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Author(s): Mikki
total rating:8.97 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
afzalmiah 9 10 9 10
Andzia9 9 8 9 10
dmdibl 9 9 9 9
Gerty 9 8 8 8
herothing 8 9 10 10
Jay 9 9 9 9
Jose 9 9 10 9
manarch2 9 8 9 8
MegaGamer 9 10 10 10
MichaelP 9 8 8 8
Obig 9 9 9 9
Pablito_it 9 9 9 9
Phil 9 8 10 9
Ryan 9 9 9 10
Scottie 9 8 9 8
category averages
(15 reviews)
8.93 8.73 9.13 9.07

Reviewer's comments

"This is certainly one of the most unique custom levels I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. A Young Lara adventure that will take you the better part of two hours to complete. Don't think that just because its Young Lara it will be boring. On the contrary, this was excellent fun and the puzzle based gameplay kept me gripped. The textures and colourful surroundings are put to good use and this was an absolute treat from start to finish." - Ryan (10-Nov-2016)

"Another level that hasn't hit the hall of fame, but it probably should have. The game was colorful and fairly cute. The atmosphere was nice and also eerie at the same time. I the lighting was bright and perfect. I had a good time seeing some of my favorite childhood cartoons on here. (like looney tunes. I still like to watch that show. Good times...) Overall, a fun and enjoyable level. Recommended." - MegaGamer (19-Apr-2014)

"This 3 level tricked me. In the first level I believed that is a level for kids, because of the fairytale scenery. In the 2nd level i saw that it isnt that easy what i thought. I got intrigue, till i made all of the tasks, found the secrets. Excellent level, propose it for every1. Not easy but not that hard level. I just recommend it for everybody. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (05-May-2012)

"A colourful and purely enjoyable three-parter with lots of Disney objects and textures. The first part starts really nice with Lara in her bed and then the actual gaming area and the fight between Lara and four guards. Afterwards you have to search for four miniature Laras and there were quite a few puzzles to finally get them, I liked the different ideas for the pushable and the cube puzzles very much as they are both clever and nicely integrate the theme textures. The textures in general were everywhere correctly placed and I cannot complain about a single misplaced one; the lighting could be better as it is pretty flat at parts. The second level had a huge map and thus was the longest level of the set: I liked the flag puzzle at the start but there are a few too many quest items to find which can confuse a bit. There are plenty of novel ideas in this level as well, as the target shoot, the deadly labyrinth and the autoscooter, and this level had a great atmosphere. I wished the builder would be a little more creative with all these custom objects, maybe he could have given the scenery more "life" and the secrets that were quite nicely hidden in the first level also get easier in this part. The last level was the shortest and it would have been with quite a distance if the builder didn't integrate the block puzzle in the first room which was one of the best I have seen so far, even if it was very simply constructed. Also liked the (actually not that hard) music puzzle and the "outside" area at the end was fantasticly done, as well as the final cutscene back in Lara's bedroom, which promised more but as I have played the builder's latest level it probably won't be continued anymore. Had a net gaming time of 75 minutes but you can easily get lost in some areas and miss some well hidden trapdoors and items and thus have a much longer play time." - manarch2 (13-Mar-2012)

"What a colourful and fun level. I found this minigame amazing! The textures, objects and colours make this level very original and brilliant! You are young lara with pistols in a sort of disney village (with a dark sky) and there was guards which started the disney nightmare I think. The gameplay was very nice with some pushblock puzzles and finding some coins. I think the medipacks were mars bars and a kinder beuno (I think that's how you spell it). Very fun game and it will keep you entertained for a long time." - afzalmiah (19-Apr-2011)

"I don't know how I missed this one when it came out last year, but it's a thoroughly delightful adventure. Don't be put off by the bright colors and the cartoonish surroundings. This is a three-parter that will have you occupied for the better part of two hours. The lighting is ample, as you might expect in such a setting, and the tasks range from easy to hair-pulling hard. An example of the latter is that area with the swinging barrels and rams, along with the timed platforms. That exercise was as rigorous as anything you'll find in a "normal" level. There's also a nice pushblock puzzle and other delights that will have you begging for more when it's all over. Recommended." - Phil (08-Oct-2010)

