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Author(s): Cain
total rating:2.19 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 1 1 1 1
DJ Full 1 4 1 2
dmdibl 4 5 2 1
eRIC 4 4 1 1
eTux 3 2 1 1
Gerty 0 1 0 0
Jay 4 5 2 1
Jose 3 2 2 1
Kitkat 4 5 1 1
MichaelP 4 6 2 1
Obig 4 5 2 1
rtrger 2 3 1 2
Selene 4 2 1 1
category averages
(13 reviews)
2.92 3.46 1.31 1.08

Reviewer's comments

"Another shooter where we have to kill some more unnecessarily huge opponents under increasingly unfair odds, until eventually you reach the end of this incredibly bland and poorly-designed Egypt level. Moving on..." - Ceamonks890 (04-Dec-2014)

"Boring and in my case bug ridden, didn't need to climb as those pesky sharks got me on the top. Don't want to know and I don't ask. But I made it somehow to the end." - Gerty (24-Jun-2012)

"Gameplay - 1 (Cain's main assumption remains untouched) # Puzzles - 0 # Enemies - 3 (the best in all Cain's levels) # Objects - 1 (no customizing at all, but I like the usage of underwater doors, marking an end of the flooded road) # Secrets - 0 # Atmosphere - 1 (you may want to play the whole level at once, but you may also not be interested what's in the next room, because you can often predict what it will be) # Sound - 0 (sample mismatch was funny at least three times for now) # Cameras - 0, for none of them placed # Lighting - 1 (doesn't disturb, doesn't help, doesn't make you admire) # Textures - 1 (the same as lighting) ## SUMMARY: This is the greatest Tomb Raider massacre ever, set in Egyptian scenery. If you know a game Serious Sam (TM), this is a TR equivalent, as the only thing worthy of look at is the enemies. What more ca(i)n I say? I ca(i)n't compare this level to anything else. If you like Serious Sam (TM), you like "HD Hunting Egyptians"." - DJ Full (03-Aug-2010)

"If you saw any levels by the author, you won't surpried. We have to kill enlarged enemies. Just the airplane, and the shark surprised me. :) Battles, battles and battles. This is the whole level. There are many weapons and medipacks. At the end we have to swim in an underwater maze, it was a bit annoying for me." - Obig (30-May-2010)

"Another horribly annoying one. I should say that Cain's levels have a simple law: If you kill an enemy, 2 another will come. Sometimes, this can happen. About enemies, there're big flying sharks in this one, and they will keep pushing you down from the blocks, or they managed to perform some weird bugs on Paris(who has the most awesome song on this globe), so she teleported up to the "labyrinth" wall. Texturing is repetitive and no proper lightning at all. Okay, I admit that after the final jeep-ride(which is also annoying and hard, I could not make it without help), shooting those torsos is fun. But that's the end of the level. Very bad one, don't try it." - rtrger (02-May-2010)

"Paris Hilton gunning down air sharks, giant eels, and a mess of strange oversize beasts. Never having played a Cain level, I thought the reviews were joking, but that's an apt summary. I enjoyed it, mostly. Those air sharks are deadly, as they push Paris over a precipice. Weird when their bodies float into the sky, the shadows still on the ground. I quickly contacted the author to confirm my suspicions, and as I suspected he has already signed an extremely lucrative deal with Hollywood producers for the idea. The movie will have the same, ah, production values as the level, so will be made dirt cheap, and is expected to gross at least $120 million, released under new title, "Naked Ambush." There is talk of a sequel." - dmdibl (20-Apr-2010)

"In some strange, semi-sadistic way I almost had a good time running through this one, although it will probably be the last of Cainís offerings Iíll be playing for a while. The title is a bit of a mystery unless by Egyptians you mean Atlantean torso-mutants, Vikings, T-Rexes, giant eels, huge scorpions, oversized Yetis, flying sharks and heavily enlarged monkeys. Lara is fighting her way through myriads of enemies in order to reach the top of some sort of tower. There are a couple of nice jeep rides along the way and also enough firepower for an army. Youíll also come across one of those horrible underwater mazes that Cain seems to be so fascinated by. Graphical enhancements such as textures, lights and so on are typical for a level made by this builder, so donít go out there expecting eye candy and fancy details. Could be worth playing, if nothing else then at least to see what Lara would look like in Paris Hilton-land." - Selene (27-Oct-2009)

"If you've ever wondered what Paris Hilton killing an absurd amount of flying sharks, huge scorpions, vikings and yetis with oversized heads and limbs, eels, T-Rexes and Atlantis mutants would look like - this is the level for you. For the rest - as good a level as this is by Cain standards - these still will be 30 minutes of your life you'll never get back." - eTux (12-Aug-2009)

"This time you'll need to climb a kind of very high tower with small ledges; shooting all kind of giant enemies, of course: TRex, scorpions, yetis, sharks... Beware with the flying sharks, they can push you out of the ledges easily. When you reach the top you must fall a very long way and swim through a nasty underwater maze with very narrow passages." - Jose (05-Mar-2009)

"lol The tagline is: 160 things to massacre! What's not to love?? It's a Cain level for sure, but there is much more gameplay and it lasts longer than his usual offerings. Give it a go, you might enjoy it..." - Kitkat (21-Jan-2009)

"At 30 minutes , and with some gameplay this is one of the best Cain levels. You have 4 short drives to do with a jeep, climbing and jumps and an underwater maze. There is lots of enemies of course and the author has used the inappropriate collision of some of the biggest ones as part of the gameplay as they can throw Lara out of high ledges. Beware then to be on your guard when you pull at the top of a ladder." - eRIC (09-Jan-2009)

"Well, at least Cain has produced a very pretty (and blonde) Lara this time around. There is actually a modicum of gameplay (other than the usual mindless slaughtering) going on in this latest offering. Thereís a lot of climbing and I hope you donít suffer from vertigo, because one of your four short jeep rides is way up in the clouds. The sharks swimming in the air overhead are really quite creepy and their shadows passing over Lara are most unsettling. Oh, and if the vertigo doesnít get you, then claustrophobia probably will as you swim through the most cramped underwater maze ever. Definitely Cainís best level to date, but Iím not sure just how much of a compliment that is." - Jay (08-Jan-2009)

"There you go - I was almost enjoying myself in this next Cain offering. It is the usual routine of shooting everything that moves, and 'everything' in this case is again a series of 'enhanced enemies', as in 'made much larger' and you slowly but surely make your way up and up and up, even having the benefit of using a jeep occasionally. I actually had most trouble with those huge flying sharks that easily push you off the narrow ledges. The experience is then spoiled again by a totally unnecessary underwater maze (hint: go left at first corner and then keep right - worked for me) after which you reach the end relatively quickly. In comparison one of the better offerings from Cain. 40 minutes." - MichaelP (06-Jan-2009)
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