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Author(s): LaraHCroft91
total rating:7.31 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bene 8 7 7 7
DJ Full 7 7 7 8
eRIC 8 7 6 7
eTux 8 7 7 7
Gerty 8 7 7 7
Jay 8 7 8 7
Jose 7 7 7 8
MichaelP 7 8 8 8
Nina Croft 8 7 7 6
Phil 8 7 8 7
Ryan 8 7 7 8
Samu 7 8 7 8
Treeble 7 7 7 7
category averages
(13 reviews)
7.62 7.15 7.15 7.31

Reviewer's comments

"Classic, very classic. This is a fairly straightforward but enjoyable romp through a classic Egyptian setting which also seemed to be inspired by Anniversary, judging by the music and the textures that were used. It's too dark for my liking and there aren't many flares about, so you may end up using the binoculars for light. Also a few minor sound issues (including a missing secret chime in a few places) and a bit of an overuse of switches, but this is balanced out by the challenging traps and climbing sequences. Not bad at all if you're in a nostalgic frame of mind." - Ryan (05-Apr-2017)

"This game has something absolutely weird with audio triggers. 002 014 022 are missing but fexinspect doesn't display them as such. Also the secret is changed from 005 to 006 but only plays once per level, the remaining times substituted with 008. The final pick tune is also missing however not occupied by any number available in the default audio folder of trle. But even with these weird mismatches the audio is pretty dense, possibly even too much as in some places one tune barely finishes when another one starts. The level also isn't that dark and provides plenty of flares so I suppose people just followed the old walkthru which is missing two packs. I have a strange feeling this release might have suffered a lot from unhappy coincidences the author might not be responsible for, and I think he should take a look at this and some reviews could be revised as well. These conditions make it even surprising the rating is currently higher than the builder's debut level which, despite of its serious flaws, I consider much more creative and enjoyable than this one. Here we have a well done yet a typical Egyptian setting where a remarkable little pyramid picturing a stroll glimpse of original TR4 is also a single wow moment so after approving the nice little puzzles filling the gloom I can take them as a lightweight intermezzo before something serious, and I move straight to Vision of Future as I already feel certain harmony with this builder." - DJ Full (01-May-2016)

"Return to Egypt is a pretty generic title to give a custom level. Indeed, this one is the latest of several such incarnations, and builders should know better. I suggest that this level would more descriptively have been called The Darkness of Egypt. Unlimited flares kept me moving, but I was rarely without a lighted one for the hour and a half that this two-parter lasted. Still, it's well worth the download and the playing time, and this builder has compiled a noteworthy record of each of his half dozen levels having been rated more highly than the one before. There are some nifty trap sequences that will test your skills. Other than that the gameplay is fairly routine, with lots of dark tunnels, lurking enemies and switches to pull. Harry Laudie has provided his typically thorough and concise walkthrough, and I relied on it heavily to avoid getting bogged down. Not at all a bad raid." - Phil (25-Nov-2014)

"Yet another Egypt level... However, it does not mean that the level is boring, quite the contrary. The gameplay is definitely the best part of this level. This level is very easy to play, despite some tricky jumps and backtracking and despite the fact that you can easily overlook something (like a key in the pyramid before you leave) and to retrace your steps in order to find it. Puzzles are mostly already seen, as the builder used standard TR objects and puzzles (pushblock puzzles, torch puzzles etc). Also, traps are well thought of and sometimes a bit tricky, which spices the level that would definitely be boring without them. Enemies are already seen: bats, dogs, mummies, nothing that we haven't encountered yet. Objects are mostly used from TR1 and TR4, secrets are mostly very cleverly hidden. I particularly liked the textures and objects from TR1, although I know that most of the players like hi-res textures from TRA etc. Camera hints are given almost everywhere it is necessary and due to that, you always know what door you have just opened and where you have to go. Also, what I liked a lot, almost every time you encounter an enemy, there is an interesting, dynamic and vivid autio track played, spicing up things even more. However, there are some downsides, mostly with missing sounds, cracks in textures and a bit dull lighting. If the builder paid more attention to fixing these problems, this level would definitely be a small master piece, due to its very fluent gameplay on both levels and easy to middle-hard puzzles suitable for all raiders, even the beginners. This level is highly recommendable if you have just played one of those pretty hard Hall-of-famers, to relax, ease your mind and nerves, and give your fingers some utterly needed rest." - Nina Croft (12-Aug-2013)

"Well, this is about as classic as it gets. Egypt theme and very straightforward gameplay during which even the less experienced raider will be fairly certain as to what to do next in order to progress deeper into the adventure. It is technically well done though, which helps to turn this into an entertaining double level of just over an hour. The two main annoyances are the prevailing darkness and a rather obscure push block puzzle with some false hints given. The six secrets to be found are not too well hidden either, but worth going for. All in all, not much bad to say about this, but we have all been here many times before it the title of the level aptly suggests." - MichaelP (28-Feb-2009)

"Ruines of Palace (40 minutes, 4 secrets): this level looks good and solid, but I think the lighting could use a bit of improvement. It's not awfully dark, but it does get tiring on the eyes after a while. Gameplay is rather simple and straightforward, but if it weren't for the little tip on Elvis' review, I'd probably have lost my mind in that last room (with the camera glitch). Underneath the Palace (25 minutes, 2 secrets): the gameplay on this level flows just as well in the first, even though what you have here is a hub to four areas, which holding a lever to open one of the four gates protecting the artifact. These quests, albeit short, are generally fun and involve a lot of platforming. Lighting also seemed to be easier on the eyes. In both of the levels, the audio tracks were rather fun and fitting, coming from TR1 and TRA (and also a sped-up version of one of the TRA themes); but unfortunately there are quite a few issues with the sound effects and audio tracks missing in both levels. Other than that, this twin level set proved to be quite enjoyable. 65 minutes, 6 secrets. 10/08" - Treeble (14-Oct-2008)

