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Author(s): Vinceborg
total rating:5.45 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
dmdibl 4 6 6 5
eTux 4 5 6 6
Gerty 4 5 6 5
Jerry 3 4 5 5
Jose 2 6 6 6
manarch2 4 5 6 5
MichaelP 6 7 6 6
Obig 5 6 8 8
Orbit Dream 4 7 6 8
Ryan 4 7 6 5
sonnyd83 5 6 5 6
category averages
(11 reviews)
4.09 5.82 6.00 5.91

Reviewer's comments

"The lever was quite dark in my old screen, but soon I fix it with the gamma setting. Nothing interesting in the gameplay except shoot enemies and got keys (I finished leaving things behind I think). In the pit with the scaffolding there is a very hard jump (at least for me) so I lowered the rate in the gameplay section. The textures, even in black and white, can't conceal the defects in small surfaces, but usually the game has a good look. I liked some objects like cars and machines too. Enjoyable but only for TR3 lovers." - Jose (11-Aug-2016)

"This is the very first black and white level released and I suppose it is a benchmark in custom level history. However there is not much going on here and what little there is seemed buggy. When you try to climb into a tunnel, Lara appears to fall down, so you have to jump instead, and that jump that other reviewers considered too unfair, I managed to circumvent completely (while on the platform to begin the jump, Lara accidentally fell and landed on an invisible platform, from there I jumped to the ground floor). Only really worth looking at for the curiosity factor." - Ryan (22-Jul-2016)

"This was a rather nice, albeit very compact, encounter, the first level built mainly set in black and white (there are some colours here and there, like in the explosion of Tony's body, but I guess one couldn't do anything against that) and actually the atmosphere is rather convincing at that. The gameplay is a bit simplistic, but not always that easy, with a rather fiendish jump to master (I still had fun with that one) and an interesting encounter with an electric machine. I liked how the objects (e.g. the cars) were set in scene and overall this is a cute effort, though somewhat unfinished as I hit the finish trigger with a key I never needed, a door that didn't open and some unpickable keys lying on the floor after just 10 minutes." - manarch2 (31-Jul-2013)

"This level begins in what looks like the outside of a office or industrial building. I note the strange texture sounds and rain falling even though you're indoors at the start. The atmosphere is the same as that of Thames Wharf level (TR3) with the rain and the noise of the city in the background, the textures are also the same, the odd brick wall is compressed, but generally it's quite good, I like the texturing on the top of some of the walls - better than just having 'end of world' nothingness. Lighting is not bad with everything in the right place. I like some of the objects such as the cars, custom savegame item, telephone wires, and hoist. You must face several crows, rats, gunmen, a tricky jump (completely unfair and unrealistic - I ended up on an invisible block before climbing down), as well as collecting keys, an underwater swim, then back to the first section where a door is now open, another baddy, then a mistake here in the architecture ie the stars where the ceiling is too low. The next area is textured nicely with a warehouse feel to it. Here we have a machine which electrocutes Lara on contact, so it has to be trapped so she can flip a switch - best part of the gameplay I think. She then presses some buttons and opens an area with a boss, he's pretty easy if you use the revolver, once he's gone, there's some rats, and then it's the end. Overall, gameplay is fairly average, although that silly jump requires many reloads, the texturing is not bad with many different ones used and fences which look quite good. 37 minutes net gameplay." - sonnyd83 (23-May-2012)

"This level has a fantastic atmosphere. Like and old, black and white movie. We are in London, in a little house. Well I stucked on the garden while I haven't seen the invisible platform. We find three keys at the end of the level, but those are unpickable. Maybe it will have another level." - Obig (25-May-2010)

