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Author(s): Francesco Venco
total rating:9.06 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Andzia9 9 9 9 9
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
Daffy 8 9 10 10
dmdibl 10 9 10 9
eRIC 8 10 9 8
EssGee 9 10 9 8
Gerty 9 8 9 8
herothing 10 10 9 8
Jack& 7 8 9 7
jawi 9 8 10 9
Jay 10 9 10 9
Jose 10 10 10 10
Juno Jim 8 8 9 9
MichaelP 9 8 9 8
Nina Croft 9 9 10 8
Orbit Dream 10 10 10 10
Phil 10 10 10 10
Raider99 10 8 10 8
Roli 9 9 9 9
Ryan 10 10 9 9
Samu 9 8 9 8
Scottie 10 10 10 10
Shandroid 9 8 9 8
Spike 9 8 8 6
totizedger 9 9 9 8
category averages
(25 reviews)
9.20 9.00 9.40 8.64

Reviewer's comments

"Don't dismiss this brilliant adventure for being TR1 based. This is a wonderful, cracking little adventure that will keep you entertained for a while. Each level has some very inventive gameplay touches such as thought provoking block puzzles, flipmaps, switch puzzles, a torch puzzle and plenty of gymnastics. The graphics are also much sharper than they were in TR1 and the surroundings are pleasing throughout. Warmly recommended." - Ryan (30-Aug-2017)

"Old school in a new way – that could be a description of this three-level game. Everything here seems to be carefully considered and planned. The adventure takes us on a TR1-stylized ride and it grips the player from the very first seconds. The climax is wisely built with the first level being a sort of a “dark intro” with the atmosphere of abandonment and mystery, whereas the second one is a kind of a pleasant breeze with the outdoor area being really refreshing. Then, the third one – the big, action-filled conclusion with the raised level of difficulty. As many described here, the player is given a choice whether to be able to save indefinite or limited number of times. I picked up the challenge and managed to face it (with the help of the “repeating crystal” bug in the first level), but I found myself often repeating certain sequences and quite a few times I wanted to quit, but in the end the satisfaction is really tangible (although I doubt that I will choose that option ever again). I’m not a very skilled player, and despite that fact I managed to complete the game, so maybe this way is worth consideration. The core of the game for me is the old school atmosphere – I love the classic Tomb Raider games, but Francesco has managed to bring their best aspects to a whole new level. The perfect lighting – not too dark, but still leaving a few things out of sight, not too colourful, but exactly as it should be. At a few places I was blown away by the perfect choice of fog bulbs, in “The Old Empire” level for example, where they create the “steamy” effect on lava. The other big advantage of the game is the gameplay, which is incredibly creative, what I can tell not only as a reviewer, but as a builder. My favourite part is the trapdoor timed run in the third level, which is made of simple objects, but gives the player a beautiful opportunity to show off their skills. I also enjoyed all the fights, which I believe are well balanced, considering the impressive amount of ammo given. Besides I would like to praise the titles of the levels and of the whole game – intriguing and inventive, aren’t they? The weak points are lack of new objects and their seldom appearance (what may be understood because of the “old school” building concept), usage of 64x64 textures (with the same explanation as above) and [spoilers!] no ending cherry (a flyby etc.) – the game simply ends with Lara climbing on a rock. There could be something more. About the ending: I didn’t quite get the idea of the last two big balls – does it mean that Lara let something from the Empire live? Or are they the “remnants” from the title? Concluding, this game is definitely worth playing – obligatory for the Tomb Raider 1 fans and worth giving a shot to everyone else. I had a great time playing it and I look forward to a future game of Francesco, that will be TR2-stylized (his last one is more TR3-based), because he really understands these games. This whole custom is quite a remnant of an empire itself…" - jawi (01-Feb-2016)

