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Author(s): Candylicious
total rating:1.16 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 1 2 1 1
Ceamonks890 1 2 1 1
DJ Full 1 1 1 3
eRIC 1 3 1 1
Gerty 1 2 1 0
herothing 1 2 1 0
janachorider 1 1 1 1
Jay 1 2 1 1
Jose 1 2 1 1
manarch2 0 2 1 0
MichaelP 1 3 1 1
Orbit Dream 1 1 0 0
Oxy 2 2 1 0
Quentin 1 3 1 2
Ryan 1 1 1 1
Scottie 1 2 1 1
Selene 1 1 1 0
category averages
(17 reviews)
1.00 1.88 0.94 0.82

Reviewer's comments

"A rather weird "level" where a bikini-clad Lara guns down a few Sophia clones and jackals in monotonously textured surroundings. The music choice wasn't bad, but it's otherwise not worth playing." - Ryan (18-Dec-2016)

"Another ultimately fruitless excursion that has you optionally slaughter a large number of Sophia Lee clones and some of her presumably pet jackals(while Lara runs around in a bikini), for no better reason than just because the builder wanted to do so(with atrocious level design, illogical texturing/object placement, unconvincing lighting effects and a painfully short length only serving to prove how little the builder actually understood about how to make a good game during this timeframe.) So in conclusion, just avoid this one and check out something else that's far longer and of much better quality overall." - Ceamonks890 (10-Jan-2015)

"A very short level where the enemies starts to appearing of a thin air and you're not forced to kill them. The story is incoherent and ends abruptly in less than 1 minute if you go fast enough and ... There was no treasure ! _e' The textures are wallpapered and the outfit isn't very appropriate for the situation even if she is nicely done ..." - Quentin (26-Mar-2014)

"Worthless,Useless,Pointless." - janachorider (06-Mar-2014)

"Can you call running few metres and swimming a bit gameplay? Not me. Level was bit better than worse because of the enemies. But cruel textures used here. Not recommended." - manarch2 (14-Nov-2010)

"The shortest shooter I've ever played. +1 point for the enemies, as I like the demigoddess and killable mummies. Some slicer_dicers are not enough for me to appreciate the objects. And, this level showed me something I've never seen before - the farther you go, the worse textures you can see. Strange, unique and a bit risky, but it does not harm the level. What is more, it makes a feeling of everything going more and more blurred as killing rage developes in Lara during the game. I don't think the author intended this, but I don't bother if he did or not as long as I find the effect nice. SUMMARY: Had an argument with sb? Fancy sharing some quick anger with the opponents? Here you are: this level can be completed in 40 secs to 3 minutes." - DJ Full (11-Oct-2010)

"Looking at the level info pics shows what this one is all about. Ignore the story line - because there is none. Lara-in a pink Bikini- is just running around killing a bunch TR3 Sophias, a demigod Sophia and a couple of dogs. Some of them make that horrible mummy cough sound when shot which makes it even worse. The lighting is flat and the textures are wallpaper. There is even an underwater area were Sophia mummies are walking around. I wish I would have found something positive to report, but the only thing that comes to mind is that it ends quickly, which is a blessing." - Blue43 (11-Oct-2010)

"Assault indeed. The theme from Tomb Raider 2 always brings back fond memories, but that's about the only thing worthy of a score in this two-minute-long display of bad taste. The choice of an outfit for Lara was mildly amusing, as were the Sophias rambling about at the bottom of a pool and the completely misplaced(and thus useless) slicers. I could have gone through this level an additional three times in the few minutes it has taken me to write this review, but I fear such a misery would be all but beneficial to my mental state." - Selene (19-Oct-2009)

"This builder can't be anything than a male, looking at the skimpy bikini Lara has to raid in. Raid I said, well you can finish it under three minutes if you just keep on running and avoid all the enemies you encounter. So a"run through" might be a better word?" - Gerty (17-Sep-2009)

"I don't know whre's the fun about shooting a bunch of enemies inside some box-rooms. After few minutes I get bored and I run directly ahead avoiding them. The exit was there with a red light too brilliant hurting my eyes." - Jose (15-Sep-2009)

"A first level that does not make a lot of sense , except for battling the few enemies here but you can also go onwards without caring for them, killable Sophia behaving like mummies , a Sophia demigod and a couple of dogs. A couple of naively placed slicer dicers as well. I like the TR2 tune at the beginning." - eRIC (13-Sep-2009)

"I wasn't able to kill all Sophias. Two are still in the water. This level is waste of time. :-)" - Oxy (01-Sep-2009)

"The author writes in the Readme which is it his / her first attempt and we will hopefully like it. In addition I can say only the following: I like it not at all!! Lara is in a bikini which points more than covers and runs through a few gigantic and absolutely empty rooms with wallpaper textures. In the last gigantic room is a pool. If one jumps there in, the level is over also. Opponents are a few dogs, mummies who looks like Sophia Lee and a Demigod which also looks like Sophia Lee. One can kill the mummies. If the inclined player shoots everything and everybody, he is ready after about five minutes. Or one simply runs by up to the pool and then one is already after 35 seconds at the level end. The second possibility is the better variation. There is here because absolutely nothing to do, nothing to find and nothing to discover. In other words: This level is a typical beginner's work of the especially bad kind." - Scottie (30-Aug-2009)

"Do you want to see Lara (looking as though she's just returned from an exciting party)shooting at Transexual Lara clones on top of columns? Go on;you know you want to!" - Orbit Dream (27-Aug-2009)

"A 3-minute linear run through huge square rooms that are poorly textured, with Lara in a skimpy outfit (cool glasses though). At least it is a little funny to see the remodeled 'mummies' and there is a remodeled demigod to kill (or avoid) and I thought it was interesting to see that the pink outfit changed into being a blue one due to ambient lighting in the room." - MichaelP (25-Aug-2009)

"As I've spent several days now playing the epic Egypt and Beyond, I thought this debut level would make a bit of a change and it certainly did, albeit in a 'from the sublime to the ridiculous' way. It's extremely short - in fact it may actually have taken longer to download than to play - and apart from dealing with numerous enemies (jackals, re-textured mummies and demigod) there isn't anything to do. It is very much a beginner's attempt and Candylicious needs a lot more practise with the level editor, but everyone has to start somewhere and, if not exactly good, it is at least colourful and shows an element of imagination." - Jay (25-Aug-2009)

"This is what i would call a 'pointless adventure'. This consists of killing many Sophia Lee models in a purple version of Lara's Nightgown from TR2. The textures are overused, the house is too big and spacious and there is no storyline. Grade = E" - herothing (25-Aug-2009)
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