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Author(s): Antoni
total rating:6.02 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 4 5 7 8
Ceamonks890 4 5 6 7
dmdibl 4 5 7 8
eRIC 4 5 8 7
eTux 3 5 4 5
Gerty 4 6 7 7
Jay 5 6 7 7
Jerry 3 5 8 9
Jose 5 6 6 7
manarch2 3 5 6 6
MichaelP 5 4 6 8
Nuri 8 8 9 9
Obig 4 5 6 8
Orbit Dream 2 5 8 9
Ryan 4 4 7 7
Torry 7 7 8 8
category averages
(16 reviews)
4.31 5.38 6.88 7.50

Reviewer's comments

"Remakes like this one are honorable, because it's not just the same level that has been "copy-pasted" with little, irrelevant changes, although level structure in this remake IS actually the same as in the original, but there are new puzzles, new traps, some secrets have been changed and some new ones added.So playing this wasn't like playing that same original first level of Tomb raider 1 again, which I as a big Tomb Raider fan have already played at least 30 times. I like the changes and the little creativity that the builder built in." - Nuri (04-Jun-2019)

"Yes we have all played the Caves from TR1 a zillion times but this remake provides an interesting diversion from the original with the flooded cavern, snakes everywhere and fires all over the staircase. Having to find two keys to get the final door open was a nice touch as well. Good graphics and atmosphere and worth 20 minutes of your time." - Torry (03-Jul-2018)

"This has many of the elements from the original Caves level, with the addition of fire traps and the chance to swim with orcas. Yes, I know - not something you'd expect to experience in a cave in Peru, but, suspending one's disbelief, it is quite a magical experience all the same. Otherwise, it's fairly uneventful." - Jay (26-Jul-2016)

"Another Caves remake, and one that's barely altered. Some dart traps have been replaced with fire and there are the questionable additions of killer whales (Really?) in a pool. Okay for nostalgia, I suppose, but nothing more." - Ryan (13-Jul-2016)

"The map is basically the same from the original TR1 level; there are minor changes, like the fire traps in the stairs or the timed runs, but the areas are well known and the route is the same. I didn't like the location of the keys, placed anywhere on the floor, but the gameplay is easy, lineal and fast. Don't wait for great features, so I think this level will only satisfy to nostalgic players." - Jose (11-Jan-2016)

"Another remake of the Caves level from TR1, only under the TR3 engine this time around. And while there have been noticeable attempts made by Antoni to not make this a walk in the park for veterans who can simply blaze through this level in their sleep(such as the inclusion of nonsensical traps like the burning staircase sequence or a now flooded wolf den area with relatively out-of-place whales to name a few), I honestly don't believe it adds enough new elements onto the overall experience to justify it as anything more than a quick distraction. Despite this not necessarily being a release that I'd classify as a must-play at the end of the day however, I do have to praise the builder for the good use of lighting and utilization of TR3 ambiance tracks here, as it helps to convey a slightly refreshing take towards the familiar atmosphere we all associate with TR1. So feel free to give this one a go, especially if you're wanting to relish completely in nostalgia for a bit." - Ceamonks890 (23-Sep-2014)

"For the player who can never get enough of TR1's "The Caves" - here comes another incarnation, this time within the TR3 engine. To be fair - there's a bit more to it than a one- on-one remake, and I did enjoy the improvements like the fiery staircase, the timed swim, the additional 3 secrets not found in the original, and the ever adorable and amicable orcas. Having said that - I'm not convinced the changes are radical enough to justify the level's existence, though I'm sure this will still be right up the alley of players nostalgic for TR1. The considerably lower atmosphere and looks scores don't mean the level is visually unappealing (though the water surfaces are not textured, and I found at least one of those dizzying infinity-texture spots typical to levels built with the Turbo Pascal's editor), but I'm still not completely convinced that the whole remake shtick is as laudable as that of builder's trying to do their own thing (even if they happen to fail spectacularly in the process). Feel free to try it if you feel otherwise." - eTux (28-Feb-2013)

"15 minutes of a remake of the Caves level. When having played this, you know what to do and find at least 3 secrets; I have found 6 though. Textures were equal to the original; some boulders, whales, snakes and fires were now included. Not worth to play it again, really not." - manarch2 (07-Jan-2011)

"This level based on the TR1's Caves level. But many changed things. Enemies are snakes, and wolfs, don't hurt the dolphines. I've found six secrets, one of a key, and shotgun. Altogether we need two keys on the level." - Obig (25-May-2010)

"This is a remake of the first Tomb Raider level and therefore everyone who loves TR1 will feel right at home. I really enjoyed the lighting and textures which in my opinion is better than the original where the lighting was very uniform. Here we have shadowy areas which fits a bit better with the cave theme. A few changes have been made. There is no bear but instead you can swim with 2 friendly Orcas while looking for an underwater lever that opens a timed door. I thought this was a great little level, specially for beginners or someone who wants a short trip down memory lane. Easy to play without challenges. A definite keeper for TR1 fans." - Blue43 (17-May-2010)

"The umpteenth remake of the TR1 Caves level. It looks solid though and during the 20 minutes spent you get a few changes and extras, such as the swimming with the friendly orcas, a few more easy timed doors and a series of burners to jump by. 6 secrets to be found as well." - MichaelP (15-May-2010)

"An attractive remake of TR1 "Caves." Has spikes at the first secret (where there were no spikes) and friendly orcas instead of a brooding bear. Lara can swim with the whales for an underwater lever, and later the steps up to the ruins are hampered by fire. Because of the differences players can't go on automatic pilot, or an obvious key may be missed. Interesting variations on a theme, though "Caves" has been remade many times. The original TR1 level is better as a start to Lara's adventures but, even with Glide, the TR1 appearance can't compare to the quality texturing that the author has done here. This is "Caves" the way it should have looked, best played when you haven't revisited this scene for some time." - dmdibl (31-Dec-2009)

"A nice remake of the Caves with good lighting and good sounds , the background audio is different and other things are different too, we still have the wolves but no bats or bear , instead now some cobras and a couple of harmless killer-whales in that big cave where we have to spot an underwater lever. Also the challenges , not difficult , with the fire emitters at the end was a good addition. Found 6 easy secrets, including a key necessary to end the level. A remake where there is enough differences to justify its existence." - eRIC (14-Dec-2009)

"This was a nice little raid in the well know area of the caves. There is a twist though and I liked what I saw. I loved the orcas and I did swim with them a little more than was needed. Getting two keys and flipping a lever and on the way to the finishing trigger I found 6 secrets" - Gerty (25-Sep-2009)

"Every TR1 player will feel at home here instantly, although enemies and gameplay were slightly changed (i.e. you will encounter some harmless whales in a cave where you expect wolves, and you get fire emitters where you expect darts). Some puzzles thrown in could have made playing more interesting, but unfortunately you don't get any, except for one block to be pushed on a tile. I found texturing even better and more carefully done than in the original level. It's a pity that the game was so short." - Jerry (20-Sep-2009)

"Yet another faithful (construction-wise) remake of the TR1 caves level;and anyone who has but even the dimmest memory of the original will breeze through this without pausing for thought.True,a few poisonous spikes have been replaced by flame emmitters;but it takes more than this (and the addition of two spectacularly anachronistic Killer Whales)to garner much praise for Gameplay. It IS a faithful copy,however,and the atmosphere,texturing and lighting is every bit as good as the original. Still not reason enough to play this,though;except as an excercise in nostalgia." - Orbit Dream (19-Sep-2009)
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