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Author(s): Lukasz Croft
total rating:7.72 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 7 8 9 8
dmdibl 8 9 8 7
eRIC 7 7 9 7
Gerty 7 8 7 7
guss18 7 8 8 8
Jack& 8 8 8 8
Jay 8 8 8 8
Jorge22 7 7 8 8
Jose 7 8 8 8
MichaelP 7 8 8 8
Orbit Dream 7 8 8 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 7 7 8 8
Shandroid 7 8 7 7
Treeble 7 7 9 8
category averages
(15 reviews)
7.27 7.80 8.07 7.73

Reviewer's comments

"Another good set of levels from Lukas. Nothing really spectacular as usual from this author, but enough entertaining to take a try. The same style as in previous levels: a lot of action with plenty of enemies in all rooms, many ammo for the extra weapons, tricky traps and a cool atmosphere. Again, an insane timed run in the first level, again I could only do it using the backflip with twist and then... Surprise when sliding down the ramp (thanks, Phil, for the walkthrough). There is an error in the second level: the timed crowbar switch; if you don't go through the door in time, you'll be stucked forever and the only option will be reload an old savegame. The last level is too dark, but at least I found enough flares. As I pointed in my comments for the previous levels from this author, good work, but the very short time for the timed run was totally unnecessary." - Jose (11-Aug-2017)

"Another solidly entertaining level from Lukasz this time set in an Oriental setting. I found the first two levels to have the best gameplay, with a few block puzzles, timed runs and torch action. That timed run/ladder climb/blade trap/boulder combination really was a bit too difficult but I eventually made it through. You get some nicely hidden secrets and yes, lots and lots of enemies. I did find it a bit too dark and mazelike near the end, but that aside, this was fairly entertaining while it lasted." - Ryan (11-Jun-2017)

"Again (but what else do we expect) lots of enemies. Apart from a nasty timed run, this is quite easy. At least I didn't get stuck, as long as you do remember where to find the key lock but luckily never far from where you found the key. To make it a bit excited for myself I tried the spiders to kill the other enemies and a boulder to kill a spider and a ninja. That was fun. The game was way too dark at my end and if possible I schlepped the torch with me for additional lighting." - Gerty (30-Jul-2013)

"This is a fast paced level with fairly straightforward game play. As being a typical Lukasz Croft level, one can expect tons of enemies and lots of action. There aren't any dull sequences here at all. There were quite a few challenging moments here like a very tight timed climb to a closing door, which was on the edge of being frustrating. Also, the many traps in this level cost quite a bit of health loss and there are a lot of vertical blades. Most enemies do not present a problem, mainly because there are lots of health packs and new weapons/ammo during the whole game and toward and in the last of the 3 levels, Lara is so heavily armed that blasting away skeletons, ninjas, TR2 Bartoli Bosses and giant spiders turns into lots of fun. The nasty fish that caused so much health loss were one of the more unpleasant memories from this game. I found it interesting that the giant spiders seemed to kill everything else in the room too like baddies and friendly monkeys, so if you wanted them to do the work you just had to wait for a bit. I did find all 12 secrets thanks to the superbly written walkthrough, which was really handy for checking, but was not needed for progress. There was an excellent atmosphere with lots of really well used soundtracks and the texturing and lightning was also nice. Specially the texturing was really interesting as red was the dominating color or this oriental setting and it was all well lit with lots of torches, but there were also lots of dark areas, which didn't really cause any problems since the builder provided al a lot of nice red flares. I had a few technical problems with save games not loading after restarting the game when coming back from a break, but they were solvable by using the"new game" trick. Another solid level by this builder and I would recommend for everyone who loves fast past action and lots of shooting!" - Blue43 (12-Dec-2010)

"I'm starting to become a fan of Lukasz Croft, even though I've been playing his releases in reverse order. He consistently gives you a lot of bang for your buck with his multi-level releases, the gameplay is engaging with no undue complexity, and the surroundings are generally appealing to the eye. I played this one for the purpose of writing a walkthrough, and it was straightforward enough that I made it all the way through without any outside help. To my amazement, I also found all 12 of the secrets. I agree with the other reviewers that the third level is the weakest of the three, but if you're looking for something fast paced and relatively stress free, you can't go wrong with Palms Evil. Recommended." - Phil (25-Jun-2009)

