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Author(s): Bjorn
total rating:6.22 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bene 7 7 7 6
eRIC 6 5 6 5
eTux 7 6 6 5
Gerty 7 5 6 6
Jay 6 5 7 6
JesseG 6 4 6 5
Jose 7 6 6 6
manarch2 6 4 6 5
MichaelP 6 6 6 5
Orbit Dream 7 7 8 8
Phil 7 7 7 8
Ryan 6 6 6 6
Scottie 6 6 7 7
sonnyd83 6 7 6 7
Treeble 7 7 7 7
TrueRaider 7 5 7 5
category averages
(16 reviews)
6.50 5.81 6.50 6.06

Reviewer's comments

"This is a nice little gem that took me about 30 minutes to play. The builder released an updated version in 2010, but so little was changed that Harry Laudie's 2008 walkthrough still works quite well (I've noted the changes when they occur). There are some tricky platforming tasks, but in all this is a fairly easy raid accessible to all players. It's dark in spots, but ample flares are provided. The only enemies are a few skeletons and a demigod at the end, so your choice of weapons at the start is narrowed down to the shotgun or the crossbow (the uzis are of no value, since so little ammo is provided). If the gameplay had been stretched out a bit, I'm confident that the ratings would have been higher than they are." - Phil (10-Feb-2018)

"A level with some neat little ideas that give this level, despite being made of classic tools, a refreshing touch. There are some rather interesting and occasionally challenging trap sequences, a choice of weapons (I took the shotgun and I think it was the best choice) and at one place even a trap choice, a quest for 15 mainly very easy to find secret gems and a few skeletons and a demigod as enemies to spice up the thing. Nothing exactly groundbreaking, and towards the end it loses a bit of steam, but the way it is presented is quite novel and there are atmospheric areas as well (like the final demigod hall), despite most being fairly boxy and/or cramped. The visuals are also quite basic and especially the lighting is fairly dull; the lack of objects also makes the room feel quite empty. Cameras and sounds are appropriately and sometimes quirkily used at least, care is taken for texturing errors and the like (one gem was floating in the water, very minor issue). Worth a try for something different; this game took me 12 minutes to finish." - manarch2 (21-Nov-2017)

"Here's another builder with a neat concept - choose your weapon at the first "checkpoint" and when you reach different junctures, you can choose the supplies that you wish to use. Enemies don't play a major part here (I only encountered a couple of skeletons and a demigod), but the emphasis is simply on finding the 15 Horseman's Gems scattered around (I found 14, meaning I missed one during my exploration). Eclectic texturing, to be sure, but I'll take it as experimentation. Not bad." - Ryan (07-Apr-2017)

"This level has a new concept in that you have to choose which weapon you intend to use. The beginning of the game is quite original with Lara sliding down into a very nicely done and geometric Egyptian chamber accompanied by soundtrack - adds a bit of mystery to the feel of the game. The quality of texturing is fairly good, no misapplied ones, lighting is ok but too many dark spots in one of the areas. I notice a sound effect in one area which usually indicates an enemy but there's no enemy? Also, when you pick up the gemstones, there's no sound, there must be a sound because other music stops playing. You avoid traps such as blades, spikes, and get to choose which way to go. A timed fire run next, but you have to set on fire to complete it which isn't good, there's water and medipack to make up for that, then another inappropriately placed sound effect, then another flame run, and spikes and blades. I'm unsure why there's plants growing in a clearly dark and soil free area! We then have a pleasant looking room with a lot of nice textures especially ceiling and blocks under 'water'. It's difficult to tell which invisible blocks to stand on, then we have some jumps over scary looking pits, and climbing, a monkey swing - I've not seen a slanted monkey swing before! We eventually find ourselves in a room which looks exactly like the beginning - just to confuse you, and this leads off into 3 routes, 2 of which have a nasty spike shaped surprise and the other, a skeleton. No need to fight them, you can just drop into the water - this room is really impressive with a cave like ambience and a very well built temple - looks like Rome level from TR1. The temple lies above a watery area with chequered texturing, and skeletons, you must pull a couple of levers which are fairly well hidden, to get to a sloped area - this is fun - it's like the Great pyramid where you have to jump to the correct spot and avoid sliding back down again! Could do with some rolling balls to give that extra something. Another chequered room with plenty of deep pits, and an Egyptian demigod to take of. Then open a door with crowbar, up a slope with a good camera angle and job done. Not a bad little game all in all - I was hopeing for more but was satisfied, Was mainly jumping, swimming, switches and a boss fight. Graphics and sound are fairly standard. Net gameplay 25 minutes." - sonnyd83 (09-Jun-2012)

