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Author(s): The Quad
total rating:7.11 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
alan 7 7 8 7
dmdibl 6 7 7 7
eTux 6 7 6 6
Jay 7 7 7 7
Jerry 6 7 8 8
JesseG 7 7 7 8
Jose 5 6 6 5
manarch2 5 8 7 7
MichaelP 7 8 7 7
Nuri 7 7 10 9
Obig 8 8 8 7
Orbit Dream 8 7 8 8
Phil 7 8 8 8
Ryan 7 7 6 7
category averages
(14 reviews)
6.64 7.21 7.36 7.21

Reviewer's comments

"Now this level is kept simple. It is very obvious where you have to go and what you have to do and the mazes were not complex at all. I only passed some levers, that had the same color as the wall behind them. Although I prefer complicated, challenging levels more, I like this one. Level design was honorable - starting from snowy, rocky mountains, which gave me that TR2-nostalgia, to cryptic temples and lairs. Luckily the amount of medipacks was sufficient, because I got poisoned every single time that those green creatures showed up. The motorcycle was LOUD and I was sad that the level ends already just moments after you find it. I would just like to add that "The Vagrant" seems to have designed that motorcycle as you can read it in the README file and I remember the boat in his level "Cape Fear" having these loud, glitchy sounds as well." - Nuri (03-Jun-2019)

"A quite nice level built with the TR3 engine. It starts in some rocky mountains. Later on, you come into a temple or castle with passageways in order to find some keys and levers. It gets darker here but the flares provided are enough, so I didn't find it necessary to increase the gamma level. Gameplay is varied, with some jumping, timed runs, finding keys and levers, pushing blocks, avoiding traps and deep pits (which you can't get out of). Enemies are lizards, rats, wolves, buggy beasts and a golden dragon- like creature near the end. That one got me shooting at it with the pistols for a while after I had run out of desert eagle ammo. I thought it was 'unkillable' but then it finally exploded into pieces. I had to use little medipacks because the lizards always got me with their poisonous breath. Music is nicely used to give atmosphere to some rooms and cameras are well placed too, I only missed ones here and there. In the first labyrinth, there were a lot of missing textures and the camera angles were odd. They didn't point to Lara so I had to press the look button everytime that happened. At the end you get to ride a custom bike to finish the level, but what happened to its sound? It sounded so loud and distorted. And that jump over the pit took me several tries. Anyway, I liked it, except for the mazes, and finished in 1 hour, and with 3 secrets found." - alan (22-Apr-2018)

"I tried to like this, really! It started off well, in a bright, snowy outdoor area, with some fun jumping around and trying to open the door to continue on. That good flow kept going at least for the first 15 minutes of the level (with the possible exception of a blatantly obvious pit that you can fall into but not escape from). But it went a bit downhill, at least for me. Running down dark corridors, two mazes (one underwater), dodgy camera angles that purposefully impeded progress and that dragon (Zelligar himself) was incredibly hard to get through. At the end of the day, though, it is worth a look for the atmosphere and the setting itself. One oddity, for me, was that Lara got stuck inside solid walls and kept producing duplicate Laras every time she turned, which was amusing." - Ryan (28-Jul-2016)

"I have to say I really do find TR3 levels rather 'clunky' these days, but if you're a fan I suppose you could give this a go. I quite enjoyed it initially in the bright, snowy areas, but it soon became rather gloomy. The enemies are effective and take a bit of dealing with - wolves, giant rats, mutants and lizard creatures with their poisonous breath - some of these creatures are generous enough to leave goodies behind. The gameplay is quite varied, with timed elements, push puzzles and, aaargh, mazes, but, looks wise, it's nothing to rave about. Probably best recommended for die-hard TR3 fans only." - Jay (19-Mar-2016)

"Not very entertaining for me this TR3 level. Aparting defects in the architecture (paper walls) or bad applied textures (or missing) I didn't like the very dark rooms, always with flare in hand and the nasty mazes. In the first one I got a problem with the camera and I almost had to abandone the level; the second UW one near the end is not so nasty, but boring. Don't forget to check the dead animals to get extra items and good luck at the end with the motorbike jumping, 'cause it took me a lot of tries. Not a level to replay." - Jose (19-Nov-2015)

