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Author(s): tr_lover
total rating:4.10 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bene 4 4 5 4
eRIC 3 4 5 4
EssGee 3 4 5 5
eTux 3 4 5 4
Gerty 4 5 5 3
Jay 4 4 5 4
Jerry 3 3 4 4
JesseG 5 5 6 4
Jorge22 3 3 4 3
Jose 4 5 3 4
MichaelP 4 6 5 3
Orbit Dream 3 4 5 5
Ryan 4 5 5 4
sonnyd83 2 4 2 4
TrueRaider 5 4 5 4
category averages
(15 reviews)
3.60 4.27 4.60 3.93

Reviewer's comments

"I see that I neglected to review this level, although I definitely remember playing through it a while ago. My memories are somewhat fuzzy, but I do remember enough to send this in belatedly. It's a London City setting, although far too dark throughout which ended up being rather an enjoyment killer. Overlooking that, it's actually a pretty simple level with nothing to tax the mind, but also nothing much in the way of excitement, despite the the enemy attacks being a surprise every now and then. Settings- wise, it's pleasing enough but the darkness does negate being able to see much of it clearly. Nothing to write home about." - Ryan (13-Aug-2019)

"In this 20 minute outing, you get to travel through the darker parts of London's strangely quiet core. 'Dark' is quite an appropriate word to use, because many parts have little if any lighting, which made it rather unpleasant to play. The gameplay is practically non existent, other than half a dozen baddies, a dog, rolling ball, and collecting 2 coins. Most of your time is spent climbing around rooftops, although this isn't as bad as it sounds, the level is nicely 3D, although the texturing is a bit hit and miss. I do find one or two design flaws here, with Lara going into what looks like residential or offices, but is quite cavernous inside. The level is generally ok but needs some puzzles and better lighting." - sonnyd83 (08-Mar-2014)

"London at night is the title of this level. London in a pitchblack box could have been a more appropriate name. Put the brightness of your monitor near to maximum or else you cannot see the hand in front of your eyes. But to be fair I must say that there is the one or other brighter spot too. Besides the darkness the texturing seems to be quite randomly done with some improper texures here and there. Shoot some guards, bats and a dog, collect the uzi and two 'loads', is all you have to do here. After 20 minutes it's over. Not really recommendable." - Jerry (06-Feb-2009)

"The atmosphere is probably the most developed part of the game...however the consequent lighting is a bit too dark in most areas. Most of the "puzzle" of the level is finding things concealed by the dark, including two somewhat hard-to-see coin pickups. Other than that Lara gets to jump around on rooftops and catwalks while sliding down poles and such. While it is not bad for gameplay, it is nothing too exciting either, and nothing of considerable length either. You get to encounter some dogs, bats, and SAS enemies (the last spot pits you against four simultaneously, which was a bit overboard to me) and add Uzis to your arsenal, though I never found supplementary ammo for those. Plus there is an unnecessary boulder trap that is not hard to avoid. Texturing is a bit sloppy, with many stretched textures, and some squished ones, and weird "windows" into the night, though at least a good variety of textures were used. Decorative objects are a plus. The level ends abruptly as you run around in a dead-end until you activate the finish trigger on one side." - SSJ6Wolf (27-Oct-2008)

"Another ride over the roofs of London in a dark night. A very easy to play level with no much interest; lineal with a fast gameplay I only found a couple of coins to open 2 doors, shoot some enemies and doing some jumps over the roofs. No cameras, no musics, very dark in certain places and only the uzis as extra weapon with very few ammo. At the end the game crashes." - Jose (22-Jul-2008)

"This level delivers what the title suggests - London at Night. Unfortunately that means a lot of covert exploration in mostly dark corridors. In fairness to the author, there are enough flares supplied. It still doesn't provide much fun though, stumbling your way through darkness. The texturing is adequate and certainly conveys the atmosphere of the backstreets and high rise of the city streets. Coins to find and water-gurgling guards to shoot - not much else to it. The level would benefit by more creative lighting, careful texturing, and some more creative gameplay." - EssGee (29-Jun-2008)

