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Author(s): Nusrat
total rating:7.93 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
dmdibl 9 8 9 8
eRIC 7 8 8 6
Gerty 6 7 7 6
Jack& 8 8 9 9
Jay 9 8 9 8
Jose 7 8 7 8
MichaelP 6 7 7 7
Phil 9 9 9 9
Ruben 8 9 8 9
Ryan 8 8 8 8
Shandroid 9 8 8 8
category averages
(11 reviews)
7.82 8.00 8.09 7.82

Reviewer's comments

"This is quite a long and involved debut adventure that certainly kept me entertained for quite a while. It's quite the tour de force with its numerous lava rooms, full ahead gameplay and tense enemy encounters. There's nothing excruciatingly difficult or frustrating to overcome, but a few of the tasks definitely have their challenges, so don't expect to breeze through this one in a flash. The idea with the Tri-, Tra- and the Trulala- balls was a nice touch and as mentioned, the enemy attacks were bracing. The textures looked like they could have been improved, the swimming exercises were a bit long-winded and the flybys were a bit off, but I found this an entertaining experience nonetheless." - Ryan (16-May-2018)

"Here's another gem that I somehow missed when it was released about four years ago. The review count is also low for some reason, but that's not because it's unreasonably difficult. No, I got more than two hours of gameplay out of this fairly complex adventure, whose dominant trademark appears to be lava rooms. Harry Laudie has provided one of his usual "just the facts m'am" walkthroughs that documents each required step, and I wouldn't have gotten very far without it. The lighting is quite good, the gameplay keeps the player rolling along in a mad rush, and I have no idea why the scores aren't higher and the reviews are so sparse. If this fine level happened to slip underneath your radar screen as it did mine, play it now without further delay. Recommended." - Phil (15-Aug-2012)

"For a debut level this isn't half as bad. There are some good things in them and some not so good ones as well. This is an adventure that will keep you going for quite a while. Nice jumping, avoiding of traps, spikes, breakable tiles, fires and some nice choice of enemies. Your goals it to get your hands on the Tri, Tra and Trulala LOL before you can drive the bike over a short distance and hit the finishing trigger. Points to take care off is textures, saw some untextured bits and some also in dire need of TLC. Switches are sometime very hidden, that had me going back and fro quite a bit before I found them. No camera work to speak off and it would be handy to know if you had to do a timed run. In this level it was doable and the jump switch did reset itself, but still. Found some illegal slopes and also some invisible blocks in front of doors. Also the end of the world one could reach almost at he start of the level. Never used the crossbow or the grenade gun. The eclectic choice of textures did put me off a tad, although I liked the scrolling lava field." - Gerty (02-Apr-2009)

"A very very long level; I was playing several hours to finish it. There are a lot of traps and very well hidden switches to find (too much hidden). A lot of pickups and enough ammo and weapons to shoot the enemies. Huge lava rooms, water rooms and all kind of scenes you can think. Half-lineal gameplay, sometimes you'll have to go back to explore the areas again. Not difficult tasks. At the very end I found the crossbow but there's no use for it. Entertaining level, but don't expect great puzzles." - Jose (16-Sep-2008)

"In times when some of the released debut level are really and truly bad, I know I should be encouraging new builders and yet I cannot quite follow my fellow reviewers on this adventure here. Now, make no mistake, this is a very decent adventure overall, certainly a lot of work went into it and you also get a lot of work to do as a player before you will reach the finish trigger after almost 90 minutes. But - for almost all of the good things that are worth mentioning, like the interesting jump rooms, good use of breaktiles, spikes, burners, nice choice of enemies, good placement of the five secrets and the Tri-, Tra-, Trulala-balls, which I had to smile at, there is also something "bad" that complements it. Such as: Very unfair placement of some of the hidden switches, lack of camera work, nice secret at the start, but right away leading you to an area where you hit the 'end of the worls', several objects not placed correctly (floating trees, flames not above the torches, doors etc), an occasional unmarked climbing texture, a fairly tedious water maze area and a few illegal slopes you can get stuck in. All these things therefore resulted in the fact that this level did not really 'click' with me - sorry. However, I will look forward to another work by this author, but would hope he takes a bit more time before the next release to iron out these small but important details to polish up the level a bit more." - MichaelP (23-Aug-2008)

