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Author(s): Marcos
total rating:8.93 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bene 9 10 10 10
Blue43 9 9 10 9
dmdibl 9 9 10 8
Ekrixi 7 9 10 8
ersatz 10 10 10 10
eTux 9 9 10 9
Gerty 7 9 9 8
Jack& 6 9 9 6
Jay 9 10 10 9
Jorge22 9 10 9 9
Jose 6 9 9 8
manarch2 7 9 10 8
MegaGamer 6 9 9 7
MichaelP 8 10 9 8
Phil 9 9 10 9
Roli 9 9 9 9
Ruben 9 10 10 9
Ryan 9 10 9 9
Shandroid 10 10 9 9
category averages
(19 reviews)
8.26 9.42 9.53 8.53

Reviewer's comments

"Marcos' levels really do play in a league of their own and while they might not be for everyone, they're certainly unique experiences. This is no different. You're on a quest to rescue three different creatures from the evil clutches and set them free, and the storyline is brought along quite nicely and executed well. What I didn't like so much were the immortal demigods (I lost count of how many times Lara got shoved off the ledges) and the numerous dark spots that caused me to crack quite a few flares. The fairy's voice telling you to "be careful" was also a bit annoying. But apart from those, this is really well done in most respects. The objects are well placed and the atmosphere is excellent. The ending was a bit odd though, as it cut to black while a song played in the background... Oh, well." - Ryan (01-Apr-2019)

"An early level by Marcos... it has good atmosphere, but it also has, I'm sorry to say, a bad gameplay :( Not enough hints, going on the wrong ledge, running around blindly to find out what to do, annoying bosses, dragon blocking my way, and even more! Same goes with the textures and lighting. The lighting is dark, and the textures and just wasn't enjoying. The enemies and atmosphere were good, but I just didn't like everything else. Well, to sum this up, if you like levels that make you rage and scream, this level is for you. I'd rather play his newer levels, as they were more advanced. Oh well." - MegaGamer (20-Apr-2014)

"I really could score this level much higher, but there are few disadvandages which make me not to. First of all, the good ones. This level has perfect horror (or something like this) atmosphere. Well chosen sounds and creepy places. Some of the objects and enemies are very nice. I liked the mentalist deamon, the skeletons, the skeleton's heads, but there were few annoying things. The blind enemy is more annoying than challenging and surely not enjoyable. I had to reload many many times and also, I figured out that I was on wrong ledge (the second one with the stars) and I couldn't get back, because I haven't open the door, so I restarted the game. In addition, sometimes the fairy, or Wiwi and the dragon block your way. Also, there is a lot running around same places just in order to press a button in a newly opened door, just to open a door in another room with just another lever or button. Oh... and I couldn't find any hints about which pillar was the right one to get the sphere. I just saw it in the walkthrough. For these reasons I am giving such a low score in gameplay, otherwise, I think it would be really exciting. As for the textures and lighting... there were few mistakes. You can see many times the colourfull lighting to suddenly stop when a room end and another one beggins. The textures are mostly nice, but a bit simile and the rooms sometimes are too empty, high and with a bit strange architecture. Oh my God. I didn't realise that I had found so many bad things in this level, till I wrote the review. It is very strange, because I had great time playing it. I loved some enemies, some nice puzzles, the creepy atmosphere, the dark lighting and the sounds. I recomend it." - Ekrixi (19-Oct-2012)

"You can see that Marcos is getting better and better at his horror and macabre stories. On one hand I was glad there was a walkthrough on the other it had me searching quite a bit as Yoav, the writer of the walkthrough is not consistent with the compass use. So if it says S and it isn't there, look in the opposite direction LOL. Apart from that it is for sure an adventure one has to try. It is creepy and quirky and saving some imaginary figures is the name of the game. I have to say that they all were quite annoying special that wiwi figure, as it was hard to shoot the enemies you have to rescue him from as he kept being in the way and must be invincible as he for sure took quite some hits." - Gerty (22-Sep-2012)

