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Author(s): Mateusz Froni
total rating:5.17 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Andzia9 3 3 5 2
Ceamonks890 3 5 5 4
eRIC 4 4 4 4
FX 7 6 7 8
Gerty 3 6 5 3
herothing 2 0 4 7
jawi 6 5 7 7
Jay 4 6 6 3
Jose 2 4 5 8
manarch2 2 5 6 5
MichaelP 4 6 6 4
MpGrill 7 8 10 8
Orbit Dream 5 5 6 4
Oxy 3 8 7 8
Razzi 5 6 7 5
Ryan 4 6 6 4
Shandroid 5 7 7 7
theDomino 5 4 6 4
category averages
(18 reviews)
4.11 5.22 6.06 5.28

Reviewer's comments

"A very brief and crisp demo of just over ten minutes and it's not half bad while it lasts, but there's just not enough to immerse yourself into for too long. I thought that the idea of the Manor going up in flames was a neat one, but all you essentially do is avoid the falling rubble and the fires scattered around and it ends at a rather odd point near a lever. The flare bug also kicks in and some of the texturing looked a bit amiss. I did like the background ambience track and the action-packed battle in the main hall, though." - Ryan (04-Apr-2019)

"A somewhat more faithful remake of the burning manor sequence from TR Underworld(compared to the last one I played by Daniel Inhoni), this attempt unfortunately suffers the most from a lack of proper polish. I will commend the builder for some things however, such as the music choices(despite swapping tracks around rather too quickly for the atmosphere to stay consistent in tone for long), objects fit the environment well, the main room lighting for the most part being relatively decent and the sequence involving soldiers sliding down ropes from a helicopter floating above the main hall, in a way seemingly inspired by the first Tomb Raider film, was a nice little touch. Unfortunately, that's where the pros end for me. There are several irritating glitches, objects aren't accustomed to the actual lighting in the current room, there are plenty of stretched textures and gameplay can verge on the point of frustration(whether that be through badly-placed flame triggers or just the level design as a whole.) Once you've pulled a lever down at some point, the game simply anticlimactically ends with no resolution to the events that we had just gone through at only 10 minutes long. Overall, an admirable first attempt by a new builder that shows potential, but ultimately comes up short. Seeing as this was the only release from Mateusz Froni though(at time of writing), I guess we'll never end up knowing if he would have ever improved in his future releases or not." - Ceamonks890 (17-Apr-2014)

"A good demo, and faithful remake of the Underworld Manor level. The mansion looked very good and textures were applied well. The fires go on your nerves when Lara always hits them, but as this level is really short, with only 10 minutes of a bit poor gameplay, no problem." - manarch2 (04-Feb-2011)

"A good demo, among a few bugs including one of the torch (which does not illuminate the hands, the same drawing, one sees nothing until you drop it), the bugs to ride, I was forced to do a headstand. After at enemies, I had the grenades to kill them, I have not seen secret ^ ^ But I think the full version will be well :)" - FX (18-Feb-2010)

"I thought this was a nice representation of a burning Croft Manor. The first part was better than the second part with the very nice looking enemies coming down on ropes from a helicopter, that was great. The next part was basically about finding a switch and no more tension at all. If the author continues work on this level, my advice would be to keep the pace fast and furious with a feeling that Lara could be crushed, burned or shot at any moment." - Shandroid (11-Apr-2009)

"I appreciate your try but i think next time you should actually try and kill the swats yourself. There wasnt nearly enough ammo and i was almost killed instantly. On the bright side. The lighting did create some suspense and the textures were well used" - herothing (09-Apr-2009)

"Not having played 'Underworld'(and not intending to for the forseable future)I have no idea how this compares with the original,although I doubt even Crystal Dynamics would include too many stretched textures and wafer-thin walls.Having observed many of these in this particular effort I can surmise,therefore,that this is an inferior remake - but it's an undeniably entertaining one,with lots of brisk action and plenty of forward movement;all accompanied by a vigorous music score. Those in the mood for a quick blast of entertainment will doubtless be rewarded." - Orbit Dream (21-Mar-2009)

"Very short this demo to can say something about it. I liked the ambience, textures and objects. Enemies are good too, but poor Lara doesn't have enough weapons and ammo to deal with them so, I had to avoid them in the main hall to reach the end trigger. There are not cameras and no puzzles too, some paper walls and few more to say." - Jose (18-Mar-2009)

"Lara escapes from burning ruined manor, which is nice build and textured. Too bad this is only a demo, level doesn't end properly. She didn't escaped, she is still somewhere in the basement. You must shoot some guards which land from helicopter. They are quite challenging and worth to fight. I found some doors which leads to nowhere and are only for decoration. This some kind of spoils the atmosphere. Approximately 20 minutes of game-play." - Oxy (13-Mar-2009)

