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Author(s): tombraiderluka
total rating:6.36 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bene 5 7 6 6
Daffy 8 7 6 8
dmdibl 5 8 7 5
Gerty 5 7 6 6
herothing 7 2 6 6
Jay 7 6 7 6
Jose 5 7 6 7
manarch2 4 4 4 5
MichaelP 7 7 7 6
Orbit Dream 7 7 7 7
Phil 7 8 7 8
Ryan 7 7 7 6
Scottie 7 6 8 7
Selene 6 6 6 7
category averages
(14 reviews)
6.21 6.36 6.43 6.43

Reviewer's comments

"A level that definitely isn't without its fair share of challenges. It's overall solidly built, but I thought that a few of the gameplay ideas overstretched themselves. The backtracking at the start is a bit excessive and not a little tedious, the very first timed run didn't seem to work properly (at least in my game, the lever only turned off the fire for about five seconds which isn't nearly enough time, so I had to take quite a bit of damage) and that timed bike run really is too difficult to be enjoyable. I was about to give up on something like my 20th try when by sheer luck, Lara dropped through the trapdoor in the nick of time. This bit of gameplay design was a bit too unfair on the builder's part, at least I thought. The later spiked run was a piece of cake by comparison. The yeti room was a also annoying with the camera angles going all kinds of weird and it's overdone darkness. If you can overlook those, you still get an enjoyable raid in a mostly pleasant looking setting that'll take you around 40 minutes to get through and it's worth a go. Found 11 grenade gun ammo secrets (although they didn't look like grenade gun ammo), but no sign of the gun itself." - Ryan (09-Apr-2019)

"I don't quite know where to even start with this level, there are so many flaws in it in almost every regard! The gameplay at the start was a mild desaster, so to say - the only thing you will do here is some extremely tiresome yo-yo-backtracking between two distant areas. Later on, it gets slightly more interesting as you face a couple of nice (and pretty tight) timed runs, one across various spiked pillars, the other one with the motorcycle, but unlike some other reviewers I found both to be quite managable, the bike run even more so than the other one, but - as so often in this game - the completely absent camera guidance disturbed the fun drastically. Else than that, the gameplay ideas are extremely sparse and restricted to some rather dull progression. I did like though how at the end of the level you are re-entering the starting room, just from the other side. There were only a few enemies in this level, in form of a bunch of wolves and a few yetis, the object design is rather barren and the eleven secrets aren't inspired either because most of them just lie somewhere along the path. Actually, there is a grenade launcher in this level, but since the level after picking it up (yes, exactly that one) you probably won't notice it at all. While the texturing is rather okay - mostly at least, at some parts they are misplaced and you can find a bunch of the classic mistakes in this level -, and lighting is at least not completely flat (there is a sun in most of the rooms, though some rooms are a bit over-darkened for no real reason and the outside areas have rather bad lighting), this level had a lack of atmosphere. Not only that there are almost no additional sounds used in this game, and there is not a single camera used in the whole level - the appearance of many rooms is rather depressing and not charming at all, and both fairly simplistic geometry and the odd end of the world encounter in one of the rooms did not quite help here. In short, there are way too few enjoyable and not eye-hurting parts to call this a good game, and thus I had to rate this game considerably lower than average. 35 minutes." - manarch2 (11-Mar-2014)

"NOTE: Before playing please put the original uklogo.pak into the DATA folder. This is a level that rates very high on my list of things I just don't like in a level. The back and fro one has to do is out of proportion. The level is also very dark and hardly any flares. How many levers does one have to pull to open a door, plenty in this level though! Also some camera shots wouldn't go amiss after pulling yet another lever. The killer was that timed bike run in my opinion, couldn't make it and I needed help with it. Then another timed run through spikes, also no fun and followed by yet another timed run. Textures could use some TLC." - Gerty (25-Aug-2013)

""What have I done to deserve this" you think, teeth gritted, as you for the XXXX time in as many tries watch Lara and her bike plunge to an inevitable death of twisted metal, leaking oil and severed limbs. To an extent I think all levels should preserve an element of challenge and I am certainly able to appreciate a tricky jump sequence with multiple reloads, a hair-splitting trap gauntlet or a sadistically tight timed run. However, this is about as much fun as pneumonia and really draws down an otherwise enjoyable game. It all starts very well, but the seemingly endless backtracking at the beginning gets much too tedious. The only form of non-linearity you would find here is that of having to go around looking for a change every time you pull a switch or lever as the presence of camera shots or fly-by's is non-existent. The basement with the yetis(yeah right, yetis in an English castle) could have made for some fun gameplay, but it was way too dark for you to see anything at all, the few flares you had were gone in an instant and the camera went haywire down there. Although the builder has made a certain improvement with the application of lights some areas are still much too dark. Some wall torches would have been a nice touch. The textures are beautiful and well applied and I really loved the grand-looking hall inside the castle. Some of the secrets are pretty well-hidden, while others are in so plain view that you might end up not noticing them at all. I got all 11 of them, but these were rather pointless pickups as they all consisted of flash ammo for a grenadegun that I never found. All in all it was a pretty good adventure that I for most parts enjoyed. My concern is that a lot of players will never get to experience that, as the frustrating bike run in itself could be reason good enough to bin it." - Selene (26-Oct-2009)