"It's not really my type to review older reviews while the same builder has newer and better ones, but I had to. A really small adventure in the style of TR1 levels. I enjoyed every second of it, it wasn't hard nor too easy. Some puzzles were really clever and interesting, the old empire entrance for example... The visuals were really great, faithful to the original, I have never understood the beauty of those TR1 textures until now! I was running around a lot searching for secrets, but unfortunately found only 2! However, I think there were a bit too much enemies which forced me to run away and ignore them or at least climb onto blocks where they can't reach me and then shoot. Even if level was beautifully textured, the builder didn't really pay attention to light cracks which occurred really often during the game. Overall, a really enjoyable TR1 styled adventure. If you want something casual, yet challenging, definitely recommended!" - Raider99 (24-Jan-2015)

"In this adventure we discovered Lara in Peru to discovered another Scion hidden in the Andes by Qualopec. I have very enjoying this adventure who remember the original Tomb raider but whis very interesting puzzles and NG features. There are 2 levels in a Peru design (caves, temples, mountains and valley) and one whis an atlantean design (this one is my personnal favorite). For me, I have used the crystals save because it give a personnal atmosphere like the first episode on Playstation and aloso because it's more challenging. Like tr1, we rediscovered enemies of Peru and Atlantis like wolfs, bats, dinausors, atlanteans creaturs. The adventure is not very dark. There are evrything to do a good Tomb Raider in this game ... So if you are a fan of the first episode and if you search news challenges this adventure is for you. It's my personnal favorite adventure by the Francesco. Very recommended and congratulation to the author." - Bigfoot (26-Nov-2014)

"Wow was this a fun adventure or what. I really had a great time playing this levelset which was filled with very clever puzzles, fun timed runs. The adventure begins in a Classic TR1 setting which is also the weakest out of all the levels but it still is well made and fun to play through. Now the last 2 levels are nothing short of perfection in terms of gameplay. After a visit to the Caves you come to a big and beautiful valley filled with fun tasks such as the torch puzzle, timed runs and pushable block puzzles. Before you enter the next level there is a very clever lever puzzle with four rotating wheels where you have to get them aligned perfectly to open the door to the next level. The last level is a great example of how to make a good ending. I really liked the room with elevating tiles where you have to get to each lever to open a door. The Atlantis textures are used very well here and the lava was well made. Gameplay consists of many challenging and fun tasks for you to do for example the timed tiles puzzle which i thought was nothing short of brilliant. This adventure will not be forgotten because it really was one of the most enjoyable levels i've played and being in a TR1 setting made me think about my childhood when i played the original TR1 for the first time and thought it was amazing. Highly recommended!!!!" - totizedger (15-Nov-2014)

"I must say that I immensely enjoyed playing this set of three levels, initially expecting to see just another Peruvian level, but eventually realizing that it is all but "just another" Peruvian level. The builder smoothly introduces us to the story and gameplay, giving us a typical Peruvian level with huge caves hiding remnants of the temple... As you slowly progress through the level, you become so hooked that you'll probably won't be able to leave the game aside until you finish it. Although the first level is much or less classic and nothing spectacular, the things changes radically as soon as you enter the big valley with dinos at the beginning of the second level. To make things even more interesting and unpredictable, the builder brings us to the Atlantean level afterwards, which represents simply the perfect culmination to the game. Puzzles are extremely well elaborated and thought of, and the reason why I did not give 10 but "only" 9 is the straight forwardness of the gameplay. But apart from that, the gameplay with puzzles is simply astonishing, never boring, and most importantly, WELL BALANCED. You won't get bored, or irritated, as the builder paid a lot of attention to combine puzzle, climbing, swimming, action and traps into a perfect adventure. The overall geometry of the level is PERFECT. I cannot imagine a Peruvian/Atlantean level (especially the second level here) being better built when it comes to geometry. Enemies are well placed, the builder could have used a bit more objects to decorate his excellent level, secrets are cleverly hidden and not too difficult to find. When it comes to atmosphere, sound and cameras, I cannot say that I found any mistakes here. The builder wanted to bring back some memories on TR1 and he did it successfully. Lighting is almost perfect, while the weakest point of the level is its texturing. The builder chose nice textures, but created too many cracks, which also affected the lighting in some areas. I suggest that he use the Crack Mode in the Editor in order to prevent this. I am definitely curious now to play the newest level of this builder, as this level was SO INTERESTING to play. I can highly recommend this level to all, beginners and experienced players, for it is not too hard and also, not too easy. There are some pretty nice moments to be seen and puzzles to solve. All in all, a half of a day (gross) spent in playing these three levels, and I cannot say that I have wasted a single second of it!" - Nina Croft (12-Oct-2013)

