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Author(s): Skyler Ortega
total rating:5.95 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 3 5 5 6
Czar 7 8 8 8
DJ Full 4 5 6 6
eRIC 5 5 7 7
eTux 4 4 5 6
Gerty 3 5 7 6
Jay 6 7 7 7
Jerry 4 6 6 7
Jose 7 8 7 8
manarch2 2 5 5 6
MichaelP 6 7 7 6
Orbit Dream 2 5 7 8
Phil 7 7 7 8
Ryan 3 5 7 8
category averages
(14 reviews)
4.50 5.86 6.50 6.93

Reviewer's comments

"This is a fairly ambitious level to be just over nine years old. It has new moves (after all this time I still consider them "new") with animation that isn't quite right, and zombies that die with ordinary gunfire. The futuristic surroundings were nice at first but got somewhat monotonous as the game wore on. The boss lady you meet near the beginning took an inordinately long time to kill, but everything else here is simple and straightforward. I didn't keep track of my time but my last savegame showed 46 minutes, so you get a full fledged raid for your download." - Phil (01-Dec-2017)

"The looks are a definite improvement over the builder's previous levels - while nothing is quite fully cared of (especially not the object collision), I think the texturing is more clean (lighting pretty flat though, with only occasional highlights), the construction is mostly realistic enough and there are some smaller but neat atmospheric touches from time to time, some work with cameras and sound is visible too - but the gameplay is still a disaster. Using a switch to find an object, place it, find another object, find another switch, and that fills almost the whole 20 minutes spent in this game, additionally there are some quite long corridors and a few serious and not well hinted backtracks. No secrets to find here, and not recommended unless you want to play the full game, but not much (except of e.g. two nice secrets) is improved here..." - manarch2 (30-Nov-2017)

"This level has quite a solid appearance, particularly for a demo. The atmosphere is also nicely placed, aided by some well chosen background audio and standard ambience. But the actual gameplay fell flat for me due to the rather tedious progression, going back and forth to push buttons and find their respective doors, as well as an unnaturally tough demon goddess which just slowed things right down. Oh well, I do see it is a demo, and the full version is also available later, so hopefully that will be an improvement." - Ryan (12-Oct-2017)

"This demo is simple but took me twice too long because I checked all the regals and cabinets which are in fact static. Some confusion appeared at a walk-through wall definitely not belonging where it exists in this level. I also needed serious faith and 1400 bullets of confirmation to believe the first enemy is mortal, but that ringed a bell so I tried the same on mummies and was very positively surprised they permanently fall after several shots. Lighting is exactly as bad as I would do in my early days and the soundrack is very monotonous while the door sounds are missing. Camera targets are also missing but somehow the hints work better without them. I hope the full game is better." - DJ Full (04-May-2016)

"OK, let's get this out of the way first. No, this level is not set in the universe of the Resident Evil games, nor does it have references to any of the characters from that respective franchise, and comes across as more like your usual run-of-the mill base/laboratory level than anything else. Now that we've gotten all that cleared up, we can proceed with the review. Anyway, while it's always nice to see someone stepping out of their comfort zone and trying something different for a change, this first attempt at a base/laboratory-type level is average at best. Gameplay does start out promising enough, but quickly begins to get rather boring, as you traverse from one dull samey-looking corridor to another trying to find that one button, switch or quest item you missed, in hopes that you may start to get somewhere. Texturing and lighting used are an improvement from the builder's previous releases however(but could still use some work), objects and music are well-chosen(despite some items and tracks feeling quite out-of-place for this type of environment), custom animations for Lara are well-implemented, helping to keep the pace moving and the zombies fit in as well as you'd expect them to, although the inclusion of a demonic- looking female rather early into the level(that takes a whole lot of bullets to kill for no explicable reason), didn't really fit into the type of atmosphere that I assume the builder was trying to convey. In conclusion, I found myself finishing this demo at around 30 minutes in and went away from it, completely unsatisfied with what I had just experienced. If Skyler Ortega was hoping that I'd be excited about what the full game has to offer after this, then I'm afraid the final result didn't really work. Still, if you simply can't get enough of Base/Lab-type levels, than this release may have something for you that it didn't offer me. But don't go and download this, expecting a masterpiece and you shouldn't find yourself too disappointed in the end." - Ceamonks890 (24-May-2014)

"Well, a step away from the Lara's home concept is a step in the right direction in my book, as it allows the author's own ideas to flow, as opposed to just recycling cliches about what a Lara's mansion level should look like. And while I see this actually somewhat lengthy base venture as an improvement over the 2 other author's levels I have played, I can't exactly say that I loved it. The use of textures was promising but was not quite there yet, the objects - both pickups and those used to set the scene seemed to be scattered listlessly, and the choice of enemies was equally perplexing - with zombies that were easily overpowered by Lara and in contrast a demon that took ages to kill for no apparent reason. Overall this feels terribly rushed and built with no clear objectives in mind, so it's hard to guarantee much enjoyment, but if you live and die for anything with the label Base/Lab - you can give it a go." - eTux (08-Feb-2010)

"First of all I must admit I do not like those new Lara moves, especially when they are not useful for anything. Also I do not see any sense in making enemies so very hard to kill, the more so when there is no helpful weapon and ammo offered. This aside that kind of fairy-like woman seemed to be totally out of place in this base area. And why placing a drag bloke that way making Lara vanish in the wall? Gameplay-wise it's only running from one room to the next, all of them furnished with the same objects, push a block, avoid some zombies and find a piece or switch that opens another door somewhere. This level is stated to be a demo, and that's what it is, it appears unfinished. I missed some more excitement and playing it was quite dissatisfying." - Jerry (26-Jan-2009)

"Big demo, it could be a single level itsef. Good look the laboratories, I liked the female enemies; the winged woman was very hard to kill only with the guns I had in that moment I missed some more weapons and ammo. Nothing special in the gameplay, only press buttons to open doors and find items; some items were very hard to see, too much small. Correct cameras, well textured, some cool musics, I couldn't find secrets. Playable this demo." - Jose (23-Jan-2009)

"A Base/Laboratory level with many of the new features , hi-res textures and objects and enemies, with a suitable background audio loop , and a solidly done setting despite rooms looking the same. The course is straightforward throughout most of the level except in the end where two couple of artefacts have to be found. I don't know why some builders put weapons in their levels and provide only a ridiculous amount of ammos , why they keep using old buggy objects (the switch where you have to stand a few seconds to make it work) , and the choice of the resistant female demonic warrior in a room with not too much place to manoeuvre is really a pain for the player (I needed maybe 5 minutes on a total net gaming time of 50 to get rid of her). The gameplay is a bit repetitive and becomes tedious after a while (find an object , use it to open the next door , activate a switch , and so on) with the occasional good idea (drag a dead body to access an alcove behind a walkthrough wall) or new move (grab a crack of a pillar then go higher to pull a jump switch)." - eRIC (06-Dec-2008)

"Upon loading, we are introduced to a static load screen which is accompanied by a great piece of choral music, hinting at something stupendous to come. It sets the tone for a serious piece of game playing. This is further enhanced when, in actually beginning the game, we find ourselves in the by now well known dark office complex scenario, where colours are heavy greys accented by muted whites and the odd splash of neon here and there. It is a scenario which in turn has its tone further set by the spy-on-a-mission-like background music. And so, it's all serious mood, deft manoeuvring and ninja-like stealth. Well, no, actually it's not. As a player, we are free to run around and make as much noise as we like. There are no detectors to set off alarms, and no guards (as such) determined upon stopping Lara in her tracks. It is immediately evident upon loading, that though it may not meet up with the hyperbolic promise of the load screen, this demo looks good. Very good. The tile set is delicious smooth. All furniture and doors are entirely well suited to the environment, and lighting generally is neither stark nor glum. Well, mostly. There are stairwells in this level that could have done with some nice lighting touch. Perhaps some spots in the ceiling, spaced out at intervals, and then a good ... oh, well, nevermind, this isn't DIY. This little demo really delivers in terms of area to investigate. The building Lara is in is indeed a complex, with room upon room, corridor beyond corridor, door beside door. There are pipes and computer consoles, chairs and cupboards all over, not to mention shelves galore. Sadly, for all the ecoutrement in this level there is ne'er but one single goody to find amongst them ... except for a very few filing cabinets which serve more for security discs and the like in order to allow the player to progress in the level. Despite the nature of this building as being a complex of rooms and passage ways, game progression can be said to be quite linear, for locked doors are very close to their buttons and electronic panels very close to their entry discs. I personally would have liked to have seen this particular set up being made a little more complicated, with something more of a challenge placed in front of the player. Some timed doors, for example, would have added a bit more energy. However, for those who are easily lost, this level should prove to have no such difficulty. I was glad to see that the builder gave us the custom level players godsend that is the crawl space roll. I'm sure I'm not alone in hating the complete bore that is having to crawl conventionally through long, low spaces. What wasn't made clear enough in the readme was how to get across the small shaft in one particular crawlspace early on, and it was only by accident that I found the solution. Whilst there was some camera help after flicking some switches/levers, the nature of most of them meant that no matter how close it was to the door it affected, if you moved too quickly away from the switch/lever after operating it, the door it ought to have opened wouldn't get opened. Happily, it didn't take me long to figure out that Lara should stay in place for a moment, before moving on. It would be nice to see this delay fixed, if possible. Enemies in this level are very few. The zombies interspersed throughout aren't really even worth mentioning. I think they are there merely for effect, part of the story, for they don't pose any threat or hindrance, being quite stupid for the most part. We have one heavy-set man who happily explodes quite quickly, and then we have some kind of winged demon-woman, who, it must be said, is a right royal pain to kill. I found this enemy to be a gross annoyance, and frankly it did put a dampener on my enjoyment. Games are meant to be an enjoyment, not something to wind us up or annoy us. I'd really like to see this particular enemy being made much easier to dispatch in the final version. Oh, if the builder does go to a full level set, please bin the always pointing the guns forward Lara. It is so very annoying when at least some of us use the autoaim feature to alert us to an enemy in the dark. Always pointing guns forward kind of spoils that. That said, whilst this demo doesn't live up to the stupendous promise of the load screen music, overall this demo is more than a demo I think. It's a really good level that I found thoroughly enjoyable. Aside from demon-woman, I enjoyed every part of this game, and I really look forward to more in what hopefully will turn into a full level set from this builder. This is a real sterling effort!" - Czar (05-Dec-2008)

"If you enjoy corridor running,this is the level for you! It must be said that the corridors in question are indeed very well made, but it takes more than the ability to construct and texture passageways (and decorate them with a variety of objects - many of which lack collision) to create an enjoyable level. It's in the area of gameplay where this Demo falls flat.For a start,the running back and forth along identical looking corridors gets extraordinarily tedious after a while.Then there is the hideous concept of having some objects interactive and others not;leading to the "stand in front,press 'Ctrl' and see if she does anything" scenario (unfortunately imperative,as one of the fifty or so objects scattered around the level actually contains a vital puzzle piece); and to top it all off there is a villain of quite phenomenal indomitability,which entails spending a good ten minutes blasting continually with bullets. By the end of this Demo I was very short tempered and extremely bored with the whole thing. Note to the builder:well done with the construction,but you really ought to re-do the Gameplay - as a priority!" - Orbit Dream (02-Dec-2008)

"I so wish that people would steer away from the new moves until they get it right. In this level it is far from perfect. So back to the drawing board Skyler, specially the one where Lara needs to get into a crawlspace. Also what is the use of shooting an enemy for about 15 minutes before you can make headway. Sorry this did spoil it completely for me. For the rest yes, objects with no collision, and it is funny to drag the first dead soldier you encounter through the wall, as that was clearly not intended. LOL. Testing will iron a lot of the mistakes out in a level. There is a lot of running around to do and I lost my way quite a lot. There is still a door I couldn't open and the ending is quite abrupt. As said, the objects you pick up have strange names or are called"Load"." - Gerty (02-Dec-2008)

"This is a very definite step in the right direction in this builder's career to date and if you like base levels it might just appeal. Far more attention has gone into creating the gameplay than in his previous levels and although there is undoubtedly a lot of 'button pushing', there are some nice touches and it moves along at a lively pace. Certainly the atmosphere is firmly in place - quite a creepy base this, full of dead bodies and zombies (which you can kill, by the way) lurching around. There's only one real enemy to battle, but she's a very tough one indeed. From the readme, this is a sort of preview of a larger game, which could be one to try. Not bad." - Jay (30-Nov-2008)

"Not a bad effort here, as you get a solidly built Base level with a few mummies walking around and 30-40 minutes of fast paced progression from room to room, finding discs and other things or simply some buttons to open the next door somewehere along the way. A bit of duct crawling and occasional good use of the new moves for Lara. Some objects need to have work done on their collision as you can walk through them and the script needs to be fixed as several items are called load, but those are minor items and if you enjoy a Base level this should be a nice enough level for you to have a go at." - MichaelP (29-Nov-2008)
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