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Author(s): Slash
total rating:5.75 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
dmdibl 7 8 7 7
Jose 2 5 4 5
manarch2 6 6 5 4
MichaelP 8 8 7 5
Ryan 4 5 5 5
sonnyd83 5 5 4 4
Torry 9 9 6 6
category averages
(7 reviews)
5.86 6.57 5.43 5.14

Reviewer's comments

"This levelset is a toughie and I mean it in this case. I generally like a challenge in Tomb Raider, but this one went far beyond that and into the realms of frustration and continuous reloading. You do have some gameplay ideas which are really well thought out and enjoyable (the timed run and the block puzzle in the second level and the mine cart rides and the boss battle in the third level), but overall I found the majority of the gameplay to be too unfair and far too sneaky. You have a bitch of a boulder run with no safe spot (unlike the corresponding one in 'Run Down the Cliff'), a tricky manoeuvre with the boat that depends on luck more than skill from the player, a terrible dark maze complete with a timed run and a monkeyswing area that gives a whole new meaning to the word 'devious'. The texturing is rather abstract, like in other levels of this builder, but I didn't really like it and it actually made manoeuvring difficult at times. Overall, I'd say this is one for expert (or at least really experienced) raiders only." - Ryan (29-Jul-2018)

"For my 600th review I chose this from the review wish list and afterwards wished I hadn't. Tough, tough level set with some abstract ideas, textures and game play but all in all a decent raid that will test both your skills and your patience. Each level had a sequence that almost made me give it away but perseverance or perhaps stubbornness is the key. "Door to Nightmare (40 min, 6 secrets)": The big boulder run was a bugger but if you start at the little wooden strip one square behind the GO marker and run, jump over that go marker you will gain those precious nano seconds you need to complete the run. Keep running jumping all along the collapsible tiles to the end. Other World (46 min, 6 secrets): This one had a push-able box puzzle that was most vexing. I had to resort to the walk through for this. Dangerous Antarctic Circles (57 min, 3 secrets). This level had two facets that gave me pause. Firstly the timed run within the maze. Even with the map provided in the walk through this was a terrible challenge which you could not simply run through. I mapped this out in my head and then placed a flare at the first viable intersection then hit the switch, sprinted to that flare whilst lighting another and then ran, jumped my way to the end. You need to take the corners "tight" and you cannot hang on any of them or else time will elude you. Then nearer the end you get a monkey swing maze in pitch blackness with next to no terms of reference other than green dots on the walls. This is more of a "suck it and see" approach than anything more valid as you simply have no spatial references as to where you are. This takes some patience to get through. Then lastly you have a fight with 4 mutants and if you managed to pick up the rocket launcher and/or grenade gun they are a simple matter to dispatch but without that weaponry you face a formidable obstacle. The end of the level is anti climatic I felt as you did naught with the 4 swords the mutants dropped on their demise and as you try to pick up one of Lara's icons the level ends." - Torry (18-Apr-2018)

"After several hours of hard riding I was able to finish, at least 2 of the three levels. I had to abandone the first one 'cause I was not faster enough to avoid the giant rolling ball after all the nasty tasks in the dark icy cave. The architecture is rude and crude here, and there's not much care with the texturization, the timed runs are too tight, the traps are too nasty like the very thin laser lines near the beginning of the second level; I only found an interesting puzzle with moveables in that level. Definitely, a levels I had to play reading often Harry's walkthrough and dying and reloading hundreds of times. Sorry but not recommended." - Jose (14-Jul-2017)

"More than two years after putting this one on my to-play list, I finally started this one ;). I really thought this will be a step upward from the rather odd Run Down the Cliff, but it was only slightly better actually. The first level was a longer version of the mentioned level, still including the horrible climbing session which is still too dark and the builder didn't care much for texturing and lighting here so even with maximum gamma settings it's not easy to navigate through it. Later on a little boat ride was added and things pick up a bit, but graphics are crude to say the least. The second level started intriguing with plain black and white texturing and a very futuristic feel overall, gameplay in this level has a few moments like inspired platforming for a timed run in the "alien room", a long block puzzle and the usage of the always fun UVP, but yet again the textures are not very good with non-marked death squares, a lot of missing ones (you can often see other rooms from an off-position because of that) and a lot of misplaced ones. The atmosphere suffers considerably because of that, but it at least still keeps its charm (certainly the best of all three levels). The third level was the longest and at the start I thought it could be close to a decent level, but after the very, very dark maze (again top gamma settings don't help you here) including a timed run that simply was a pain to do I changed my mind. Even a few interesting minecard rides and good use of a few breaktiles didn't turn things much; visuals get more and more uninspired and the builder obviously didn't take much care for the later rooms as they were mostly boxy and wallpapered. The "monkeyswing room" was another very player-unfriendly task as it's impossible to know where to go without any hints at all, and even if there's a bit of a storyline at the end with rescueing Winston, the boss fight is rather overdone (four mutants are too much, at least when you didn't find the rocket launcher) and the pushing is way too long in my opinion. The end was both a reward and way too abrupt (you'll see why); after two long hours I was really happy to have finished this level. Not the best of the author's in my opinion and overall I can't really recommend it as not much care was given to both gameplay and (especially) the settings." - manarch2 (08-Feb-2013)