"Glad there is something called TRsgEditor so I could add flares, and lots of them. And even if this is London at night, it is too dark. It is a fast paced level and even if it is a first it is not bad at all. Textures could use attention and (as said) the lightning as well. Finding two coins (something different then keys) and that is really it. You do have a battle on your hands at the end, but that was fun." - Gerty (09-Jun-2008)

"Dark, way too dark. Although there were enough flares provided, constantly having to light one up is a bit of a pain. It was enjoyable for how long it lasted though but very linear and the structure of London was a little strange. You just have to perform some jumps, shoot a few gunmen and bats and collect two tokens and you're done. The audio file provided comes with the editor anyway so it wasn't necessary to include and the gunmen play the underwater sound when shooting." - TrueRaider (08-Jun-2008)

"This is a nice start for the author. Sure it's straightforward with not a whole lot really happening bar a few gun battles, the lighting is on the dark side, texturing could use some work and a plethora of other improvements implemented, but it's fun through the entire 10 minutes it took me to get through, despite being too dark I overall liked the intense lighting, thus rounding up to a solid if short experience in a London setting. If anything else - then you can easily escape from the final battle by just going towards the finish trigger, but overall - with some more effort put into it, and some extensive beta testing, I think we can expect fairly solid levels from the builder at worst in the future." - eTux (04-Jun-2008)

"It's hard to rate the quality of the texturing for this level as I couldn't see much of it due to the extreme darkness,but what was visible seemed well enough done.Gameplay,on the other hand,was all too clear: run down pitch-black alley's;climb walls;jump over rooftops;shoot guards. Over and over for twenty minutes until you hit the finish trigger (with one door left unopened for me). The nocturnal atmosphere is adequately caught and the adventure has a fast enough pace,but its brevity and the darkness severely work against it.Difficult to recommend." - Orbit Dream (03-Jun-2008)

"Night is right - this is a very gloomy level. It's not bad as debut levels go - short, but quite atmospheric (in a darkish sort of way), consisting mainly of climbing around the rooftops of London (in the dark), being occasionally shot at by gunmen (lurking in the dark) and picking up coins (which are easy to miss in the dark) to open doors. Did I mention that it's not a very light level? Well, at least it isn't raining." - Jay (03-Jun-2008)

"True to its title, this one is set at night in a very dark Londonscape. There's enough flares available but it does lead to disrupting the flow of game and the pace. What can be seen of textures look good and the sense of place and atmospere is well done. The animation is off when Lara moves the dead guard - she stands there and the body moves of its own accord but that particular area (with the rolling boulder) was a nice addition." - Bene (03-Jun-2008)

"Not a bad first try with the editor for this 20 minutes straightforward level set in London. What you have to do is quite simple, although you can ponder a couple of times if this slanted block is a two clicks slope where Lara can stand or if it is a 3 clicks slope. There is room for improvement for the setting which looks a bit amateurish at times (thin walls for example) but it is not too bad as the aithor has somewhat managed to envelop his work with darkness. So it is a rather dark level but we have seen quite worse in other levels :) The enemies are well placed, although you can avoid the final showdown." - eRIC (03-Jun-2008)

"Gloomy London at night... Fortunately, there is quite a large supply of flares to use throughout the entire level or I'd just be bumping into every London wall! And one can say it's a modern London too, one that even has a mosque at the start. Anyway, all that lol apart, this is a rather small, totally straightforward level where basically the only obstacles beside the soldiers and a boulder that offers no challenge is the incredible darkness. I was always hoping for something unexpected to happen but, alas, no. One for you to try while no good levels come along..." - Jorge22 (02-Jun-2008)

"The author is serious - this short 15 minute debut adventure definitely plays at night. It is very much too dark and the texturing also shows that this is a novice builder. But we have certainly seen worse debut levels released and this is a solid linear romp, killing a bunch of guards along the way, with a few jumps along the roofs and a quick pace, so worth a quick look if you like the London type levels." - MichaelP (02-Jun-2008)
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