"This is a classic Marcos level with lots of unique object usage, a great storyline as always and an otherworldly atmosphere that is yet again convinicing in every respect - spooky ambience, great architecture, great sound usage, charming flybys. Although this time the obscurity maybe was too heavy... there are a lot of new object usages that were really neat when you found out what they did, but it takes a lot of time to actually find out their purpose or their location, e.g. the skeleton head, the invisible sphere or the pretty odd jumplevers. The gameplay often was confusing because of that and also because of some strange enemy behaviour - still nice features like the blind demons or the half-invisible creature but they serve no other purpose than to make life hard (sometimes very hard) for Lara. The level didn't have the creativity in the puzzles of his most recent works, at least there were a lot of things to chuckle, such as the torch usage, the baby dragon trying to kiss (?) Lara when she frees him or the skeleton room. The lighting even if a little on the dark side was great again but the texturing was rather wallpapered and often not very well looking, but this didn't let the atmopsphere suffer. Finished after exactly an hour and found both secrets. Recommended." - manarch2 (29-Jun-2012)

"Here we have another spooky level by one of the top spooky level creators. As with other levels by the same builder there is plenty of interesting game play. The main goal is to rescue a fairy, a baby dragon and a gnome from their prison. The biggest challenge for me was to find all those well camouflaged wall levers and figuring out how to reach items to pick them up, only to figure out that they were placed to be shot with the pistols. Not very hard but definitely played with open eyes especially because of unusual item placement in some rooms. A few sequences took a few times and needed a check with the walkthrough. There was a jump over a burning pot that seemed impossible at first so I didn't even try it until I read about it. Another stuck moment was a rope swing to the wrong of two ledges, where I got hopelessly stuck until I figured out that the room had to be played the other way around. The enemy side, while not overly challenging, brought several memorable encounters like the blind demons that push Lara off the ledges, a horde of very annoying skulls that chase Lara around and an unusual final boss, who was not only interesting to look at, but also very hard to kill. There was excellent use of switches and levers, objects like demon heads that spit out keys and a strange clock mechanism where items had to be placed. The absolute best part of this level was of course the sound and atmosphere. Best played alone - late at night in a dark room! The texturing and lighting was very well done and while the level was obviously on the dark side, there were plenty of flares and I never felt that there was a lack of light source throughout the whole adventure. Another great level by Marcos - highly recommended but maybe not for kids. (1h 10min, 2 secrets found)" - Blue43 (27-Sep-2011)

"Spooky, scary and best played in a darkened room. This is the only level, to the best of my memory, that actually had me almost jump out of my chair due to sound. The first rescue is a Fairy that you may wish was the last saved as there is an annoying sound loop attached to her, and thinking of annoying there's a few enemies here that were beyond just annoying...those pushy demons for instance. Marcos is in top form here. There just may be no one better at creating this kind of macabre, dark(in many ways), atmospheric tension he does so well. I loved every creepy moment of it and intend to replay at Halloween. Thank you, Marcos. Expertly done." - Bene (19-Sep-2008)

"Another creepy level from Marcos. Demons, strange creatures, lava, darkness, dungeons... It was not easy for me to play this level 'cause the invisible item I couldn't find, solid walls you can trespass, objects you don't know where to place, another objects you don't know you can shoot... Ambience is good but very dark for my taste. In the dungeons where the dragon is, you can use the second secret key in a keyhole at the end of the corridor and you'll never liberate the dragon to continue playing. I found a scroll on a pedestal I couldn't reach too. There are fantastic enemies and objects, rooms are very well textured, some special effects, a good history and the musics and sounds are very appropriate. Excellent work but difficult to finish." - Jose (16-Sep-2008)

"This is one of the few levels where the so-called "story line" actually enhanced my gaming enjoyment. This is a stand-alone release that took me about an hour and a half to complete, even though I was assisted by Yoav's excellent walkthrough. It's dark, to be sure, but to the amazement of some of you I'm going to admit that there's a place for dark levels, especially spooky and macabre ones such as this. I boosted the gamma so I could see, then I completely forgot about any negative vibes engendered by the darkness. You've got to free three captives in turn, gradually climbing the evolutionary ladder until you're leading Wiwi Jr. by the hand to safety. Along the way you're constantly exhorted by the released Looney Luli to be careful (as if anyone playing a custom level needs to be reminded of that). Not until the very end does she finally shut up. When you hit the finish trigger you get a blank screen and a recording of what sounds like a Sarah Brightman song. After waiting a decent interval for something to happen I simply exited the game. There are many fresh touches here, most involving skeletons, to make this a must play for the more experienced raider. Highly recommended." - Phil (11-Aug-2008)

