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Author(s): Stew
total rating:1.47 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 2 1 1 1
Cory 4 3 2 1
DJ Full 1 1 2 3
eRIC 2 2 2 1
EssGee 3 1 1 1
eTux 2 1 0 1
Gerty 1 1 1 1
Jay 2 2 2 2
Jose 2 2 1 2
manarch2 2 1 1 1
MichaelP 3 2 2 2
Orbit Dream 1 1 1 0
Ryan 1 2 1 1
Treeble 1 1 1 1
TrueRaider 1 1 1 1
category averages
(15 reviews)
1.87 1.47 1.27 1.27

Reviewer's comments

"Well, it's an improvement over this author's debut, I suppose - thankfully no earthquakes make themselves known. Having said that, there's still not much going on in this ten minute level involving shooting guards, avoiding sentry guns on a motorbike and triggering a minefield in relatively bland rooms." - Ryan (25-Dec-2016)

"While this may take place in a different locale from the builder's debut, that still doesn't make this release any more inspired or less of a chore to go through, than its predecessor was. And with plenty of the same issues present, we find ourselves ultimately left with another bland, boring level that only seems to exist to demonstrate that the builder is at the very least, trying to make something that he hopes will satisfy the loads of potential players out there amongst the community(which is unfortunately still not the case). Not recommended." - Ceamonks890 (09-Dec-2014)

"This is better than the builder's debut level, but to be honest it doesn't take much to achieve that. The texturing is not streched anymore, but stays horribly wallpapered and there's little usage of changed lighting, still all rooms look very similar and don't spread any charm. The straightforward gameplay is as dull as it gets, with the only mild challenge being the navigation around all those sentry guns with the bike, which actually was an enjoyable task, unfortunately the only enjoyable task in the whole game. Enemies are placed without much care, there's a neat camera hint for two of them though, but placing two or three "easter eggs" in a game doesn't really make it much better than the fairly rushed effort that it is now. 8 minutes, no secrets, not recommended." - manarch2 (24-May-2014)

"Empty. Empty. Empty. Empty. Empty. Empty. Like this review. Large rooms, lack of objects, a huge void full of nothing. SUMMARY: Despite of constant sprint, you seem not to move at all. Not recommended." - DJ Full (11-Aug-2010)

"Hurried attempt for a level, big, boxy and empty rooms, poor trigger placement, and as a level it simply fails to engage the player. Sure, just like many other levels, but I'm sure with some extra effort this could have been slightly more worthy of the ten minutes you will spend here. 10 minutes. 05/09" - Treeble (17-May-2009)

"This short level was not interesting for me. Bad architecture, only some big boxes interconnected without furniture, a lot of paper walls, some enemies to shoot, some switches to pull and that's all. The best was the final race with the motorbike and the machineguns appearing. I think the author must take more time and learn something to make the second part." - Jose (18-Jun-2008)

"Straight forward and no earthquake, thanks for small mercies. Slowly getting there. Still a lot of beginner's mistakes like textures, more work on the lights and all those things one can learn by going through the manual." - Gerty (26-May-2008)

"A small step in the right direction for the author, but still pretty much more of the same as we saw before. I really recommend the manual/tutorial route before building anything more ambitious or sophisticated, but one has to give credit for the stuff that is there as well - there's enough revolver ammo, so the SAS guards never pose a whole lot of trouble, the bike ride is actually fairly fun while it lasts, and disarming minefields is always a great touch. That of course doesn't make this Hall of Fame material, and I could list a plethora of other reasons why it is not, but in the end - all that matters for the builder is what he learns from this. I certainly hope that it's giving the manual and tutorial level a try. As for players - I would recommend giving this a miss, but you could do worse - at least it's short and relatively painless for the 8 minutes it took me to hit the finish trigger." - eTux (24-May-2008)

"Well, compared to this authors previous level it is certainly a step in the right direction. The gameplay was good, apart from the fact that a lever was useless and you didn't need the roof key. The motorbike ride was the best part of the level and was very fun and enjoyable. The water puzzle was good and so was jumping over the flames. The sound was good, especially when you got on the motorbike and it became quite dramatic, i liked that. The texturing was incredibly wallpapered and stretched and there were quite a lot of wafer thin walls. The ending was also a bit abrupt when there was a trapdoor in the middle of the mine field. Overall, an enjoyable level that was a bit too short and the author needs to work on their texturing." - Cory (17-May-2008)

"DUDE,TAHT ROCKS!!!!!!" - Orbit Dream (17-May-2008)

"I haven't played Stew's first level but there is still a lot of work to be done. These areas need to be addressed: Room sizes should be much smaller and without wafer thin walls. You don't actually need to pull any levers because the triggers aren't set up correctly, a 'switch' trigger needs to be used. Lighting is an issue since there isn't any, it's all 128 lighting. Giving the level some structure would help it's credibility, to give it a realistic setting to lure the player into actually wanting to complete the level. For example a much smaller area but with more jumps, logical puzzles, lighting and shading and more varied texturing. The only way to achieve this is to read the manual (which doesn't take too long) and play a few other custom levels to get a sense of what makes a decent level." - TrueRaider (17-May-2008)

"12 minutes of 20-click high rooms, wallpaper textures, paper thin walls, a switch that doesn't need triggering because you just stand in front of it. You get the picture......There is an attempt at lighting in a couple of rooms. There is actually gameplay which is encouraging. Highlight is a fun run with the motorbike through a fleet of ninja sentry guns (they mysteriously appear out of thin air). Or perhaps this is the elite weaponry. Guns with cloaking devices.... I like it! Overall, very basic, and not much to offer in terms of entertainment. The author needs to channel his energy into learning the basics from the manual and the tutorial level before considering releasing anything like this." - EssGee (17-May-2008)

"Well, we should be grateful as the author has now learned to stack rooms. Next up is to learn a bit more about the various trigger types and how to avoid thin walls and floors. Still, this does provide for a linear 10 minute max romp in badly textured huge rooms with a few guards to kill and some initial hints of gameplay. And the bike ride through the sentry guns that appear out of thin air is so hilarious that it is even kind of fun." - MichaelP (16-May-2008)

"Well, it's a shuffle in the right direction, even if only for the fact that it's earthquake free. It is unfortunately still very much a beginner's piece and the builder clearly needs to practise his level editing skills a lot more before releasing another level. This is at least another short offering - have a quick canter through a few echoing, vast and empty rooms, shoot a few guards, ride your motorbike down sentry gun alley and have fun getting blown up in a minefield. 'Nuff said." - Jay (16-May-2008)

"This raid , inspired by the City Wad , is certainly more playable than the author's first level. There are still big empty rooms, thin walls and thin floors, and a few other minor bugs in the design. Very straightforward and very simple course , first by foot then with the motorbike, and you end rather quickly." - eRIC (16-May-2008)
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