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Author(s): DarkRaver
total rating:7.39 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 7 8 8 8
Czar 8 7 7 9
eRIC 6 7 8 7
Gerty 6 7 8 7
Jay 7 7 8 7
Jose 7 7 7 8
MichaelP 6 7 8 7
Orbit Dream 6 7 8 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 7 7 8 8
Shady Croft 7 8 8 7
category averages
(11 reviews)
6.82 7.27 7.82 7.64

Reviewer's comments

"A very nice and solid, albeit brief debut level in classic Peruvian style. The atmosphere and surroundings are well constructed and the gameplay flows logically aside from one or two obscure moments (I speak of the torch puzzles, unless the bird symbol was the clue, in which case it didn't work for the second puzzle). I found no secrets, but enjoyed myself all the same." - Ryan (12-Oct-2017)

"Here we have a very nice looking Peru level, which was obviously built with textures from the BTB2008 wad. The level is quite short and has entertaining, but not very challenging game play. It was pretty fluent, except for the parts where Lara had to light several pedestals and there seemed to be no real system or hint on the order, so it turned out to be all trial and error or peeking into the walkthrough. The level had many nice spike traps of different sorts. There were also quite a few enemies like bears, wolves and angry natives. The skeletons in the fire maze were kind of annoying and it took a while to dispose of them. I did like the atmosphere and the general look and feel of the level and South America levels are usually my favorites. The texturing was well done and I couldn't find anything wrong with lighting. As a matter of fact, I thought the lighting was excellent. Since it is called Part 1 I am hoping for a Part 2 to be released at one time. It was a short and nice level and I would definitely recommend it. (About 30 minutes)" - Blue43 (12-Jan-2011)

"This one looks as if it might have been intended for the BtB Peru level competition but wasn't completed in time. If so, it would have been a worthy entry, and after my recent ordeal with Blue Spirit this was a pleasant half hour diversion. For such a short gaming experience the added sound files just made for a bloated download, and in keeping with my usual practice I didn't bother to convert them. Unique sounds are fine in their place, but please confine them to the multi-hour epics. The latter half of the level consisted of exploring four small rooms and solving a nice puzzle in each one to enable access to a skull. Nicely done, but a little short for a full-blown level." - Phil (10-Apr-2009)

"Entertaining this peruvian level. Easy to play with no problems in the gameplay, although in the room with five rolling balls and five pedestals I couldn't discover the hint to know what pedestals light. Small rooms well textured, no difficult timed runs, no bugs, correct architecture, I only found the shotgun as extra weapon and no secrets. No much more to say for this short level which I liked the style and the ambience." - Jose (18-Mar-2009)

"Never too grand and never too small, each room layout is nicely done here. Well textured, the environments are a pleasure to investigate and each puzzle element a pleasure to figure out. Whilst this won't stress your intelligence limits each part is well enough made as to keep the player's interest alive. Some of the puzzles consist of timed events, some of lighting the correct plinths, all quite standard fare, but enjoyable nonetheless. There are jump switches and platforms to be navigated, but all easy play. The first area then consists of a little swimming and the first of a couple of timed switches. Soon after we deal with a couple of skeletons to retrieve a key which allows us to move onto to more puzzles. There is a neat little underwater rolling ball that caught me totally unawares, followed by two slamming 'spear doors' which, as far as I could tell were utterly pointless. Making use of the torch here is never hindered by them. This area is followed by a maze peopled by skeletons which are actually very easy to avoid, though it's oddly accompanied by a cutscene audio from the Citadel Gate of TR4. After the maze is a very enjoyable set of puzzles for four artefacts, all nicely lit and nicely set up. The puzzles themselves are easy enough too. Enemies in this level consist of the aforementioned skeletons, some wolves, some tribesmen and some bears. Oh, and one or two bats. The bears being easiest to shoot as they tend to simply try to walk through the nearest wall. A short, well lit level that was a pleasure to play. Nothing here is too difficult and I look forward to part 2, hoping it is a good deal longer." - Czar (21-Feb-2009)

"Nice little romp and do keep in mind that some puzzles are trial and error. That is a real shame as I had quite a good time in this one. It was a tad too dark for my taste so the flares provided were not enough. In the outside area there is"the end of the world" but for the rest it had a good atmosphere. Enemies are: skeletons, natives, wolves, bats and bears, still hate to shoot those though. I even liked the maze, apart from the skeletons I encountered there, LOL." - Gerty (05-Feb-2009)

"This is the builder's first attempt at a level, and I think it's a pretty decent one. A neat Peruvian level that takes about 30 minutes to finish. The gameplay is rather linear but with a nice flow of progression. A one or 2 timed tasks, finding levers, jump switches and keys are the main things here, and they're accompanied by a nice set of traps, spikes, slicers and various enemies such as bats, skeletons and bears. Structuring and texturing of the level were overall good, but it could have been improved in some parts, and more attention to parts such as the end of the world issue around the end could have been made. Lighting was kind of full though, and in some parts I thought it was just abit darker than my liking. Overall, a nice little level. Not too easy but not too hard, good enough for a quite day. It ends abruptly, but here's hoping for the continuation soon. Well done !" - Shady Croft (26-Jan-2009)

"A solid little debut with a tried-and-trusted Peruvian theme,but with a couple of Gameplay elements which were far too cryptic for their own good and which rather spoilt the experience. The 'lighting the sconces to collect the key' puzzle was a rather random affair,but the 'rolling-boulder/burning key' conundrum was simply too esoteric for its own good and quite took the enjoyment away from me. Otherwise,it's all very capable.The end-of-the-world was easily acheivable at one point,but the interiors were nicely put together with never a texturing imperfection in sight and a very well-considered use of enemies. Nothing overly spectacular but nonetheless generally admirable,provided you have a Walkthrough to hand for the more obscure puzzles." - Orbit Dream (19-Jan-2009)

"TR1 meets BtB08...this is a solid and enjoyable debut set in good old Peru style with dogs, bats, natives and bears to fight and smooth progression for the 30 minutes it lasts, with a few fairly tame traps, a nice double timed run, a not so tricky maze and two torch puzzles which may have been very clever, but I simply had to resort to trial and error as I could not find any logic and that spoiled the fun a bit. Still, a good start and looking forward to seeing more from this bew builder." - MichaelP (19-Jan-2009)

"Firing up a game and finding the crowbar already in the inventory certainly makes me extremely well disposed towards the builder. This is only a short 30 minute level, but we will presumably be getting a part two. I hope so, because this is most enjoyable. It's a typical Peru setting with the usual elements in place, including shooting the pathetic bears (sob) and the gameplay is well rounded and readily achievable. It's a most creditable debut level and appears to have avoided the usual beginner's mistakes fairly well. I look forward to the continuation of the adventure." - Jay (18-Jan-2009)

"A Peruvian level with the usual textures plus some from TR3 (Tinnos,Poona) and fitted enemies such like skeletons , wolves , bears , and natives. The level is not long , under 30 minutes , and entertaining , with some puzzles including short timed runs, and use of torches. I quite like the use of the few skeletons in the level. In the last section there are 4 little quests to be done and a couple of them imply the use of symbols. One did not seemed to have any logic as you have to light 3 pedestals out of 6, 2 with a bird symbol and another one : why lighting this one and not the others ? The second one seemed more logical but the use of the same symbols on the path of the boulders can be very confusing , unless it was a red herring ; anyway this puzzle can not be reset. It is possible to reach the "end of the world" in the outside area. All in all certainly a recommanded level with good atmosphere for a first." - eRIC (17-Jan-2009)
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