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Author(s): Human
total rating:7.15 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
afzalmiah 9 9 6 7
alan 6 7 8 7
Ceamonks890 2 7 7 7
eRIC 4 7 7 7
eTux 4 7 6 7
Gerty 3 8 7 7
Jack& 7 7 10 10
Jay 7 7 9 9
Jose 6 5 7 9
MichaelP 5 9 9 9
Orbit Dream 4 7 7 8
Phil 7 7 9 10
Roli 7 8 9 9
Ryan 6 6 8 8
Shandroid 4 9 10 10
Spike 4 7 7 7
Vaughnage 7 6 6 8
category averages
(17 reviews)
5.41 7.24 7.76 8.18

Reviewer's comments

"In this manor there are various rooms to visit and gems to find. It's very nice textured and built, although some rooms looked repetitive and boxy. Flybys are too slow but at least they show you where to go next. I ran around while pressing the action button to see if I could interact with any of the furniture, because a simple object can work like a 'keyhole' where an item must be placed. I liked it the time it lasted, but I would have liked to ride the car a little more." - alan (16-Aug-2018)

"While certainly a visual marvel, the amount of gameplay on offer here is so minuscule and padded out that it makes the entire thing feel pointless in the end(with only a few heavy object pushes, gem collecting and jumping across inexplicably-floating Tibetan blocks in one particular room to keep you engaged, in-between all the running from place to place). Still impressive for a beginner builder though I won't deny, but I personally wouldn't recommend this to those wanting to play an actual game." - Ceamonks890 (19-Mar-2018)

"This is definitely amongst the best looking mansions I've ever roamed in. It's a far cry from Lara's old humble abode, where everything got rather predictable. You do have a couple of block puzzles and a rather long-winded climbing sequence near the end, but everything else is simple and is mainly about searching out items and opening doors, with some schlepping in between. Nonetheless I've definitely played worse mansion levels, and as a first level, it's quite commendable." - Ryan (01-Jul-2017)

"I'm not one for Walkthrough's,it has to be said;but I'll give you a piece of advice here: either use the one provided by Obig and Phil,or spend the better part of two days inside this level. Actually,you really only need the appropriate pointers for the collection of the five Talisman pieces as,after that,everything becomes very sequential and well signposted.Nonetheless,this version of the Mansion is so large and contains so many rooms,that those aforementioned Talisman pieces are likely to elude you for a very long time. It must be said that,from a visual point of view,the bulk of the playing area is very good indeed,with hardly a misplaced texture;although the lighting could do with a few tweaks to make it appear rather more interesting.The decor is appropriate and put together with care and occasional flashes of imagination and a touch of humour here and there (particularly the clue to the one Secret);while the ambient music loop just about bears its necessary repetition. Fly-by cameras are entirely absent for the first part of the level,which is where they are needed most;while being pointlessly abundant later on,long after the point at which you've easily figured out where to go next. Architecturally,the House becomes less interesting the deeper you go;with large and empty rooms succeeding one another,each visually less appealing than the one before. For all its shortcomings,this still remains a polished (if long-winded) House level,in a Next Gen style;and a decent enough Debut." - Orbit Dream (25-May-2011)

"This was a fun croft manor where lara has to find 5 ruby cubes and then do a bunch of other things to find her car keys. First with the flaws. Some of the textures were stretched, not put properly or missing. The lighting didn't look like the auther put much work into it. The atmosphere was good with good placing of objects but the auther put too much flyby cameras which annoyed me. Not all the textures were bad because most of them were placed well with fitting objects. Lara's car was looking good as well. The lighting may not be so good in this level but it was still very fun for me and everyone should play it." - afzalmiah (04-Mar-2011)

"This was an enjoyable level, not the longest, but it was okay. Nothing was really spectacular about this level, most of it was just repetative gameplay, but some of it was pretty good. The objects were pretty nice, high quality. The sound wasn't really good, and the atmosphere was more of the same. The textures were great, I have to admit. The nice polished, and fancy looked great." - Vaughnage (13-Oct-2008)

"This might be an amazing looking house level and I know there still more house levels in the making (if I have to believe the screenshots I see popping up every now and then) all inspired on Legend but that doesn't say that there is great gameplay involved. As with this level, it looks good, but the back and from also prologues the gameplay unnecessary in my opinion. As I have said before,"good looks" doesn't mean the level will be a smashing hit. So for all the future house level builders, please, please watch out and don't fall in the same trap most house builders do." - Gerty (29-Sep-2008)

