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Author(s): Raider Croft
total rating:5.64 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
alan 6 6 7 7
Ceamonks890 4 5 4 4
DJ Full 7 8 8 6
dmdibl 4 5 6 6
eRIC 4 6 7 5
eTux 4 5 5 4
Jay 5 6 6 6
Jerry 3 4 6 6
Jose 5 6 7 6
manarch2 4 5 5 5
MichaelP 6 7 6 6
Nomad 4 6 6 6
Obig 5 6 7 6
Orbit Dream 5 6 3 4
Ryan 5 6 6 5
Torry 8 8 8 8
category averages
(16 reviews)
4.94 5.94 6.06 5.63

Reviewer's comments

"According to this game, Spain is still stuck in the Ice Age, such is the frequency of white tigers and Arctic wolves. Surely, Spain is the one place you wouldn't expect to encounter these animals? This is maybe slightly more entertaining than Chile, as there are a few nice (if easy) gameplay quests for keys and the final level has a neat touch in that you will recognise familiar areas from the preceding levels and how they all connect. Still, the textures are bland and repetitive, the Spanish surroundings are unconvincing and the gameplay is mostly still tedious thanks to the long backtracking, crawling and ladder climbing." - Ryan (03-Nov-2018)

"SPAIN: This was my favourite level set of the entire series. Good clean raiding to be had. At level two you are confronted with the rotating globe again and this time you must select "Portugal" to end up in Spain. Here all the wildlife seem to carry medi packs as I managed to pick them up from recently deceased snakes, birds and wolves. At the start of level 4 Lara has a festering wound on her left leg. Have no idea how she got that but was a nice touch. This whole level set is more reminiscent of TR1 than TR3 and perhaps that is why it resonated so well with me. Overall a 8." - Torry (01-Apr-2018)

"This part is a bit better with Lara visiting some mountains in Spain. She enters to snowy caves, battling wolves, rats, snakes, snow tigers, guards. Some music tracks have been added. In the last part there are more mountains with snow and even a kayak ride (that's my least favorite vehicle because it's very hard to use it). In the end Lara leaves in a helicopter with her friend (at first I thought he was another enemy but Lara didn't point to him :p)." - alan (10-Mar-2018)

"Spain is the third part and the best, the scenery is still crude but more varied in size and texturing, providing a satisfying amount of both inside and outside exploration, including serious Caves vibes in the middle. Local audios appear, a brilliant touch somehow unconsidered for the previous episodes. A bit too intense combat sometimes feels random and occasionally unfair like before but usually fitting and always possible without medikits if you care enough. Some enemies play a certain role like the helicopter owner or the ritual performers. Revisiting zones after few levels like in part 1-4 is unexpected, but the greater surprise is the final part which grants a whole escape run through the mountains." - DJ Full (21-Mar-2017)

"Amazing how much Spain resembles Peru; certainly the snow leopards came as a bit of a surprise. I can't honestly say this series is holding my interest, but I've started so I'll finish. The gameplay seems sluggish with all the backtracking required and there's still an awful lot of lever throwing action. At least this section is less of an out and out shooter, with enemies used far more creatively than hitherto. You'll need to be a huge TR3 fan to bother with it however." - Jay (21-Oct-2016)

"Spain series were better than Chile and chaotic India series. As a standalone were they good levels in my opinion no. I must say the atmosphere and lighting were good, the architecture was okay (especially the ruins were handled succesfully) but there is no solid gameplay. I found the first level particulary bland as it felt like unnecessary trekking, you just pass one from outside room to the other with nothing much to do in between. Oddly various animals had keys making me struggle in finding the first key. Second level is more interesting, the gameplay and the atmosphere are improved (pulsing lights added to the level). I felt like I am exploring a lost civilization which is one of the things what makes Tomb Raiding good. Though I wish there were more dramatic stuff in the ruins. Third level is just like the second one and thus it is nothing new. There was one good puzzle with the box you pull out of the way. I was bored at the fourth. These levels are playable but they offer few things engaging." - Nomad (21-Oct-2016)