"well another very good debut level so far ........well designed areas and nice gameplay albeit very sneaky u need to keep ur eyes open cos manny hidden levers , Jump switches ....... time runs not very tight but challenging also some colapse tiles jumps , some burners .not manny enemyes some natives and a black ninja like boss at the end but moustly what catch me the moust was the great atmosphere around the game alot off weapons and ammo not realy needed but good to have ..... all in all a good level recomanded to download and play ........ this builder have a good future in level building so far keep it up Nursat .cheers" - Jack& (06-Aug-2008)

"This is a very well done debut level by Nusrat. Lots of thought went into every room and gameplay was inventive and fun for the most part. I wasn't overly fond of the mazes, but I hate mazes anyway. I think I spent the better part of an hour swimming around and around in that underwater maze looking for a lever, and I would have never found it without doing something outside the water first! There are so many places that require you to really think and several times I heard myself go "oh cool!" or "I'm back here, neat!" That takes great planning and it is appreciated from a player standpoint. I did wish there were a few more cutscenes of what door which switch opened, but it didn't stump me. I am seriously looking forward to this builder's future levels." - Shandroid (04-Aug-2008)

"A very good level, but my opinion wavered as I played it. It starts out with walkways over a pool and a timed secret that I found appealing--this promised to be really good. Then Lara goes inside and there are clumps of dense foliage on the walls, and you just know that these hide a jump switch. But they don't. I decided that this author was better than such common tricks. Alas, I was jumping to conclusions much too soon. Soon there is a jump switch concealed behind closed doors and, yes, there are jump switches and underwater levers hidden in concealing foliage. Players sometimes find puzzles to be about five times harder than what beginning authors think they are. There are complex rooms where the main problem is figuring out what path to take, and then how to get back, and this can be difficult. In a few places the texturing is bad, just wallpapered textures repeated over and over, and then a bottom row of the same textures stretched (see the room on the way to the tri sphere, where Lara shimmies over long cracks and can jump to get a shotgun). But after getting the tri sphere, I noticed how whimsical much of the texturing and objects were in that room. Note the repeated use of circular textures, echoed in other rooms. This could fit right in with a "Lara In Wonderland" themed level. Viewed this way, the settings seemed appropriate: nothing overdone, but with a nice touch of fantasy. I began to appreciate this personality of the level, and really enjoyed the last parts of the level. There is a conflict between the whimsical stuff I liked, and the darker elements, which feel forced. This is surely an author who will create excellent levels in the future, so check this one out for yourself." - dmdibl (03-Aug-2008)

"Another great debut level here. Who says TRLE Custom Levels are fading and out of style ? They're certainly not and never will be ! It is a rewiever`s task to encourage those young talented builders to carry on creating more and better adventures. This one has a few twists in gameplay and a real downer in atmosphere, sound and cameras as there is no custom music at all (how sad) ,no cameras to show what comes next after Lara pulled a switch. A straightforward game offering good textures , large halls . Enemies are few and rather stupid apart from the nasty fish . Good starter , we would be pleased to see more ." - Ruben (02-Aug-2008)

"A long level with a good atmosphere, without being spooky as the title would suggest. The accent has clearly been put on the gameplay at the expense of the looks at times, especially when it comes to huge rooms with acrobatic moves to perform. Texturing is a mixed bag , there is even thin walls somewhere , but most players who appreciate levels with a dose of trickiness will not mind that , as concentration is needed in order to find what to do or where to go next. I would have liked a bit more guidance and realism for the puzzles. A good work has been put in the choice of some objects and textures to fit what I can imagine of the storyline , written in German. Some parts of the level are fun , some parts are just a bit too"obscure" for my taste." - eRIC (02-Aug-2008)

"And still the debut levels keep coming and again it's a good one, hurrah. I'm beginning to think Lara is going to be in safe hands for many years to come. This is a rather individual level and quite a long one too. It certainly kept me engrossed for over two hours. If you find yourself stuck, you have almost certainly missed one of the many extremely well hidden switches. This is a sneaky level that I found hard to put down and it's always a good sign to find the time has flown by whilst you've been playing. It has a nicely judged level of difficulty - nothing to preclude the average player, but plenty to whet the appetite of the more experienced and it's far from predictable. The enemies are infrequent, but effectively used and the atmosphere is very compelling. I really hope we get a lot more levels from this builder." - Jay (01-Aug-2008)
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