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Author(s): Kitkat
total rating:8.59 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 8 9 9 9
Dick 8 9 9 9
DJ Full 7 8 9 7
dmdibl 9 10 9 9
eRIC 8 9 10 8
Jack& 9 8 8 9
Jay 8 9 9 9
Jorge22 10 10 9 9
Jose 9 10 9 10
Magnus 7 7 7 7
manarch2 8 9 8 8
MichaelP 8 10 9 8
Mytly 8 8 8 8
Phil 9 8 9 9
Relic Hunter 8 10 9 8
Ruben 10 9 9 10
Ryan 8 9 9 9
Samu 8 8 8 8
Shady Croft 8 9 9 9
Spike 8 8 8 7
category averages
(20 reviews)
8.30 8.85 8.70 8.50

Reviewer's comments

"This level is a nice continuation of KitKat's previous "Over The Rainbow" level. Lara has now reached a castle teeming with vikings, arachnids (don't know whether they were actual spiders, though), huge swimming rats and annoying creepy crawlies. Gameplay is pleasant and should not deter absolute beginners (the hardest thing they will likely encounter being a short, tight timed run and some flame blowers. Lara also received help from a Valkyrie, although not much (she only opens two doors for her!). A charming little level." - Ryan (18-Jul-2017)

"It's a prequel twin in building style and utilized resources including the missing rainbow parts - this time they shouldn't be, or we should get an explanation where they go - a Viking pirate hideout would be good, or an evil Nordic god because the storyline mentions one and he never appears. I hope Even Further Over The Rainbow will clarify it all and will also receive greater care about visuals because you cannot deny such a great concept should be more immersive - while the beginning and ending are very strong, the riddle middle is rather tiring because colorful enemies and objects cannot win the battle against flat and grey architecture. SUMMARY: Very exceptional but about halfway executed and worth doing much better." - DJ Full (06-Mar-2017)

"This level, as its name implies, is a continuation of Kitkat's Skribblerz Stonez 2 level, 'Over the Rainbow'. The location is the same and the style of gameplay is very similar, so there's a 'been-there-done-that' kind of feel to the level. Gameplay is noticeably better than in the original level, with a nice variety of tasks and a not-too-linear level layout. There are some fun platforming tasks and a few pleasantly tricky traps. One or two tasks can be a bit unnecessarily obscure - for example, there are two switches in the room where you get the second Celtic Cross, though only one has to be used; I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out what the second switch was supposed to be for, only to realize that it was useless.
The use of enemies is mostly quite good, with the same Vikings, spiders and rainbow harpies from the original level making their appearance again. The only enemies that I hated were the beetles which kept following Lara everywhere and draining her health; and there seemed to be no way to get rid of them permanently.
The looks are mostly ok, with rather flat lighting outdoors, and some indoor rooms with highly coloured lighting. While there are some nice-looking rooms, such as the room with the second Celtic Cross, eye candy is rather minimal. I felt that the place should have been more atmospheric and fairy-tale-like - IMO, a floating Viking castle in an otherworldly realm should not look so, well, mundane.
Overall: An enjoyable continuation of an older level, but one which does not have anything new or great to differentiate it from that older level." - Mytly (15-Apr-2016)

"Although the atmosphere doesn't differ too much from the first Over the Rainbow level, this level really feels more like a serious level than the first. What sticks out most is the object design - there are lots of good custom objects and animations and a good multiple usage of the guide. The enemy use and placement is very effective too. Gameplay, as usual, is very fast paced, this time nicely varied, has a number of tricky timed runs and the underwater section in the middle is quite well set up, although some of the passages were really a tad too long. The visuals are rather attractive in this level, with a good use of textures (with a few mistakes though). The outside areas are most spectacular, although the lighting there feels largely uninspired and - at times - totally flat, which is a shame, because otherwise this is a really well looking game. All in all the best level of this builder (still have to play her BtB level) and another strong one in the Skribblerz Stonez series. Found five nice secrets in 35 minutes." - manarch2 (26-Aug-2014)

"This level is a continuation of the first installment from the Skribblerz Stonez 2 series and although the first one was already a pretty good level, I found this one to be an improvement. The game play was very entertaining and had a good mix of exploration, agility test with good jumping, timed runs, dangerous underwater sequences without being overly hard or complicated. Just as in the previous game, Lara does encounter those really cool looking neon yellow spiders in various sizes. Also a cute female guide helps Lara along in the first part of the level. The atmosphere was nice with sounds and ambient music. Texturing and lighting looked beautifully applied and worked with the map layout and architecture of the rooms. Definitely a beautiful level that can be highly recommended to everyone. (1 hour, 5 secrets)" - Blue43 (08-May-2011)

