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Author(s): Sir Croft
total rating:5.39 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
dmdibl 7 8 7 7
eRIC 4 5 5 4
Gerty 4 5 5 4
Jay 6 5 6 5
JesseG 4 5 6 6
Jose 4 5 6 7
MichaelP 5 5 6 6
Orbit Dream 4 5 6 7
Ryan 5 5 6 6
Samu 4 5 5 5
Shandroid 5 6 6 5
category averages
(11 reviews)
4.73 5.36 5.82 5.64

Reviewer's comments

"Not a bad d├ębut level as such, although there were some annoying and frustrating parts. The overall setting is classic Catacomb and not too badly made and the level is actually quite straightforward. But the annoying flare bug spoilt it somewhat and with many dark areas scattered throughout the level, it proved more of a chore than it needed to be. The walkthrough (and swimthrough) walls were a bit annoying too, but you shouldn't have any trouble here. Not too shabby, but be prepared to get slightly irritated." - Ryan (14-May-2017)

"This level is really not fair to the player in several ways. First off there are solid-looking walls and floors that you must travel through to find some passageways (except one is actually a hidden trap that makes you burn to death). Second, there are also some tiles that make you burn to death without any appropriate indication. Third, no cameras are used when you use switches and usually you must guess where you opened the next door. Fourth, there is no finish trigger, so if you reach the end you may end up wasting time backtracking for nothing. Fifth, there was a pushable object that turns out to be useless. Sixth the only enemies are mummies that are in the most annoying places possible, and seventh the flare bug kicks in fairly quickly, and there are some rather dark spots in the level. Besides these dark spots the lighting is pretty good. Texturing suffers from stretching and squashing, and some faces were missing textures. Some doors were missing sounds. There actually are some cameras, which give dramatic shots, and overall the atmosphere was decent. Many weapons and ammo are useless since the only enemies are mummies. Besides the seven cruelties mentioned, it was a short and sweet raid, so give it a shot if you don't mind checking the walkthrough now and then." - SSJ6Wolf (26-Oct-2008)

"There were some things I didn't like in this level. The worst for me were the solid floors and walls you can trespass; this always makes the players waste their time looking for something not natural. When the author tested the level and saw that the flare bug appeared near the beginning, could think about relight the very dark areas in the rooms to make it more lightness. All those nasty mummies disturbing you like only enemies was not a good idea. The high number of switches to pull only to open doors seemed excessive. What do I need the shotgun, the uzis and the revolver (even the sight too) if enemies were only mummies? In the other way, architecture was not bad, and the level is well textured, but I get not fun with it." - Jose (23-Sep-2008)

"This one got all my feathers ruffled, as I got mighty peeved with firstly the flare bug and secondly the swim/walk through walls. For the rest this could have been a nice little romp where you have to gather a couple of artefacts. Glad I found the grenade gun (twice I might add) so all the mummies were no thread. There were quite a lot of grenades that I even used it for blowing up vases, sometimes handy to get even more ammo. On in all not a bad first attempt but have a look at the small"mistakes" like squashed textures, invisible block in front of a door, and be aware of the flare bug as that should be a big NO, NO in anybodies book. There is no finishing trigger so picking up the scroll one should use the P key to leave the game." - Gerty (21-Aug-2008)

"In principle not a bad debut level, using the catacomb WAD and lasting for about 30+ minutes, but a few things do spoil the experience, such as a few rather unnecessary walkthrough walls, the constantly annoying mummies that roam the place and several pitch black corners and the flare bug that kicks in quite early. Oh - and of course the missing finish trigger (the scroll pick up is apparently meant to be the end). But if you can look beyond that you get plenty of artifacts to use along the (rather linear) progression and buttons and levers to press and lots of vases to shoot." - MichaelP (19-Aug-2008)

"This was a fairly nice little Egypt level. Gameplay was average with gathering to do and some swimming. I was a bit annoyed with the many hidden passageways (they looked solid). There were plenty of ammo and medipaks to get one through the level, but sadly, I had to cheat in order to continue the game. I tried and tried to get Lara to pull a block in order to get to the grenade launcher, but she would not do it until I killed the mummy first, which of course, I could not do because I had no gun. You had to be there. Also, there was a place to move a pillar that had no discernible purpose. There was no music that I remember, which is always a bummer. There also was no end trigger, which was a bit confusing. I think this builder has talent and with a bit more practice and creativity, I know he could build a more satisfying level." - Shandroid (09-Aug-2008)

