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Author(s): wrebbit
total rating:8.85 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bene 9 9 8 10
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
Daffy 8 8 8 9
dmdibl 9 9 10 10
Drakan 8 9 8 9
eRIC 8 8 8 8
ggctuk 10 8 10 9
herothing 10 9 9 10
Jay 9 9 10 10
Jose 8 8 8 8
manarch2 7 8 9 8
MichaelP 8 8 8 8
Orbit Dream 9 9 10 10
Phil 9 9 10 9
Ruben 8 8 9 9
Ryan 9 9 9 9
Scottie 9 8 8 9
Shandroid 9 8 10 9
category averages
(18 reviews)
8.72 8.56 9.00 9.11

Reviewer's comments

"3 levels interconnected, with large rooms, it is well textured. Too bad there are some labyrinths, including 1 with doors that open or close depending on the path traveled. Water textures are not animated. That said it is an excellent level with a fairly easy gameplay and few enemies." - Drakan (13-Nov-2018)

"You could be forgiven for mistaking this old- school Karnak adventure as being made by a seasoned builder. You'd be wrong in that sense. This is a wonderful d├ębut made by a one-shot builder. It's spread across three main levels which intersect with one another and provide 90 minutes of smooth, flowing and enjoyable gameplay. There may be an absence of timed runs and tricky jumps, but you'll surely be kept busy fending off ninjas, scorpions, harpies and demigods, solving pushable puzzles, a couple of mazes, devious boulder traps and generally exploring the wonderfully built buildings. Nice work." - Ryan (20-May-2017)

"A very beautiful adventure built with a mix of karnak wads and other official trle wads. A great game. The level start somewhere in Egypt in a temple lost in the desert and the goal is to found 4 golden Vraeus through the temple and a lake to enter in the Amenhotep Tomb. There are a mix of easy and hard gameplay and puzzle but nothing impossible. A perfect tr4 atmosphere who remember the original karnak levels of tr4 and a very nice use of tr4 textures and lighting during the whole game. To conclude, a veru good adventure playable by everyone and for rediscovered the nostalgie of the original TR4. Thanks a lot Wrebbit for this awsome game." - BigFoot (05-May-2013)

"This debut is pretty ambitious in recreating the old-style TR 4 ambience and it certainly has had success. With this game that lasts 65 minutes "only" for a three-parter the builder takes us players to quite a variety of settings combined with the general Karnak theme. I especially liked the second level that has three main areas to visit; all of those are made with different WADs and texture sets and including some very interesting puzzles and trap sequences. I also liked the cages puzzle in the second part of the first level, but some puzzles didn't work so well for me, as the door maze that consisted of many trigger tiles seemingly randomly placed and I found it rather confusing than fun to play through; also some parts in the second level contained larger mazes that are never to my likings. The enemies were placed rather as an afterthought and there were pretty few of them but the subsequent attack of two harpy pairs in a cramped space was rather annoying. Found all five secrets and thought they were well hidden. Also liked the general texturing that was very competently done but lighting was rather dark in many places although enough flares were provided. Thus, some things like hidden jumpswitches were rather easy to miss. All in all I found this to be an engaging debut despite all of the issues and I am awaiting the already announced next level of the builder..." - manarch2 (09-Aug-2012)

"This release would have been right at home in the early days of the level editor. It probably would have earned top honors back then, and it deserves no less now. It's proof that entertaining gameplay can still be provided in the Old Tradition, and I'd like to see more levels like these. There are three closely linked levels here, of which there's very little to do in the third other than place your artifacts and finish the game. The gameplay is quite complex, as I found when I gave it a try shortly after it was released. I got bogged down after making considerable progress and decided to wait for the walkthrough. When it arrived I saw that I had done things in a sequence other than that mapped out in the walkthrough (having missed the crawl space that leads you to a level jump early on), so I started from scratch and had no difficulties the second time around. The environs are quite pleasing to the eye, the lighting is well done, the enemies are what you would expect in an Egyptian setting, and the most pleasing events for me took place in the mirror room in the second level. Nothing new, but all thoroughly enjoyable. This is a wonderful example of what most of us love about Tomb Raider. Highly recommended." - Phil (13-Aug-2009)

