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Author(s): Charlie Sewell
total rating:1.80 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 1 2 2 1
Daffy 2 3 3 2
DJ Full 2 5 4 3
eRIC 1 3 2 1
Gerty 1 2 2 1
herothing 0 1 0 0
Jay 1 2 1 1
Jose 2 2 3 1
Leeth 1 1 0 1
manarch2 1 2 2 1
MichaelP 3 5 4 2
Orbit Dream 3 2 2 2
Ryan 1 2 1 1
Scottie 3 4 3 2
Zhyttya 0 1 1 0
category averages
(15 reviews)
1.47 2.47 2.00 1.27

Reviewer's comments

"Still not much improvement made from the previous episodes. The textures are ever so slightly better than before, but still badly applied all over the place, so the atmosphere again doesn't really resemble AoD. You would also have to really use your imagination to try and find any resemblance to anything the builder mentions in his walkthrough like trains and a garage and such, as the rooms are just huge boxes with wafer thin walls and barely any furniture. The maze sections were the pits and should have been left out in my opinion. The enemies are enjoyable to take down (especially considering you pick up loads of revolvers beforehand) and the secrets show some thought, but I'd still say this is one for hardcore reviewers only." - Ryan (04-Jun-2018)

"I'm sorry but i had to give 0 on the gameplay. This is probably the most tedious TRLE i've played so far. The 1 point that i gave on the other topics where because of how much fun it was to one shot enemies with the desert eagle and because the songs from AoD are a charm to listen to. Textures where horribly used such as level design. Don't remember the last time i saw such long and HUGE rooms. Long crawl corridors and labyrinth on the last level really consumed my patience. Story short i don't recommend this level. It is really boring and tedious." - Zhyttya (27-Feb-2017)

"A painful experience this level. Everything is so big, so random and so exhausting to do. Massive open areas, massive indoor areas, massive labyrinths. There are to many enemies in the beginning, and then you just can one shot everything. The random cameras didn't help neither the random "open trap doors". You go trough most of the level guessing "oh this must but X area from the original" because all you have is your imagination to help you make every single area something bearable. The only challenge in this level is to handle your self no to close it" - Leeth (27-Feb-2017)

"Another ambitious project of a builder who knows the basics but doesn't utilize them with time and patience tried to execute and failed. A "revision" means improvement, especially needed in case of butchered AOD. A bunch of team builders is currently attempting to repair it, but fixing all the flaws left in the original game have taken them few years already, not few days like it could have been in case of what we have here. Hordes of attacking bats and SASes, doors opening on approach or skippable triggers are a standard here. The Parisian streets are large and crude yet the author correctly remembered the general layout of the original map so memories somehow appear in our head though they're like a misshaped dream or a distant tower bell heard from a field far away from the town. The Serpent Rouge is a bit better, I like how each enemy drops his weapon and there's even a "lighting rig" but even more severely broken than I recall it. The following Aicard Graveyard is a totally relaxing break which may end after five or one minute depending if we use the obvious shortcut or not, though I preferred not, for the trapdoor puzzle is kinda worth to attempt despite of involving trial and error. But then comes a true nightmare: the author remembered Bouchard's Hideout as narrow and gloomy, and cared to picture it like this, so here it comes - a crude crawlspace lasting for minutes which feel like hours. The builder also remembered there were traps... so a dozen rollingballs can hit our head without any warning. Nothing on earth should be designed the way which is that bad - and this is why it's all underneath. This is why one needs to be at least 13 to join the internet community. Not to protect children, but to protect adults FROM children. Imagine how many of these creations of developing brain would be around if the age limit was just one or two years down. I agree there are exceptions, like Raider99 whose great talent has been obviously noticed... but exceptions are indeed exceptional, and so rare each one can be analyzed and handled separately. Thankfully we don't have to backtrack through that maze. And at least in the end we get a proper conclusion with two bossfghts and a getaway, plus a quite crazy secret in form of robbing the pawnshop from everything Rene has stuffed - so I can see the spark of integrity has been eventually lit, proving the builder has indeed learnt something during the process. SUMMARY: After putting Your hands on this level, You're likely to enjoy the original AOD even if You were its devoted disliker. Surely someone creative is behind it all, but definitely too much of unguided execution has remained inside his imagination so You really, really need to engage Your own to notice the raw sketch of this release makes sense. Can be played, but the last level should be preceded with a large chocolate bar - and a real one, to avoid any doubt." - DJ Full (30-Apr-2015)