"Well, at least this levels are a bit better than the previous, even with the backtracking. There are some puzzles and more CD tracks, less enemies and some (few) ammo for the guns. Talking about the ammo for the guns, I think the author forgot that the shotgun is not only for decoration, and also the desert eagle. I've got some problems with certain ladders 'cause Lara refused to climb to the very top, but nothing important. Again, too many switches/buttons to pull/push and too many crawlspaces and ladders to climb. We'll see in USA..." - Jose (07-Dec-2015)

"While I can agree somewhat with previous reviewers that the overall quality does start to get a little better after this point, that doesn't mean that there still aren't at least a few shortcomings. For one thing, the gameplay still follows the standards set by the previous two parts(meaning a lot of dull backtracking and enemy slaughter before this section is done), while other aspects such as level design, atmosphere and texturing seem to fluctuate throughout, in terms of quality. In conclusion, while it is nice to see the builder slowly start to improve at making levels and somewhat address a few serious issues alluded to in the previous parts, this is another section that I'd recommend going into with a lot of patience, if you don't want to be quickly put off by the overall monotonous experience offered in this hour and seventeen minute-long escapade." - Ceamonks890 (20-Sep-2014)

"I had the feeling that this level is even worse than the previous parts of the game. While I recognized several efforts to build up atmosphere in this level, it did not work that well in this level, especially the first part was rather crudely designed with very little care for architecture or textures. At least the gameplay maintains the "standard" of the earlier efforts, with a halfway enjoyable key hunt in the second level being the "best" task in this game. In the first level, there were several unmarked ladders and the marked one did not work, causing Lara to loose nearly all of her health. The second and third level lack because of monotonous and uniformly lit rooms, although the transition to the fourth level is quite nice. In general the fourth level, despite the rather dull gameplay, picks up a bit as I agree to eTux that this one explained (in the builder's own, not overly brilliant but functional) way how the architecture across all levels, is set up. The choice placement of enemies and also secrets was a bit too simplistic for me, but I liked how you often could see the enemies without getting noticed, having some nice advantages in the following fight. Found 8 secrets in about 75 minutes." - manarch2 (01-Aug-2013)