"If you like TR3 levels, this one's not bad at all. It starts off in an Arctic setting but quickly moves underground for the duration of the hour-long raid. The only thing that put me off was the intentionally screwy cameras in a mini-maze that hindered progression toward the end. I forgot that you can adjust the gamma setting in TR3 levels, but I really had no problem with the lighting at the default setting. The enemies consist for the most part of giant rats and poisonous green monsters, but you'll also see a few mutants, so conserve the ammo that is only sparingly provided. The only weapons to supplement the pistols are the shotgun and much later the desert eagle. Harry Laudie has provided his typically thorough walkthrough, complete with commentary. I assume that Zelligar is the golden dragon you encounter near the end, the one that acts like a T-Rex. A pleasant little adventure." - Phil (05-Jun-2015)

"Starting with rather crudely textured areas reminiscent of TR 1's "Lost Valley" and TR 2's "Tibetan Foothills" the level soon proofs to be very linear and even the keys you collect have to be placed in doors you get to visit later. The inside areas were slightly better in the visuals but apart from the monotonous gameplay there were quite a few annoyances throughout, as there were quite a few spots where the camera goes crazy and the walls seem to be untextured, even if they aren't in fact, so that it's nearly impossible to progress and I nearly quit the level because of that, or the block puzzle which hint was very obscure and the walkthrough helped me much more. Another unfair situation was the dragon that itself was looking very nice but without killing it (and that takes a lot of time and health) it's very hard to grab the dagger as suggested by the walkthrough. Nonetheless, there were a few nice parts as the timed run, some nicely designed high rooms and the ride with a modified bike at the end that contained a quite hard jump, but all in all I was happy when the level finally ended after 55 minutes." - manarch2 (28-Mar-2012)

"This is a rather nice level where my favourite part of it all was the dramatic development. It starts agreeable enough with the snowy outside sections, and the interior parts increase the tension a bit with the danger of encountering poisonous beasts around every corner, getting lost in the mazelike settings and climax with the Dragon battle after which you get a somewhat dramatic escape on a bike. But when viewed as a whole it's more of an unpolished gem, rather than a genuinely good level. The views are kind of nice, but a plethora of paper-thin walls, rough geometry and a weird camera bug in the maze section lessen the appeal. Apart from the movable block puzzle and the trial and error pool puzzle, the game mostly consists of running around, but - worse than that - there are a least a couple of situations where you can be stuck for good if you neglected to operate a switch or find a crucial item, so always keep an earlier savegame within your reach. It's still fun to play if you can look past its shortcomings and the setting is distinguishable enough from the majority out there to earn some extra looks. With some polishing it could've been more player-friendly, but is worth a go in its current state as well." - eTux (07-Nov-2010)

"This turned out to be quite an extensive level that clocked in just under an hour for me. It flows rather smoothly, but nicely mixes block puzzles, timed runs, jumps and enemy battles (myriads of rats, poison breath lizards and wolves). What lets it down slightly is the integration of two maze like areas, one under water and both of these rather dark. I found three secrets along the way and enjoyed myself quite a bit in this adventure." - MichaelP (27-Jun-2010)

"We are in mountains, icy landscapes among wolfes. And we are finish there too by the motorbike, and with our relic, the dagger. Beetwen we roaming in buildigs too. We have to move among poisoned lizards, and exploding enemies. I've used some medipacks too. But there are enough. At the two golden dragons, don't stay for fight, won't worth it. And be careful, you can't go out from some holes. I couldn't pick up the Desert Eagle too. The cameras getting mad sometimes. Well a bit buggy level, but playable,and I liked it." - Obig (31-May-2010)