"This level feels a lot like Over the Rainbow 2.0. But that's not a bad thing. You cross a rainbow bridge, you enter a castle, you go through a bunch of traps and after thirty minutes, you pick up the Sxribb1erz Ztoene. Except this time, the traps are more involved and the level looks better. Sure, there's still a large amount of cracks in the texturing and the gameplay is a bit on the simple side for the most part, but there are times - like when you can see the final room on the other side of a large gap - that the level truly shines. Obviously the only thing missing in the author's previous level was experience, and if she keeps improving like this, she should be able to produce something really great in the future." - Magnus (01-Dec-2010)

"I haven't played the prequel to this level, yet given the great time I had here that may as well go on my review wishlist hehe. Nordic/Viking levels aren't very plentiful, so this offers quite a refreshing change of setting and a wonderful castle to explore. As peacefully as this may start, and jumping over the rainbow was a simple but cool sequence, this is no walk in the park, yet the difficulty doesn't become frustrating at all either. This castle raid does have some well built rooms like the grand dining hall, and the exteriors of the castle, and also has some fun, relaxing gameplay by exploring, spikes, burners, water passages, and a few rollingballs to deal with. The use of enemies is pretty effective, with weird looking spiders rounding corners of the hallways and vikings guarding the castle's secrets. There's also a really big spider along with two vikings that gave a bit of a hard time for me, but nothing major. Aesthetically this level also looks great and has good use of custom objects to enhance the experience. I feel that the lighting could use some more work though, as it felt pretty uniform throughout most of the level. It's not a bad thing, but a lot of areas felt very similar to each other. All in all though, this is a well designed, entertaining level that was quite great for a Friday night raid. Well done Kitkat!" - Relic Hunter (21-Feb-2009)

"Very good this creation from Katherine. The castles are very well builded with nice textures and objects. The game is not difficult itself, with interesting tasks and no problems to advance in this lineal gameplay if you explore the rooms, but secrets are difficult to find, and I couldn't open the final door with the last one (I think) with some rainbow object inside. Also I don't know how the author didn't situate the final torches a little bit down to avoid that tricky tasks to light them. I liked the enemies and the nice environment, some good animations and another features. A recommended level to have a good time of fun. Good work!" - Jose (14-Feb-2009)

"This must have been the very best Skribblerz Stonez level I've played so far, some not reviewed or not yet reviewed included. Not too easy, not too hard, quite imaginative, with plenty of custom objects and a few very inspired moments of which the timed run over a momentarily closed spike trap and the part with the little spiders/beetles rearranged stand out. I also liked the big spider near the end and the raibow coloured bolt throwing birds. Unfortunately, I only got one Smaragd gem, hence I couldn't get the final secret. Anyway, great tomb raiding fun this is. Highly recommended." - Jorge22 (13-Feb-2009)

"The other side of the rainbow has had a facelift. Better texturing and lighting and more objects have helped to make this look more authentic and have more interesting detail. I can't remember if the earlier version, for ss2, featured the displaced floor tiles that are present here. They're a nice touch and also help to make the place seem more 'real'. Gameplay is easy but still has you thinking from time to time." - Dick (03-Feb-2009)

"If you liked Kitkat's first level "Over the rainbow", you'll surely like this one too. Still in Walhalla, Lara is after the Skribblerz Stone which went missing from her backpack. The level has the same beautiful, fantasy-themed, Nordic-based setting, with the rainbow, castles, big beautifully textured rooms and wonderful objects, but with more complexity this time, as the quest for the two Celtic crosses takes you around a lot. Katherine's skill has definitely improved as she provided a number of various puzzles...cog wheels, push-blocks, ropes, swing poles, fire traps, spikes and jumping and sliding, and many enemies to kill (the swimming rats were funny and the huge monster was scary). The secrets are hard and challenging to find apparently, seeing as I only found one. A very great and fun that you shouldn't miss. Great one, Kitkat !" - Shady Croft (27-Jan-2009)

"The initial flyby and soon after the animation of the white horse passing by is an early taste of what expects you in this almost 60 minute adventure. Many, many custom objects and animations set in scene very nicely to carry along the storyline and enhance the gameplay. With a little help from her lady friend, Lara enters the huge main hall of a castle and gets to explore the wings for two crosses. Spiders in three sizes, tinmen vikings and rainbow harpies are your enemies along the way and there are five nice secrets to be found. Activities are quite diverse and include a fair amount of swimming. The timed floor with added blade trap was probably my favourite moment. Very inspired little level. Don't miss it!" - MichaelP (21-Jan-2009)