"This mansion is really big! You'll have to run and run through the same corridors many times. This time Lara looks like a black ninja; rooms are not very dark, but all the objects are suspiciously black, with no colors (?). The difficult here is to find the five guardian keys first, then the game is easy 'cause the cameras always show you where to go. Most of the doors are transparent and you can't see them so, if you collide with an invisible wall, sure that it's a door. Textures are the best of this mansion, they are magnificent and very well made and applied. I normally don't like home levels, but this isn't so bored." - Jose (23-Sep-2008)

"Dear Winston, next time you hide the keys for the Porsche again, you will be fired and that's a promise! You made me run around the whole manor searching every nook and cranny, first for the five ruby guardian keys and then back and forth through all the rooms many times, because you wired those switches with the most distant doors. Shame on you, Winston! I got so angry along the way that I shot all the paintings off the walls (and happened to found this blue crystal that we have been missing for so long in the bar) and also the windows to the balcony, so please have somebody come in and repair the damage. I am off for a fun ride now for a while..." - MichaelP (23-Aug-2008)

"A home level worth the download for home levels fans who want to explore a large mansion with beautiful textures and cool objects used for the decor. Long and well executed flybys help the player to navigate the symmetric map ; maybe some normal cameras would have been preferable in some cases. Some of the pushable objects have no real use, and the player can even be stuck if one of them has been placed on the trapdoor , for the trapdoor can easily be taken for a trigger tile , and when coming back in the room after opening the trapdoor the object can't be moved anymore. Some of the rooms have an inconsistent lighting and the texturing, very good in some places, could be better in others for example when it comes to sloped corridors, the texturing of the outside courtyard is also repetitive. There is an easy yet enjoyable jump room near the end which helps to break the monotony of the gameplay which consists mainly of opening double doors, placing some objects , and a lot of running around." - eRIC (21-Aug-2008)

"Lara Croft Manor - Human 7/7/9/9 What do the following words have in common - debut level, mansion, not completely unbearable? If you answered 'words highly unlikely ever to appear in the same sentence' award yourself a biscuit. However, unlikely though it may seem, I am just about to use those words in this instance. The only drawback with the new mansion is the sheer size of the place and the inevitable amount of shlepping involved. On the plus side, it really is gorgeous to look at. If you fancy a short, stress-free, easy raid in beautiful surroundings, this is the one for you. You also get a very brief ride in a vehicle that really looks like the sort of thing Lara would be driving - cool and expensive." - Jay (19-Aug-2008)

"If you have a little free-time, you need to try this level! :-) We are in Lara's new manor (like the TRL and TRA's manor) and we have collect 5 symbol to open the gate, and find the car key. :-) The gameplay is good, the manor is huge! :-) We have a lot of work. Nothing enemy, nothing trap, just find and seach the way. The textures are preety cool, objects too. Some custom object by the auhor, what I really enjoyed like the shootable paintings, new fournitures. The music from the TRL. Lighting is not too colorful, but realistic. Try this level! :-)" - Roli (12-Aug-2008)

"well i dunno how apreciated other players this debut level but i like it very much .... very pleasant relaxed gameplay with very good graphics ,well light areas and beautifull manor in fact the moust beautifull manor level wich i played and not at least very professional make flybyes there is not any enemyes but even dont needed ....moustly forget a beautifull car with wich u leave the manor ...... bravo human .... keep it up .... i can recomand this level moustly for eye candy lara's manor beautiful designed hall and rooms ,, cheers" - Jack& (11-Aug-2008)

"What a beautiful level this was. I just wish the builder had worked as hard on gameplay as he/she did on how the level looked. This Lara's Home level was based on the gorgeous Croft manor designed for the new Crystal Dynamics Lara games. I truly wish all the Home levels looked this good. This manor is completely realistic and just how I would imagine her home to look. However, there just isn't much inspiration here for gameplay at all. You look all over for keys to get further, but they are incredibly easy to find. I wanted to stay in this level forever, until I became kinda bored with the gameplay and especially with the "in case you are a little slow, I am going to use an extremely plodding camera flyby of what door just opened" hand-holding which made me feel like a child. As a matter of fact, this level would be great for a child. There is no violence and as stated before, the puzzles are remedial. The looping tune is from the CD Croft manor and is nice and soothing. I was completely wowed by the gorgeous sports car that sits outside the home. I have never seen anything like that in a level before. I just wish I got to drive it longer than 2.3 seconds. I would have built a lower gate outside, though, and had a lovely view of an expansive garden and landscape instead of the tall, ugly cement brick wall. I hope that Human continues to build levels because he/she is immensely talented. Hopefully, in the future his/her levels will be more balanced." - Shandroid (09-Aug-2008)

