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Author(s): Cynthia
total rating:2.28 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bene 4 4 3 2
Cory 1 2 2 3
DJ Full 3 3 3 4
eRIC 1 4 3 2
eTux 2 2 2 2
Gerty 1 4 2 2
guss18 1 3 2 2
Jay 2 2 2 2
Jose 2 3 3 1
manarch2 2 2 2 2
MichaelP 2 3 3 3
Orbit Dream 2 1 1 0
Oxy 4 2 2 3
Ryan 2 2 2 1
Treeble 2 4 2 2
category averages
(15 reviews)
2.07 2.73 2.27 2.07

Reviewer's comments

"On the positive side, I enjoyed the zippy snowmobile ride, enemy placement wasn't bad and the coloured lighting effects were nice to look at. Everything else is rather hastily done. Missing textures, weird object placement (pine trees floating in midair and the crashing to desktop issues (luckily I lunged for the F6 key quick enough to avoid those). If all this appeals to you, don't let me stop you. It's otherwise rather rushed." - Ryan (17-Jan-2017)

"A short, yet too long level (at 10 minutes) since it doesn't offer much gameplay except a snowmobile ride and a few slope jumps - the rest is all about traversing through long and empty hallways. The otherwise not totally bad looks are disturbed by a lot of missing textures and invisible walls, and the architecture is fairly random - though the rest isn't quite solid at all, with repetitive snowy textures whose application doesn't follow a certain logic. There aren't real highlights in this level, and I can't recommend it in any way. Maybe you'll have fun shooting and driving over all those enemies." - manarch2 (26-Apr-2014)

"5 ninja girls emerge from behind the trees and this is something looking really good, I think. What satisfied me the most was the change of environments. It increases the pressure throughout the level, giving this game a plot: I started in snowy mountains, then entered some gloomy corridors, and when I got closer to the heart of the mountain I felt there was a bit warmer than outside, because the walls became snowless. In the last part I entered the volcano and then collected the reward from the treasury guarded by the boss. The last strong point was getting back to the cold, snowy surface and catching some fresh air. It made me feel relieved after exploring a dangerous mountain. Now for the bad things: missing textures, mismatched sounds... I don't mind it, but there are many who care. In the treasure room, you need to get away from the door to make it open. If you don't know this is necessary, the fire cobra can easily fry you waiting in front of the exit, wondering why it doesn't work. So I can give two points for enemies, but not for gameplay. SUMMARY: This level can't be rated high, but this is the situation when someone looking for a good level should read the reviewers' comments rather than look at the rating... because it IS a good level, I am sure about it. Relief is one of the most important feelings for any custom, as well as graduating the pressure. If Cynthia is able to achieve both of these, what is proved in this game, it definitely means she has a lot of potential and maybe she is gonna build something remarkable in the future. Looking forward to play it." - DJ Full (07-Oct-2010)

"At first sight I thought this was a step forward from this authors earlier offerings but it turned out to be another hastily built level full of mistakes. Trees growing out of thin air, invisible walls and enough ammo and weapons to start your own army(most of which were totally unnecessary), crashing to the desktop with every reload and no finish trigger. The one bright spot, if you want to call it that, was the snowmobile. Cynthia do yourself a favor and take some time to read the manual and don't be afraid to ask for help and guidance. Play if you like but I can't recommend it." - guss18 (20-Oct-2008)

"The snowmobile was fun and enemies were a definite improvement. Getting the Error Message every time Lara died was not fun nor an improvement. The Snake/Dragon had a bit of adrenaline going but the jump room before it took only one jump to reach the hall leading to it. Once again, pick ups such as the left greave meant nothing as there is no continuance, no goal and no finish trigger. As for textures, pine trees do not grow out of thin air; I could say a lot more about textures but why bother? If Cynthia does read these reviews - and I doubt it - then she just doesn't care. Either way, it seems as though she is content building mini levels that have no point. So be it." - Bene (12-Oct-2008)

"A short snowy level with a lot of defects. The worst is to crash any time Lara dies; you can't reload even with the F6 key. Simple architecture, a lot of missed textures, paper walls, too much ammo you'll not use,... The best for me were the enemies and the bike. In few minutes you only have to pull some switches, kill some enemies and few more. I didn't find the finish trigger. Nothing interesting." - Jose (08-Oct-2008)

