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Author(s): Kapitaen
total rating:7.52 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 7 7 8 8
eRIC 6 9 8 7
Gerty 7 7 8 8
Jay 6 7 8 8
Jose 7 7 7 8
manarch2 8 7 9 8
MichaelP 7 7 9 8
Moonpooka 8 7 8 9
Orbit Dream 6 6 8 9
Phil 7 7 7 8
Ruben 7 7 7 9
Ryan 7 7 8 8
sonnyd83 7 8 8 9
Vaughnage 5 8 6 9
category averages
(14 reviews)
6.79 7.21 7.79 8.29

Reviewer's comments

"This was a very pleasant raid. A bit short in duration (about 38 minutes net gaming time), but entertaining enough for the time it lasted and quite accomplished for a sole effort. The looks are quite modern and pleasing, with some nice touches of various artwork dotted around some of the walls. Enemies are plentiful, but more than enough ammo is available to deal with them (I felt that there was an overdose of skeleton harpies, though) and the gameplay is simple, but contains a hint of puzzling gameplay with two mathematical puzzles. It all culminates in a boss fight with a demigod that's definitely tougher than usual (I almost exhausted all my explosive ammo). Accessible for everyone." - Ryan (16-Oct-2017)

"This level is quite deceptive as you think it's going to be very dark and very much like TR AOD, but it's nothing like that. The setting consists of 4 distinct areas, the first area is just like beneath the Louvre in AOD, followed by a very well built room with lava and 5 wheel shaped doors, surrounded by levers and some paintings, then a cave like maze, and a water room which reminds you of Catacombs setting. You need to open the 5 wheel doors by simply pulling floor levers, whilst being chased by skeletons and skeletal harpies. Then a rolling ball or two to avoid. There's a couple of maths puzzles to complete but can be easily spoilt by just moving the block onto all four tiles. You gain 2 halves of an Obscura painting which opens a door and a final battle with a skeletal devil. Best to use explosive ammo on him. Level ends after 45 minutes, but I wanted a bit longer in this setting to be honest. The graphical qualities of the level are a little above average, especially the lava room. One or two camera's but very brief. Not a bad level, not too difficult and looks good." - sonnyd83 (01-Apr-2013)

"This clean looking debut level had some interesting game play with a couple of puzzles, lots of levers and nice ledge jumping. Generally it was straightforward and fairly easy and enjoyable. The hardest part were they enemies that were mainly nasty skeleton harpies and an almost un-killable demigod toward the end. All cost lot of health loss to Lara and were hard to kill. The builder did not provide any flares or binoculars, but they weren't really needed as there were only 2 dark spots in the maze and they could easily lit with the pistols in good old TR1 style. The texturing looked well chosen and cleanly applied and the lighting was bright, although I thought it could have been a little darker since this was basically and cave/cat environment. Definitely recommended for an entertaining raid (about 40 minutes)." - Blue43 (08-Jan-2011)

"A interesting 30 minute adventure with some nice and innovative puzzles. The whole setting is very appropriately worked out and the atmosphere is simply stunning. OK this was a bit too linear, but I liked it still. Give it a go and you won't be disappointed!" - manarch2 (06-Nov-2010)

"This is a fairly straightforward romp, pleasant enough but nothing to write home about. The gameplay is fairly easy, and the lighting is more than adequate. You have to avoid a skeleton or two early on with no weapons to deal with them, but eventually you get the shotgun. There are a number of harpies and dogs, not to mention bats and scorpions, but the pistols can be of effective use against them. You get the revolver and crossbow near the end of the level, and you need the extra firepower to kill a demigod so you can pick up a gem. The playing time is about 40 minutes, not bad for a rainy day raid. Recommended for beginning and intermediate players." - Phil (09-Oct-2008)

"Finally after a"black out" at my end from the Internet for 10 days, I was glad to see new levels for download. Starting this one up I thought: OK....., here we go again, can anybody tell me why it is necessary to remove the binoculars? Don't DO THAT. Also I have no idea what most levers did, probably moving all the big rolling doors, as at a certain time they were open. For the rest it was a nice level to go through. Nasty skeletons are the main enemies here with some bats and even some dogs. That demigod was hard to kill unless you found the explosive arrows with the crossbow because then it is over in a jiffy. You also encounter some puzzles, that aren't too hard to figure out, so all in all this was a nice level to play." - Gerty (29-Sep-2008)