"The differences are subtle, but I do feel like the series is getting better and better with each level.
The Spanish Mountains (4, 5, 5, 3) 18 min, 2 secrets - You spend pretty much all of the level outdoors, and, boy, do they look rough, even when contrasting them with "The Segura River" only 2 levels later. The chosen horizon and overall settings do give a sort of eerie vibe, but the author doesn't do anything substantial with it. The unmarked climbable wall makes a return here - and oddly enough there's one that's textured like a climbable wall, but isn't. Most of your opponents are the local wildlife - and it's a bit strange how some of them (a wolf and a snake) turned out to be bearers of much needed keys. Apart from that, the gameplay offers lots of running around, some jumps (nice), a long shimmy section and a 'timed crawl' of all things.
Inside "Del Pico Del Morrón" (4, 6, 5, 4) 27 min, 3 secrets - Easily the best level so far in the series as far as gameplay is concerned. There's an offer of a set up in a pseudo-non-linear fashion sending Lara on a quest for 3 keys through a setting reminiscent of TR1's Peru. Using the said keys results in draining a pool at the start so you can use a switch in it, but there isn't actually that much in the way of the tasks, and despite the seeming non-linearity and self-containment of the separate areas, the author loves to send you through the same paths over and over again as a proxy for the regular backtracking you'd get otherwise. He also stuffs in a generous amount of wildlife and the SEMIC baddies as a substitute for real gameplay, so don't expect the ruins (in any of the 4 levels for that matter) to be as desolate as you'd expect. Still - the placement of the secrets is good - with a well hidden, blink-and-you'll-miss-it room at the start and a timed run later on, and I liked the subtle touches advancing the story - like the fireplace indicating that Lara's not alone here (not that any preceding levels would mistake you into thinking she was).
The Lost City of Alexia (3, 4, 5, 5) 23 min, 0 secrets - Somewhere between the previous level and the beginning of this one (maybe from the final baddy?) Lara gets a cool black jacket as she sets off into more of the already familiar Peru-ish settings. There's still an overabundance of baddies as substitute for any real tasks - and by most people's standards the small village might be a bit of a let down - though I thought it was cute, and probably closer to what a real archaeological discovery of this sort would look like. I was less impressed with the gameplay there - which basically involved just going hut to hut till you were done with the area. Even more odd were the perfectly regular pickups (usually medipacks of one kind or the other) that started dramatic music, opened doors and summoned enemies out of thin air, thus making the initial pushing of the blocks closest to a puzzle this level has. The few Egyptian textures looked out of place in a setting that I'm still somewhat skeptical of how it fits into Spain anyway, but the lighting is improving a little bit with whatever the TR3 equivalent for a sun-bulb is being used more and more.
The Segura River (3, 4, 5, 5) 24 min, 3 secrets - I have to say I like how this particular level tied in areas from all of the previous levels, giving you a rough overview of how they all connect. The outside areas, once you get them are noticeably better than in the first level, and the sudden appearance of snow - actually supposed to be part of the story - possibly depicting the effects of retrieving the artifacts - not just a random decision of the author's. It's true - that there's not actually anything to do outdoors but run, run, run - so it feels like outstaying its welcome - the river feels more like a canal (but I suppose some stylization has to be accepted within a game), and the author still doesn't find tasks involving some tedious backtracking beneath him. That said - that particular task was not actually that bad in a TR-logic kind of way, but it's really the only thing you have to do in the level - the rest is just doing the legwork to the mysterious guy at the end.
This far into the series one can probably expect not to expect any enigmas requiring the player's intelligence to crop up suddenly, but it still is a small pleasure to see the author's skills evolve level by level, and I have to say that I enjoyed my time here despite myself." - eTux (11-Mar-2013)

"Four more relentlessly adequate levels in this on-going series,but the entertainment value has improved marginally over their predecessors.Levels One,Three and Four contain nothing more than full on,straight ahead gameplay where progression is only temporarily slowed by the frequent enemy attacks.Level Two is by far the most demanding,incorporating as it does a decent shape to the gameplay (find three keys by performing different quests)but is still straightforward and undemanding.Visuals are disappointing throughout,with none of the locations convincing (outdoor areas make little attempt to be anything other than large rectangular rooms with sky painted on);while Spain itself,far from being hot and Mediterranean,inexplicably seems to consist entirely of snowy caves filled with Inca symbols. Little has been done with lighting,excepting a few vibrant colours on a couple of walls;while secrets are hard to miss. The best feature is the enemy placement,but even here a distinct repetitiveness sets in,and the combination of snow leopards and rattlesnakes in the icy Spanish interiors are just too schizophrenic to be effective. Things almost perk up at the very end with a canoe ride down an Iberian ice canyon (where else?),but even this doesn't go anywhere;and the whole four-level segment is ultimately little more than a mildly enjoyable yet visually implausible plod." - Orbit Dream (30-Jul-2012)

"The Spain levels of the series start badly with a rather poor first level and then turn into a fairly pleasant Tr1 Peru/TR2 Tibet mix with actually improving texturing towards the end and a few nice Lara outfit changes, including a wound on her leg in level 4. Gameplay remains simple with a lot of running around in empty caves. There are the usual eagles, dogs, snakes and guards to kill along the way and a total of 8 secrets to find. Each of the four levels lasts 15-25 minutes, so you will get almost 90 mins out of the set." - MichaelP (24-Oct-2010)

