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Author(s): Gabriel Croft
total rating:6.21 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Andzia9 7 7 7 8
Christian 5 5 6 8
Gerty 3 7 6 7
herothing 7 8 7 7
Jay 5 8 6 8
Jerry 5 7 7 7
Jose 3 6 7 8
MichaelP 4 8 6 7
Orbit Dream 2 6 6 7
Phil 5 6 6 7
Ruben 3 6 5 7
Ryan 4 7 6 6
Scottie 4 5 7 9
Torry 7 4 9 7
category averages
(14 reviews)
4.57 6.43 6.50 7.36

Reviewer's comments

"This level had it's good and bad points but honestly, without a walk through you will be drowning more times than not. I believe the author of this was very young when this level was constructed so hats off to that. At least he had a go. I thought the underwater vistas were grand, with the jellyfish, plant life and sharks. The floating med pack that you pick up was something I had not seen before so applause here please. What I did not like was at the beginning the tiny tiny key you had to locate. ALL the other keys were 10 times as large. Why was that one so small that it made it almost impossible to find? Then the swim through textures *sigh*. How is the player supposed to discern this in game? Answer they cannot so that is unfair and unethical. Authors please take note." - Torry (25-Mar-2018)

"This builder has come a long way since his dismal fledgling efforts. This isn't one of them, but neither it is one of his best. I'm generally quite partial to ship levels but what I do NOT like is scouring virtually every inch of the underwater depths for keys that blend in so well that you'll likely swim past them a few times. Even with the walkthrough it took me a bit of time to locate the very first key. This concept of gameplay, along with a few unmarked walls and overly long swimming passages, did nothing more than irritate me and cause me to be ill-disposed towards the level. The enemies were well placed and the settings all right, but not as attractive as this builder's later levels. Overall, quite frustrating." - Ryan (19-Mar-2018)

"This is one of the builder's earlier levels, released when he was only 13. He's come a long way since then, as witness the scores of his recent offerings. Ship Graveyard, however, is not among his nobler efforts. It's tailor made to be played in god mode, where one can swim around at leisure in search of nearly invisible keys and the few wall textures scattered about that are phantom instead of solid, all without having to worry about drowning. Without Harry Laudie's walkthrough I wouldn't even have bothered, even though he made a rare error in sending the player SW for the first obscure key when he should have said SE. Even playing in god mode with a walkthrough, it took me nearly an hour to get all the way through, and I was wishing for it all to end long before then." - Phil (19-Jan-2018)

"Sometimes I wonder what's going on in a builder's mind when they lead the player through huge underwater areas not knowing what to look for or what to do next while diving over long distances without a reachable airhole to avoid at least permanent drowning during the search. And why make keys almost invisible and enemies so hard to kill with only the pistols in your backpack? It took me 1 big and 1 small medipack to get rid of them. Not to mention the missing camera hints and missing sounds. Instead of working sounds there appeared a permanent and annoying kind of warning sound after loading a savegame, even restarting a new game didn't fix this, so I finally had to shut off the sounds options. Apart from that the look of the level was not bad, with water plants and jelly fish, broken chests and cannons and such. But the gameplay with all that searching was not much of my liking." - Jerry (17-Jul-2009)

"Sorry to say that in here you find everything that is a big NO-NO in my book of raiding. Going from A to Z and back again is one thing, trying to find the first tiny key in a vast underwater area where there is no way to catch some needed air, is another. Swim through walls and unmarked pushable blocks and even one push block that one cannot push are also not on my list of favourable gameplay. It is a pity though as I was looking forward after playing the first level by this builder. Textures could use attention as well that I spotted some paper-thin wall as well in here. Still have no clue what Lara had to do in a small swim-through place near the submarine and I had no clue what I had to do most of the time, as camera work is nonexistent." - Gerty (09-Jun-2009)

"Short and easy level. Beautiful lagoons and many underwater buildings. Some rooms are dark, but there are enough flares. Some animations are strange. We can meet few enemies: thugs, dog, sharks and minisub. And it\'s funny: you can shoot minisub with your weapons." - Andzia9 (30-May-2009)

"This could be a better game only changing a few details in the gameplay. It's not a good idea to place a very small key with the same color of the tile where it was throwed anywere in a big area and limited air, having to return often to an air hole to replenish your lungs. Another very bad idea was to hide very small crawlspaces behind solid textures without a hint to find the way. Another times you arrive to the places without the necessary items or keys and you have to return and explore again huge areas. All this ruined the gameplay (I was generous giving a 3 score). Rest of the game was good, well placed enemies, appropriate ambience, nice textured and not much darkness. I couldn't find secrets. At the end Lara founds nothing in the pedestal! (???)" - Jose (25-May-2009)

