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Author(s): Cynthia
total rating:4.45 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bene 7 6 6 6
dmdibl 4 6 5 4
eRIC 3 6 3 3
Gerty 2 6 3 3
Jay 6 6 6 6
Jerry 4 6 6 4
Jorge22 4 4 3 3
Jose 3 4 5 4
MichaelP 3 7 5 4
Orbit Dream 2 4 4 4
Ryan 3 5 4 4
category averages
(11 reviews)
3.73 5.45 4.55 4.09

Reviewer's comments

"This is a brisk 30 minute dash through some rather basic looking rooms, filled with eclectic textures and a weird array of enemies. There are some ninjas and demigoddesses to battle as well as boulders to avoid and some overly long climbs to get through and that's about it." - Ryan (11-Jun-2017)

"Although the dream concept potentially excuses a multitude of sins,it can do nothing to disguise the fact that this is little more than a 'enter each successive room and kill everything' level.Admittedly,the enemies are quite varied and attack in multitudes (which can be fun for those in the mood);but you can have too much of this sort of thing,and after 20 minutes it had decidely started to pall.As befitting a dream there are vibrant colours everywhere,and a plethora of innapropriate objects.The best moment was hearing the sound of horses,cows and sheep emanating from behind a closed door - which had me eagerly anticpating one heck of an unusual combat sequence.Alas,it was simply an amusing audio sample and bore no relevance whatsoever to the gameplay. For those who laugh uproariously at the sight of bats disguised as flying library books (and there are around two dozen of them,in case you don't get the joke the first time)then this is the level for you. Others will find that it drags for longer than 30 minutes ideally should." - Orbit Dream (23-May-2010)

"A free form level with whatever it wants, much as dreams, and not a bad way for a beginning author to practice. Most of this is colorful, partial, and artificial landscape. I went along as this isn't too bad, with demon women attacking while Lara dodges falling spike balls. But as this progresses it does bring up a shortcoming of such levels. The longer it lasts, the more everything seems the same, rather than being strange or weird. Rather than paying attention to giant scorpions, one notices that Lara's dress turns green in yellow ambient lighting (the dress starts out blue). I assumed the level would end at a surreal bedchamber, but then there are a couple of strange T-rexes to deal with. They look fierce, but after a few grenades they cower in corners, and Lara makes an exit. Fine as it doesn't last too long." - dmdibl (05-Mar-2010)

"Link a couple of rooms, texture and illuminate them colourful, throw some traps and enemies in, and you will have a 30 minutes level. You may either love or hate this kind of fantasy-style. The title fits though, and Lara's outfit is cute." - Jerry (16-Aug-2009)

"Very colourful and psychedelic this level. Simple architecture with some paper walls, ilegal slopes and missed textures. Small rooms with easy tasks, the only puzzle I found was to push some blocks. Strange enemies with strange sounds; near the end if you shoot the T-Rex it escapes and get stucked in a corner, the other one doesn't move itself. Not an interesting level." - Jose (10-Dec-2008)

"Amanda Lepore meets Lukasz Croft...this is a fairly solid effort, albeit still ends up being a fairly conventional linear romp of 30 minutes, spiced up by an interesting mix of objects and enemies, the latter providing for the occasional tougher battle sequence if you choose to accept it versus just running away. Literally stumbled across a secret near the start. For future levels, Cynthia should learn about how to avoid thin walls and thin about adding a few more puzzles. The block/maze type room could have been made into a nice puzzle but it just wasn't to be." - MichaelP (12-Nov-2008)

"Everybody can think that they can make a stand lone level, think again as this is a fine example that it isn't so. I had to use the orinigal EXE that came with the LE, plus I never bothered to use the uklogo and title.tr4. Still paper-thin walls, textures could use some attention. The best were the flying books, but I've seen that last year in a level that Hochgiftig is making. Dream or no dream, for me the eclectic textures and the endlessly running through empty corridors, didn't do it for me. Huge climbs is also a NO in my book. There is some pushing to do and luckily you don't have to push every block you see. Lots of enemies to shoot though. But you'll find enough ammo on your way to the finishing trigger" - Gerty (11-Nov-2008)

"A short, fairly easy level. I've seen worse but I've seen much better too. It consists in following a path and using levers and switches along the way (mostly without sound), while fighting demon women, arab soldiers and two T-Rexes that fortunately freeze or simply can't get out of the same place in the very end. The textures and settings are somewhat interesting but clumsy. The furnished exe doesn't work, so you have to make do with your original tomb4.exe. There's nothing much else to say apart from that. I miss good ol' Amanda Lepore..." - Jorge22 (11-Nov-2008)

"I couldn't get this to run with the TR4 exe provided with the download, but it was perfectly happy with the normal one. This is another of Cynthia's somewhat slap dash affairs consisting of a brisk canter through a series of sloppily constructed rooms, with very little to do other than stop for pickups, throw switches and kill a few enemies. I liked the flying books though and the ending when you have to try and throw a switch with a couple of T-Rexes doing their best to stop you is quite fun. It passes the time and it is at least an improvement on her previous levels." - Jay (10-Nov-2008)

"This is certainly the author's best level to date, with a correct duration this time , and better looks too although some parts still look amateurish like the top of some outside rooms which do not give a feeling of strong solidness to them (it would have been good for instance to add a partly textured ceiling with some depths around the top). The course is straightforward , many of the pushable blocks have no purpose, the point has been put on objects and enemies. The flying books are great , the harassing demonic female warriors quite ugly (a good moment was when one of the big scorpions killed one of them) and the TRex at the end are .... red ! :) Expect some battles here although it is not a pure shooter level. There has been some research too for the decor of some rooms , a few have some charm but in my opinion the dream theme is convenient to put any object or texture of your thoughts , alas most of the time without any consideration to create an effective atmosphere." - eRIC (10-Nov-2008)

"I think Cynthia is hitting her stride or her talent is uniquely suited to a dream-scape. Enemies are flying books, ninjas and those demon women are back again(!) and giant scorpions. Some silly sounds I didn't understand....cows? barn animals? Oh well, it is a skies included. Simplistic but rather fun gameplay and it does have binoculars which I have been mightily missing in a few levels lately and with nicely done gold climbing walls. The patched exe didn't work and another had to be substituted and that may be why the pushable blocks aren't climbable and that may have changed gameplay in one of the rooms but it didn't interfere with reaching the end. You get two T Rex to fight while trying to get to the floor lever granting you exit from this particular dream. It is worth the download if only to see Lara in a mini-mini turquoise evening wear with matching black and turquoise boots and matching undies with a grenade launcher slung over her shoulder. Stats said one secret but I don't recall picking it up." - Bene (08-Nov-2008)
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