"In this level one can decide himself at some places which way one goes, or which weapon one takes. At the very beginning one can choose, for example, between the shotgun, the crossbow, the Uzis or two big Medipacks. Because the shotgun is my favorite weapon, I have taken of course them. Equally afterwards one can slide either down and has only one jackknife before himself, or one chooses another way with several jackknives. Later one can decide again which ammunition one wants to have. And there are three ways for the choice which, however, all three ends after a few metres in the same big cave. Finally, one must still fight against a Demigod and is after about 30 minutes at the level end. Occasionally one can collect 12 diamonds slightly to be found, shoot a few skeletons into a hole and dive a little. The level is built quite substantially. Now and again one sees a few stretched textures, but that's not a big problem. One cannot get lost, because the way is always marked, in spite of the light variations. The diamonds are easy to be found , because they lie on the way. Though there are no big surprises in the whole level, but one can not necessarily say which would be only dull it. The level is suitable quite well for beginners who would like to practice a few nice jumps which want to know how one can shoot a skeleton with the shotgun into a hole and how one must behave compared with a Demigod." - Scottie (05-Jun-2009)

"It's actually rather trivial that a custom level released back in May 2008 features a 'treasure' system that would be later seen in the official next gen Tomb Raider Underworld game: you collect randomly scattered and generic looking 8-sided dice through the level, and many of them as well (I have found 14 of the 15 here). That little note aside, this level is actually a quite solid cleopal-wad level if only too linear. Sure, at some points the paths split and you're given a choice, but they all connect to the same room on the other end so it's not any different. Some tricky jumps along the way and soon you find yourself face to face with a demigod holding the crowbar for the outside world. The texturization work was quite good in some areas, and not so good in anothers, so it sort of evens out; but I particularly enjoyed the 'rainbow road' near the end. 20 minutes. 05/09" - Treeble (17-May-2009)

"My first impression (zing!) of this level is that it gives the player a greater sense of choice. For example, there are two instances where you pick from four picks containing pickups - I was glad that I picked the shotgun and the ammo for it to deal with the demigod at the end (that's the only enemy by the way). However I almost regretted not getting the medpacks while dealing with two flame trap sequences in which you cannot avoid being burned before dunking Lara in some water, though it wasn't too damaging overall. Another instance of choice is that sometimes you get multiple routes to choose from. You can also choose whether to search for all of the two dozen gems scattered throughout the level - I found 10, which is probably a good track record for me. Gameplay is littered with tricky (but not too much so) jumps and trap sequences, but the fun only lasts 15 minutes, which restricts my score in this area. Textures are stretched and squished in several places, and applied in odd checkerboard patterns at times. There are some huge areas, but they feel a bit empty. Cameras are used well. This author clearly held a more unique perspective to raiding, and that leads me to recommend this little adventure for those willing." - SSJ6Wolf (29-Oct-2008)

"Not easy to play this lineal ceopal-egypt level; full of traps and with some tricky tasks, but as the author says, not impossible. Lara has to catch in flames a couple of times and deal with some skeletons and a demigod at the end. I couldn't find all the 15 gems, but at least 10 of them are easy to find. I don't know why the players have to choose a weapon at the beginning, it's not necessary to finish the level. No puzzles to solve, there are some difficult situations but the level is worth to play." - Jose (18-Jun-2008)

"At last - a solid debut level of about 30 minutes length, which by the looks of it shows that the author has worked his way through the manual first before releasing a level to the public. And while it has those classic textures we all know and is fairly linear and not hard at all to complete, it has some good and original ideas, like the choice of weaponry and ammo, the different paths you can sometimes take and the side quest for the 15 gems. On the downside, there are a few too many spots where unnecessary darkness prevails and that one long climb was annoying. Enemies are only a few skeletons and the demigod that has swallowed the crowbar. The underwater doors have been placed the wrong way round and thus have the invisible block in front of them while closed. Also positive though: Good use of the standard audio files and some nice strong colours which spiced things up. Worth a try, if only to see how good a debut level can be in comparison to some of the other releases we are seeing these days." - MichaelP (17-Jun-2008)

"This is a neat little debut and promises much. The re-playability factor is higher than usual due to the large amount of secrets that are up for collection,and for the choice of progression on a couple of occasions.These 'alternative routes' are actually little more than gimmicks as they don't fundamentally alter the course of the gameplay,but they're a nice idea rarely encountered in a custom level.Gameplay is generally about finding the exit to each succesive room;enemies are rather sparse but used quite well;the lighting is smart and the whole adventure looks good and flows smoothly albeit perhaps a little too easily. Recommended for its interesting ideas and possible re-play value." - Orbit Dream (28-May-2008)