"Palms Evil (7/9/9/8, 40 min, 2/4 secrets): I had wondered why this level has relatively few reviews for so long and until you reach the end of this part, there really is no reason why people should stay away from this adventure. It has a very 'red' and quite eerie ambience and an Asian feel to it, it flows nicely and smoothly with a broad variety of enemies, but still does not come across as a shooter, the blade and burner traps are not overly challending and those green skeleton blade thingies look way cool. The added audio works really well throughout and it is all good clean raiding fun to be had. Then near the end of the level you run into a short but tough sequence that combines a timed door, ladder climb, slide over a blade followed by a boulder...which I guess is where many may have stopped. But it is not too hard to master with a few tries and if you really cannot make it, the author even left the flycheat enabled, so you could choose to breeze through this passage that way.
Temple of Bad Palm (8/8/9/8, 45 min, 2/4 secrets): This was my favourite part of the set aS the flow remains but the jumps and tasks get to be a little more challenging and entertaining, including some use of the torch. There are initially fewer enemies but it picks up again towards the end. That infamous timed crowbar lever can actually be reset and used again (from the same side of course). This part is a little darker but still ok.
Palms Evil 2 ( 7/8/7/7, 40 min, 4 secrets): I was a bit less impressed with the final installment of this adventure, mainly because I found it was getting a bit too dark now. Enemies are mainly the big spiders and Venice style bad guys and they did get a bit too repetitive in appearance.
Overall, quite the usual, solidly built Lukasz level that will keep you busy for 2+ hours in a nice setting, so it is certainly worth a look." - MichaelP (15-Jun-2009)

"I played the author's "Tomb of Creatures" and really enjoyed it. I'd recommend starting with that series if you've missed it, and then playing "Palms Evil." The first level begins well, the setting a vague tribute to TR2 Tibetan temple levels, somewhat dark with nostalgic textures. Most of the time the game play is straightforward, sometimes there are helpful cameras. The first problem is at the end of level one. Lara hits a timed switch, swivels, back flips/twists onto a block, and up a ladder to a timed door. This is so close that if Lara jumps at the ladder she usually doesn't make it. Press Ctrl at the ladder and Lara will jump a little higher, and can just get through. Then Lara slides down a ramp with a deadly scything blade at the bottom, while a rolling ball crashes down, and a ninja blasts her with Uzis, and a swarm of bats attack. This is too hard. Nothing in these levels warrants this difficult setup. On to level two. There are more little spiders running around, and now more of the giant ones. But don't worry, you can hear the giant spiders coming, feet skittering on the ground, in a frenzy to find Lara as she wanders a mini maze... Add to this the tigers, shotgun guys, and ninjas, and sometimes corpses litter the ground (as in TR2, bodies don't fade away). A nice touch is that when Lara shoots skeletons with the shotgun they go down and usually stay down. I began to feel a lack of variety. It seems darker, and texturing runs the gamut from deep red to maroon. There are scads of noisy blade traps clanging away. About 90% of the way through level two there is a game-killing glitch, a one-time crowbar switch for a timed door. It is solidly dark at the crowbar switch, so Lara threw it, then paused to light a flare. Thus the timed door closed, leading to a lot of fruitless searching. Worse, it appears that this crowbar switch can be reset, when it can't be. Fortunately another review explained about the crowbar switch and timed door, so I reloaded a savegame before the point where Lara threw the switch. Level three has excessively dark areas, with enemies that pile on Lara. At the end of my game Lara still had an unused Palm 2, and two golden stars that she had carried as excess baggage from the first level. "Palms Evil" is worth a download to play level one; try to figure out how to open all the doors and use two golden stars. Depending on how you like it, you can decide whether to tackle the gag ending to level one and continue." - dmdibl (09-Jun-2009)

"This level had a lot of potential to receive higher scores from me, but there were too many areas that were sort of hap-hazard. I had so much trouble with one timed run that I had to shelve the level for a time. I liked the idea of trap after trap and some of the areas were well-done, but make sure you are prepared for the onslaught. This level can be pretty tough at times. I also did not care for Lara's voice which was too deep and it sounded weird. I am sure those sounds were from one of the Core games, but I didn't care for them. Lukasz keeps getting better and better, just next time, maybe space out the traps and perhaps try to be more focused." - Shandroid (29-Oct-2008)

"Palms Evil (40 minutes, 4 secrets): despite being very different from the original China levels in TR2, this level has quite a nostalgic feel about it. I personally loved the atmosphere here. There are quite a few traps for you to master in your quest for the three 'palms' and then a quick adrenaline rush before you're taken into the next level. Temple of Bad Palm (45 minutes, 3 secrets): for a while, I actually considered cheating to get past one tricky jump, but I'm glad I didn't as finding the correct spot to jump off from was somewhat rewarding. You're again question for palms to proceed and just as you pick one atop some sort of altar you're taken onto the third level. Please beware you have to save before using the crowbar lever near the end -- it only works once and it's a timed gate (it's not a tight run, but you might get distracted and just not get in). You'll also feel the need to bring your torch as far as you can, but as far as I remember, they're not needed after opening the doors they're set for. Palms Evil 2 (40 minutes, 2 secrets): probably the most underwhelming level of the set, seeing as it opens in a rather eerie area but soon enough fall into repetitiveness and mazey-like areas. At some point there was overlap of three or so background tracks. I also did spy Von Croy being attacked by a spider behind a fenced gate, but never found a way to open it -- and on that note, there were at least half a dozen other areas that seemed to branch out to other areas that I never went to, maybe they were secrets I've missed? All in all, this is another typical Lukasz level and worth checking out if only for the first part of the three. 125 minutes, 9 secrets. 10/08" - Treeble (28-Oct-2008)