"So this is it then - the very first black and white custom level. And just as I was impressed with Debbie's TR4 renditions of Pyscho and Rebecca, it works well here too, although the level's quality is no match for these later masterpieces. The Corvette objects are cool and the electrical machine that you need to trick as well. Cameras are missing but the place is small enough to backtrack and look around for what the two buttons did. The odd boss at the end is not such a big challenge and rather funny. What does spoil this 20 minute experience is the likely 50 tries you need to make the jump that gets you down into that one alley. Very annoying indeed. The ending looked clearly unfinished as if the author had given up on the level. Too bad..." - MichaelP (16-May-2010)

"Oh a black and white level, well the story goes way back to 1935 and does fit the atmosphere. There are some bugs in here and they aren't mentioned in the read-me file. So be aware of them as I found myself (trying to jump into a small opening and failing miserably) suddenly on an invisible ledge but luckily could proceed from there. Climbing up might give you a surprise as well, so in that case, jump. I still love those electric machines so that was fun. The boss is easy to get rid off although I came up short in the medipack department and finished this level with a blinking health bar." - Gerty (16-Feb-2010)

"A black and white level, that at first appears to have loads of atmosphere. We expect that Lara will stealthily explore an old newspaper building, but what we get is either unfinished, or a Test Level. There is a frustrating jump down to a ledge protected by a railing (I had trouble with this the first time playing this level, and this time around wasn't much better.) Then Lara dodges a traveling electric machine in a small room to throw a switch. The finish is a weak boss, and there are keys on the ground that Lara can't pick up. The lack of color makes it hard to gauge depth, so the fun novelty of black and white wears off pretty quickly. The textures aren't really appropriate for black and white; for instance, dark blue comes across here as solid black, when shades of gray were called for. An interesting concept, but not developed." - dmdibl (01-Dec-2009)

"The black and white look in this level fits, but sometimes it makes things hard to spot. The level holds some flaws (e.g. climbing on a block makes Lara fall back down) and it seems to be an experimentation or a demo rather than a finished level. In the end one door stayed close and the collected keys did not have any purpose. Outwitting the moving machine was a nice touch, but besides shooting some guys it was the only challenge in this short and gloomy game." - Jerry (06-Sep-2009)

"Even being somewhat familiar with what the TR3 custom level world has to offer, I managed to surprise myself by stumbling upon a black & white level that precedes Debbie's Alfred Hitchcock double-feature! Of course it's not an issue of being first or second to introduce the concept to the TR custom level world, but just shows on what little gems it's possible to miss out on. But as far as gems go, this one's more on the smaller scale of the spectrum, as, assuming you know where to go and what to do, you can easily finish the game in less than 10 minutes. Doing so on the first run, however, could be problematic, as a crucial keyhole is well concealed, there's never a camera clue clarifying what a switch or a button does (curiously enough you do get some camera angles occasionally to show off the scenery, though) and, at least in the context of this level, they can have far-reaching effects to make matters worse. But the level as such is compact and simple enough to make it bearable, and you do get a nice encounter with the weird Thames Warf electric machine to spice things up a little bit from the regular key hunt. The looks are decent with the exception of the occasional squashed texture, and the black and white style certainly makes it more compelling than your average London venture. All in all it's short, sweet and has a nice twist to set it apart from other levels, but not without its problems." - eTux (05-Sep-2009)

"This is one of those levels which,if you use the Walkthrough,you'll be through in next to no time.If you choose to go it alone,though,you could easily spend hours wandering around without a clue. As a concept it's quite original (dating,as it does,right back to 2002);although there seemed no proper reason for the monochrome,other than as a gimmick (the makes of cars,armaments and security devices would place this level at least 20 years after the date as stated in the level-title),and the whole place was just too dark to be enjoyable (with only limited flares available).There was one unfairly hidden keyhole which didn't even seem to serve a particular function,and quite a few buggy moments in the gameplay which caused Lara to die unfairly. Having stated all this,it must be said that (should you find the right way forward) this has many fun moments;particularly the nasty little electrical machine and the dastardly Final Boss;while the nocturnal atmosphere has been well caught. It's original and fast-paced,but just a little too aggravating." - Orbit Dream (05-Sep-2009)
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