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Author(s): Vinceborg
total rating:3.43 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
dmdibl 3 3 4 4
eTux 1 3 2 2
Gerty 2 4 3 3
Jay 3 5 4 5
Jerry 1 3 4 4
Jose 2 4 4 4
manarch2 2 5 4 5
MichaelP 3 5 4 4
Obig 3 4 4 4
Orbit Dream 3 4 3 5
Ryan 2 3 3 4
category averages
(11 reviews)
2.27 3.91 3.55 4.00

Reviewer's comments

"Not very nice to play this odd level. The first part is too dark, and I had to do a very long drop losing many health; when entering into the brighter part, the game crashed continuosly, so I had to enter droping backwards; later, when I tried to climb to the ledge with the spikes using "Ctrl + up arrow", Lara jumped to the sky and died, and nothing to say about the zip line... But the worst was the unmarked climbable wall, not good in any level. I think the author could revise and fix all that issues before the releasing." - Jose (17-Jan-2018)

"What a bizarre little level. I have no idea if the author was trying to trick us players, or if things happened the intended way. It begins normal, in a deserted alleyway near a train station, but soon we encounter oddities. A dragon that (generously) commits suicide, a soldier being dragged by some invisible force, an ice skating ghost which seems harmless, and a zip line whose path goes through a button. A weird, weird level." - Ryan (14-Jul-2016)

"Up until the unmarked climbable wall I was actually enjoying the more quirky aspects of the short raid. A suicidal dragon and an undead skater are not unimaginative ideas unworthy of exploration in my book, but the complete lack of anything worthwhile to do apart from the the rather awkward climb & zipline ride raises the question whether the author ever intended it to be put out for players scrutiny. Worth a look, provided you calibrate your expectations." - eTux (15-Mar-2013)

"A short visit in this rather interestingly designed level, with innovatively made enemies, like the dragon or the translucent skater, but quite buggy sometimes, in my opinion. Gameplay was really easy, there weren't any puzzles in it." - manarch2 (05-Feb-2011)

"Well I already liked the pulling soldier at the beginning . And waited for the monster quakingly. Well down to the dragon, I've stucked in the water, no way back. This level is a bit buggy. So be careful, don't want to see the dragon from close." - Obig (30-May-2010)

"A quick 8 minute run here and thankfully so, as that alarm sound was really annoying. Not such a nad first impression with the metro train and the fires, an odd moment when you briefly hear a TRex stomb and die (?) and then a ghost skater boy bullying you in a cathedral room which had a few technical glitches and Lara suddenly standing inside a block." - MichaelP (16-May-2010)

"A fragment which wastes good ideas. Lara drops into an underground train station. A Chinese yellow dragon appears far below, and dies in deadly water (one can barely see this). Lara enters an area vaguely recalling "All Hallows." There is a white transparent figure skating (yes, skating) around and bumping into Lara. She climbs up, but a crawlspace is blocked, and maybe it should have been open. Lara walks between candlesticks and the level ends." - dmdibl (15-Apr-2010)

"This is a weird level and to see what I mean you have to play it. There is a shortcut so you don't have to use the zip-line at all, and it was over in a jiffy" - Gerty (16-Feb-2010)

"It's an interesting little level, this one. The atmosphere is distinctly creepy, with, amongst other things, a moving corpse and what appeared to be an ice skating robot (possibly a shout-out to the builder's name). There's minimal gameplay, but the London surroundings are rather attractive and I liked the whole surreal feeling." - Jay (02-Oct-2009)

"I really don't know what to think about this work. The builder either wanted to play jokes on players or he just stopped the project shortly after starting it. There are some strange effects like a dead guard lying on the floor and moving away, and strange things happen to Lara when she is running into the train. In another spot she is suddenly standing halfway through in a block. All this is quite weird, maybe funny, but completely senseless. 7 minutes to reach the end." - Jerry (16-Sep-2009)

"Although beginning in a rather conventional manner,this small Level soon transmogrifies into a perfectly bizarre and often hilarious experience.A stationary train which causes Lara to inexplicably die by uncontrollably running off into the distance;a bright yellow T-Rex which generously takes its own life by lowering itself into a bath of acid;an ice-skating machine-gun wielding harmless Ghost sliding around the floor of a Church; a zip-line which allows Lara to speed through a large levitating push-button. Clearly this was built as some of Test(although lighting and textures are well-enough applied),and provides 9 minutes of completely strange gameplay." - Orbit Dream (05-Sep-2009)
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