3 crocs to be killed, before diving in a deep pit of water and that's all." - eRIC (16-May-2008)

"Fans of Celine Dion eat your heart out. And if you know what you need to do the level is even shorter than the song that is playing throughout. I see this one had the same testers as Amanda Lepore; that is interesting. For the rest as a first there is non existing lights, my eyes got weary of the animated textures, best was the long (and I mean loooong) fall into the hole in the floor." - Gerty (12-May-2008)

"Whilst I applaud the title and am a great advocate of love and peace, I'm not sure this is the way to achieve either. It's a tiny level full of manic textures and a smidgeon of gameplay. Honestly, the only reason for downloading it is if you really want an mp3 of one of Celine Dion's songs (which is admittedly lovely). Otherwise, I wouldn't bother if I were you." - Jay (11-May-2008)

"Well, that was odd. One simplistic room with odd texturing, where all you have to do really is push a statue on a tile with the author's (I assume?) face on it and then fall down a really long, long pit. The fall was actually semi-interesting, but there's not much else that can be said about the level. Knowing that the background track would be by Celine Dion - I did not even bother to install it, there's the Ten Commandments in German on one of the walls and a silly anti-Wii (a game console - for those who do not know what a "Wii" could possibly be) ad or whatever you call it and a short battle with 3 crocs. Not sure if this is worth to boot up unless you're a completist and want to have reviews of all levels out there under your belt." - eTux (11-May-2008)

"You really should have no trouubles to hit the finish trigger before the Titanic-song ends and I guess we all would be better off if this 'level' had shared the fate of the Titanic and would not have had to see it. The animated textures hurt the eye, the mix of 'messages' in the first room is rather incoherent and there is practically nothing to do." - MichaelP (11-May-2008)

"Oh dear....It must be National Artsy Animating Textures Week. This is the second level I've played in a row using some creative animating texture techniques. It's a 5 minute First-timer's experiment with a button, a lever and a pushblock, a bunch of crocodiles and a long fall for Lara - that's it!. See if you can get through it before Celine finishes her song. It's not currently classified as a joke level, but it probably should be. Is it a level? - no, is it a demo? - no; is it an arty statement? - yes. If you can appreciate it for that then Love and Peace be with you when you play." - EssGee (10-May-2008)

"WARNING:CELINE DION ALERT! WALKTHROUGH: Push Statue onto face square. Drop down hole. Swim to finish trigger. WARNING:CELINE DION ALERT! WARNING:CELINE DION ALERT!" - Orbit Dream (10-May-2008)

"A 3 minute level where you have to push a block onto a platform, fall and swim away. The texturing was very bad and I hope you like Celine Dion because this is the music track. Not recommended." - Cory (10-May-2008)

"Lasting only a few minutes this is definitely a new builders first steps into the world of level building. The textures are well, different and a lot of them are animating which doesn't help matters, the lighting is non existent the best part for me was the Celine Dion background music track which is one of my favourites but it would have been better if it didn't loop. Gameplay consists of using two switches and pushing a statue enemies are a couple of crocs which are no threat because you have the Uzi's and a lot of ammo. After moving the statue you take a long fall which seemingly will kill Lara but you land in water and after a short swim the level ends." - Bedazzled (10-May-2008)
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