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Author(s): Haruka74
total rating:3.73 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 1 2 2 2
DJ Full 6 4 3 3
eRIC 3 3 3 3
eTux 3 3 2 3
Gerty 3 3 3 3
herothing 3 3 4 2
Jay 4 3 4 4
MichaelP 5 5 2 4
Orbit Dream 5 6 6 6
Pablito_it 6 6 5 6
Ryan 4 3 3 4
Scottie 3 6 5 5
Xela 4 4 3 3
category averages
(13 reviews)
3.85 3.92 3.46 3.69

Reviewer's comments

"I went into this one, expecting an innocent little shooter out of Lara's makeshift pest control business, that would be over as quickly as it began. But oh boy, was I wrong! The gameplay especially made this release absolute torture to play, with 7+ enemies spawning in every new room you venture into for the first time, spending what feels like an eternity mowing them all down(before you can briefly have some peace of mind again), significantly ruining what little amount of enjoyment anyone could get from the exploration side of things. Around the time I got to a single ninja that took a ridiculous amount of ammunition to kill off, I effectively raised my hands and stated to myself that I'd had enough of this insane tedious mundanity. Just playing any more of it, might as well be invoking self-harm on oneself I thought. And upon discovering through older reviews that there isn't even a finish trigger present, it made my time spent on this level all the more infuriatingly wasted. I would comment on other design aspects of this level, but what's the point? They're just about as crude and ill-conceived as the gameplay is. So overall, do not waste your time with this one and go play matrix54's Battle Arena release instead, if you want to experience a quality example of a shooter style level done right under TRLE nowadays." - Ceamonks890 (26-Oct-2017)

" say the least. It's not only mosquitoes that attack, either. Chickens, gigantic rats, sheep and a giant eel have all invaded Lara's mansion and are ready to wreak havoc. It's certainly a unique attempt at a level, but it fell short, because the enemies were too overdone and I was afraid of running low on surplus, but I managed to scrape through. The environments are rather bland and there are no camera clues to point you in the right direction. It should have been so much better" - Ryan (07-Feb-2017)

"Judging by the comments from prior reviewers, I went into this one without the proper preparation. Still, a level should be able to stand on its own merits, even if it draws inspiration from another creator. The author of this one seems to have made this one a test level: textures are dull, heavily repeating, and glitchy; enemies phase in and out of environments, and are really annoying to fight; and the level just doesn't seem to be designed for public consumption, judging by the lack of any camera hints (which would have been a welcomed addition for the first timed run). Worst of all, it doesn't "feel" like a level, more like a series of boring rooms that shouldn't be connected to each other. Despite its humorous name, this level really isn't all that fun to play. Interesting perhaps, but definitely skippable for the average raider." - Xela (01-Aug-2013)

"Once upon a time, my friend wrote a book called "ATTACK OF THE HYDROXOLIODRONES (FROM SPACE!)". He made me a main character to take a revenge for my own story (where it was him who was made a main character). From that moment I'm pretty happy to see any weird title with the "attack" word included. The level itself is one of "so small space and so much thinking" kind. We need to be observant and foreseeing many possibilities. Timed runs are challenging. However, some triggers are extremely hard to find, and there's a lot of backtracking, especially if we miss something. But the most serious mistake is the fact if we miss a switch in one place, we get stuck in another one, wondering helplessly what we did wrong. Not very good design, then. But good indeed. On the contrary with other reviewers, I loved the mosquito flight sound and roaring doors. This is definitely a tribute to Cain, also a giant eel in the end of the level. Fighting the ninja boss I wasted over 500 uzi bullets for required initial rolling through the crawlspace preceding the fight to minimize damage. Other fights also require a lot of tactics - so I appreciate them. Many enemies appear from nothing, but it's forgivable in a level of this style. Nice sound. SUMMARY: Any person looking for classic raids will be disappointed with unfinishement and backtracking in this game. But for shooter fans, it is definitely recommended." - DJ Full (24-Nov-2010)