"The level starts out well enough with Lara in the snow with wolves, though this isn't an arctic cold level. It has a nice ending with Lara roaring off on a motorcycle. I had problems in the middle. The initial passages are uninspired dark textures. There is a giant mutant who winks in an out of existence, so if he corners Lara her pistols are useless, but his claws are deadly. When I replayed the battle, the mutant hit a corner bug or something, shot up to the ceiling and landed on upper ledges. This made it possible to safely shoot him from a separate ledge. Lara enters twisty passages and climbs to ledges and the camera goes crazy. It won't track, and on reloading a save it looked like Lara was floating in air. After blind flipping, Lara fell down and the camera restored. Yet this happened again. The camera fixates on an opening Lara climbs out of, but she is off fighting green lizards, out of frame. It bothers me when an author lets pass such obvious bugs. Next Lara comes to a push block puzzle, with four figures on the wall--squiggles, line, dot--and matching figures on the floor under push blocks. But the figures seem the same, only rotated ninety degrees around a center axis. Mathematically, Lara has to choose an axis of rotation to match the figures, and there are four choices, and no clue which to use. If Lara enters the room, goes to the RIGHT of the figures on the floor, then she can compare them to those on the wall. That is, she can look down, then turn around to see the wall figures, and find a match. Or look up to the wall figures across the room and find a match. But there is no reason why Lara shouldn't stand on any other of the four sides of the floor square. If Lara enters and goes LEFT, she can look down, look up to the wall to find a perfectly good match, but it is wrong. The scores would have been a lot lower if this level hadn't ended with the excitement of a TR2 dragon, a maze timed swim, and a zippy motorcycle ride." - dmdibl (12-Nov-2009)

"It is unfortunate that the way the rooms are connected seems to be a bit buggy: enemies will disappear from the floor to appear on a raised ledge above, the camera will refuse to follow Lara on certain tiles, and Lara herself may get stuck in a void occasionally. Thus the adventure is not very smooth sailing. The way the level was put together will not help in this respect; I recall a pit with a desert eagle in it (that the camera points you toward), but there was no way to escape this pit. There were several such red herrings in this level. I feel the level would have been better if it spent less time taunting the players and more time intriguing them. It is also to get stuck because, for instance, a timed run can trap you if you forgot to open a certain gate. The good aspects are that the level will entertain you for a good hour or so, and that the textures and lights are used well to make a "lair" setting. You also get to use a motorbike (so much easier to control than in TR4!) although it is rather useless. Give it a go if you wish, but save early and save often!" - SSJ6Wolf (12-Nov-2009)

"This level is undoubtedly better than the builder's first one. First of all it is the atmosphere and lighting that has been improved appreciably. Regarding the maze - well, sometimes I can't escape the feeling that if builders run out of ideas they simply put a maze in. I wished they'd abandon that, since mazes rarely add a pleasant and exciting touch to the gameplay. It is not such a huge maze, but strange camera angles complicate things. Enemies are mainly rats and green lizards and they are placed rather randomly. Sometimes you come across half a dozen of them in narrow corridors what makes it almost impossible to get rid of them without being poisoned. The dragon you you tangle with later on is quite impressive though (and so are his bites if you don't hurry). I experienced a strange encounter with one of those bigger enemies who awaited me in one room, and after shooting him a few times he suddenly disappeared from the floor and reappeared on a higher ledge. Gameplay-wise it's nothing too spectacular. Apart from a pushing block puzzle it is only looking for switches and the one or other key to open doors." - Jerry (29-Oct-2009)

"If it weren't for the boxiness of the outside areas (which invariably disapoints) this would be a very strong level indeed.A vast improvement over the Author's previous 'Missile' adventure,this ups the ante in terms of Gameplay (enjoyably varied,with nicely clue'd push-block puzzles;not too complex mazes;timed jumps;cunningly concealed levers;a bafflingly diverse selection of nasty enemies;and even a quick Motorbike Finale)and especially with Atmosphere.Indeed,this is not the sort of level to play when you're all alone in your house in the middle of the night,for it really is rather creepy at times with dark corridors aplenty;effectively spooky coloured lighting;and the knowledge that anything and everything could be lurking around the next corner to viciously bite you.Occasional bothersome camera and texturing glitches (and one absolutely unkillable huge beast that needs to be run away from in an annoyingly confined space) get in the way of complete enjoyment,but there's still much fun to be had - especially when you aquire the Desert Eagle and can satisfy your blood-lust by blasting away the many foes. Textures are well chosen and often original,while sound has been used to increase the atmosphere at all the right moments. It's visually not quite in the same league as most Official levels, but it's a damn good try nonetheless!" - Orbit Dream (19-Sep-2009)
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