"Apart from the previously mentioned little inconveniences this is really a must-play for all. Such an athmosphere you would only find in a Lawther Game . However brain-twisting some of these puzzles might be, you will be awarded for all your efforts ,even if your new companion reminds you too many times to be alert of the dangers to come . A wonderful game with a spooky atmosphere , well designed in all respects and cheers to Marcos who has spent so much time in creating this beautiful game." - Ruben (29-Jul-2008)

"Marcos really plays a bit in his own league with his mystery/fantasy type storylines that he sets in scene so well and always a bit 'out of the ordinary' and this adventure is no different with the rescue of a fairy (which you later may want to kill as she annoys you with her continuous 'Be Careful' advice) and then a very cute baby dragon (great scene of the reunion with the mother) and Wiwi's dwarf son. There are some unique 'technical' things in these two parts, like the rising skull and the clever use of the blind demons on the high ledges and the torches in a few places. On the other hand you get quite a bit of fairly straightforward classic gameplay in classic and not overly inspired settings. Still, all in all this is a very special 90 minute adventure full of originality that you must play. I missed both secrets, so will go back another time to get them." - MichaelP (27-Jul-2008)

"A highly inventive macabre sequel, in many ways more clever, though perhaps less emotionally satisfying, than "Poor Wiwi." In "Poor Wiwi" we had an opening fly-by of the gnome carried off by the black harpy, and pathetically pacing in his cage. Then after Lara's rescue there was the satisfying concluding scene of the villagers rushing to welcome Wiwi home. In this level the only comparable moment is the reunion of a cute baby dragon (which Lara has rescued) with its mother. But Lara also rescues the world's most annoying fairy, with her endlessly repeated warnings to "Be careful!" Though even I was shocked when Lara took the spare pair of socks from her backpack and crammed them into the fairy's mouth (or maybe this was only what I thought should happen). Frankly I found these levels to be way too dark, by which I mean poorly lit. Also I'm put off by seemingly solid textures which Lara can actually jump through. These things caused me to waste too much time hunting around for what to do next. There are many clever moments that make me glad to have played this level, such as the blind demons that knock Lara off ledges, the flying skulls that attack Lara, or the rising skull whose vertebrae were climbable. And there are some curious uses for keys and torches from an imaginative builder. If you enjoy demonic levels you may find this atmospheric, but I still think the overall lighting is much too dark." - dmdibl (27-Jul-2008)

"This level by Marcos is not quite as scary as past levels, but there is at least one place that will make you jump. The scares are not the reason to play this level anyway. Let's just say "Mensa" is an excellent last name for this talented builder, because his level really, really made me THINK at every turn. Multiple Rescue is, well, about multiple rescues. Lara must rescue a fairy, a baby dragon and a little boy. The fairy rescue was the most involved rescue, to be sure. There were so many fine puzzles that really appeared to take a lot of time and thought in their creation. Marcos has incredible skill and imagination when it comes to level design, gameplay and puzzle creation. I was amazed in so many areas, especially the one where Lara places a skull, and a cutscene shows it snaking up to form a climbing! I know that isn't super-thrilling, but when you've played hundreds of levels and never seen that before, it is quite a nifty experience. There were a couple places that peeved me, like one where the fairy almost constantly warns me to "be careful!", the unkillable blind demons that push you off the ledge and the skellie that takes six explosive arrows to kill. Those weren't exactly level errors, though. There were plenty of flares in order to see in the darkness, so that was good. This level is challenging and for those players like me, who get lost easily, you might just want to wait to play this until the walkthrough comes out, because there's some confusing areas. However, if you enjoy these types of levels that are set in the Underworld, pose a challenge and are chock full of imagination, be sure to click "download" right now!" - Shandroid (24-Jul-2008)

"well this game was planned to be a thriller horror one ...idea is good ...execution is bad .... first off all this game was builded around a central hubb with very tall passages and openings ....ilogical gameplay and pesky Deamons / devils moust off them immortal .also alot off health pots but not enuff flares should be otherway cos flares u need more than medipacks in this one... the toughness off the game dontcome from difficult jumps / timed runs and so but from THE INSANE DARKNESS .this game is very very dark and flares is simply not enough.... moust off my time i spend in find levers buttons in the darkness using the pistols to see something around .... also textures are bad and this can be seen when u light a flare in the darkness and cos this thing even the monkeyswings are very difficult to see .... i see alot off high marks again justified or not .. everybody have his own oppinions but i simply cannot give more than 6 at gameplay and Lightning&Textures.... i cannot say iff i could recomand this ..... some players should like it some not ..... well i was not impressed at all with ....cheers" - Jack& (21-Jul-2008)