"The beginning of level is very pretty. Textures are chosen very nice. I also liked the horizon, which fits nicely to winter environment. Many places are textured with transparent colour, so the horizon is visible from with thin walls. You can also reach the end of the world everywhere. Enemies are not big fret. I kind of liked the little fight with soldier when climbing up the pillar and jumping to the other side to kill him. Snake dragon is also dangerous and you can get burned. It keeps the artefact. Ninja woman soldiers were funny and very easy to kill. I didn't need any ammo, new weapons and medi-packs - plenty available during the game. I didn't like wild colours and textures in inner area, only forest with mountains and little houses were very realistic and nice. You can also drive snow-mobile which gives you some adrenaline and fun." - Oxy (04-Oct-2008)

"Truth be told, I don't remember a lot of what the previous levels of the author were like in comparison to this one, but I don't think the progress is very significant. I liked a couple of oddball lighting in some of the rooms, and the snowbike ride was fun, but I think the only thing that has grown noticeably is the author's ambition as recreating a snowy mountain and forest setting is no easy feat. However, what the author has in ambition, she lacks in skill as far as translating it into a playable level goes. It's rushed from A to Z, problem ridden and, while not entirely horrible, leaves much to be desired before she produces a level I could recommend further." - eTux (04-Oct-2008)

"Starting end ending in the snow this is a (small) step forward for Cynthia. You get a fully linear 10 minute run here, shooting a few guards and killing female ninjas. The texturing is quite bad and missing in places, you reach the 'end of the world' in many places and despite the readme comment there is apparently no finish trigger. However, the snowmobile is quite cool, audio is used to advantage and some of the lighting experiments with colours freshen things up a bit. The gameplay highlight is probably the little slide/jump lava room and the snake-dragon shortly after that." - MichaelP (01-Oct-2008)

"When the level finally loaded, I actually believed this could have been an underrated level, because at first sight there seemed to be some care in texture and object placement, but that effect didn't last long, really. As soon as you start running about, you notice invisible walls (end of the world) and untextured spots. The texture selection wasn't the most logical, either -- you start in a snowy area, then you reach a few Egyptian-like rooms and then through a series of slope jumps over lava. Actually, you can even spot Atlantean textures thrown in the mix. In the final room, with the dragon, you also have a floating jump switch. The best part of the level probably was the 2-minute sequence with the remodelled snowmobile, but there were plenty of room for improvement. Oh, and when you set off for a red key, you come across six ninjas (which reminds me of the cool baddie design), and for some reason you're given a crossbow and 60 explosive arrows AND the grenade launcher and over 30 grenade rounds. 10 minutes. 09/08" - Treeble (29-Sep-2008)

"Cynthia certainly does churn them out, doesn't she? I just really wish she would take a lot longer over each level, to try and sort out some of the glaring errors - missing textures, thin walls, bugs etc. I'm sure it must be very exciting to produce even a very embryonic level, but I can't help but wonder if some of these builders realise the high standard they need to live up to. I mean, have they never looked at the work of other builders? Please, please Cynthia, practise a bit more before releasing another level and don't be afraid to ask for help - there's a whole community full of wonderful builders who would be only too glad to give you helpful advice." - Jay (29-Sep-2008)

"Start by choosing City of the Dead and be aware that by reloading, you get send to the desktop every time. Although there is a nice mountaintop, there are also wafer-thin walls and missing textures, not even mentioning the stretched one I saw. Dreading what would come finding all the explosives ammo together with the Red Key I rode the snowmobile and found out that there is really no need for all that ammo. You meet the dragon after some jumping (nasty that reload bug though) and when travelling through empty corridors and you are back at the outside you can have a roll in the snow as that is it. No finishing trigger." - Gerty (29-Sep-2008)

"A very short level by this author who we have all grown to dislike. Hastily built with draw distance and the end of the world. Gameplay is ruined by a soldier shooting you while climbing a ladder. Not recommended at all." - Cory (29-Sep-2008)

"The author should focus on the basics of levelbuilding instead of releasing a level so soon after the previous release. This one starts outside in the snow with missing or thin walls, then a short drive with the snowmobile can be done before a slopes room , a passage that can largely be avoided [as one can simply make a running jump to the last slope] , before grabbing an artefact under the threat of a giant cobra spitting bowls of fire. There was also some remodelled SAS and ninjettes as enemies, all that in 10 minutes. The finish trigger does not work and you can't reload without having a crash to the desktop. A hasty work !" - eRIC (27-Sep-2008)

"I am constantly surprised (unpleasently so) at how many builders apparently don't bother to play through what they've built.In this case the sheer wealth of missing textures throughout the level either indicate total negligence on the part of the builder or a complete disinterest in the quality of their product.Despite the presence of the motorbike and a snarling Dragon (minus the biting insects) this fails to entertain due to the complete sloppiness of the construction (there isn't even a Finish Trigger). I don't care what the age of this (or any builder) is,there is simply no excuse for not reading the manual." - Orbit Dream (27-Sep-2008)
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