"For an obscure reason I never reviewed this level, although I have played it before. Never mind though as now a couple of years later it still is a great one. Don't be fooled it is not an easy one and like always I got lost completely at times. Everything that a Tomb Raider game should have is in here. No new gadgets just plain"old raiding". There are some illegal slopes and some areas could use some TLC on the textures, and at my end it was rather dark. Going back in time when it all started with TR1, nice. Take your time and enjoy." - Gerty (23-Apr-2013)

"I can only guess that I had a bit of an overload from the BtB2008 competition at the time and hence did not play this Peru themed adventure right after its release, which is usually what I would do, because I really enjoy the theme. Finally got around to it 3 years (!) later and what a gem I have missed all this time! It is actually an adventure that is better than the mere scores may indicate - my own as well as the averages in general, because it wonderfully grows on you and it appears the builders skills have been growing while he was building the levels as well. So, one by one...
Holy Waters (8/8/9/7, 40 min, 3 secrets): Dive into the TR1 style Peru here with a fairly dark and also a little bit dull start of the adventure that soon opens up though with a few nice flybys and battles with wolves, bats and harpies, a clever push puzzle or two and clever double use of switches. Plenty of swimming to do as you need to fill pools with water and a timed run to spice things up at the end.
Path of the Gods (10/8/9/8, 40 min, 2 secrets): I loved the design of how this level is one big puzzle to work through. You explore in and around, up and down a large valley, which includes many clever jumps, use of sinks when you swim, a nice use of the torch and even the TRex at the end, although it is easily avoided. The dozen or so raptors were a little much maybe as they are not hard but tedious to kill.
The Old Empire (10/9/10/9, 35 min, 1 secret): A twist to the story line here as you move into more of an alien/Atlantis style setting with a great puzzle at the start to open the (cool looking) temple doors. And it gets only better from there with great lava rooms, perfect use of a variety of elevators, which is quite original indeed and they are even included in a timed trapdoor run. There are a few Atlantis mummies to battle, but the level is more about agility than fighting.
Like I said at the start, this is a very well rounded adventure that was great fun to play and should be on everybody's playlist at some point in time." - MichaelP (06-Jun-2012)

"Another successful level in the style of Peru and Atlantis. Perfectly matched textures, made the premises and areas were beautiful. Music from TR1 perfectly fit to the climate." - Andzia9 (13-Oct-2010)

"The game takes place in Peru and has some innovative moments to experience in a setting which has similar kind of atmosphere as TR1. Gameplay is enhanced with unusual and surprising ideas such as the save game system involving save crystals which you can choose in beginning if you are in the mood for some challenge. Other interesting features that come to mind are the smartly used elevators in last level and the symbol puzzle which is something really especial I've never seen before in custom levels. These ideas together with many other ones spiced up very nicely the gameplay which mainly involves rather standard but however entertaining jumping, exploring, timed runs and so on. Choice and placement of objects is done well and so is the use of enemies that are mainly wolves, dinos and atlantean monsters. I also don't have much to complain about the cameras nor audio tracks that are both used in appropriate situations. Textures are from TR1 and there's nothing new about them but they are in any case applied well to the environment to make it look nice even though slightly uninspired at times in my opinion. Briefly it's a very entertaining and sometimes also very surprising game which I can recommend for everybody and especially for those who like Peruvian and Atlantean settings in TR1 style. Good job in all aspects." - Samu (08-Aug-2009)