"This could have been an entertaining hour long level, as it has many ingredients of a good level, such as a few tight but achievable timed runs, some good battles with enemies, and a few clever sequences of switch puzzles. Yet, it all falls short because this level will only work if you actually are a mindreader of the builder's mind. There are absolutely no camera hints, so you never know what happens when you pull a lever and it may well be something at the other end of the map. There is also a stuck situation if you don't push a button elsewhere before entering the underwater area. And well, there are just too many enemies thrown in and it becomes just a little too much of a massacre after a while. And last but not least there is also no finish trigger. A pity really, as the ideas and overall construction is quite good. Just needs more care taken about textures and lighting and more guidance to the player on what action triggers what." - MichaelP (07-Nov-2009)

"Strange as the Title tr4 is one that LadyLara uses in her level, must be a mistake I hope. Then the level is a Home level but I would classify it as a shooter as there are mosquitoes in this house and they do attack. Ergo, shooting is a must. Not to mention the rest what you encounter outside. There is no lighting to speak off and there are paperthin walls. Also no camerawork, so it is not funny to run back and fro to find out what the timed lever does. And who expects a ladder to the so-called attic in a bathroom. Sound is also not up to scratch and I did had a chuckle when I shot the chicken that left me with a hamburger. I seriously came up short with medipacks but the shotgun ammo one does find, was enough for me to do the job, the grenade launcher was even better. There is potential here and I hope that he puts more work in exploring than in shooting." - Gerty (17-Aug-2009)

"This is a 'thinking-man's Cain level';in other words,not especially good or well made but intriguing enough in parts to keep most players interested.Actually,it's a technical masterpiece when compared to Cain...but that's not much of a compliment really. The gameplay generally involves straightforward enemy bashing (some of whom are incredibly resilient!) but also throws in a complex button-pushing logic puzzle,which garners a couple of extra gameplay points. The texturing is simplistic and the lighting almost non-existent,resulting in a Home level of little atmosphere.Nonetheless,this is a strangely compelling adventure (perhaps masochistically so)and shows that the builder is capable of some interesting ideas,if only they could temper their fondness for excessive enemy attacks.A Finish Trigger would have helped,too." - Orbit Dream (08-Aug-2009)

"This is a first job of the italian builder, it's a test level not a complete level, it was not foreseen for the international community. Despite the numerous mistakes the author proposes a not easy shooter level with a series of puzzles and funny sometimes, unfortunately the many enemies repeated, non-utilization of cameras and a final unexpected it are just enough work." - Pablito_it (07-Aug-2009)

"Alarm! The authorities in the whole world and in all states hit alarm! A new virus handles. It is the Cain virus. And it is extremely contagious. The symptoms are - so many opponents as only at all possibly - Unusual new opponents - Opponents who can absorb a lot, until they fall down - Rooms and textures limit themselves to the most necessary one Who finds a vaccine? Does a vaccine help here generally? Who clears up us? Who protects us from the inevitable? Where is the rescuer? H E L P!! Now, however, sometimes seriously. It seems in such a way as if there is a worthy successor for Cain. But after the row. Level construction, lighting and Flybys: No question, many good attempts are visible here, but all together there is still a lot of room for improvements. One sees several times paper-thin walls. The levers have very often the same colour like the wall. For many levers there are no Flybys. Kitchen, bath and bedroom looked quite good. Only unfortunately, this is a little bit a little for a whole level. Opponent and time runs: What should one say there? It is first a Shooter level. Secondly it is a Shooter level and thirdly it is a Shooter level. And then with it everything is already said, actually. Masses of opponents who absorb everybody a lot. Above all of the Baddy is really really heavy to kill. But because it is simply a Shooter level, the inclined player deals just a little bit more than, otherwise. And because one always finds enough weapons, ammunition and Medipacks, such opponent's hordes are not so bad. The time runs are scarce, but feasible. Indeed, the missing Flybys also interfere here. One never knows, actually, which is it generally a time run and where one has to go then now there. Summary: Good attempts richly exist. But there is also a lot of room for improvements. There still a lot of work waits for Haruka" - Scottie (05-Aug-2009)