"What sets this level apart from most of the others I've played lately is the sheer beauty of the surroundings. Sure, it's a house level, but what a house! I doubt that the filthy rich oil barons live in quarters more luxurious than these. Moreover, the lighting is absolutely impeccable. I played this one on my home computer, where the quality of the monitor has been regarded with suspicion by some builders who take offense at my constant grousing about dark levels. Folks, this is how it's done, and by someone who appears to be a first-time builder. If you give me plenty of light to see by, and lots of pretty things to look at, the chances are I'm going to like your level. So it is here. There are no enemies whatsoever, and gameplay is so simple and linear that I'd classify this as a level to try out on beginners (at the risk of spoiling them with the nice eye candy and the ample lighting). It took me nearly an hour to complete, but this was mainly because of a good amount of backtracking that's required. You get plenty of visual clues, too, mainly those seemingly interminable flybys that lay out in excruciating detail the path you need to follow on the way to your next task. Still, I'm hesitant to say anything negative about this fine effort, as we should reasonably expect more and better things from this builder in times to come if we give him some encouragement. Recommended for beginners and those who need a break from death and darkness." - Phil (07-Aug-2008)

"Another day, another mansion level, and this one pretty much plays out as many others do, meaning plenty of back-and-forth jogging around looking for a variety of puzzle items and the like. The block jumping room was a nice change of pace, but the fact that the floating blocks (yep, floating blocks in Lara's mansion) were all placed out in order meant that it was pretty easy to get to the top quickly. Visually, the texturing was decent enough, bar the odd Nepalese style in some rooms, and the larger areas which suffered terribly from a wallpaper effect. The lighting wasn't too bad either, though there were a few spots where it could have been a bit better (specifically at the top of the main hall's staircase where a massive gloomy shadow awaits...and the objects stick out like a beacon). The mansion itself is thankfully far from empty, with seemingly hundreds of objects cluttering the hallways and many rooms, but most of them are for decoration and several of the rooms in the mansion were for visual effect only. Still, at least we got a good look at them due to the incredibly long, drawn out flybys, which while excellently created, seemed to pop up far too often when a simple camera shot could have sufficed. In all, this is pretty much a standard mansion affair, but with a few jumps stuck in here and there for variety and a better appearance than other mansions I've seen in the past." - Spike (07-Aug-2008)

"I have mixed feelings about this one. On one hand - it's a really commendable effort for a debut level, but on the other hand - it's a Lara's home level, and one that's not particularly inspired. And I could pretty much use this good news/bad news approach on every other aspect of the level too. For example - while most of the individual tasks of the gameplay are simple enough, the overall feel is very messy and objects seemed to be scattered around the house randomly - mostly in a fashion that requires you to backtrack across the entire house to reach the next objective. It was also not clear why some movable objects served a purpose while others didn't (I think they should've been set apart somehow, or be impossible to move around). While on one hand you can applaud that the author took care of basically taking the player by the hand to the next objective via the fly-by's, due to the backtracking they're usually excruciatingly long, can't be skipped, thus got tiring fairly soon. Frankly, I think a regular camera hint would've sufficed in most places. And as you could've guessed - the overall appearance has its pros and cons too. Those who usually complain about the darkness will find that this level rarely has a dark corner, but on the whole the lighting wasn't applied that interestingly from a technical and dramatic point of view. As far as the looks themselves go - the author has outdone him/herself as far far as the main hall and some of its adjacent rooms go with nice attention to details, but it seems the farther he strayed from the remake concept - i.e. had to inject some ideas of his own in the setting, the more bored or uninterested he got - as the difference is quite blatant with the infamous wallpaper effect and flat lighting creeping in many of the bigger rooms. But overall it's still a pretty decent game to play if you're not sick of the Lara's home concepts by now - and the simplicity of the tasks might make this a suitable game to use for introducing new players to Tomb Raider. Other than that - you can try to walk past the final gates on foot to explore the streets a bit, as the level ends only with Lara in her fancy car." - eTux (07-Aug-2008)
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