"Great level ! very innovative , fun , scarried and full of surprices , not too easy not too hard :-) Wonderful scenery , music and sound effects. Fresh ideas and action , very different. It was a great pleasure to play in it so my opinion is 40/40 points. Well done Marcos !" - ersatz (20-Jul-2008)

"What a great level! I really enjoy the horror/thriller levels, but this one is better than the other ones ;-) We need rescue some creatures/peoples. Very well builded levels, horrositic feeling. And the thunders.. :-D Very impressive ;-) A lot of puzzle in this long level (aprrox 1-2 hours) and quite hard sometimes. The immortal daemons are annoying, everytime wants hit from the highs. Difficult jumps and secrets too, but if you saw the forum, no problems ;-) The atmosphere is realistic, always raining, and somethimes we meet with thunders :-D Ligting is reddish, darker. We have many flares, so no problem :-) Enemies are sceletons, daemons, devil womans, etc. Great secrets too, and you find scrools in the secrets. Great level, try it!! ;-)" - Roli (15-Jul-2008)

"This is heaving with atmosphere, in a damp sort of way. Who would have thought that hell would have such rainy weather. Being Englishwomen, Lara and I felt right at home. This is another excellent level from the singular imagination of Marcos and I really loved it. It's eerie, funny, quirky and cute and if those attributes seem an impossible match, just try it and see. Your mission is to rescue three creatures from the demons and you have to be both agile and clever to do so. The baby dragon was incredibly cute, but I'm afraid the fairy came close to getting a smack in the mouth for her constant cries of 'be careful' and Wiwi's son was downright spooky. The one secret I managed to find was so ingenious that I really wished I'd found the other one. I may just have to play this one again. Finally, I'd like to give Marcos some sort of special award for 'sauciest use of a torch in a level' - so funny." - Jay (15-Jul-2008)

""Do not be afree, I am going to khelp you! Be careful, be careful, be careful, be careful..................." - well, nothing against this, I found it funny. But I'm giving a 9 to gameplay because I found a few weird things in this otherwise great game. Firstly, on the second level there is a key that can either go in a lock at the end of a first hallway or be used to free the baby dragon. If it is used on the first lock, nothing seems to happen and there won't be any key left to free the baby dragon, thus making it impossible to go on. Secondly, there was a time when I found the wi-wi's son had already been killed by the beast. Does that make sense? Thirdly, in the end Lara goes off into the distance and we're left with a totally black screen for as long as a song lasts, hoping something else will come out of it - and nothing does, which is kind of an anti-climax. Of course, the puzzles are great (and so is the rest of the gameplay) and that contributes for keeping it a 9 and not, say, an 8. Apart from that, I found the game to be quite inventive, just as the previous wi-wi level had already been, quite well done and I enjoyed every bit of it. Yes, even the blind demons that pushed me from the ledges quite a few times! In fact, I highly recommend and praise it." - Jorge22 (15-Jul-2008)

"The master of horror and macabre in the level editing scene is back, and yet again this double level is essentially a rescue mission of some cute little creatures. The contrast between the very dark, yet well done atmosphere and the innocence of your rescue subjects fascinates me, and Marcos pulls it off really well. The fantasy environments are excellently done, mostly set in a castle like area, and while I lacked a few stunner eye-candy vistas to make the looks more memorable, the atmosphere as whole is what really sells the game, and the weird moments like the flying skulls, the climbable human spine, humorous placement of torches and outright bizarre encounters with the jumping skulls or a band of weird, crazy, invisible men really help to enforce it. The quest to free a fairy, a cute baby dragon and a Wiwi gnome kid offers a plethora of interesting gameplay moments as well. Mostly you'll be searching for the next key, gem or switch to activate, but the obstacles thrown in your way are what set it apart from the other levels, and avoiding the demons among other hazards to find the objects of your desire becomes all the more interesting because of them. Other memorable moments include the baby dragons reunion with its mother, the cool healing plants rooms, the dramatic appearance of the dark demon and the final fight with the succubus. Found neither of the 2 secrets, but I'd consider this level to be good enough to warrant a replay to find them. Highly recommended, especially if you like them dakr (thematically) and spooky!" - eTux (14-Jul-2008)
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