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Author(s): The Vagrant
total rating:3.19 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
alan 3 3 3 3
Ceamonks890 2 3 4 4
dmdibl 4 5 6 5
eRIC 2 4 5 6
eTux 1 3 2 2
Jay 2 3 5 5
Jose 1 2 3 5
manarch2 1 3 1 2
Mehrbod 2 1 1 2
MichaelP 2 2 5 5
Nuri 2 4 3 2
Obig 3 3 5 5
Orbit Dream 0 2 5 5
Ryan 2 2 3 4
Torry 4 5 8 8
Wolf7 0 2 2 2
category averages
(16 reviews)
1.94 2.94 3.81 4.06

Reviewer's comments

"The third release of this marvelous author and I'm quite surprised, that it's very basic and has nothing special. Basically this is nothing else than Lara's home but Lara is replaced by Sophia Leigh. You can select Lara's home in the main menu to play this or by starting a new game. The difference is, that you already have the pistols in the game and that it's raining." - Nuri (03-Jun-2019)

"A great resemblance to the main TR3 house, even the effects thrown into the game's world were the same, with the only difference of playing with Sophia as the main character. At first, as soon as I read the title of this debut, I thought this is going to be a 'real' revenge on Ms. Sophia Leigh, but then realized it's no more than a simple level. Thanks." - Mehrbod (29-Mar-2019)

"I don't quite understand the high rating, apart from being a level in which you can play as Sophia is nothing else! My mark would be 0, but I raised a little because the author at least decided not to put his hands and left the original Core Design level, I wonder if the level would had had a higher mark if it was changed a little, after all The Vagrant was the builder of Cape Fear and other good games! Are you seeking somehow for a home level to have nostalgia of the original Tr3 home? There you go. Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (06-Mar-2019)

"One of the original TR3 Home levels but this time you play as Sophia rather than Lara. Pretty typical romp even for those days but my level still crashes as we enter the basement, exactly the same way as Nite Tripper 2, so there is something wrong here somewhere." - Torry (13-Jun-2018)

"Really not worth to play this mansion level. Only explore the same old mansion doing the same old tasks when you can exit the level when you want. My level crashes when going down to the basement after the timed run, so I couldn't visit that place. What is the revenge? Forgettable and uninteresting." - Jose (10-Nov-2017)

"This is the original mansion from TR3, we just play as Sophia Leigh. I wonder what her revenge could be. Maybe Lara was in another part of the world while Sophia sneaked into her mansion to lock Winston in the fridge ;) The only difference is that if you play it as a normal level, it will be raining (and Sophia will have invisible pistols); if you play as home level, the rain will be gone." - alan (30-Sep-2017)

"Another Home level (how many more, I wonder?) This time we have the regular TR3 house level and we are playing as Sophia rather than Lara. Everything else is the same, from the quad bike track to the trophy room. Nothing else worth mentioning or seeing, for that matter. Not recommended." - Ryan (28-Jul-2016)

"Possibly Sophia's revenge is making us revisit a slavish copy of the TR3 mansion level, which is certainly classed as cruel and unusual punishment in my book. Apart from the fact that it's Sophia rather than Lara conducting the tour, it would have been a pretty pointless exercise back in 2001 and hasn't much to offer now." - Jay (01-May-2015)

"I don't understand why this is called 'Sophia's Revenge', when all this truly is at the end of the day, is a simple repackaging of the TR3 Croft Manor level map completely unaltered(beyond a reskin of Lara to look like Sophia Lee, one of the side antagonists of TR3). Seriously, that's all there is. So if you're looking for actual new content to salvage, you would be better off looking somewhere else, unless its been a personal dream of yours to have Sophia Lee running around in Croft Manor. And even then, interest will quickly fade fast once you realize that there's nothing different to actually experience here, in comparison to the main game's version of the level. Personally, I wouldn't recommend bothering with this in all honesty, unless you're extremely curious." - Ceamonks890 (17-Sep-2014)

"Vagrant was a skilled builder of levels way back in the earliest days,so I am prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt here and credit him with constructing this exact copy of the TR3 Home level from scratch.What I am not prepared to do,however,is credit him with any gameplay,as it's an absolutely exact copy of the Core original.This is also one of those 'it crashes when you enter the basement' affairs (unless you refrain from saving),which is a bit of a nuisance;so better,instead,for you to practice your sprinting/rolling skills with the timed run to the Trophy Room,and then exit by the Main Gate. Nothing else to see or do here." - Orbit Dream (21-Mar-2013)

"No, I can't recommend it. The home level as it is, played by each one dozens of times, only Sophia instead of Lara. Interesting for the first minute maybe, but then you realize it's nothing different and finish this level quickly. There is nothing new to see so don't download it." - manarch2 (03-Aug-2010)

"This is exactly the standard TR3 Home level with the only change done to the level being Lara's substitution for Sophia. So if you've seen it once (chances are you've seen it many, many more times) you can visualize how it looks pretty much to the last pixel without actually playing it. Due to this, I can't really give away many points for originality here, hence the low scores. The only thing one has to ponder about is what exactly could Sophia even do here that would count as revenge - leave the front door open as she leaves? That seems very disproportionate, considering that Lara killed her twice (and countless more times if you count the custom levels), but maybe we've all been wrong about Sophia all along, and she's actually fairly agreeable after all? Whatever the case may be - this seems worth a shot only if you've never seen Sophia as a playable character (or any other playable character than Lara) in action." - eTux (27-Jun-2010)

"And yet another Home level rendition, not different from the one we all know and hate by now. You get to play as Sophia instead of Lara and you get to ride a quad bike, but you may as well choose to run straight to the exit and finish the level off in less than 60 seconds..." - MichaelP (27-Jun-2010)

"Almost the same level like the athor's other level, but here isn't night and the heroine is blonde. :) Motorbike replaced with quadbike here. If you like the Home levels, try it. If you exit on the gate, the adventure will be finished. