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Author(s): gabiza7
total rating:7.48 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Andzia9 8 8 8 8
dmdibl 7 8 9 8
Gerty 6 8 8 7
Jay 7 8 8 8
Jerry 7 7 8 8
Jose 8 8 8 9
manarch2 5 6 6 6
MichaelP 6 8 8 7
Orbit Dream 6 6 8 8
Phil 8 7 8 8
Ryan 8 7 8 8
Selene 8 8 8 9
Vaughnage 7 6 8 6
category averages
(13 reviews)
7.00 7.31 7.92 7.69

Reviewer's comments

"I'm not really sure what to make of this. It started off as a somewhat quirky puzzle level,with blocks needing to be pushed in order to spell SNOW and,er...SNO.(?) There was a sort of puzzle involving collecting a revolver,ammo and laser-sight (the last of these being rather obscurely hidden within an icicle). Then it all devolved into a tedious underwater-tunnel level.Despite Lara being able to breathe unaided,this section was a disappointingly dreary experience. Although I collected the four stars,I missed one secret - because it was apparently activated by a lever hidden in a tree near the start of the level,which I didn't pull until after I returned there at the end (there wasn't even a camera clue to indicate what it activated). It had it's moments (the 'Casio Xmas Hits';the snowing Finale);and it was generally neatly made - but the drab grey underwater-tunnel sequence robbed it of much of its charm." - Orbit Dream (14-Dec-2019)

"A nice little offering which has a variety of tasks to solve in order to find three or four of the titular cinnamon stars. I wasn't overly fond of the underwater part where you have to search for a lot of levers, but the other block puzzles are okay, if not for some fixed cameras which are slightly annoying. There are a few potential bugs concerning flipmaps and also some crashes here and there, but nothing severe happened at my end. The looks and atmosphere are a bit simplistic but I liked the use of textures, lights and objects at the occasion and the audio tracks are also nice. Of the two secrets, one is nicely hidden but the lever somewhere in the trees is not such a nice idea, as well as it triggering a secret just somewhere else in the map. The "reward" for getting it is not so rewarding but it is one. All in all I netted a bit over 15 minutes from this level which were mostly pleasant enough." - manarch2 (08-Dec-2018)

"Here's a pleasant and enjoyable Advent level where the goal is to make it snow just in time for Christmas. There's nothing too difficult to accomplish, you just have to get your brain in gear for the more cerebral activities. You don't acquire your pistols anywhere in this game, instead you only get the revolver which is neatly used to free the LaserSight from an icicle. There are also a couple of neat block puzzles that have you filling in the gaps, so to speak, and an underwater search for some levers and ultimately those all important stars (if, in this latter sequence, the door doesn't open after using all the levers, then make sure you also swim near the centre of the building roof and you'll hover over a sneaky pressure pad which is also required. I got caught out by this initially.). Overall, a cute little experience for the Advent season." - Ryan (20-Feb-2018)

"Colorful and beautiful level. Playgame isn't too difficult. You have to find four cinnamon stars. Sometimes changing camera views makes you difficult to move, however you can easily complete your task." - Andzia9 (26-Dec-2009)

"There is something about these Christmas levels that always gets me in the right mood even in the middle of October and this is no exception. Just to take the not-so-good-part first: a few of the puzzles seem a bit obscure and there aren't really any hints given. At some point I got stuck and it was only pure luck that got me going again. This is really one of those levels that are best played with eyes wide open. Other than that I don't really have any complaints. I found the texturing and application of lights very pleasant and the atmosphere was genuine enough and with just the right dash of Christmas added to the blend. The idea with the lasersight inside the icicle was great, as was the concept of breaking a rock to set the water flowing and thus putting out a bonfire that previously prevented you from accessing one of the four Cinnamon Stars to be found. You could actually get through the level with only three Cinnamon Stars as one of them was used solely for finding a secret. There were two of these and they were cleverly disguised as Linux Cards, aptly titled "for nerds" ;) I really loved the use of music as well, although I would have liked to hear more of it throughout the level. The render of "Mary's Boy Child" was absolutely terrific. All in all I really enjoyed this level and I would without any doubts whatsoever give it my warmest recommendations." - Selene (27-Oct-2009)

"Your goal in this Xmas level is to make it snow. For that there are pushable puzzles to solve and finding underwater levers for the three stars you need for the snow machine to come to life. What stands out for me that Lara can hold her breath underwater forever. Getting also two nerds cards and I could leave." - Gerty (21-Apr-2009)

"Your goal in this level is to find three stars to open the exit door. There are four stars, so you don't need to find them all (only to get a secret). Small level but entertaining, with new objects, textures from old TR games, good gameplay and some good details like the sight trapped into the icycle. There's no limit of time for Lara underwater. Well lightened and textured, no enemies, easy tasks, I only missed a camera to show you the exit door when you place the three stars. Nice level for Christmas." - Jose (23-Jan-2009)

"This is a fairly short (35 minutes) and easy romp that won't tax the skills of very many raiders. You start without weapons, but you need a revolver and lasersight to put out a fire and obtain one of the four cinnamon stars. The revolver is fairly easy to get, but the lasersight is imbedded in an icicle that you need to shoot with your limited ammunition (fortunately, I was lined up right and made it with the first shot). There are extended underwater tasks, but there's no air bar so you're in no danger of drowning. There's also a nice pushblock puzzle that needs to be done while you're stuck in a fixed camera angle. Nothing particularly spectacular here, but this seasonal level is a nice enough diversion with ample lighting and pleasantly decorated surroundings." - Phil (14-Jan-2009)

"Making it snow is Lara's main quest here and that was a nice idea. But this is a little level with some strange moments in it: Binoculars that can only be moved horizontally while looking through, Lara with endless air and never running out of breath underwater and two ‚snow' block puzzles one of whom leaving the ‚w' behind when finished. As far as I am concerned I did not like all that diving through those long underwater tunnels on the search for switches and neither did I like those fix cameras. In the end I got only one card of nerds (that one near the icicle with the laser sight), I did not find the second one, but still I could enter the final room and finish the level. Don't know what the laser sight was for." - Jerry (04-Jan-2009)

"I found this to be a decent level, nothing really actually stood out to me for this level. The level had its good points, most notably the atmosphere, really. And there were medicore parts, like the textures and objects, but its something that fun, and something thats actually worth a play ot two." - Vaughnage (24-Dec-2008)

"Quite attractively made, and fun to play, but it has the feeling of someone toying with the TR editor, and going wherever it takes them: let's throw in a vertical water column here, and another here...First there is a SON puzzle, or was that ONS, or NOS? One soon realizes that the letters only make sense if we are missing a W, so that it was really a SNO' puzzle.** The SNOW puzzle is repeated; after all, the goal is to get the snow machine working. Then we have Lara swimming in water without having to take a breath of air. One reviewer has suggested gills. Or perhaps Lara is swimming in a fluoro-oxygenate compound, a breathable liquid? The underwater houses seem to be normal living quarters. The puzzles will engage most players (check the icicles), and the cute surroundings fit the Christmas season, the construction clearly done by someone who knows what they are doing (gabiza7, who previously gave us "Gabiza's Final Level"). So if you enjoyed that level (as I did), then by all means take a look at this. [**The Christmas carol "Good King Wenceslas". The comic strip Pogo seasonally gave a corrected version: "Good King Sauerkraut, Look Out!/ On your feets uneven/ While the sno' lay round about..." Someone usually asked, "What's sno'?" and the reply: "Dunno, what's new with you?" This seems the only explanation for the SNO' puzzle.]" - dmdibl (21-Dec-2008)

"Wow, Lara's obviously developed gills now and can swim underwater indefinitely - that's what I call a really useful Christmas present for someone in her line of work. This is a bright, fun level, with some lovely Tomb Raider artwork textures, that has you searching for the pretty stars to fix the snow machine just in time for Christmas day. There are some delightful little puzzles to solve and, given Lara's new ability, quite a lot of swimming too. Short, charming and relaxing - an ideal Advent level. Oh, and quirky secrets too." - Jay (11-Dec-2008)

"I, for one, am quite happy that gabiza decided that her previous 'Final Level' turns out not to be so final after all. This contribution to the TR Forge Advent calendar is a cute little level that will keep you busy for 20-30 minutes and has you solve two pushable puzzles and find a series of underwater levers for a total of three cinnamon stars. You need this to make it snow and accomplish your objective. While I found one secret rather obscure (flip a lever in a tree and it magically appears in a totally different place in the level), the second one was rather inspired with a (literally) cool hiding place for the lasersight. Another novelty: Lara can hold her breath forever, ie she will not be drowning under water. Nice adventure, which exactly fits the purpose for the season!" - MichaelP (10-Dec-2008)
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