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Author(s): notbad
total rating:2.15 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bene 2 2 3 2
Blue43 2 2 2 1
Ceamonks890 2 2 2 1
Cory 2 2 2 3
DJ Full 2 1 1 2
Drakan 2 1 1 2
eRIC 2 2 3 4
Gerty 2 2 2 2
guss18 2 2 2 2
Jay 2 2 3 2
MichaelP 2 2 3 3
Orbit Dream 3 2 3 2
Oxy 3 2 2 2
Ryan 2 2 2 3
Scottie 3 3 3 2
category averages
(15 reviews)
2.20 1.93 2.27 2.20

Reviewer's comments

"Small level of infinite darkness, my god but why did I do it? Too many lit torches prevent the correct use of flares, no need to take the binoculars, otherwise crash, fortunately there are 2 relatively light pieces. I did not even try to find all the objects." - Drakan (27-Nov-2018)

"A short Egyptian level that is let down substantially by just how unbelievably dark the tomb is. And don't expect your binoculars' flashlight functionality, flares, the several wooden torches you come across on the ground or even the light generated from firing your pistols repetitively to be of much use, as the nasty flare bug kicks in after a minute(rendering them about as useful as a dead battery). I would comment on other design aspects, but I either couldn't make out much detail or was irritated by constantly having to throw infinite flares around, just to see where I was even going. So save yourself the hassle and don't bother with this one." - Ceamonks890 (20-Mar-2018)

"You'll spend most of your time in this short level stumbling around in the darkness, looking for a few keys and using a few torches. The flare bug crops up early on, rendering the flares, torches and binoculars completely useless. What I could see looked good, but any thoughts of looking closely at the surroundings were negated by the ridiculously low light levels. Hard to recommend." - Ryan (28-May-2017)

"A short level with less than 15 minutes game play that has potential, but was killed by terrible lighting conditions The info screen shots don't look so bad and seem inviting, but the level is nothing like that. Normally there is nothing wrong with dark and spooky atmosphere if a player gets enough flares, torches or other source of lighting but nothing like this happens here. Flares are gone real quick here which doesn't really matter as they don't work and so one can resort to the many torches laying around which in some rooms also don't work. Lara has to drop the torch in order to get some light and that gets very annoying after a short time. And the level crashes when trying to use binoculars. Some sounds were missing and the texturing can't really be judged because of excessive darkness. Only recommended for those who love to run around in pitch-black areas and want something quick to play for in between." - Blue43 (10-Dec-2010)

"1 point for gameplay. I wanted to give 2, because I always rate gameplay as "average" when it includes something more than proceeding from one room to another, and this game deserves it, with its gaps, swimming, pillars and torches scattered all around. But unfortunately I couldn't give 2 points, due to a switch which, when pulled, closes permanently the door you need to go through, so if you save the game, you're doomed and have to replay everything from a place you saved in on a different slot. Puzzles are also average - we need to throw some switches and find some keys. But everyone can create a puzzles like that, so there is nothing special. For the enemies: they are standard mummies. And one dog. All together not even worthy 1 point. But the objects can be appreciated (the final waterfall area looks pretty). Unfortunately, there are torches on the walls that don't work. No secrets in this game. And bad, very disturbing lighting. I could agree total darkness is proper for a tomb, and accept it as long as a player gets some torches to make some light, but there is a bug preventing me from doing that. Some parts of the game cannot be lightened at all. Neither using flares, nor firing pistols works there, and turning on the binocular light in the purpose of seeing something crashes the game in those places. The only thing you can do to make things brighter is to throw your torch around, but picking it up everytime after you know what to do or where to go takes a lot of unnecessary playtime. As it is the only one "normal" way allowing you to finish this level, I'm forced to give 0 for lighting. So 2 points you can see in "L&T" category are given for average textures, not for the lighting at all. SUMMARY: Another daaaaaaark level. Annoying." - DJ Full (25-Oct-2010)