"This consists of 3 levels. The first you begin underwater and for some reason the butler is in a cage walking about. there's an impressive timed run which involves some jumps over lava and if you're not in time, you die, or have to repeat. a friendly whale can be found here too, following this, there's a large cavern which will test your acrobatic skills, it's difficult since you can't see behind you or downwards whilst climbing. Following the above area, there's a large rolling ball chasing you, this is where I gave up, at the same time as being chased by the ball, you have to go over collapsable tiles with spikes under them, and 2 of the tiles you fall straight through, so no sprinting, and if you do happen to make it to the end, the ball pushes you onto some lava, this is very poor gameplay. I don't think the laws of physics quite apply here either, water floating on top of air, collapsable blocks floating The texturing is dull and unprofessional, some squashed ones about, and the lava is animating far too quickly. lighting is strange - it's either too bright or too dark, no in between LEVEL 1: 5/10 Second one begins in a corridor which, other than couple of 'hand' textures, has no texturing whatsoover! You kill a few baddies here, and open doors just by standing on a square, not obvious. Next lies a few nice looking cabinets with aliens in them, death squares are not marked. Textures are all repeated or even missing, lighting is too bright. Another gameplay stopper, a long jump from one cabinet to another but lasers in the way. LEVEL 2: 4/10 The last one starts off in a very colourful room with what looks like some slots for items. You then go through a very dark dark corridor and attack some baddies. The room after is the same one at the start of level 1. The textures keep flashing on and off. After this, the level seems to improve somewhat, especially once you aquire the minecart, that's the only positive thing about this game. Unforunately, even the minecart ride isn't perfect, e.g. there's a slope but if you slow down too much you end up in a deep pit, but if you're too quick you crash, you don't know this until you've played it once. The texturing and lighting is ok in the first part of this level - just what you'd expect Antarctica/mine level to look like, but gradually gets worse. LEVEL 3: 5/10 I'm afraid i didn't enjoy this." - sonnyd83 (07-May-2012)

"Door to Nightmare (7/6/6/4, 30 min, 6 secrets): This part is an extended version of the author's 'Run down the Cliff' level, with a shorter timed run at the start and no safe spot at the big boulder run, which makes this one very tight indeed. There is also a long and tricky climbing sequence, a zipline and the use of the boat and a few underwater levers.
Other World (8/8/7/6, 40 min, 6 secrets): Inspired by the movie 'Matrix' in some of its ideas (the white and the black/green hallways, the weapon room). This gets tougher as you move along and I was very happy to have the ability to use Harry's walkthrough on several occasions, as often the ideas are just a little too sneaky. There are challenging timed runs, devious traps, a clever block puzzle room and a fun ride with an underwater scooter.
Dangerous Antarctic Circles (8/9/7/6, 50 min, 3 secrets): Despite the title, this part has little in common with the level of that name by the author. Except the dark maze which is still there and features a really devious 40 second timed run through it. What makes this part a really great one is the fun to be had with 4 mine cart runs and a great boss fight with the rocket launcher near the end. What makes this part annoying is the pitch black monkey swing area and some other rather arbitrary gameplay ideas.
All in all, a series not for the faint of heart, which presents many challenges that are not easy to master even when you do know the 'how to' by looking it up in the walkthrough. Also, simply a bit too dark in too many places, but worth a look if you want to put your raiding skills to the test." - MichaelP (24-May-2010)

"These three levels place a lot of emphasis on game play, but the decor has been left to fend for itself. Has a good start with the first level. Soon a tile on the floor reads "20 seconds," to alert the player about the slope jumps and collapsing tiles ahead. There is an infamous huge boulder chase, with Lara running on collapsible tiles down a lava filled tube. Not all the tiles are solid, so Lara can't do a dash without falling through to spikes, and the boulder always seems to overtake her. Just as aggravating was a Zodiac boat trying to make it up a slanted waterfall. No matter how Lara revved the boat up, it always ran out of momentum right at the top of the waterfall and slid back down. (The solution is to back the boat up, hold down both the CTRL and ALT keys, so the boat revs and shakes, but is held in place, then release the ALT key and the boat bolts forward and makes the waterfall.) This is clever. The second level, an interlude called "Other World," starts with Lara in an all white environment. If Lara slides down a white ramp, she passes through white floor, so our view is nothing but a white screen until Lara's death cry as she lands on barbed wire. There are a lot of places in these levels where Lara operates blindly and by chance. There is more fun when Lara gets the MP5 and can shoot a rampaging T-rex a few hundred times. Lara comes to multiple slope jumps, where she can bounce higher and higher. Here the author has added a timer, so Lara has to escape not only one descending spike ceiling, but a second one at the top. And for good measure there is barbed wire between all those ascending slopes, for a literal and figurative overkill. Next Lara has fun with a hand operated underwater assist vehicle. Here the lack of plausible environment detracts. The rooms, as elsewhere, are boxy with tall pillars, and Lara pauses halfway in the swim to climb up into a room with solid black walls. I assumed the author was doing this to avoid having to do texturing work. The third level takes us back to where the first level ended. Out in the arctic landscape there are mine cart rides, though the journeys are too brief. Lara does a complex dark maze, on a timer, of course. When a flare burns out Lara is in total dark, so she pauses to light another flare and this insures that she won't have enough time to reach the exit door. After that the sliding spike walls (with spikes on the floor), and spike rollers to jump over, are amusing. Then it is back to Lara in a dark room, unable to see anything while she tries to monkeyswing over to a central structure. There is no telling what kind of route is on the ceiling, even with a flare, and anyway there are projections and slants that block Lara's progress. My patience wore thin. At the end Lara confronts four mutant aliens. Having Lara tediously move a final push block all the way across a huge room, while the author indulges in flatulence jokes at the butler's expense, was perhaps not the high point of these levels. I know young authors mostly want to be told how imaginative and creative they are (clearly the objective of much of the game play), but to me much of this is in a rough draft state. Very little work was done on architecture or texturing. There are some very good moments. For those looking for challenges and ideas, you will find a rich serving here." - dmdibl (26-Nov-2009)
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