"Very interesting game !!! I didn't like the crystal / save thing. Luckily, I found a place early on, that let you "load up" on crystals, by returning to the same spot over & over... However, there were some unique ideas, and very new dynamic puzzles. In fact, the swing around the pole was a puzzle in itself !!! I never expected to see the progression to an alien environment - I love those kind of twists !!! There is so much you can do, once you've accepted that there are no rules - good work Francesco !!!" - Juno Jim (01-Aug-2009)

"This marvelous three-part release bears mute testimony to the fact that someone with the imagination and the know-how--a near-rookie in this case, no less (having released his only other level more than seven years ago)--can use the basic building tools and give us something completely fresh and invigorating. The only enhancement I noticed during nearly three hours of gameplay was the use of swingpoles. In all other respects we could have been playing levels indistinguishable from the TR1 commercial levels. Although I've tended to lose my sense of awe over the years after playing hundreds of levels - some outstanding, others not quite so outstanding - I think I still have the capacity to recognize something special when I see it. Friends, this is the real McCoy. There are so many neat touches here, especially in the concluding Atlantean segment, that you'll just have to play the whole thing to experience them. And the best thing about it is that it's quite accessible to the vast majority of players. Jose has provided a typically thorough walkthrough that saved me much aggravation during my navigation of the more complex and dangerous areas, but most of the progression is quite intuitive if you pause to think about what you're doing before rushing blindly ahead. Highest recommendations." - Phil (27-Jul-2009)

"This is a lot of fun: play it, you'll like it. That's pretty much the review, but I guess reviewers have to give some details. The first two levels are based on Peru, but more the Peru of the Back-to-Basics contest than the Peru of TR1. The Peru textures made me think this would be easy, but there is clever and well thought out game play here. In fact the use of double switches (throw them once to open a door, throw them a second time to turn off flames or to open a second door) had me puzzled for a while. This is the sort of involving game play that keeps one going, always wondering when a door will open, or how Lara will finally get to a just-out-of-reach area. The author has provided the possibility of playing with save crystals, but only for those who enjoy the extra challenge (I chose to use regular saves). The second level is a huge valley where the game play is just as intriguing. Here there are some shortcuts, but these did not detract from the enjoyment. For instance, I had Lara crawl into a big blade trap, and this safely triggered it; then she placed a golden idol. Next there was a series of three switches to push, that took some time to find, and this opened a door, where Lara throws a lever that deactivates that blade trap. But since Lara has already placed the idol this sequence was unnecessary. Almost everything here can be worked out by the player without having to resort to the forum. I did think the lighting in this level was too dull, and not like being in an open valley. There is a good torch puzzle, and part of it involves Lara doing a pole swing to a rocky outcrop, then jumping to a ledge--where there seems no where to go. If Lara jumps to an arch, one can then see that there is a jump switch below her. Until then I had no idea the jump switch was there. If the lighting in the valley were better, players would notice the jump switch, wonder how to get to it, then the later pole and rock jumps would be more meaningful. Though I appreciate that this is an author that one can trust, that the various and complex routes always have a purpose, that Lara's explorations have been subtly choreographed. The last level is a return to Atlantis, again with familiar textures and enemies. I immediately needed help here to solve the door puzzle with its rotating symbols, so this isn't my favorite of the levels, but other reviewers have mentioned Atlantis as the best, and that they loved the door puzzle. Has a memorable room with platforms that swoosh up and down past flame emitters. This is an accomplished author. Highly recommended." - dmdibl (19-Jul-2009)

"A good Peruvian adventure , quite original with some ambitious ideas. Firstly two ways of savings are offered to the player, then there is a good use of objects at times, especially in the 3rd level of the set which takes place in Atlantean rooms, with the use of elevators to create situation of puzzles , or the enigma with the symbols. The progression varies from straightforward to vast exploration in a falsely non linear way. It was good fun in general. In the 2nd level I could light the torch without having to push the pedestal so I guess that a bit of this level can be avoided, but still it was fun. The enemies are rather well placed. Although not exceptional , the looks are good with the use of waterfalls in a realistic way." - eRIC (18-Jul-2009)