"A game made of 3 levels with Oriental texturing and a strong ambience. I could not played the totality of the game , as one timed door at the very end of the 1st level was too hard for me. Nevertheless I could play the 2nd and 3rd level by making a new Script for them, unfortunately I did miss the end of these too , as I did not had a crowbar that can only be picked up in the first level. I think I have played 95 percent of the game. There are many various enemies in these undergrounds and also many traps, some of which were fun to outsmart, still I think there was too many of them. There are some good puzzles too , with the torch or movable blocks , although quite simple to solve. I quite like some of the objects used in the game , and the atmosphere is spooky with the use of good audio tracks. There again , I think there was too many audio loops used at times. The sfx sounds are top notch, the author has really made a great job in this category. Architecture is simple , texturing and lighting are quite okay. Some rooms are harmonious, others are average. Some bigger area that would have allowed a less predictable progression would have been welcome ; maybe next time ? Beware that the levels are a bit dark although we have seen many levels darker than these." - eRIC (23-Oct-2008)

"This level could probably be well suited for Halloween. Spooky and eerie at times, rather dark in places but should have enough flares to get you through. A three level set in a somewhat oriental setting with a lot of enemies which almost equated to a shooter level set but you will have plenty of weapons and ammo. Was pretty much fast paced in the gameplay with an extremely tight timed door at the end of level one. I must admit I did like the green skellie torsos. All in all not a bad level set." - guss18 (22-Oct-2008)

"My only main complaint about this set of three levels is that at times it gets really, really dark. Apart from that, it's a succession of actions in semi-oriental settings, never too creative but always ok, many doable traps and enemies a go-go, including entire armies of spiders of different sizes. Fortunately, there are loads of weapons and ammo, as well as flares and medipacks. No way you can get lost for long. What can I say? An ok game in a gloomy atmosphere." - Jorge22 (07-Jul-2008)

"This is one of those instances where less would have been far more.Lukasz gives us a three level adventure,but (aside from a murderously tough timed sequence in Level 1)there's little in the gameplay that continues to excite after more than an hour or so.With almost 3 hours playing time I became distinctly bored with shooting,pushing,shooting,lever pulling and more shooting;all in darkly-repetetive and somewhat uninspired oriental corridors.Lukasz can put together fun and imaginative levels,but this (despite its epic length) isn't really one of them;although no-where is it anything less than completely competant and the good use of music and placement of traps occasionally allows it to spark into life - alas,only momentarily.There were also occasions where doors opened for no readily apparent reason,several places went apparently unvisited and the whole thing led to a profoundly anti-climactic ending.Nevertheless,it'll while away an afternoon for those in the mood for this sort of thing." - Orbit Dream (06-Jul-2008)

"There are some real health draining moments in this game and I was a touch concerned that I might run out of medipacks at one point, given the amount of enemies and slicing blades about the place. Luckily, supplies of medis and ammo turned up at the right times (I was surprised to pick up three revolvers in quick succession, although I certainly didn't feel like complaining), but I was still rather glad of a freebie health top up when going through to the second level. This can be pretty challenging at times, but if you feel like 'running the gauntlet' it certainly is fast paced and exhilarating and the oriental settings are pleasant, if occasionally rather gloomy - not that you get much breathing space to stop and admire them. Definitely one for adrenalin junkies." - Jay (05-Jul-2008)

"well a pleasant 3 level game ..... a bit too shooter style - alot off enemyes tigers , skeletons, baracudas , bats , krocks ,ninjas , gunners and so i get used from this builder .. but allot off weapons to deal with so no problem... also alot off dark areas .... flares is enough through .... but still too dark ..... is egyptian like level with moustly indoor areas .... not very hard gameplay only one time was tough .a very short timed run at upper door wich u can acces only by climbing a lader and after come another tough part with a sloped ramp + a slicer + a boulder wich fall from veiling and crush u iff u cannot get in the side alcove in the time ..... was tough part i must admit but at rest the only challenge was the darkness and the switches hidden in the dark corners ..... all in all not bad game but also i cannot say that i was very excited by it ... graphics was ok ...through i see much better / sound /was so so ...... background music was allmoust unexistent ....... the end was abrupt through after ignited 2 pedestrals a wall lowered and get through and the game ended ...... worthy level to play moustly for those wich like more action (shooting ) insteed exploring ..... not bad game ..cheers .." - Jack& (04-Jul-2008)
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