"Egypt, and the scorpions have missed you. Three intertwined levels professionally made in the style of the original TR4 Karnak. Gives a sense of wandering in a realistic massive complex: once I realized what was in store for Lara I expected this to take days to complete, though it can be done in an afternoon. For those who enjoy entering a richly detailed world and doing hardy exploring. Maybe takes a bit of patience, but well worth it. I consulted the walkthrough only when I got into trouble, as with the confusing door maze, or once when an overhead aqueduct had a climbing surface that was poorly marked. I came away with the idea that there are a number of ways to play this, depending on the order in which Lara chances on various areas. Many levels feel open-ended when they really aren't, their tasks have to be done in a specific order, but here there seemed true choice in the adventure. There were a few challenges that looked difficult, such as when Lara has to navigate a series of rolling balls to pick up an artifact, but the author has made everything for the enjoyment of regular players. Lots of things to do, and good secrets. I really regretted to find that Lara had come to the end of this. It was nice to return to Lara's roots and play the game as it was meant to be played. This is one to be savored." - dmdibl (26-Jul-2009)

"A good adventure in Egypt for which the author has used the resource stuff available with the Editor, be it for the textures or objects, and he surely has made a good use of that , to design a 3 parts raid well balanced between exploration , some good puzzles , and a bit of action as well. I surely had a good time playing this not too difficult game , despite the door puzzle which baffled me. There is a few missing sounds , nevertheless the atmosphere is good mostly because of the relatively natural design of the areas , also the standard audios are well used. In the inside rooms , you have a bit of catacombs , a bit of Cleopatra gardens , etc... I particularly liked the architecturally well made outside Karnak areas which give you a true sense of discovery and very nice views, there is a very good shaping of the blocks here , despite the fact I could see the black part of the horizon in one of the 'top of the world' places . Gameplay wise, my favourite is the trials of Amenhotep which is more 'compact' and propose a good variety of things to do. An enjoyable adventure that ends with the shortest level , a lake in the midst of ruins before placing your 4 golden Vraeus and access Amenhotep secret temple. Quite recommended. [ Net gaming time : 1 hour 37 ; secrets : 3/5 ]" - eRIC (24-Jul-2009)

"It's always good to see that fresh builders appear around the world with good debuts. Evenmore the levels are made with the classic editor and no with the new engine. Tghe levels have a Karnak style, with few enemies and very few pickups; if you want extra weapons you'd better look for the serets (difficult to find). Some rooms seemed too much dark, but at least there are enough flares. Scenes are very convincing, and surfaces are well textured. You'll don't nedd to jump between levels many times, this belongs to thank so the gameplay is fluid. Congratulations for this first work." - Jose (20-Jul-2009)

"A good clean raid in classical TRLE style . A level to be played by everybody. No experiments here on either the good or the bad side , just plain good old raiding using the egyptian textures . Not much fault to be found in this debut level , the game flows without beeing stopped by any bugs or no-way-outs. Good work here and another light that shines from New Builders TRLE skies. The beginners works have lately increased very much in quality and this one is no exception. They seem to understand that their tools have to be understood and well practiced before getting used and exercised. This builder is on his way . I am almost sure we will see him again soon." - Ruben (20-Jul-2009)