"I thought this was a great level with many great aspects. I thought the ship itself, i think it was the ship at the start was very ocnfusing to find itself around although i thought the design wa fairly good but i did find some squished textures. A great game. Overall - 7.25" - herothing (16-May-2009)

"Getting annoyed about some weird and confusing gameplay is one thing, cooling down and reviewing another. My very short comment is : I would not want to play this one again at any other time . If you are in doubt about downloading it do what I did : Start up again one of Lawthers Masterpieces and enjoy !" - Ruben (12-May-2009)

"I had a love/hate relationship with this one. I love ship levels and we do seem to have been starved of the genre of late. This started out most promisingly, but rather quickly devolved into an irritation. The annoying sound file that kept repeating every few seconds did nothing to endear the level to me and, since I was unable to get rid of it, I ended up playing with no sound at all which rather killed the atmosphere. I liked the look of the level and some of the gameplay was entertaining, but overall it didn't live up to my expectations following this builder's debut level. Disappointing." - Jay (12-May-2009)

"I guess my review could simply be a copy of what Marksdad has already said. Ship levels are few and far between and this could have been a nice one if the author had not gone through a great deal of effort to turn gameplay to be as annoying and unfair as possible. Next time I would suggest a few beta testers who would immediately open the builder's eyes that unmarked swim through walls and tiny objects in large rooms are NOT fun. If you save yourself from the pain of searching for those by utilizing the helpful screenshots in the stuck threads then it does play rather fluently and has its moments, but you will likely still finish it in a bit of a bad mood. A pity, really..." - MichaelP (11-May-2009)

"Lara has found a ship wreck. Or several? In any case, her curiosity is woken up. She must find an idol and several keys, flee before sharks, fight against rowdies and shooting-furious types, move blocks, bring an easy time run behind her and dive of course a lot and long distances. With this level I ask myself what the level builder has thought to himself, besides. No question, the level is built and textured very well. The areas are formed diverse and the lighting fits very well. But, now it comes a big BUT. How can he hide the keys partly so well, that one could search for it for hours . How can he camouflage narrow passageways in such a way which one can only find them if one is with a Flare in the hand directly before it. One runs like a headless chicken in the area, is, if one looks under water, constantly at drown, has all possible curses on the lips and pushes frustration without ends. This must not really be. Also the sound is faulty. Result: Though the level looks good, but the Gameplay has completely failed" - Scottie (11-May-2009)

"I can't say that I'm the greatest fan of underwater lung-busting levels,but they can be entertaining provided progression is clear enough.In this particular adventure,you generally have no clue where to go or what to do for most of the time that you're swimming around. As you watch your air supply inexorably dwindle,you can console yourself with the foreknowledge (assuming you've read this review)that the items needed for progression are hidden so unfairly(frequently behind ridiculous swim-through walls) that you're failure to make much progression is the builders fault,and not yours. Indeed,almost every 'gameplay no-no' is committed here: a very small key pick-up hidden in a huge underwater area which can only be explored at your peril,due to a Shark constantly nipping at your toes;crawl-through walls;unmarked pushable blocks;underwater mazes;incredibly long swims. The game also crashes at one point if you're reckless enough to look around. In terms of atmosphere,it works well enough in places;although the aforementioned swim/walkthrough walls do their best to ruin the verisimilitude of a submerged ship.Enemies are placed well (if you don't mind bothersome sharks) and I enjoyed some of the object placement,particularly the floating furniture.Textures are used competantly and lighting shows signs of innovation,but absolutely nothing can compensate for the flaws in gameplay.Ultimately,it sinks under the weight of it's own longeurs; a classic example of life immitating Art!" - Orbit Dream (11-May-2009)

"Solving puzzles is one of the basic components of TR. I don't mind well hidden items, but puzzles should be comprehensible and coherent. If I have to swim against any solid looking structure because it could be a passage by accident, if I have to hit 'ctrl' in front of any block for it could be an unmarked pushable one, gameplay will be lost. The annoying sound may be caused by a mistake I made during installation, so I don't want to talk about it. There are good ideas in there. It's a pity, that a good concept is derogated by such needless complications. I'm looking forward to playing upcoming levels from this promising author; but he should keep his players in mind." - Christian (11-May-2009)
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