"The hunt is on for 15 Horsemen's gems and I got them all. At the beginning you get your choice of weapons and later your choice of ammo. This is an interesting concept. There are some different routes to take and if you have a saved game at a strategic place you can have a peek at them. As a first this is certainly not a bad one. It does need attention to textures as well as lightning as some parts are pitch black. Gloomy would suit the atmosphere much better though. The jump over the water is indeed a frustration, as it has to be pixel perfect. Found one invisible door, in another underwater area. Slaying the Demigod (or Seth) and picking up the crowbar and opening the last door, is the end of this level. I think this builder has a lot of promise." - Gerty (26-May-2008)

"As far as first impressions go, Bjorn has hit most if not all the right spots for me with his little debut here. The weapon choice is a bit unnecessary (since all I encountered was 1 skeleton and 1 demigod at the end), but still a fun element to have. Though the level took me a bit less than 15 minutes to finish it, it's filled with fun jumps, 2 subsequent timed runs where you're set on fire if you're not fast enough and with a neat puzzle, that could've maybe used some indication which tiles form the translucent walkway - but I managed to bypass it by creatively using Lara's walk function. I found 7 or 8 of the 15 gems, but none ever really registered as secrets. The looks are generally well done, but the lighting is a bit flat, thus the author could start forming the habit of placing sun light objects in every room to give Lara and the objects a more 3D look. On the whole it's a pretty decent debut, that rarely drags, making the best use of the time it takes from you, and as such is a great showcase of the author's creative ideas yet to come. Worth a go, if you want something short, sweet, yet captivating." - eTux (24-May-2008)

"This is a solid effort to provide a 27 minutes Egyptian level where the focus has been put on the gameplay. There is no real puzzle , but the straightforward course is entertaining with interesting jumps and some traps. The gameplay relys also on darkness which is not a plus, and there is one room with trial and error transparent tiles which is a minus in my book. I met only 2 enemies , a skeleton and a demigod , there are well used, but then the concept of the weapon choice is rather pointless. Some apppealing colour effects, a pity that the rooms lighting is completely flat. The standard audio tracks are used in an appropriate way. All in all , this is good stuff for a first level." - eRIC (23-May-2008)

"Having just finished the readme, my first thought on starting the game was 'why would Lara be attending a posh party in her shorts? Has she no evening dresses?' However. This is quite an interesting idea for a level and involves choices of pickups/routes. I'd go for the medipack option as your initial pickup if I were you - Lara inevitably looses life in certain instances (usually by being set on fire) and there's a definite spiky theme going on. Mind you, I opted for the shotgun and it did come in very useful for getting rid of skeletons. There are 15 blue gems to find throughout the game and I actually found them all, which is most unlike me. There's nothing at all difficult to achieve in the approximately 40 minutes of this level, but it's rather fun in a simple way and certainly a very creditable debut effort." - Jay (22-May-2008)

"Another new builder with an interesting concept: pick your weapon of choice or medipacks at the beginning before you know what you are about to encounter. This is a fun, short romp through sometimes dark, mostly Egyptian rooms with 15 pick-ups of little blue gems which are to be counted as secrets even without the Secret Chime. At about my 12th pick-up, the counter reverted to zero. I'm not sure as to just where the Swan Dive to water that was discussed in the Read Me actually was but I had no problems with any jump - just lucky, I guess. There's a re-play value where your choice of weapon and direction can be changed. Some good ideas showing promise to pay off in future levels. I especially liked the two wall levers that needed a bit of hunting to find. It will be interesting to see where this builder will go in the future - lots of promise here." - Bene (22-May-2008)

"Despite the linear nature and shortness (30 minutes) of this mostly Egyptian level, I quite enjoyed it. Some rooms are small, well textured and lit whereas others are quite large, seem out of place in a tomb and odly lit, for example the room textured only in black and white squares. This detracts from the illusion of an underground temple type place, but it's still fun nonetheless. I have to detract points for gameplay for the following reasons; A lot of it is very dark and it's a little annoying having to light flares all the time. Also it's almost all jumping and not much lever pulling/puzzle solving. It made the level more action orientated, but then again I only encountered 3 enemies (2 skeletons and seth), which made the choice of weapon at the start (you get one out of four) rather meaningless. I had to reload quite a few times to get the jump across the water correct, but it is possible as the readme says. It really doesn't matter what colour pits and corridor you choose as far as I could see, but still an nice little element, but not enough difference to make me want to play another time. There are quite a few stretched textures and an obscenely long climbing section. However, despite these flaws, the quick pace made for an enjoyable raid. There is a mini task to find 15 blue gems which, in my opinion, made this level. It was a very enjoyable side element. Some are quite obvious, others need a little more searching. I managed to find 11 of them so obviously 4 eluded me!" - TrueRaider (20-May-2008)
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