"That for sure was something completely different. It is very inventive and very colourful. Lara has a dream and I would be exhausted when waking up from that, LOL. It is by no means a walk in the park as this game you MUST play with your eyes wide open. Everywhere there are clues in how to solve a puzzle (there are many puzzles in this three level game) and there were times I felt like I was running around like a headless chicken. But all did make sense and I did hit the finishing trigger. A pity that there were no flares for a pick up, mighty handy for spotting pushable blocks though. The only puzzle I couldn't solve was the card puzzle so it was the old trial and error I had to fall back to. Apart from puzzles there are some timed runs to do, yup, reloading is on the menu here, LOL. Found quite a lot of secrets so I had enough power to deal with some baddies that are scattered throughout. So if you are in the mood for a more puzzle oriented game than the exploring one, all I can say: have fun." - Gerty (11-Sep-2009)

"Nice and colourful levels. We are in amusement park with lot's of Disney's character's picture's but only them, play grounds, fun fair. However this place is not so hilarious. Day is dark and place is little bit spooky. We will meet few enemies, and we must pass some traps, but there are not so difficult. Ending is surprising." - Andzia9 (14-Aug-2009)

"Mikki has created 3 imaginative levels that visa colored environment and the Disney characters seem intended for very young, players actually after a little we played you realize that anything is easy and the proposed puzzles are very challenging objects from retrieve very well hidden very beautiful the first and second level where the player must be careful to explore every single point of the level otherwise is likely to remain locked for hours. pity for some secrets that are too easy. A level that the TR Player cannot avoid. My daughter loves this level." - Pablito_it (07-Aug-2009)

"Something unique and clever. First off, it seems a good idea to keep a collection of better levels on your own CDs or DVDs, in order to avoid losing these sets. A few of the best authors have removed their levels from circulation. And a level set like this release (copyright law? What copyright law?) may not always be available. Microsoft tends to sue anyone they think is vulnerable, but violate a Disney copyright and I've heard that shadowy creatures come in the middle of the night to take you away. These levels not only feature Disney character images, but some from Warner Bros. and from Hannah Barbera, not that anyone cares. The texturing throughout is primary color bright and cartoonish. But don't think this is a children's level, because it is filled with devious puzzles. (Though now that I think about it, kids are smart and may do better than adults on puzzles such as the flags of countries, or the DO-RE-MI-FA musical scale that tripped me up.) The author has taken advantage of the colorful texturing to hide all sorts of push blocks in walls, and trap doors in floors and ceilings, making them at times well-nigh impossible to spot. (Lara needs to light flares.) Stairs always seem to hide a crawlspace behind Lara's head, blending in with the texturing. Climbing surfaces may be just crosshatching that appears part of the decor. But then isn't this the sort of trickery that we expect from an amusement park, or maybe from a carnival? We get arcades where Lara feeds coins into machines, and shooting galleries (but no stuffed animals for prizes, alas). The most baffling spot was a section that must have been part of a water slide ride where Lara slides down, jumps to a monkey swing, and uses a climbing wall that simply doesn't look like a climbable wall. Thank goodness for the forum. One of the best areas was also the hardest, a section with swing crates and battering rams and timed trapdoors that could be solved as much with logic as with tricky jumping. As delightful as all this is, it can also be frustrating. And as colorful as the surroundings are, too much exposure makes everything seem garish. So I am tempering the scores. For fun, originality, and a change of pace this is not to be missed." - dmdibl (28-Jul-2009)

"Very colourful this level; textures are very worked but the colours are very high-pitched so they can even hurt your eyes. There's a lot of new objects and enemies too, very well made and a lot of interesting puzzles, but it's easy get stucked, 'cause the very small details you have to find so, explore carefully each corner and texture. Musics are well implemented and I liked the cutscenes and the good flybies during the game. Last level was short but enjoyable too. A very good work and a challenge for many players. I wait for more levels from this good builder." - Jose (20-Jul-2009)