"And so we continue down the cavalcade of badly-designed, boring attempts from Charlie Sewell at remaking levels from TR Angel of Darkness, with the only real pros being the use of objects, textures and respective tunes from the actual game itself, alongside a few basic fixed cameras in the 'Le Serpent Rouge' level. Outside of that however, this levelset falls apart from the get go in other major areas and never really recovers. Better off avoiding this release altogether, especially if you own AoD in your gaming collection." - Ceamonks890 (14-Apr-2014)

"I played the levels of this series in a pretty random order, and obviously have missed those part. All in all, it's a pretty unattractive level with very bad texturing (no wall dividing at all again, wallpapers, ...), nearly no lighting and all and very poor architecture. The only things I liked were the soundtracks in each level, some fixed cams and the first room of the disco which looked okay (but still with pretty low standards). It doesn't really help if you played AOD, because it is even more disturbing that those bland rooms actually want to show reminiscances of the levels in this game (who, for example, would think that the starting room of the first level represents a train?). The gameplay is fairly boring because of way too large distances which have to be travelled, and I must say that I unashamedly used DOZY to get through the tedious crawl-/underwater mazes. The ten secrets in this level are easily found, maybe the one in the graveyard level is more interesting, although the unfair trapdoor puzzles somewhat makes it down. All in all not a very enjoyable and pretty rushed effort which I can't recommend in any way. 40 minutes." - manarch2 (27-Feb-2014)

"While reading the walkthrough provided by the author in the download , I was puzzled to see that I have visited all these places, as some areas in this adventure does not ressemble to anything. Sometimes I thought : am I in a street , in a warehouse ? That speaks volumes of the realism of the setting. Wall segmenting , how to avoid thin walls and floors , between other things, are explained in the Manual. The first level was the worst, the following are better at times, for example the first area in the 2nd level, and the 3rd level can be extremely short but pleasant. As for the last one, too bad there is these mazes. A short game except if you go for all secrets." - eRIC (21-Jul-2009)

"As already stated in a review that level jumping is explained in the manual, I got more the impression that this builder, just glanced through that book, as there is so much more that he could have taken to heart and build an even better level(s) with it. But that shouldn't discourage him to keep on building. Just back to the basics I would say. Especially at he dividing of the walls so that the textures aren't stretched and also do take care of the paper-thin wall. Experience with the lights so that not everything is so bright." - Gerty (12-Jun-2009)

"When finishing the first level I thought it should be the same bored game than the previous post, but in the next levels I noticed some good details. Even so, the game is not very different than the previous levels. I didn't like the annoying underwater labyrinth and the long crawling in the last level. I continue without understand why all this huge boxes (rooms?) interconnected without objects or furniture inside, all those wafer thin walls which could be avoided easily raising some blocks, an all those stretched textures which could be avoided easily making the rooms with a normal size. It seems that the author be in a mad rush to release the levels and finish the whole remake." - Jose (09-Jun-2009)

"Parisian Ghetto (2/5/3/1, 15 min, 3 secrets): If there was any improvement vs the previous levels by this author it does not yet show in this first part. Still the rooms are too huge, the textures all stretched, the walls thin and the one little element of gameplay - a floor trigger tile with a different texture - is a bit obscure. What stands out though is a mildly pleasureable hunt for the secrets and if you like to shoot guards and bats you can have some fun here as well.
Le Serpent Rouge (4/5/4/2, 10 min, 3 secrets): I did like this part better actually. A few levers, a few fixed cameras put to good use, some coloured lights adding to a hint of atmosphere, a few smaller rooms used and a bit of jumping to do. Way too many useless pickups of course, but somehow I like the fact that each of the MPs dropped their weapon when they died - and thus you can collect plenty revolvers in this part.
St.Aicard's Graveyard (3/5/4/3, 10 min, 1 secret): Can be a very quick level if you ignore the one secret that has you jump a trial & error trapdoor course high up.
Bouchard's Hideout (2/4/3/3, 25 min, 3 secrets): Just when I warmed up ever so much for this adventure, the author decides to kill all the fun by throwing in two of the biggest no-no's in custom level building history: a crawlspace maze and an underwater maze in quick succession. Yikes! If not for that, this last part had some good ideas and again the secrets are fun to get.
All in all, yes, some progress, but ever so slightly only and still such a way to go that I am not sure I want to encourage the builder to continue. One advice for him: Maybe play a whole bunch of custom levels first to get a better feel for what's possible and then decide where your building career should go..." - MichaelP (02-Jun-2009)