"This debut level is created with original catacomb wad and textures. Gameplay consists largely of very basic stuff like jumping from platform to another and finding switches and items to open doors. Unfortunately I must admit that walls which you can swim through aren't a good idea at all because they are extremely hard to notice. As you may expect texturing isn't anything we haven't seen before but on the other hand it doesn't look too bad and I for example didn't find many stretched textures. Enemies are vast amount of mummies which irritated me a bit sometimes because you don't have anything to kill them before the final parts of the level. This level didn't make a strong impression on me but I'm sure author can probuce better levels in future and I'm looking forward to seeing them." - Samu (06-Aug-2008)

"It's a beginners level with most of the traditional beginners mistakes,many of which are perfectly excusable. What I can't forgive,though,are the swim-through walls (which are just plain stupid) and the flare-bug,which prevented me from seeing a vital puzzle receptacle in a pitch-black corner.The Finish Trigger has also been incorrectly set and subsequently doesn't work;a sure sign of another (and most serious) beginners mistake - lack of beta-testing. If you don't mind playing an untested first level,and are in a forgiving mood, then this actually isn't too bad overall.Lighting and texturing is perfectly fine and gameplay progression is basically straightforward (if occasionally somewhat tedious).Verdict? Slightly irritating,but playable." - Orbit Dream (03-Aug-2008)

"A word of warning with this level - walk-through walls. Yes, I know that's more than one word, but I was feeling generous. Here, have some more - swim-through walls. Admittedly, most of them are fairly well signposted, but one had me completely stuck. This is a classic catacomb raid and it's not too bad for a debut level. The debut levels we've been getting lately really have been good news, compared to the rash of utterly dreadful stuff that was coming out about a month ago, and whilst this may not be quite as good as some recent offerings it certainly is nothing to apologise for either. The main enemies are mummies - quite a lot of them - but overall it's quite a relaxing level. My only real complaint was the arrival of the ever-annoying flare bug about half way through the game. Otherwise, a good first attempt." - Jay (03-Aug-2008)

"This starts out with the catacomb textures, so we're at once reminded of the BtB contest. Lara will be dealing with a mummy or two, no four or five, well...a lot of mummies. When I found the grenade gun I went a little crazy and had Lara running around blasting all those annoying mummies. Most of the level is pretty playable, but the author insists on using walk-through textures (or often swim-through textures). So once you catch on to this trick you will have Lara going around bashing into walls, or swimming headfirst into them (poor Lara), and sometimes she goes through. Then there was one pillar that had to be moved, which could only be done by stepping into the wall. So Lara pulled that down corridors, and placed the pillar under an appropriately textured ceiling tile, and as near as I could tell this did absolutely nothing. I had to use the revolver and laser sight to get the Pharos Knot, and did it with my very last remaining bullet, which seems to me to be cutting things rather fine. Then there are some bleed-through textures, where you see a door that is actually in a separate but adjoining room, but seems to flash in and out of existence in the current room. I finished the level by picking up the music scroll but didn't know it because the ending trigger is badly set--I had to ask on the forum to find out that that was the end. So this is crude in parts, but the author is enthusiastic and if you go along with it much of this is fun to play." - dmdibl (02-Aug-2008)

"A first attempt in levelbuilding with the Catacomb Wad, showing a few of the usual mistakes , such as compressed textures, no sun bulbs used, a thin wall or an invisible block in front of a door somewhere. Nevertheless the global impression is that it is rather solidly built , the main drawback to the level is the flares bug that kicks in, because the author has not anti triggered the flame emitters in appropriate places. In fact, many flame emitters have been used to enhanced the atmosphere along with many waterfalls , and we can give the author the credit for that. As for the gameplay , it is straightforward, with a couple of places where you have to backtrack after finding an artefact needed for progression. There is nothing too ambitious in the tasks to do, swimming , climbing , a bit of monkeyswing , a few traps, and levers of course, with the exception of three"walk through" or"swim through" walls, with only subtle hints or no hint at all to spot them, but as the areas are not big, it is not too hard to find them. I wonder why the only enemies encountered here were mummies. As the finish trigger does not work, consider the level is over when you pick up the Scroll, after 30 minutes." - eRIC (02-Aug-2008)
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