"I really enjoyed this level, and from game play to textures I thought it was really nicely put together. The textures are clean, audios were nice, and Lara looked great as she explored the underground complex. Lara needs to find two halves of a painting, (revamped cartouche) two gems, plus the revolver and sight. There are quite a few floor levers to use as well; maybe a tad too many, but there are also hang levers and a gem lion to shoot to open doors. Enemies are skellie harpies; maybe a few too many for my liking, plus skellies, bats and dogs will also hinder the way for our Lara. At the end there's a Demigod to deal with before Lara can finally escape. I liked the routes Lara had to take, and the two puzzle rooms were cool (maybe coz I'm a naff at maths so it was a challenge for me). There's a well balanced amount of ammo and health, and a few rolling ball traps too. All in all, a very cute level, and for me it was nearly 50 minutes of fun." - Moonpooka (23-Sep-2008)

"A level easy to play with some interesting puzzles. You explore a tomb using a lot of levers to open big circular doors and finally find a demon very hard to kill. There is no much ammo during the game but at the end you find enough to shoot the boss. There are some spike ball traps and a maze too, but few more. I was looking for five obscura paintings but I only found one. Not a bad level." - Jose (16-Sep-2008)

"Right from the beginning this level has great looks and an atmosphere reminiscent of Nadine's Reign of Chaos levels. It is not a difficult level by any means with fairly linear progression and about 40 minutes in duration, but the ideas are rather interesting with the 5 picture puzzle, the two small logic puzzles and a clear boss fight with one very hard to kill demigod. The maze area seemed a bit unnecessary and the secret was almost hard to not find, but the enemy placement is not badly done with some really pesky skeletons (on foot and with wings). Very nice debut - we can only hope for more from this builder!" - MichaelP (21-Aug-2008)

"This is quite an interesting little level. I particularly liked all the William Blake artwork about the place. There's nothing at all difficult here, but there are a couple of nice little maths-based push puzzles and a tough demigod who apparently can only be killed with explosives. It's yet another decent little debut level - well constructed and pleasant in both settings and gameplay. I think we're becoming rather spoilt with the quality of debut levels lately, but I expect Cain will be along shortly to remind us what it's supposed to be about /sarcasm mode." - Jay (19-Aug-2008)

"I had very different emotions judging this game. Well, lets start with the puzzles: Most of the gameplay stayed to the roots of what it was trying to acheive, but some parts just didn't seem to really fit in, I thought. Objects, Enemies, Secrets: I really liked the use of the enemies, very intelligently placed to give you a hard time! The objects looked bland to me, all the same. The secrets were hard to find, but not to hard for me. Atmosphere, Sound, Cameras: The atmosphere was same old, same old, scary and weird, nothing out of the ordinary, but the sound just gave it light. I didn't find the games cameras to amuzing in any way, but it was decent to say the least. Light, textures: Although the lighting was okay, textures were incredible! I really liked the designs. Overall, this game was okay, not to good, not to bad, give it a try." - Vaughnage (12-Aug-2008)

"A very decent first offering,this.It's a generally linear run through a well-built environment,solving a few simple and straightforward puzzles on the way(the moveable block sequences can either be worked out mathematically,or you can simply push them around a bit until the doors open)and shooting a variety of sinster enemies.There was rather an over-abundance of skeleton-birds,the final Boss was more resilient than usual but killable without the need of all the hard-to-reach extra ammunition on offer,and I could have done without the somewhat pointless maze;nevertheless,the atmosphere has been very well caught and there are several visually majestic areas to work your way through which keep you happily absorbed for the 50 minutes it lasted(45 to reach the final room;5 to kill the Boss!). Good fun." - Orbit Dream (11-Aug-2008)

"A quite nice little One Piece Wonder awaits you here , well designed and worked out for a new builders first issue. As most new builders concentrate on creating a nice environment , spiced up with some enemies , jumps and traps it is well understood that the storyline comes second , only taking the player from one point to another until the game is completed. Good first effort here , concratulations to Kapitaen . Carry on , we are looking forward for more." - Ruben (11-Aug-2008)

"This new builder offers us a good 40 minutes level, with convincing atmosphere and gentle gameplay. There is no flares or binoculars but here it is not a problem as the level is not dark. I suppose the builder made it this way to avoid the flares bug as there is quite a lot of fire burners. The lighting is rather good , with Red predominant in some of the rooms which makes sense in this setting with AOD textures. The gameplay is pleasant , you hardly wonder what to do next, enemies fit well in the plot with skeletons, skeleton harpies , bats , dogs in a little maze, and the final boss , a resistant modified demigod which I suppose is the Nephilim of the story. Well made level , good placement of objects and of some enemies. I quite liked the painting puzzle item and the movable block puzzle where you have to count the number of squares on the wall." - eRIC (10-Aug-2008)
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