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Author(s): Blacksheep
total rating:7.59 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
eRIC 9 7 8 8
eTux 10 9 9 8
Gerty 7 6 7 6
Jay 8 7 8 7
Jose 5 6 8 7
manarch2 9 7 8 8
MichaelP 9 7 8 8
Orbit Dream 8 6 7 7
Phil 8 8 9 7
Ryan 8 8 8 7
Samu 8 7 7 7
category averages
(11 reviews)
8.09 7.09 7.91 7.27

Reviewer's comments

"Here is a prime example of why I should not be turned off by previous reviews that displayed frustration at some tricky manoeuvres. What I initially expected was a level that bordered on the "Taras" level of difficulty (corner to corner jumps, tight timers, unreasonably devious traps), but instead what I got was a moderately entertaining (but no doubt challenging!) exercise with a few twists and turns here and there. Admittedly, the sloped burner jumps and the tight timed run across the boulder blocks was somewhat frustrating, but the majority of the time I enjoyed myself here (liked the target shoot through a narrow crack) taking place in rather dark settings. Give your fingers a workout with this one." - Ryan (29-Jun-2017)

"None of the levelinfo pics shows Lara being alive... a kind of revenge? I must admit that it's even me who cursed the builder for some of the jump sequences, especially that run across pillars with a boulder falling down quickly on each, but in the end I found this to be just a fantastic raid. I'm sure not everyone will find this level enjoyable because of its difficult moments (of which there are way less than I expected) but in my opinion there's no need for a builder only releasing levels for players of all skills. A Blacksheep (or Qunai, Taras or whatever builder you might add to this list) level is kind of a trademark in that regard you should take care of and if you're still unsure read the reviews. Back to the game - while the looks are fairly standard fare with the well known tutorial objects and textures being the only resource, they are extremely well placed with the texturing being near-faultless and a very realistic lighting that still remains a bit too much on the dark side for me, I wouldn't even mind much if the lighting would be brighter than usual here because the gameplay is the most important in this game, and that's what counts. Being a rather linear level there are lots of good platforming exercises, most of which attend the "puzzle" status as you first have to solve how you would even try to tackle them - really well done. There are a few areas in which the gameplay could've been somewhat shortened, such as the larger tower with too many ladders and shafts to traverse, but otherwise this game would be over-paced and over way too quick, so it's acceptable. All in all a highly satisfactory level which also shows that you can make something out of even the most worn-out resources - kudos to that. Found two well hidden secrets and the amulet (which is actually optional to get) in 25 minutes of gameplay time. Recommended for more experienced raiders." - manarch2 (04-Apr-2014)

"I've come to the conclusion that some builders think it's cute to make their levels so dark that the players for whose enjoyment they're presumably building can't see a thing without artificial enhancements. This is such a level, so make the decision before you start playing either to boost significantly the gamma on your monitor or manufacture a plethora of flares. As mentioned in the other reviews, the gameplay is challenging in places but not overwhelmingly difficult. What I found particularly annoying was the builder's propensity for making routine jumps aggravatingly difficult by placing overhangs or low ceilings in the way, and I finally bypassed all such foolishness by enabling the flycheat. Other than these relatively minor gripes, you get nearly an hour's worth of engaging gameplay in the grand old tradition, well worth the download and the playing time. Recommended." - Phil (03-Aug-2008)

"A brave thing indeed to release a very classic level these days, created only by using the most basic elements from the good old Tut1 WAD, but Blacksheep shows us that it is absolutely possible to design an entertaining, interesting and challenging raid of about 45 minutes this way. Yes, the boulder run and some of the jumps, like the ones around the burners, are tricky and may need a few tries before you succeed, but otherwise the difficulty level is not too high and every seasoned raider should be able to manage just fine. The flow is actually quite obvious and will not have you think for long about your next step, just don't forget to cycle around to collect the amulet, as it is possible to end the level prematurely without it. Great fun!" - MichaelP (18-Jul-2008)

"Yes, the level is not so long, but you can take many hours playing it 'cause sure that you'll have to try the tasks hundreds of times. It's a real challenge; many times it's not difficult to know where to go, but when you know what to do can be a torture to reload and reload and reload a lot of times till you find the exact position or do the correct movement with a margin of tenths of milimeter or a margin of tenths of second. Sometimes it's very frustrating. No much enemies to shoot and a good ambience, but it's only a level for expert players." - Jose (18-Jun-2008)

"If you feel up to a bit of a challenge, I really would highly recommend this level as it has some hugely enjoyable runs, jumps and general leaping about to achieve. This is most definitely not one for the inexperienced raider however and I have to own up that the timed run over tiles with boulders dropping down was taking me so many goes that I had really sore fingers and was just about giving up. The only reason I'm able to review this at all is because of a timely savegame on the stuck threads (thanks Dutchy). The rest of it I just about managed to achieve, sometimes with a real struggle, but I ended up with that warm glow of satisfaction that comes with perseverance (or sheer bloody-mindedness if you prefer). Give it a go if you're feeling fit." - Jay (12-Jun-2008)

