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Author(s): Vinceborg
total rating:5.81 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
dmdibl 7 6 6 5
Gerty 5 6 5 5
Jerry 8 8 7 6
Jose 5 5 5 6
manarch2 4 5 6 5
MichaelP 7 6 6 6
Orbit Dream 4 6 4 4
Ryan 5 6 5 5
Vinci 6 7 9 8
category averages
(9 reviews)
5.67 6.11 5.89 5.56

Reviewer's comments

"This is a rather weird and oddly unfinished TR3 level, which is especially prevalent as you go through. For starters (and this might be due to the latest download), you can't access the other menu screens (key items and the options menu) without using the shortcut keys. This didn't bother me that much as I use the quick save function anyway, but I can imagine those using the traditional method will have a harder time completing this. The gameplay isn't bad as such, but what spoils it is the glitchy environment. Texture bugs abound, the end of the world is easily reached and the atmosphere is severely compromised as a result. There's a good idea at its core, but it can't be enjoyed fully until the problems are fixed." - Ryan (30-Jan-2018)

"I think this author started with ilusion, but at half way he got tired, and builded without sense. Even with all the defects I found from the beginning (ilegal slopes, bad placed fires and doors...), the level was playable and enjoyable, but in the second part there are many things to be fixed: walking through walls, unfinished architecture, often reaching the end of the world, environments disappearing, etc. It notices an effort with the lighting, and even with the texturization, but I never found flares for the dark areas. I also missed a lot more musics, cameras and flybys. Playable, but not properly tested." - Jose (04-Nov-2016)

"A rather unique pick out of the TR 3 archive because it uses textures and objects rarely or never seen before and actually the builder managed to create a nice atmosphere, even if spoilt by several things, mostly concerning the too basic architecture. Gameplay starts a bit unfair, with Lara having to catch fire on a slope and losing health, but the following actions, especially the nice flipmap, were quite interesting. In general the level style seems to be out of the ordinary, may it be the choice of enemies that are ridiculously unfitting to the scenery, or the partly psychedelic style rooms, or whatever else. Also, the sole secret I could actually find (there's another one in the large lake but I never found out how to get it, also because I had a lot of crashes in this area) was a bit awkward to find with running through several house objects and facing the end of the world several times. I seem to have rushed through this level, since I only needed a bit more than 20 minutes to actually finish it. To sum it up - this is a kind of "unusual run of the mill" level with a few downs but definately also its moments." - manarch2 (02-Jul-2013)

"I played this level today and it is very cool. It\'s true there is no concept.. from India we go to a place that looks like England or Scotland, but I am loving it and its atmosphere. The geometry, in some rooms, is wonderful even if the ligthing is too dark. The idea that the end of the level is near the start\'s something of incredible which i found only in professional levels i.e. Thames Wharf, Jungle." - Vinci (31-Jul-2010)

"One of the more substantial TR3 levels here. I spent about 45 minutes in it and liked the way how it circled back to the starting area at the end. There are some nice textures being used, a few traps, myriads of monkeys, mosquitoes and a Shiva to deal with and even a nice little flood/drain puzzle. I actually thought the house objects where well done in the outside area until I got up there and ran right through them hitting the end of the world. And that was not even an accident, as you have to go there to get a secret. Still, a level with good potential, just a little too rough around the edges." - MichaelP (16-May-2010)

"A bit of a strange level, this one as I found quite a lot of illegal slopes where I couldn't get out of. Then there are also invisible blocks in front of doors. For the rest it is running through and finding a lot of levers that needs to be pulled. There is also the matter of my PC acting sometimes very strange since I started playing TR2 and TR3 levels, like hearing the knives on that bridge but not seeing them. Only after a reload I could get a glimpse of them. Annoying is a Shiva that I didn't kill at the beginning (as you can outrun it) but it kept stomping away through the entire game. The game-play is sometimes a bit different so I had to use the walkthrough a couple of times. But all in all, not a bad level at all apart that it was too bloody dark at places." - Gerty (16-Feb-2010)

"This level confused me, and not in the normal way of Tomb Raider. An old monastery near Tibet, so we think we know what to expect. But there is a native with a blowgun, who is totally out of place. And then we have a changing flip room, or rooms, that is jarring and really doesn't serve any purpose. Lara sensibly flees from a Shiva, but the thing keeps stomping around shaking things for the rest of the level. Then comes a level bug in a small corridor with textures blinking in and out of existence, windows to the horizon. There is a whole section where Lara travels at the end of the world, but this seems the only path to get a secret, a rocket launcher, so apparently this was intended by the author. Lara takes a sort of bridge over enemies below, but if she goes down, there is no way back. The general design is disjointed and purposeless. It is interesting to see an author learning his craft, and this level keeps the player occupied, but you'll probably look back on this with more puzzlement than you had while playing it." - dmdibl (09-Nov-2009)

"I found this a good and enjoyable level, although there is a dead end situation in one room. A block has to be pushed and a switch must be pulled to flip the room and open a door, and you can get stuck if you pull the switch first and push the block next. I don't know what this flip room and its changes were good for anyway (except for opening that door), but however make sure to first push the block before using the switch or else the according door won't open. The main part of the game is looking for switches, but as it takes place in a varying setting it was fun to play. Enemies are monkeys, natives, shiva statues (who can be left behind) and rats, and they all fit in here. I found the shotgun, the desert eagle and the mp5, but never needed them to sweep the enemies out of my way. The weak point in this level is the graphics. It's not the level design or the texturing (which is varying and quite well done), but the overly used dark shadows and all the graphic bugs you encounter especially in the last third of the game. But altogether I'd recommend this level to everyone who is looking for a level of a fair difficulty range." - Jerry (19-Sep-2009)

"This is one of those levels that had everything going for it,yet singularly failed to exploit even one potentially playable element. It had a ruined castle theme - and yet most of the game took place in uninspired boxy rooms. It had a plethora of enemies - yet these could either be killed from a distance or failed to even attack. It had whole sequences where the end-of-the-world needed to be encountered in order to progress or aquire a secret. There were some noticeably clumsy flipped rooms and a profound overuse of shadow bulbs. It should have had atmosphere in spades, but the overall darkness and poor construction put paid to that.The only thing in its favour (other than a decent application of textures) was a rather pleasing cyclical progression,with the finish trigger placed almost back at the start of the level. Otherwise,this was a good idea wasted." - Orbit Dream (10-Sep-2009)
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