"In most of cases demos aren’t good. This one isn’t an exception. Lighting is fine despite of some too bright or too dark places, but texturing is awful. In some places textures are stretched or bad put and this makes not good view of all custom. In main hall there are too many enemies and I had a problem to kill them, even with grenade launcher. Objects are too bright. Atmosphere would be better with another background track. Audio from “City of the Dead” should be changed. I hope author will work a lot on this custom before he will release the full version." - jawi (01-Mar-2009)

"This short demo is the second demo I've played that has been a remake of the Prologue level in TRU. Of course, this level is much better, due to the fact that there was hardly any substance to the other level, apart from running around, whereas this level shows that this builder has the knowledge to build level, although it's not a stunning one, either. The enemies were unexpected, and at first, with just the pistols, I found it hard to get past the main hall, but restarting and picking up the uzi's when I had missed them before, and the grenade gun, made things almost too easy. The level is incredibly short, although it shows some promise from the author, and I can only hope his next level is not a remake, but something more original that will showcase his talents. Of course, there was the flare bug in this level, which marks points down and the buggy pull-up animation got on my nerves too much, because sometimes I'd let go too early when it looked like she'd pulled up, and I'd fall into a pit of fire, to my death." - theDomino (18-Feb-2009)

"A 12 minutes mansion demo which is rather dynamic. Firstly some rooms with falling debris and fire to negotiate, then you get only a few Uzis ammo to deal with more than 6 gunmen in an ambush , they can shoot at Lara through the balustrades , but Lara can't. The end of the raid is more peaceful with mainly switches to activate. There is a few things that do not work too well, the Audio tracks are suitable with the gameplay but the first one is too loud , the static objects are lighted too brightly (there is too many objects in the rooms by the way) , some thin walls and the flares bug comes in the way in the last part of the level. Also there is doors you can open , but there is nothing behind , only the wall, but this can be explained by the fact it is only a demo..." - eRIC (14-Feb-2009)

"The idea was great, but you must still work in creating new levels. The flares dosen't work. Walls are too thin. But in the first time it's ok." - Andzia9 (29-Jan-2009)

"I rather like the burning mansion scenario, considering how often I've felt like torching the damn place myself. This is a ten minute demo, neither very good nor very bad, more just a bit pointless really. I haven't played Underworld (and probably won't because I like my Lara the good old fashioned way thank you so very much) so I can't comment as to how well this has captured it, but I'm never quite sure why builders want to recreate something that has already been done. Having the flare bug didn't help either, as away from the flames the place is very dark." - Jay (21-Jan-2009)

"OK, I can see the fascination of people to get something like the start of Underworld. Don't"demo" us young man. Give us a level that is finished and playable. Not that this isn't playable, but there is still a lot of work to do, even in this small demo. Paper-thin walls, textures that need a lot of attention, even missing textures and watch out for collision in the small places. The jumping up didn't work right and the swimming...., sorry I still think it looks pretty weird that Lara goes horizontal every time she stops. And then a demo is a demo is a demo." - Gerty (19-Jan-2009)

"The second attempt at rebuilding the burning Underworld Croft Manor as a Custom Level and contrary to the very poor first effort, this one is a commendable little effort as a debut level from this author. Not all that much to do on the gameplay front as you make your way through in a linear fashion, occasionally flipping a switch or pushing an object out of the way, but there is a pretty good battle to fight in the main hall and the explosions and supporting audio work pretty well. Textures and lighting need attention though. Many of the objects are tinted much too brightly for the otherwise gloomy setting and with the many flames the flare bug inevitably hits (could maybe be avoided by triggering off those flame emitters that Lara has passed already). It finishes rather suddenly after just over 10 minutes but I still thought it was worth a quick look." - MichaelP (18-Jan-2009)

"A little 10 minutes level inspired by Tomb Raider Underworld level in burning Manor. This is the second one remake of this level, but this is better than first. I'm building Manor level too and it is really strange that builder use the same objects like me. switches, enemies, background music from TRU (its name is Amanda's ship extended) It is really bad, that flares don't work. If you use a lot of flame emitters you should deactivate them if you dont need them. Then will flare works." - Razzi (18-Jan-2009)

"This could have been a great demo with just a litle bit more work in the level editor,but I enyojed this demo anyway.I had the feeling of playing Underworld again:)I was really suprised by some effects and how the author made the looked fantastic and pretty realistic. There were also some nice ideas in the gameplay. The music was good but the author should put another horizon becauze the city of the dead horizon didnt fit well inside such a level.There is a hard fight in the main hall of the croft manor...really really hard!!!The objects had to be more darker cauz they were like glowing in the dark rooms.If there were no bugs(flares and sometimes buggy climbing...its neccessery to hold up and ctrl until lara gets up) I would give a higher note. I think that everyone should play this demo,its short(10-15 min.) and you will see a beautiful designed croft manor with great effects.I really hope that the author will fix the bugs,objects lightning,hirizon and upload a finished version(and a little bit longer) of the game!!! :)" - MpGrill (18-Jan-2009)
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