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Author(s): miss-anti
total rating:3.04 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Andzia9 3 2 3 2
DJ Full 3 2 2 4
dmdibl 3 4 5 3
eRIC 1 2 4 2
Gerty 1 2 3 1
Jay 2 4 4 4
Jerry 4 3 3 2
MichaelP 3 2 4 1
MpGrill 2 3 4 2
Orbit Dream 3 3 2 3
Oxy 8 7 5 5
Ryan 3 3 3 2
category averages
(12 reviews)
3.00 3.08 3.50 2.58

Reviewer's comments

"What a strange level. It begins to the sound of Jingle Bells and gets stranger from there on in. You have trees growing inside (the missing ceilings must allow them to photosynthesise!), missing textures, irritating crashes to desktop, lack of sounds, incorrect animations, unmarked ladders and quite a few graphical bugs. The one good thing was the short motorbike ride, but that's not enough to recommend it." - Ryan (22-May-2017)

"This Base level starts out to the accompaniment of Jungle Bells,and gets less sensible as it goes on.Incorrect animations;doors that open before you've even completed the tasks needed to get the corresponding keys;a stunningly concise motorbike journey;and Lara performing a bizarre 'jumping out of a pool' animation,which almost crashes the level immediately before the incorrectly set Finish Trigger does the job instead.No atmosphere to speak of,generally poorly placed textures and a complete lack of lighting are all indicators of what most people would perceive to be a generally unplayable level;but this isn't quite the case,as the gameplay does occasionally throw up an inventive idea or two along the way,and there was plenty to keep me legitimately occupied throughout the 45 minutes it lasted. Not quite a disaster,then...but pretty damn close!" - Orbit Dream (30-Apr-2013)

"Gameplay made of monkey swinging, tightrope walking, climbing, swimming, platforming, avoiding pits... rather dense, but the unmarked walls are very disturbing. Also, there is a pushable bug - You can push the thing, but if you try to pull it, you get thrown beyond the graphics zone. Fortunately, there is nothing to find under these pushables... What is more, the game has annoyingly no load screen. Every time you commite a mistake, the program crashes, so you can get confused and waste several minutes on getting back to the last crash place and reminding yourself what you were supposed to do. Puzzles are average finding keys and opening door, with some exploration included. Actually, the final three keys are not for the doors leading to the side rooms, but they are co-working with the last computer disc to open the exit. So I don't agree they are useless. The lighting is sometimes well done in this game - I mean the lamps casting various colors in various rooms, dark crawlspace, gloomy outside in the rope swing area... but in other places the light&shade is terrifyingly misplaced, with the worst effect in the room surrouning the crowbar bunker. Texturing simple, but not so poor. Enemies are guards and Ahmet only, and Ahmet appears without any particular reason, so I can give 1 for opponents only. For the atmosphere: I had a strange feeling the place resembles rather a hotel than a base. Maybe because of too much "friendly" objects like coca-cola automats. But for objects themselves: I noticed an interesting idea of blocking the passages with some barricades, nice grass and climatic trees, and all of these statics are in their right place, maybe except the tree in the first corridor... Movables are sometimes misplaced - jumpswitches hanging too low, a crowbar door you can bypass... at least it doesn't prevent you from finishing the game. But still only 1 point for objects. Ths secret is either only one and very easy... or maybe there is more of them to find, but it's rather difficult at 4 o'clock in the morning :D. Sound gets 1 point (nice, but misplaced) and cameras get 0 as there is nothing I can rate in this category. SUMMARY: Nice looking little level, but neither original, nor so interesting. The lack of load screen can wipe out the rests of already optional fun. Not recommended." - DJ Full (08-Nov-2010)

"A pleasant enough level at the start, sometimes attractive, but ultimately done in by lack of attention to details, and outright bugs. Starts with a bright indoor environment, with patches of snow on the ground, and trees with red and orange autumn foliage [indoors, remember], and a Christmas song, and then an ahmet attacks. Well, okay. Lara gets a secret by jumping over a block. Then it turns out the door to the secret opened by an unnecessary jump switch concealed behind foliage. The waterskin appears as a bottle when Lara picks it up and in inventory, but when she fills or uses it we see a waterskin again. For tightrope walking, a too vigorous side-arrow key makes Lara do an about face on the rope. Surely this action should have been assigned instead to the "down" key, to not interfere with Lara's balance keys. Tightrope walking is now much more difficult (so there is lots of it). Near the end Lara opens a crowbar door, but there are two superimposed doors--Lara passes through the second door while completing the crowbar animation. There are frequent mistakes like invisible blocks in front of doors. Near the end things get less pleasant, even ugly, at the point where Lara climbs to an end-of-world limbo--where we assume there is nothing--to pick up a computer disk. Now there are numerous unmarked climbing surfaces. Lara picks up several keys, and every time she does so a corresponding door opens, so when she actually uses the keys in keyholes, nothing happens. I thought it would be impossible to finish the level. If Lara tries to pull any of a dozen movable crates, she is sucked inside and flies down the line of crates, to be entombed in the final one. Try to recover with a savegame and the level crashes. In the penultimate room, it appears Lara must move objects to open a door, but she disappears inside them and is lost. The only way to recover is to quit and restart the game. Finally Lara discovers a Crystal Hand under a rug, this triggers the door to open, Lara steps through, and the game crashes. The END." - dmdibl (12-Mar-2010)