"Had all the Cain levels not unintentionally prepared me for this, I would've been genuinely surprised where the legions of random baddies came from. Mosquitos? Sheep? Chicken? Rats? Even a pool of the trademark Cain eels are there. This honestly puts anything I used to call a massacre level in my early reviewing days to shame. To give the level some credit - even if an abyss still separates it from being a genuinely good looking level (the lighting is practically non-existent, the textures are at times applied carelessly), at least it resembles a house level and its surroundings. The tasks are mostly centered around flicking switches, with some of them being timed - when you're not killing everything that moves, that is. As such I didn't find it to be very inspired to begin with, but the lack of even the simplest camera clue hardly made this more enjoyable. There are some setups that could've actually worked really well as puzzles (namely the underwater room door puzzle), but if the player is given practically no hints at all as to what he's doing, and the switches and buttons function as randomly as they do here - where exactly is the fun put in the equation here? While I'll admit that there's potential for good levels to come with some proper preparation, as it is - I would not really recommend the level to anyone." - eTux (02-Aug-2009)

"Given just how many mosquitoes (Tinnos Wasps) and giant rats etc. are infesting the mansion, you'll be glad of the copious amounts of guns and ammo provided. It's a slightly strange level this. I'm giving the builder the benefit of the doubt by assuming the odd choice of sound files associated with enemies and switches was a conscious decision, but I'm not entirely sure what he was aiming at. Anyway, if it's not one of the best debut levels about, it's far from the worst either. The gameplay is somewhat rudimentary, mainly involving opening doors and shooting enemies in each room, but there are a few nice little timed runs to achieve and the mansion has been reasonably well put together. Quite a promising start." - Jay (02-Aug-2009)

"This first level by this new builder is something of a paradox. The map is very small , yet the progression is quite confusing , but despite the confusion , mainly due to the total absence of cameras when you pull a switch, it was captivating enough to get me want to play it all , which is not often the case with levels of the same level of technical quality. The timed switches can be spotted for they reset in position , and at one point there is an image on a wall to show what a lever will achieve (good idea) , but still I ran into circles sometimes to know what to do next or what I could have missed. The texturing would not have been bad , if it was not for blurred low-res textures , the author may have applied only the quarter of a texture for a tile , and this also does not help much for the progression : at one point there is a pad tile that is only spotted by a blurred texture , but how can one suppose that this particular tile is a trigger when there was blurred textures in other rooms ? Anyway I could go to the"end" with the help of Pablito :] who told us there was no finish trigger. I had a background audio track when playing and a few other tunes triggered when something significant was achieved in the progression (good) , but some weird sounds for the mosquitos and the big rats. You can also blow out a whole fold of sheep and some poultry outside :] The atmosphere is poor given the absence of lighting. Despite the flaws , the author seems to have potential to come up with something intriguing, anyway he should stick to the Italian forum where there is good builders and players for needed technical advices , and beta-testing for gameplay feedback. Cheers." - eRIC (01-Aug-2009)

"This was a good start for a new builder but there were many problems with both the level itself and the things inside the level. There were many stretched textures used on the floor for one, the walls were paper-thin and the objects inside the house like the massive chair didnt exactly appeal to me. Enemies were gigantic mosquitoes along with some very strange giant rats which sound like dogs when you kill them. Sound is vry blandm no background music at all and asll i could hear were the mosquitoes that sounded like bikes and me shooting at them. Lighting is ignored, not a single bit of lighting included and textures as i said were stretched along the floor but were god along the walls. Grade = D-" - herothing (29-Jul-2009)
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