"I think it's a shame how perfectly excellent levels get written off in most people's books just because they're Tut levels. Considering the variety we get these days, a decent Tutorial inspired release every now and then should hardly be an ordeal for most players, and appreciated even more so if it can present a plethora of novel ideas that make your stay worthwhile. And while I understand that in this case other factors (like the difficulty level) play a bigger role for its acceptance (or lack of), I thought it's worth to complain a bit about the unfairness of it all and give some praise to the excellent little gem of a level this is, but I expected no less from the author. It's true there are plenty of japanese moments to be had, like the odd jump or 2 (or 3, or 4...), an intense jump-a-thlon over deadly water, as boulders crush all safe ground under your feet, but what I usually hated about these moments was that you had to be a mind reader to figure out the author's intended approach, and that simply was not the case here. The individual tasks might have been challenging - but the linear flow of the level made it strictly clear where exactly you are stuck for the moment and figuring out the method was just a matter of time, and plenty of trial and error. Of course there are also some puzzles that are not inherently hard - like the excellent invisible jump sequence, or the structure for getting the 2 hands before the first eye piece to name some, so it's not all that bad as well. The looks are what you'd usually expect from the environment, but I think are wonderfully set up and illuminated applying lots of colourful lighting, thus stand out easily from the rest of the levels of this type. There is a bleaker area here or there, so I did not rate the looks as highly, but overall I had no complaints. If there's something I was not so fond of, or more precisely what confused me - then it was the end run, where you can use a Hand artefact to return to an earlier part of the level, where you can get the Amulet. Firstly - it struck me odd that you can miss this side-quest entirely if you miss the Grenade Launcher secret (I replayed a part of the level to get it), the odd thing obviously being their correlation, and the whole idea between making the quest item of the game a trivial side-quest, and secondly - that even if you found the required secret, there's still nothing holding you back from just hopping into the final cave that takes you to the finish trigger without pursuing it. But I guess beating the challenges the level presents is a reward in its own, and getting the Amulet is only a pleasant bonus. That said - this game gets my highest recommendations to all the experienced players out here, and is an excellent way to put your skills to the test, though it isn't as demanding as some of the hardcore levels out there!" - eTux (06-Jun-2008)

"Well this was refreshing after all the short, fast pacing, not so pleasant levels we've had lately. This is really a level so test your skills in looking where you have to go and then jumping there. It isn't easy, far from it and I had to reload lots of time, as some jumps have to be pixel perfect, but in the end it was fun. So save at different places, as you need that. There are nice traps and they do tend to take you by surprise. The invisible block room was genius I thought. A lot of fun I thought was the jumping from ledge to ledge while boulders were dropping. You can have a rehearsal in that room first as long as you don't use the lever after you come out of the water. The hunt is on for Hands and eventually the Eye. There is a nasty timed run that almost made me give up. There aren't that many enemies in the beginning but almost at the end you do have a fight on your hands. There were still some doors shut, but I hit the finishing trigger (found one secret) and I am not going back." - Gerty (01-Jun-2008)

"A tutorial level with some neat original ideas and great challenges. The setting and texturing are well made. There are some very hard challenges to go through, like the run on square blocks with falling boulders , and others which were easier and I dare say more enjoyable. Solving the puzzle with the 5 invisible ledges gave great satisfaction, and the most enjoyable place for me was the big room where you find the two hand artefacts, great gameplay here ! Very recommended for someone wanting to test his raiding skills." - eRIC (31-May-2008)

"'A Japanese level'. Do those three words strike terror into you? If they do,it's undoubtedly wise to steer very clear of this one as it contains some murderously difficult pixel-precise jumps and other assorted acrobatics (far too many to describe) which go beyond 'difficult' and into 'sadistic'. Those players who consider themselves to be Experts will no doubt relish each and every insanely tough challenge and come out of it feeling like hero's.Myself,I was just glad to finally hit the Finish Trigger and be through the ordeal,but it IS a good measurer of how adept you are at this sort of thing." - Orbit Dream (30-May-2008)

"I really liked this short egypt level which is made with tut1 wad and textures. As you can expect it doesn't have anything we haven't already seen before due to use of standard stuff but it has many entertaining and action packed moments to offer. I liked especially the gameplay and the jumping tasks that are really planned with imagination and care even if they are sometimes quite tricky like the jumping sequence including falling boulders to avoid. Surroundings were rather outdated and didn't make a strong impression on me but they were appealing enough for a good raid. If you want a good, challenging and not too long level you should definitely consider playing this one." - Samu (25-May-2008)
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