"Mikki has gone back to what he had played with before in his Codice Ammer levels and presents us with something quite unique here. Very colourful, cartoonish texturing, nice use of dramatic music, all embedded into a cute little storyline with cutscenes at the beginning and the end - all of this turns this into quite an experience to play. But what I liked about it most is the massive emphasis on one puzzle after the next here. It starts a bit slowly with some tedious pushing of objects and somehow I needed some help at the beginning to find the occasional very sneakily hidden trapdoor, but once you get into it, it does flow quite nicely. There is simply too many things to begin mentioning them in this review, but I loved the scooter area and the cool scene when the key gets revealed there. I also had a lot of fun hunting for those secrets (found 10 of the 12) and spent almost 2.5 hours in this set of three levels - playing mostly with a big smile on my face. And no, I did not mind at all that several of the featuring characters are not actually Disney characters - it was nice to see them anyway ;)" - MichaelP (14-Jul-2009)

"This may look like a kinder level, but it certainly doesn't play like one - you need to kill enemies and the gameplay would be too confusing for very young children. I know I certainly found some of the puzzles quite challenging. I'm not entirely sure what some of the Looney Tunes characters or the Flintstones were doing in a Disney village, but it was nice to see them anyway. This really is a most imaginative work and great fun to play, especially if puzzles are your preference. There are one or two interesting agility tests to achieve, but it's your brain that will be most exercised by this one. Very different and most enjoyable." - Jay (11-Jul-2009)

"When i say i want something new; this is exactly what i mean. Such a pleasure to play games like this. I have to see that i actually loves just looking at the visuals, it was very colourful and very weirdly adapted into a level. Lighting and Textures were mostly immaculate and they were very close to reality (in a cartoon world). Story was good, gameplay and puzzles were basically the same as other good games but they were good, they fit into the atmosphere. Sound was very good and i didnt have any problems at all with the camera, so well done. Grade = A" - herothing (11-Jul-2009)

"If I had to describe this level with one word, it would be anyway this word:" Colorful". I cannot remember to have played a coloured level already once thus. There can also not keep up TR Rude and Crude by EssGee. Now it can become of course a problem if the level is formed so, as if the level builder pours a truck load colour pots in his level. If the colours fit then not to each other, or the level builder uses too much from a colour, the level is not playable any more. However, here it functions. And because Lara experiences this adventure only in the dream, it is in my opinion no problem which we play with Young Lara who has weapons and must fight against some opponents. However, these are not many, because the Focus lies quite unambiguously on the riddles. And with these riddles one should have a lot of patience and bring a lot of time. Since it is rare in such a way which one could recognise right away what it is about. And some things are hidden so well which they are hardly to be found. Thus one must look with trapdoors and moveable blocks already very exactly if one wants to recognise them. The real riddles are built up completely logically. Indeed, these are seldom 08/15-common riddles. With most one must think sharply. Thus there is, for example, a music riddle. Who is not a musician and has never heard somewhat of DO RE MI FA Sol, had to go first to google after these concepts, then the solution is relatively easy. A few time duties also are in it, indeed, the player is not demanded too much, because enough time always exists. The objects, which one must find, like balls and keys, are well visible as a rule. Indeed, one must look in the second level in the aquarium already very exactly. Caused by the colour of the ground of the aquarium and both objects these both objects are to be found only very difficult. And if one does not know that one must search there, one runs only in circles and asks himself where one should still look. It is very nice which there is so many different riddles. There is the already mentioned music riddle, a flag riddle, a playing card riddle and many others. I have missed one or two Flare packets. Not to illuminate dark rooms. There were no dark rooms. No, the Flares would have quite helped to find the many moveable blocks. Both cut sequences at the beginning and at the end were very nice. To sum up, I can say which was a relief to play sometimes a level which deviates from the usual norm. I have played 3 hours and 20 minutes and almost always it has given pleasure. Now and again some frustration arose sometimes because I did not know how it went on and I had turned in the circle. But these moments were rather rare." - Scottie (09-Jul-2009)
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