"This level is abysmal. There is no story to it (i think) and i dont recognise any of the rooms from AOD. Sound is implemented at times but lasts for far too long. Enemies are SAS peole who are in very high amounts. There is also a lot of ammo around, too much and to add to that, every time you kill an enemy they drop a gun! There arent any puzzles or gameplay and there isnt any progression in level 1 seeing as though the climb thing doesnt work. Lighting is poor and textures are even worse, they are stretched and used far too much. Overall 0.25/10" - herothing (01-Jun-2009)

"Before commencing this set of four levels,do please take a glance at the accompanying Walkthrough;for it is poignantly clear that the builder believes this adventure to be far better than it actually is.Tantalising mentions in the text of railway trains,town squares,cafe's and nightclubs leads the player to become eager to begin the adventure and immerse themselves in the atmospheric surroundings - alas,you would need a fertile imagination indeed to recognise any of these afore-mentioned things within the massive stretched-textured,unlit and empty rooms. Somewhere during the third level my Washing Machine Repairman arrived and I neglected to put the game on 'pause'.After a quick consultation (during which,you'll be delighted to know,it was ascertained that my Washing Machine did not have a fault serious enough to need fixing;thereby saving me money)I returned to the game and quickly finished the adventure...but,due to allowing the game to run in the interim,my stats showed that it had taken me well over an hour to complete.This is,of course,entirely innacurate as each level lasts no more than ten minutes (indeed,the 3rd was over after it had barely started);nonetheless,there is a degree of substance to all this,and a few places (shimmy passages;a block-pulling task;the hiding place of a key) where elements of gameplay are evident.Camera's are occasionally used effectively,and the music sounds classy.It is an improvement over Charlie's earlier levels,without a doubt; but it's still a profound disapointment and he really ought to spend some time poring over the Manual before continuing with this series." - Orbit Dream (01-Jun-2009)

"Whatever for a story Charlie has written in the Readme, you can forget it immediately, because rather a cow becomes an Olympic champion in the spear throwing, than you find here any resemblance to AOD. First a few facts: -all the same whether you are within or outside from buildings, stretched textures meet you wherever one goes. Except of course in the rooms which are only 4 clicks high. -all the same whether you are within or outside from buildings, you will find almost always bald and very empty areas. Can be which sometimes somewhere a few boxes are lying round. Or a black car. But it was this then already. -all the same whether you are within or outside from buildings, mostly everything is gigantic. There are of course also a few exceptions. A few rooms are as high as Lara and there is a crawl maze. It becomes really strangely in the fourth level. After two mazes Lara still runs through a few rooms, rises a ladder upwards and is again outside. With an Egypt horizon. In the middle of Paris. Must I specially mention the paper-thin walls in the whole level? I don't think so. But I want not only grumble. You can recognise also progress. They cannot polish up of course the overall impression splendidly, but it's land in sight. If it is still a long way off. Opponents are SAS-Soldiers, dogs, MP's, Baddies and bats. Lara finds plenty of weapons, ammunition and Medipacks, hence, the opponents are no problem. It would be really nice if Charlie would read through the Reviews and asks some experienced level builder for help. But I fear, we can wait for it a long time" - Scottie (01-Jun-2009)

"I'm trying really hard to find anything positive to say about this level and failing utterly. Regrettably, it encompasses just about every fault an inexperienced builder can possibly make and because I can't find anything good to say about it, I'm going to shut up now." - Jay (01-Jun-2009)

"Well, here is a level which asks for some more job. Rather than to make big empty space of sense, I will recommend to the author to begin with smaller rooms by decorating them a bit, this will be deja nicer for the player. Then envisage a holding of game which brings a minimum of research and of interest in group. In short, study his affair before constructing. It is better needed a small successful level than 4 dècevants levels. Grieved for this strict judgement." - Daffy (01-Jun-2009)
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