"The description of that what must be made goes, actually, relatively fast: Lara must open a few doors, operate some lever and find two keys. And already she has found after 20 minutes the Sun talisman, interestingly a trident. Is such a trident not Roman of origin? The whole one has lasted so long because there were some bugs. The Flares have only functioned if you thrown them on the ground, also the torches which existed though richly for it, however, the same mistake showed. Because there were several dark places, the orientation was also difficult quite. Though there were wall torches, however, these did not offer enough light. There were also several wall torches which did not burn, which could not be also lighted, however, except one which burnt then though, but no light threw. The binoculars did not function so properly. If yoz wanted to use the rest light amplifier, the level crashes back to the desktop. Then the whole one still was unimaginatively texturiert, partly with wallpaper textures. Only 3 water rooms were interesting and the last where you found the Sun talisman was the nicest. In the end Lara had to dip a short distance, then was end of work. This small diving insert also took place in considerable darkness, thus you foresee the way rather, but luckily this diving distance was quite short. Result: Not recommendable" - Scottie (15-Apr-2009)

"Not yet ready to be released for download though an interesting beginning premise - a search for torches to enlighten extremely dark areas. It could have worked, if it had led to a full game. I don't remember another level where, in too many places, the dark consumes the lit torch. It should be the other way around. It's a short try - over almost before you know it. Perhaps the author is intending to release a completed level and at that time, a more complete, a more 'enlightened' review can be done." - Bene (29-Oct-2008)

"I am not a fan of dark levels but when you add in the flare bug that was almost enough to make me bin this one. An abundance of torches, if you can find them, that will shed some light but not enough to enjoy the level. Not much in terms of gameplay or enemies. The one bright spot was it was incredibly short." - guss18 (15-Oct-2008)

"Another half-decent stab at building a first level,but this is utterly ruined by the absurd amount of impenetrable darkness coupled with the flare bug (and a rather bungled door-opening sequence).Such a shame,as from what I could discern of the surroundings the texturing seemed quite capable. As a twenty minute run-around it almost passes muster, but the insane amount of blackness ultimately prevents me from recommending it." - Orbit Dream (13-Oct-2008)

"This level is very dark. In this dark tomb are many burning torches on the walls. Game-play is more or less guessing where are keys, switches, locks, doors ... you can hardly see anything. I liked this dark place very much. Later in game you swim in blue water, I really don't know how the door opened. First I thought it is timed trigger and when I couldn't make it I found few medi-packs and picked them up and then I noticed that the door is opened. I don't know. Also I had fun searching for the second key in completely dark room. Lara visited black tomb to find the blue light. Too bad the game ended there, I would like to know what is next. :-)" - Oxy (08-Oct-2008)

"This debut level might be quite well built, but it's pretty hard to tell unless you have the night vision of a cat. Personally, I found it very frustrating stumbling around in the dark and having the flare bug rear its ugly head did nothing to ease the situation. More light next time please notbad and I might just let you get away with your nickname." - Jay (30-Sep-2008)

"A level with its gameplay involving dark spaces which gets really annoying and you find various torches along the way. Not much to say. Not recommended" - Cory (30-Sep-2008)

"WARNING pitch dark level. Very nice to provide us every time with a torch but that bloody thing doesn't give off much light. Also all the torches on the wall, is again a nice idea to tell you that you are indeed underground, but if you don't anti trigger them the flare bug does kick in and that is almost at the beginning. So stumbling around in the dark I did use the TRsgEditor to provide me with flares and lot of them and even throwing them on the ground was better than walking with the provided torch so I found the key I needed that escaped me big time. Getting your hands on some ammo and the crossbow and even crowbar the level is over before you know it. Not bad indeed but it can be much better :D" - Gerty (29-Sep-2008)

"eRIC has already described this first attempt of a level well in his review. It lasts 10-15 minutes, depending on how long you grope around in the utter darkness. Well intended, this is dark because there is no source of light and a torches have been provided to show you the way (if you find them), but they stop working quickly because of the flare bug, so it gets tedious to find your way. A few keys and a trident later it suddenly ends. Some basic things are done ok here, but still a long way to go for the author to produce an enjoyable level." - MichaelP (28-Sep-2008)

"A short level with the new Egyptian textures where the only real puzzle is trying to find the torch despite the darkness of the first area plagued with the "flares bug". Aside from that there is not much else to do, i found a crowbar that did not seemed to serve any purpose and pulling the underwater switch was not necessary as the door leading to the 2nd key was opened already. There is some missing sounds, too much abrupt difference between the bright and dark areas, and the level ends up without having accomplished anything." - eRIC (27-Sep-2008)
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