"This is a very good level in the same place as TR1, for the most part, but it is definitely not a remake. I found the gameplay to be good, with several very nice and thought-provoking puzzles, but there were some shortcuts in Path of the Gods which made me highly confused at times. I thought the atmosphere, textures and music was nicely done, however, it was strange having music play over other background music. It didn't necessarily clash, but I don't think it was well put together in that respect. I was also very confused in the Old Empire level, as some areas, are not necessary, but they are so involved, they make you feel as though they are. I passed by two closed doors in two separate rooms that I am assuming were for secrets, but until the walkie comes out, I will not know. I really can't lower my scores due to my own confusion, because really, this level is very good and quite fun, not to be missed!" - Shandroid (11-Jul-2009)

"Many people have pondered as to why OrbitDream occasionally marks levels lower than his illustrious fellow reviewers.The answer is simple: he does not believe that the words "excellence" and "perfection" should be bandied about to all and sundry,simply so as not to cause offense to all those sensitive (i.e. insecure)builders out there,lest they have their infantile little ego's bruised. He is delighted to say,however,that Francesco Venco fully deserves every accolade going,as this three-level set is perfection indeed.After his promising debut with 'Alexanders Mausoleum' (which OrbitDream also enjoyed,astute reviewer that he is),Francesco has waited seven years to release his next adventure,and the lengthy wait just proves that it pays dividends when it comes to spending plenty of time doing masses of hard work in order to achieve a quality result. All three levels incorporate a different theme and exhibit true innovation.Level One is an epic 'Vilcabamba-type' adventure,but on a vast (and vertical) scale,involving complex and enjoyable upward progression in order to flood the entire city.Level 2 is a grandiose 'Lost Valley' re-telling,with fantastic thought-provoking progression and a wealth of nasty dinosaur enemies (although the poor old T-Rex exploded on re-load for me;which at least saved on ammunition);while the third level is the piece-de-resistance:A whirlwind of innovative,never-seen-before puzzle concepts and spectacular gymnastics;all building to a rousing 'get out of here!' Finale. The enemies are well-placed throughout the level-set,and lead you to believe that absolutely anything could be lurking around the next corner.Music is used expertly and incorporates the evocative Nathan McCree score from all those years ago.Atmosphere is stunning;while the lighting is evocative (and often dazzling) with immaculate texturisation fully complementing the superb design. Progression throughout all three levels is generally linear,but in a not-so-obvious fashion (many times,I was convinced I'd come a cropper and would have to back-track...but no),while his years of hard work have paid off handsomely,with a three-level adventure that not only stands proud with the TR1 original,but easily surpasses it on almost all counts. This is an absolutely essential play for all those who enjoy a challenge.Do not miss it;for,with this level-set,Francesco has unquestionably achieved "excellence" and "perfection"." - Orbit Dream (03-Jul-2009)

"For anyone craving some TR 1 style raiding in Peruvian Caves, Lost Valley and Atlantis settings, this is the level set for you. There's three levels constructed in faithful TR1 influenced environments using TR1 textures. Yep, you get lots of TR1 enemies to battle too. Did I mention TR1????..... anyway you get the idea. But that's where the similarity to TR1 ends. These levels are full of challenging tasks, new puzzles and some wiz-bang WOW effects to add more gloss to the game. Much tougher and visually more impressive than what was in the original game. Rather than give away some of the visual surprises and innovations, I'd rather say - just play it and see for yourself. The Old Empire level in particular is fast paced and is a great way to cap the tougher exploratory Peru levels. One aspect that the author could have afforded not to stay true to the original TR1 levels is the texture application which at times lacked attention to detail, resulting in squashed, and poorly rotated texture panels, but in most part the texturing is well done. Lighting and atmosphere is good in all levels, but the Peru caves level was too dull, and could have benefitted from some more intense lighting. I enjoyed all the audio choices and camera work was always useful. I did encounter some problems though, particularly with a pushblock in the first level that dead-ended me by leaving me trapped inside a tower, and a wooden pushblock that went completely haywire in the second level, resulting in the need to replay almost the entire level. Despite these two potentially game-ending hiccups, I had a grand time in these levels as the gameplay is good and I felt mightily satified on completion of the game. Recommended." - EssGee (03-Jul-2009)