"This level is quite an improvement for this author, although I thought the balance is missing a bit in this 40 minute adventure. On the one hand it flows quite nicely and in a fairly linear fashion through some good looking next generation environments, on the other hand the first areas are brought down by some backtracking that is really a little overdone and too many switches to pull, the second part with the bike is fun, but that timed bike run is a bit of a killer and will take maybe too many tries to finally master and have people stop the game right here, and then there is another timed jump through spikes, followed by a timed run, which is not so easy and does not quite match up with the smooth sailing of the rest of the level. Enemies are only a few crocodiles and yetis. Cameras are missing completely, which is an issues especially in the first part. Textures, while being high res, are not always cleanly applied and there are quite a few unnecessarily dark areas thrown in. Overall though, a very solid level that was fun to play and looking forward to seeing more from this author in the future!" - MichaelP (22-Aug-2009)

"This level has some misguided ideas. I enjoyed the opening sequence with the crocodiles in the flooded chamber, and expected the level to be pretty good. The initial design is fine. There are new animations such as Lara swimming on the water surface with a kind of Australian crawl, though this does make it harder for her to grasp a ledge and pull out of the water. Lara has to go back and forth a number of times through a series of swinging blades, flipping switches at either end. This got tiresome after the third or forth or fifth time, or maybe even before that. Next it is back and forth for a motorcycle ride. Then there were extremely dark Yeti cages, where Lara's red flickering bargain-basement flares manage to illuminate everything within a meter. This was enough to give me headaches. But here the camera acts up, wanting to go into fixed camera mode. A press of the Look Key makes the screen go crazy, angling into Yeti cages or into walls until Lara hops back about four times. This kept being repeated because the camera kept acting up. This is all in darkness or red flare light. I couldn't get out of here fast enough before becoming nauseated, and having to stop the game for an hour to recover. After that, still feeling queasy, I had Lara face an unpleasant spike run. One has to love the fact that Lara accumulates a lot of flash grenade ammo; at the end, when I realized that Lara was never actually going to get the grenade gun it seemed delightfully fitting. I am sure the author will do much better with further levels." - dmdibl (16-Aug-2009)

"I was rather surprised at the low average ratings for this hour-long level, because it really has quite a bit to offer. I was already ready to downgrade gameplay because of an impossible (to me) move on the motorbike. Others have complained of a savegame bug, but I never had to face that issue. I was simply unable to get the motorbike over the gap to begin the timed run, and for me that was a game stopper. I realize that others have accomplished it, but since I no longer consider myself a slouch in making my way through levels, I think this one was a little unfair to the player. Had it not been for Scottie's posted savegame, I would have given up and binned the level on the spot. Too bad, for the best part--and the most attractive scenery--comes near the end. The first part of the level is plagued with tedious back and forth activities that even elicited a frustrated yawn in Yoav's walkthrough, but it was all quite doable until I got to that timed run on the motorbike. The graphics made possible by the NG engine are visually appealing, so my overall impression is a favorable one. Give it a try, and be aware there's a savegame in the stuck thread if you need it." - Phil (28-Jul-2009)

"A quirky, oddly entertaining and engaging level that suffers from a lack of camera work hindering gameplay. Easy enough when one knows it's a back and forth adventure but difficult when gameplay involves a not easily realized timed switch and a mad return via a convoluted bike path. Secrets are nicely placed but the weapon to utilize them seemed to be missing. The right ideas are there and the builder has evident talent but it fails to come together in a satisfying style. A level that is not quite right but could have been." - Bene (14-Jul-2009)

"Not a good level for me because I always hated impossible timed runs. The timed run with the bike is really hard and the other one in the room with the spikes/blades after the yetis room was just a torture. There are too many switches to pull to open too many doors and few puzzles. Moreover, where the cameras are when you need them? You have to be a fortuneteller to know where to go when you pull a switch. It seems to be a problem with the camera in the very dark room with the yetis cages too. The best for me were the textures, although there is too much darkness sometimes and the flares were not enough for me. Definitively not for my taste." - Jose (13-Jul-2009)