"This is classic old school Raiding but don't be put off by that. This may be a debut level but done so well that I had a smile on my face when completed and that doesn't happen often. There's a shortcut that I found only because Lara had started doing her stuttering thing while exploring behind columns and if taken, I would have missed the best of the gameplay. Nicely designed puzzles and traps should not have you stuck for long although the maze may have you going around in circles for a bit. The only time I was seriously stuck was while looking to raise a third cage. The button could have been closer to the action as I confused one button for another. Which brings me to the secrets - well placed(and devious) and one, the shotgun, was necessary to open doors near the end. If there was another one to be found, I never saw it. The grenade gun is always a joy and made short work of enemies. I don't know if medipacks disappeared from inventory or if I didn't have as many as I thought. It didn't matter though as I had enough to complete the game without a problem. This is a builder to watch and it's a privilege to see a potential trle star in the making. And I have my fellow reviewers to thank as this one I would have missed if not for their reviews. Hopefully, the builder will continue and use his skills in putting Lara in many different settings and new adventures. Try it, I think you will enjoy how a newbie builder, using old classic settings can bring new life to classic Lara." - Bene (19-Jul-2009)

"It is a big level in every direction word, big for the space of game to be covered and big in its conception, I should say sumptuous. The author brings us back in Egypt in decors with nothing to envy TR4. At the beginning it parried confused and they cannot too much by or begin adventure. Then, once it left, game takes place without problem with quite a lot of research. The gameplay is a good compromise, according to my tastes, enters too easy or too difficult. Obstacles on course for Lara are varied and they never get bored. The author constructed a level very nice to go through on visual plan, apart from some places a bit dark, I found very well used lightings and textures, it is of the good work which deserves congratulations." - Daffy (16-Jul-2009)

"A very solid debut here, leveraging all the classic trle elements from Karnak, Catacombs, Cleopal, Tutorial and Library WAD and mixing it up into something new and fun to play. Troughout the three interconected levels your quest is to find the four vraeus pieces that allow you to reach the end. It started off on a high note for me, with the great looking Karnak style area at dusk, some good use of colourful lighting and nice agility tests in the 'Trial' level, despite the maze like feel to some of these, but in my opinion it did get a bit too lengthy aferwards with a lot of running around wondering what to do next. Some camera hints are really helpful and guide you along, others seem to just be missing to get you nudged into the right direction. A big downside was also the almost complete lack of the use of any sound effects, for example when picking up the precious vraeus... nothing but silence there. Enemies show up on occasion, not too many and do not play a key role in this game. There also appears to be a 'stuck moment' with the doors puzzle. I may have missed it, but I could not find a way out once I (incorrectly) passed the sandy tile and at a second attempt I ran into an invisible door block before I finally figured out that I had to leave the area the other way round. So - a clever puzzle, which I like, but executed poorly, as you may be forced to reload savegames to make it work. At the end of the day though, the above comments are minor gripes in an otherwise really accomplished first game by this author, which offers an enjoyable 90 minutes to play (with 3 of the 5 secrets found). Looking forward to his next adventure!" - MichaelP (14-Jul-2009)

"This level is old school raiding at its finest. Wrebbit has done such a great job designing a convincing ancient Egyptian archaelogical site, that I had as much fun exploring the outside of the buildings as I did on the inside, even though there wasn't much to find. Your goal is to find four golden vraeus' which act as keys to open a door to Lara's prize inside the Lakeside Temple. In order to find these keys, Lara must endure some trials and then battle some ninjas and get through a few traps. I really enjoyed Amenhoteps Trials, which used a really neat switch after each trial to turn on light beams. I liked this a lot, considering, this use of light and mirrors was used in ancient Egypt, and now, it seems, even electrical light as well (the Denderah temple). Back to the level, apparently, there was a level-shortening shortcut to one of the vraeuses, which must bum out the author. Just ignore that, because it does not take much additional effort getting it the intended way. Honestly, the texturing and atmosphere are almost always awesome. There are big rooms with not much to do though, which was kind of annoying. Running around to every pillar to find something really isn't my favorite thing to do when there isn't much, but that doesn't happen very often. The music is very well done, with nice, Last Revelation tunes. Excellent level, not to be missed!" - Shandroid (13-Jul-2009)