"1: The Spanish Mountains - Short, but good level. Enemies are crows, vultures, baddies, wolfs, and snakes. Don't miss any snake, kill all of them, because on hiding a key, at the end of the level. There are two secrets on the level. Textures are nice, but I found a bug: One of the high ladder doesn't work for me, so I missed a lot of energy after the fall. 2: Inside "Del Pico Del Morrón" - Totally TR1 Caves oriented this level. Enemies are wolfs, rats, snakes, and some baddies. First time the level looks complex, because the many ways, but we will find the right way shortly. At one junction we need to go through two times. We have to find 3 keys. On of under the snake, another one in the snow, and the last one at a baddy. There are 3 secrets in the level, one of a timed run. I can suggest this good adventure for everyone. There are not hard challanges. It was fun. Textures are nic, fits for the level. 3: The Lost City Of Alexia - I liked this level very much. To be sure you have to look at the pushable block, beacuse its an importan thing on the level. Some blocks are almost invisible, but if you look them better, you will see the different textures on them. Enemies are tigers, snakes, baddies. There are no secret, and you can't stuck too, if you find the pushable blocks, whoever on the roof. I can suggest this level for everyone, textures are great, and the gameplay good as well. 4: The Segura River - The biggest level from the author. The same enemies like on the previous level, tigers, snakes, baddies, and some health crystal too. There are 3 secrets, where we can pick up medipacks. Gameplay is easy, the continual of The Lost City Of Alexia, with some same areas too. At the ending we will fly out from Spain with our friend, after we picked up our passport. We get two kayaks too, but the second one is unnecessary. I can suggest this great level for everyone. Intresting, poor Lara injured on her feet under the adventure." - Obig (25-May-2010)

"The initial outdoor landscape is jarring after the good preceding base levels. The simple geometric shapes and clashing textures are not very convincing as nature. It gets better as the levels progress. Lara enters ruins, and the TR1 texturing invites comparison to the first cave level. This may not be as evocative as "Caves," but players can enjoy good moments. The trouble is that game play is too repetitious, having Lara go through passages three times with little object but to extend the game. While playing, I was beginning to think that the fourth level wasn't bad. But then it has a section that looks copied from the second level, and another area that is meant to be recognized as taken from level three, and a long climb that reminded me of level 15 in this series. Lara arrives at underground huts, but instead of a puzzle she only goes from hut to hut pressing buttons. Then Lara uses a kayak, but the river has straight sides, like a canal. One feels that the author isn't putting much work into this, yet sometimes there are clever touches." - dmdibl (20-Dec-2009)

"The first level is only a prelude to this world , with a straightforward course, with climbing , slides , shimmying , some jumping and timed doors. The author has made the effort to place enemies that would fit the scenery, with wolves , crows, rats , snakes , and soldiers, but there are too many of them, some are well placed and others are really unnecessary. Then two levels that take place underground , with snow and give the feeling of a lost civilization. Good atmosphere , the looks are going better with these levels , and for the first time there is work on basic lighting, it was a pleasure to see Lara in 3D. In Pico del moron , I like the secrets especially the one involving a timed door and a run on pillars. In the final part there is again some redoing , as you have to go by the same route 3 times. In the last level, I quite enjoyed the gameplay around the deep chasm, but after that this is a straightforward and uneventful 'escape' , that even the kayak at the end does not succeed to spice up." - eRIC (20-Dec-2009)

"One thing that can at least be said about this level set is that the author stays true to his principles leading the player on long runs through huge rooms and long passages just in order to find a key or a switch to open a door somewhere else at the other end of the level. But think positive - after running the same ways two or three or more times, you get familiar with the location. Gameplay-wise it's not so much more than that, nothing really exciting apart from shooting some enemies. To tell the truth after running and crwaling around for hours I got rather tired of all this. The boat in part #4 could have been a highlight, but paddling around for 10 minutes or so with nothing exciting happening was as enjoyable as the preceding game. Regarding the TR1-Peru- and TR2-Tibetan-like texturing and the whole atmosphere, notably all that snow in part 2 and 3, including snow tigers(!), I have to admit that I couldn't have felt less like being in Spain. To my opinion the whole level set missed the theme. And I still wonder about this light stone thing. I never saw anything like that, it was nothing than small medipack instead." - Jerry (16-Oct-2009)
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