"as usualy i dont reed other players reviews unless i find them - the marks for a particulary game -too small or too big from what deserve ......... well i was read some off revievs this time cos i find 9.36 to be ridiculous high...Vikings masterpiece 9.56 and this 9.36 !!!! is realy only 0.20 the difference ?? comon ..... This game was builded from 3 levels particulary well designed with some interesting timed runs or spike traps . i was find the beggining off game somewhat boring but once to progress will be more and more interesting .......i find a big throwback in albeit decent gameplay ... the pole jumps sequence the pole jumps was designed with a power bar wich show u the swing power u need at a particulary jump......... well this is at real a pain in the ass... cos Lara offten jumped over pole or just fall in front off it very difficult and frustrating this power bar implementation my preferate from this se off levels was the second one wich was very good ........ but the first level and third was short and boring .. graphics was so - so / Puzzles was very interesting and in fact was the only highlight off this game cameras very prefessionaly made but all the rest was plain and mediocre ..... playable game but not a top one .gameplay 4 puzzles 10 so(7) enemyes (8) atmosphere cameras 9 lighting textures ......(7). cheers ." - Jack& (03-Jul-2009)

"This level is based on the TR1. Textures, some objects ripped from the TR1 too. :) The first level is a little linear, but you will use your brain, because there are many good puzzles. :-) You can climb on some pushable block too, its important. The 2nd level is my personal fav, little Lost Valley feeling, but i liked it more, because there are harder puzzles, and huge areas. You will meet with wolfes, Dinosaurs, and T-Rex. Hard to kill these, but you have UZIs, and Shotgun too. This polerope (with loading) is new for me, but unfornately its buggy too, i stucked on the pole in the final level, so i had again play that level. When you explored Peru, you will come into an Atlantis based level, very good (I LOVED the wheel puzzle at the start of the level :-D) with very clever puzzles, lifts, flares, and traps. The mutants are not too angry, you can kill them easy, just use a little acrobatics :-D Overall i very liked this, but some bugs, and the old textures what i didnt like too much, maybe with TRXtra textures looks better, but we will never know now i think :-) Try it, worth playing! :-D" - Roli (03-Jul-2009)

"Dices the beginning of game the author announces the style of his game with the easy choice of maintenances (F5) or limited by blue diamonds. Then it is departure towards a big adventure worthy of the best games which I could play. The first level is rather easy and the gameplay unwinds well. In the second the gameplay is less obvious and asks for more research, I found a bit confused departure. The third seemed to me easier than the second but they find that quite a lot of originalities as lifts or in flat forms there who gives motion sickness. Three levels have their own style and sound very well disposed, it is sumptuous all long. I think that this game is advisable to most players but that a little of assistant (On the forum) will not be useless to them. Congratulation to the author on this job!" - Daffy (03-Jul-2009)

"If you feel you're just not in the mood for any more adventuring in Peru for the time being, I really urge you to think again. This one is something special. At the start of the game, you can elect whether to use savegame crystals to make life just a little more difficult or save as and when you wish, as usual. I chose the latter option since I find savegame crystals irritating, but I'm sure lots of players will appreciate the extra challenge. That aside, the gameplay isn't horribly difficult to achieve, although it is quite convoluted in parts and you will need to keep your wits about you at all times. I managed to get through it without having too many blonde moments and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, especially in the final section which has some brilliantly inventive agility tests. An absolute must-play." - Jay (02-Jul-2009)