"Quite a good adventure, i dont understand why but this level had quite a buzz, it reminded me of the Karnak level from TR4, i dont know whether that is good or bad but it really worked for me, i thought it was great. The lighting was great, bit too dark in some places but i had some flares to help me then. Textures all fit in perfectly also. I had a few camera bugs which were a bit annoying and the sound stopped working for a while for some very strange reason, i dont know if anyone else had that problem. Enemies fit into the scene as do the objects but there werent enough objects to find in my eyes. Puzzles were also good but i would like to see a few more also in your next level. Grade = A+" - herothing (11-Jul-2009)

"Yet another really excellent debut level - how heartening to know Lara's still in good hands. This is traditional raiding at its best. The setting is most reminiscent of the original Karnak level and is exceptionally well made and realistic - one can almost feel the weight of the old stones. It's a huge area to explore and you'll need to accomplish a variety of tasks in your search for four uraei (or uraeuses if you prefer), but there is nothing beyond the capabilities of the average raider. Undemanding, but far from boring, this is a good, solid, traditional raid. Well done, Wrebbit." - Jay (11-Jul-2009)

"What a superb adventure that was! A thoroughly traditional,old-style Karnak level;but constructed with so much care and loving attention to detail that it seemed fresh all the way through. Although it's technically a three level set,they all play as one large adventure;and (once you've worked out the flow of the adventure,and that there are four Vraeus' that need to be sought) the four respective tasks can be done in any order.Each task requires a good deal of work on the part of the player,and all are full of variety,challenge and considerable originality. May favourite would have to be the 'Trials of Amenhotep' segment,which contained enough enjoyable gameplay to fill many a well-regarded level! The lighting is perfect and vivid,in a perpetual-twilight sort of way;the atmosphere is superb,and camera's are used sparingly,but exactly when you need them. Enemies are not too copious,but placed well (their defeat is often crucial for progression),and gameplay is constantly intriguing and inventive.(Only the lack of any timed challenges or tricky jumps prevented it from getting the 'perfect 10'). Yet another superb debut!Gorgeous to look at;never too complex or frustrating,but always fascinating and enjoyable. 110 minutes of top-class old-school raiding." - Orbit Dream (10-Jul-2009)

"We player cannot complain us about boredom or not enough change during these days. It comes one after the other. And the best is that these levels are so different. Nella has taken us to Jerusalem, with Lara Cablara we have travelled to South America and Mikki has served a multicolored nightmare from Lara to us. And in between Cain scurries around. And yet this Egypt level from wrebbit. And exactly like the level of Lara Cablara is also this level a debut. And wrebbit has made his thing properly good. It seemed to me as if I played TR4-The temple of Karnak. The quite slightly red evening sky has struck me as soon as the first. This looks quite great if it is getting dark thus quite small a little. Then I have ascertained that one can jump between three Levels to and fro. Why this is in such a way, I have learnt of course only a little later. It is quite easy in such a way which Lara must find four Vraen. Hence, one can change without problems the level to continue to search somewhere else if one has found not everybody. The riddles were solvable completely without problems. The riddles are the big plus in this level. They are formed diverse and as a player one is not demanded too much. Though there is an underwater labyrinth, but even I, who hates labyrinths, had with this generally no problem. Opponents were a few crocodiles, Baddies, harpies, a skeleton and two Horsemen with her horses. So a Horseman on the horse is a little more difficult to fight, hence, one had to run, if one enters the room, immediately to the Horsemen and start immediately to shoot. Then they do not run because any more to the horses, but directly to Lara and thus they can be finished very fast. And because one still finds the revolver and the shotgun, the other opponents are also no problem. Playing time was about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Result: Nice relaxed level without bigger difficulties. So exactly right for a pleasant evening." - Scottie (10-Jul-2009)

"Brilliant, through and through - who needs the new outfits? This just proves that even things that are ten years old can be used to make an adventure that is fresh and enjoyable. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to the next set you do!" - ggctuk (10-Jul-2009)
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