"Short level with lot of bugs. Lara can't pull box or she can't get out of water. Nice textures, but some walls are missing, and they are too thin. Objects are very good hidden, and you must search it very carefully. The game crashes when I using load. There is no finish trigger." - Andzia9 (15-May-2009)

"If you want to learn patience then this level is absolutely must play. It's VCI level with green, blue and violet placed lights which I didn't like very much. Also game always crashed on desktop when I loaded save game. One climbable wall isn't textured and also one switch is very well hidden, so I will give a hint - the missing object is not very far. Overall I liked this game, although walking on rope was really stressful. Also pushable blocks has bugs, you can only push them forward. Builder should place objects with more care, Lara's animations should work properly and lights should be more natural. In one hour of game-play I didn't find any secrets. Still I must say, I didn't waste any time with this game, it's nice and it was a lot of work to build this level. I also liked the guard alert sounds. The end is kind of sad - play and see." - Oxy (13-Apr-2009)

"It all starts with a wrong script.dat with no 'Secret Base in Paris' level available and you have to choose 'Stadt der Toten' instead. The starting room made me feel like being in a greenhouse rather than a base. Also I am not sure if an xmas tune is really appropriate for a non-xmas level like this. Incorrect inventory item names, wrong cupboard opening animation, missing water textures and some paper-thin walls are rather minor flaws, but missing climbable walls textures and getting stuck in dead ends are more severe. Being thrown to the desktop when loading a savegame isn't fun either. This makes the level quite annoying at times (e.g. when trying to put out a fire using the water bottle and Lara is always catching fire). While pushing or pulling blocks it happened to me that a mysterious power dragged Lara through the whole room and through the pushable blocks too and let her vanish in the wall. The whole level seems to be rather carelessly built, especially towards the end, with the unpleasant 'end of the world' effect in many places. This level could have been a good one if some more accuracy had been put into it." - Jerry (28-Feb-2009)

"There are quite a few things wrong with this level and the main one is that when you die or reload, you get thrown to your desktop. My advice would be, go back to the manual before anything else, as this is a waste of your own time. I also don't like the swimming animation in this level. I've seen it before and I still don't like it. It looks rather foolish that Lara's legs disappear into the floor when she stops swimming. Enemies popping out of thin air, no ceiling in a small passage, invisible blocks in front of doors and push blocks Lara also disappears into and the only way out is a crash. Climbing surfaces, lets not go into that as that is just plain annoying when they are not there as such" - Gerty (05-Feb-2009)

"It actually does not start all that bad if you let the fact aside that you can jump in (and out) of the little area for the first key without ever opening the door, but towards the end of this linear 40 minute adventure there is one unmarked climbable wall after another and that really takes a lot of the fun away for me. Other technical errors are there as well: thin walls, missing textures, end of the world, a screwed up script and also an incorrect pull animation that caused the level to crash. Thankfully you do not have to pull anything in this level, so just avoid that move. Key after Key, disc after dics and switch after switch here, with an occasional bunch of guards to kill. I probably liked the load.bmp and Lara's tatoo the best." - MichaelP (19-Jan-2009)

"A 40 minutes straightforward level. A hunt for many keys and some disks , with the occasional climb and walk on tightropes, and a very short use of a vehicle, with an unrealistic use of objects in general throughout the level. Some of the rooms seem unfinished, and the gameplay is buggy. Crashes when you reload in game , a few unmarked climbable walls, doors not placed in portals, crash when you manoeuvre the pushable object at the end, the first pushable boxes puzzle was buggy as well (Lara was stuck there) and I did not touch any of them in the warehouse near the end. Also one can be stuck for good at the beginning as it is possible to get the key without opening the door, also at the end there is a buggy water portal. The author should read the manual." - eRIC (17-Jan-2009)

"Oh dear, this is a bit amateurish to say the least. It's not well built, crashes when you reload (incredibly annoying) and looks nothing like a base (unless Paris has some really odd architecture these days). The rooms have trees growing in them and a really odd combination of textures, not to mention missing ceilings and a door that you don't need to open to access the area behind. True, there is quite a bit of crawling through ducts, which is very base like, but overall the base atmosphere is somewhat missing. There are a lot of guards to shoot, but revolver ammo is provided lavishly so no real challenge there. The gameplay is simple and not especially exciting. There's possibly the briefest ever buggy ride (which is a shame as I do like the buggy) and I really have to object to the unmarked climbing textures. I had to assume that the crash that occurred after I picked up the metal hand was the end of the level - hard to tell with this one." - Jay (16-Jan-2009)

"I never saw a level that had so many bugs and glytches! The most annoying thing is that you can load the game..every time you die it crashes to the desktop.And there are some pits from where you cant get out,so you have to load the game and it crashes again...:( There are some very well hidden jump switches at the beginning of the was so hard to find them that I almost tought it was a bug.A big minus for the climable walls...I never knew which wall is climable and which not. The level gets boring after 20-25 minutes.Everything is just repeating...get the key and open the door." - MpGrill (15-Jan-2009)
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