"Really a masterpiece from Francesco. The only thing I didn't like is the ambience a bit dark (my graphics card?) but the game itself is fantastic. First level was very good with a lineal gameplay, a lot of stacked and flipped rooms, the author leads you up and up to finally can fill the lower areas to can access to the exit. The second level was the best for me; half lineal with very good puzzles and an extraordinary natural environment with a lot of tasks to do, but there's a small error in the design which allows you to avoid some tasks to light the torch though, but full of good details and plenty areas to explore; I've enjoyed it a lot. The third level is shorter than the others, but very good too, with new and never seen features and extraordinary atmosphere. A level to play more than once. Many thanks!" - Jose (01-Jul-2009)

"A good performance but issues must still be raised. I thought that overall this game was a complete success in terms of story and gameplay, i thought most of it was faultless but i felt that t6he lighting was a little bit too... dark, i couldnt see what i was doing for quite some time and also i noticed some misplaced textures. Sound was generally good except it just went quiet for some time and im not really sure i liked it; overall, a great game. Grade = A-" - herothing (01-Jul-2009)

"Lara is once more on the move in Peru, because she has read which should be there one more Scion. Immediately at the beginning one can decide whether one freely wants to save, or whether one collects save crystals. I have decided on the second possibility. In the first part one is on the move in developed and undeveloped caves. Aim is to flood a canal. In addition one must find several pyramid keys. Opponents are dogs, bats and harpies. In the second part Lara explores a valley which was surrounded of high mountains surround and was full of caves. Opponents are several small dinos and a big dino. In the third part Lara finds, finally, the Scion and must fight against many monsters. One could recognise the first and second level in parts. There was already several levels in this construction method. Because I have never played TR1, I do not know whether and how they come close to the original. Level 3 was something absolutely independent. And properly, the degree of difficulty from level to level has increased. Above all the third level was simply brilliant. Scanty time runs and lifts which go up and down. The swing poles with which one must turn several times to get properly swing and in which one can move to the right or on the left. A room with many tilings which go up and down. One cannot describe it with words, one must have seen such a thing. But these are not of course the only great places. The whole level is built simply first-class. The riddles are solvable any time and absolutely logical. With one exception. Because there is absolutely no tip what one should make here. But this is like as said the exception. Such little thing like a wet shotgun are really good also. It must dry first, before one can use it. The player can choose two memory kinds. One can save quite normally, or one collects save crystals and uses this when required. Of course one must play with the second possibility more carefully and more tactically. But it exist enough save crystals. Result: A level of the top class. Here one must simply catch and play." - Scottie (01-Jul-2009)

"Vilcabamba! Home of dinosaurs and a thousand Scions, and Lara's destination for this Peru-themed adventure. Uninspired storyline aside, the game as a whole is - bar the average visuals - actually very good indeed, with interesting gameplay that manages to fit exploration and ingenuity together well. While most of the time the player partakes in some well-designed classic TR gameplay (jumps, timed runs, traps and whatnot) some of the puzzles are particularly clever indeed, with a special mention going to a rotating disc puzzle in the final level. The use of moving platforms in the same level also added a good amount of interest, and aside from a couple of bugs here and there (Lara refusing to move on them at times) these sections were generally thought out nicely. There are sadly a few other mentionable problems as well, including a rather large shortcut in the second level, illegal slopes here and there, and the odd unmarked trap - which do sour the overall experience a tad. Aside from some Egyptian-themed objects and enemies in the first main level, the levels were generally well and suitably furnished. That said, the number of enemies did get a little "heavy" at times - though at least there was plenty of ammo to deal with them, perhaps even more had my shotgun not decided to get a bit...soggy at one point (now THAT's something I can't say about every level). Sound was also generally applied well, and cameras were used effectively whenever they were needed. Sadly, it's not all happiness and rainbows, since the visual appeal pales somewhat in relation to everything else. The texturing and lighting as a whole seemed to range from "below average" to "acceptable", with some parts looking particularly shoddy. However, despite these shortcomings I recommend the game, due to its fun and interesting gameplay. And the exploding T-Rex." - Spike (01-Jul-2009)
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