"The first thing I noticed was a flat screen quality to dark rooms and a repeating secret sound and then missing spike sounds. Now that the negatives are out of the way, I can say how nice to end up having lots of medipacks at the end, having only used three. No real enemies to speak of which means a concentration on gameplay. This new builder's specialty is very well designed traps and the cut scenes were well placed and appreciated as it cuts out a lot of useless running around. Fluid gameplay without any sense of frustration makes this perfect for any Raider who wants to just sit back, relax and enjoy some solid gaming. Recommended for all." - Bene (11-Oct-2008)

"This is a solid two level game and I liked the gameplay that this offered me. One thing is that the levels are too dark to fully enjoy them. There are flare pick ups but they come way to late as the 3 flares you get in the beginning aren't enough. Not sure what the deal was with the audio, I even saw a 999 track and that will never play. There are nice traps and puzzles to solve, nothing too strenuous." - Gerty (29-Sep-2008)

"This game is a typical egyptian level which I certainly enjoyed. It's visually rather well created despite it's not particularly unique and looks quite similar to other egypt levels. Gameplay is sometimes linear and sometimes non-linear and you have to search many swithes and keys. There are also some nicely used traps and puzzles like the push block puzzle in second level. The puzzle in end of first level wasn't so good in my opinion because it hasn't any logic and you just have to guess which of the tiles have trigger for spikes. I also think that audio tracks are used too often in first level and they don't accentuate atmosphere and special situations well because you will hear them almost everywhere. However, this is a good level and hopefully author will keep making more levels in future." - Samu (30-Jul-2008)

"A level builded with small rooms and lineal, so you'll have no problems to finish it but perhaps you can miss some hidden switches. The shotgun will be your only compeer and there are a lot of medipacks and ammo so, don't worry about the enemies (few). The level is very dark for me to like and most of the flares are in secret places so, look carefully if you don't want to use the binoculars often. Good sounds and cameras, I liked a lot the texturing but, as I said, I had to low my rating 'cause the too much darkness. Good level anyway." - Jose (23-Jul-2008)

"Actually I wanted to say everything eRIC has in his review when I was done with this little level. I guess it's one of those 'great minds' moments. But then again, I also guess I won't get away with calling this my review, so I'll at least rephrase all of that in my terms. It's a fairly well executed 1 hour Egyptian style tomb raiding, and the Anniversary textures help to set it apart from the rest of the Egyptian levels out there, thus giving it a more distinctive look. There are very few enemies around, but it's still a fairly action based level with a plethora of traps and jumps required to see everything the author has to offer in his debut here. No matter what the setback, the solution usually is nearby, so that doesn't make this a very complicated experience overall, though at times it did feel like a handful of things are happening at the same time and it's easy to miss the most efficient way to get through the various tasks, but that's a minor annoyance. I managed to find 4 secrets in the first part and 2 in the second - and usually they're just well hidden crawlspaces, so you actually might stumble upon a secret without really looking for any sooner or later. All that said - despite the overall high quality of the game, it's plagued by a number of issues that could potentially gnaw away the enjoyment. The levels obviously have some sound issues, as I found a number of traps, enemies and doors were oddly silent. The looks and the entire atmosphere of the game had benefited, had the author used Sun-bulbs to illuminate his rooms, as Lara looked a bit 'flat' all the way through the game. I didn't find the level too dark on my laptop, but I can imagine that a little difference in the gamma levels could've made me squint my way through the game too. Maybe I didn't search hard enough to solve the problems, but there was at least one place, where (from my experience) you could irreversibly screw up your chances of finishing the game legitimately - namely dropping to the bottom of one of the scorpion pits in the second level and saving there - so keep a number of savegames at hand! The author has chosen the audio tracks well, but at times I found them to be oddly applied and a tad too dramatic, considering they usually were accompanied by a lonely dog or bat. There also was the nano-second camera bag closer the the end of the first level, which made the spike-field puzzle more enigmatic than it should be, but all that put aside - it's still a commendable first effort from the author, that should be played if you enjoy the Egyptian scenarios, and I certainly hope we'll see more from this author eventually!" - eTux (01-Jul-2008)

"Given the recent spate of less than stellar debut levels, I was pleasantly surprised to find this particular one very much better than I expected. Aside from the fact that it is far too dark in places (a frequent gripe of mine), it looks pretty good and the builder has obviously bothered to learn the basics of building before rushing to release a first level, which seems unfortunately to be something of a rarity at the moment. The gameplay is very nice too - not difficult, but lively, varied and interesting I definitely recommend it and sincerely hope this builder continues to produce levels." - Jay (09-Jun-2008)

"A good Egyptian adventure with two levels textured with the TR Anniversary textures. I quite like the gameplay in general with various puzzles and some traps gauntlets. Not a lot of enemies , nothing is too difficult , the progression remains always entertaining. It is a pity that the levels are dark , there is no sun bulb in the rooms to give Lara a 3D aspect , there are a lot of missing sounds, and I got the camera bug at the end of the 1st level. Atmosphere is good by the use of a good background audio loop, but too many audio tracks were played in the first level. At several points there is an ominous music playing just when a lonely dog attacked. These little gripes aside, an entertaining and promising first adventure by this new author." - eRIC (08-Jun-2008)
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