"The only thing i have to ask is: was there actually a grenade gun in the game. All the secrets and objects i found were grenade gun ammo yet i didn't manage to find a grenade gun, maybe that was just me. The gameplay was o.k; the timed elements worked well but were a bit pointless. I have no idea why there were crocodiles in England either. I thought the strongest part of the level was again the lighting and textures even though there were some misconceptions. That's all i have to say. Overall, i thought this was a o.k game, the skill used is a bit timid and i'd like to see some more effort. Grade = C" - herothing (11-Jul-2009)

"As a level player I am used thus to something and have already one mixes funny things seen. What I have not seen, however, up to now yet, that crocodiles and yetis are to be found in England. Now the Englishmen are though quite funny people and since Asterix at the Britons we also know which is more important to them her five-clock drink than every war, but crocodiles and yetis? No, so funnily are not sometimes the Englishmen. And this wants to be called what. But further in the text. And again I must grumble. Namely about the darkness at many places. And now twist please nobody the eyes. I play principally with brighter monitor settings. If it is too dark, it IS too dark. It must not necessarily be a little bit bad in the darkness, only the level builder should also provide for the fact which more Flares than to both packages are there. Furthermore has disturbed me the Backtracking just at the level beginning, nevertheless, very much. The lever at A opens a door at B. There is a lever which opens a door at A. And then at A is again a lever which opens a door with B again. So in possibly was it at the level beginning. Added to this the place with the jackknifes. However, they were the smallest problem, because there was enough place to jump over them. Furthermore has disturbed me which there was not enough flybys. Just with the time run by the motorcycle it would have been an advantage if one had known that this was on the one hand, generally a time run and on the other hand which of the both possible doors was be opened. OK, enough grumbled. From now there comes only praise. I have liked the textures very much. There was nothing stretched and everything fitted harmoniously to each other. I found the inside of the building which one had to open with the cross very nicely. Very atmospherically built and well furnished. Very good was the time run with the motorcycle and the place where one must jump from one platform to the other with an interjump to a column in the middle. At all three places there were spikes, who come out and in. With the right timing this jump combination is generally no problem. And the next time run should be also feasible. Playing time was about 55 minutes. To sum up, I can say which this is a nice and well playable level, indeed, with deductions in the B-Note." - Scottie (10-Jul-2009)

"The first one left this level is made of return ticket between levers and grids, fortunately that the way to be covered is not too long because nothing points out (camera) which makes what and it is necessary to re-search everything every time. Then it is Hell with motorbike or I failed, (Thanks to Scottie for its savegame). The end of level is more amusing to my taste, quite a lot of yetis to kill and a not easy synchronised passage but they arrive at it. Total decoration is rather achieved although a bit dark by place, notably in the room of the yetis. Anyway, it remains a good level to be played and a right time of relaxation to be crossed. Thanks to the author!" - Daffy (10-Jul-2009)

"Everyone should have a 'Levelplaying Assistant' living in their house;they're very helpful indeed,especially when it comes to murderously tricky timed motor-bike challenges. (If it hadan't been for my Assistant I would probably still be playing this,and getting somewhat frustrated.)As it is,though,this was a very pleasent and entertaining run around an old castle.Gameplay relies thoroughly on 'back-and-forth' progression from one lever to the next,spiced up by the occasional baddie.It may not be to everyones taste (and it's all somewhat predictable) but you won't be stuck for long,wondering on your next move. Secrets are not difficult to find,but are rather nicely placed;while the whole adventure has a pleasing cyclical nature,with the Object of Desire in plain view from the start,but requiring around 50 minutes of playing to finally aquire. Textures are generally applied well,although a little ragged at times;and cameras either seemed wholly absent,or (in one caged area) actually impeded progress unnecessarily. The background panorama was oddly blurred and hindered the creation of properly effective atmosphere but,when all is said and done,this was a solid and straightforward level containing a few challenging moments for the more experienced player. Worth a play." - Orbit Dream (09-Jul-2009)

"Crocodiles in England? Okaaaaaaaaaaaay. I hope your idea of well rounded gameplay is a lot of to-ing and fro-ing and pulling levers, because that's a large part of this level. There are also some timed elements, including a rather good and tight bike ride, plus lots of yetis to shoot, which was rather an odd choice of enemies I thought. Ah well. I found ten out of the eleven secrets. Frustratingly, all the secrets I found were grenade gun ammo, but I never found the actual grenade gun so I presume that was the secret I missed. Shame really - it might have been quite useful for dealing with all those yetis. The game finished rather abruptly when I picked up what I assume was the painting - I didn't get much of a look at it. Basically, there are some enjoyable parts to this level, but it has undeniable longeurs and is far too dark in places, i.e. the strange room with all the yeti cages where the camera angles kept going most peculiar." - Jay (09-Jul-2009)
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