"I found this a delightful level to play in several respects. The opening flyby actually treats the player to a cloud-speckled blue sky during daylight hours, a rarity in these days of dismally dark levels. The scenery throughout gave us something other than blank walls and stark columns, a pleasant sight for sore eyes. And the gameplay was crisp and varied, affording a little over an hour of net gaming time. There were a few challenges thrown in for good measure, notably a jump between jumps onto a ledge that took me a number of tries to master. In sum, this is a worthy entry in this year's Skribblez Stonez releases. Recommended." - Phil (02-Jan-2009)

"This level is surely very imaginative and unique which is set in a fantasy world containing floating castles and also new well used custom objects. Environment looks very good but still not perfect. For example more lighting could have been added especially to outdoor areas in my opinion. Tasks which you have to complete aren't anything we haven't seen but everything is enjoyable and added to agility tasks you also have to think a bit which is always good. All in all I liked this level and it's a very carefully constructed continuation to author's previous part of this series. Well done." - Samu (01-Jan-2009)

"A pretty well built level with simple riddles and good gameplay, with fitting objects and good use of them and interesting ideas , like the timed run in a gauntlet with expanding ledges and horizontal blades, the use of resettable jump switches , or how you can get rid of the little insects. The secrets are not easy to find, I found only one at my first try. Architecture is good and the setting quite appealing despite a few textures not well applied. I really love the slightly spooky TR2 atmosphere , the clever use of the cameras and the fly-bys. Very good work." - eRIC (01-Jan-2009)

"well this one is very good too is castle like level with somr ingenious puzzles time runs slope jumps burner traps ......... very nice builded castle i must admit ........... the aim is same ........ to get a flower like ittem after get it the level ends after a flybye good jobb ////" - Jack& (01-Jan-2009)

"This is another area I was more than willing to revisit and what a good time I had again across the rainbow bridge. Despite the fact that there seem to be more spiders than ever around the place, the thing I found really scary were the rats in the water, which is odd since I have an irrational fear of spiders but rats don't bother me. There are a nice variety of tasks to achieve in various areas of the castle, but nothing to place the level beyond the abilities of almost all players. Actually, I really like that about the Skribblerz Stones levels - the gameplay is nicely judged to be readily achievable without ever being boring." - Jay (30-Dec-2008)

"Late in the year George and friends have surprised us with the third part of the Skribblerz series . Again it is released as a team project of four mostly talented authors and accordingly should be rated as one complete game. This one was Katherines part who again takes us over the Rainbow Bridge right into a stunningly good adventure . I did , however , curse her for this series of pole-swings leading to the second cross banging my head against the final ledge ! Fortunately it was Laras head who can take a blow easier than I ever could. This series is a must-download and highly recommended ! Many Thanks to George , Katherine, Jonson and Wasp for all your work and a happy and successful new year !" - Ruben (29-Dec-2008)

"Carrying on directly from last year's trip across the rainbow, this newest adventure takes us further into the castles for another Skribblerz Stone hidden there. The feel of the level is also pretty much the same as our last visit too, with those good old Greek-themed textures and giant spiders to contend with. The visuals were rather good all round, though the lighting could have been a little more interesting in places, and there were a few wrongly rotated or badly applied textures (some of which are located right next to a switch you must use to progress, so I'm not sure how that one slipped through beta testing). The objects were also nicely used, with the aforementioned giant spiders to deal with, as well as what appears to be their sons, daughters, and tiny little babies that chase Lara around until they are disposed of down a pit. There was also a very nicely meshed fish-statue to push around as well, though the texturing on it could have been a little better. As with our last visit, gameplay is varied with each room offering a different obstacle to contend with, and the single secret that I found was well hidden enough (and the fact that I didn't find any more suggests that the rest were also well hidden too). There were a few annoying parts however (such as the jump onto the floating platforms inside the water chamber), as well as a section that halted my progress due to a block that lowers on approach rather than via the usual tactic of pulling a lever or the like (being accustomed to blocks being lowered by levers was what stopped me from walking up to the block in the first place). All in all, this was a solid level with plenty to do - yet not without its faults - and still a recommended raid." - Spike (27-Dec-2008)

"Wow, talk about improvement! Kitkat's last entry in this series had good game play, but here she graduates to a seasoned pro: opens with a beautiful fly-by, nicely paced game play, intriguing puzzles, and always good architectural design. Makes for one happy player. And decent lighting so you don't need to squint at your monitor. The first time through I felt the ending lacked a climax, that all the shooting with the pistols dragged a bit. But the second time playing this, looking for all the secrets, I felt the game play was even better, a successful secret hunt providing extra zest. And this time I knew not to blast away at the giant spider and the Vikings; instead, have Lara run around and let them finish each other off. The giant spider usually is the survivor, but this time I had the explosive ammo from the secret, and blew it to smithereens--very satisfying. This is one game where if you haven't gotten all the secrets you'll really have missed out. (At least I hope the five secrets were all of them.) Congratulations to the author." - dmdibl (27-Dec-2008)
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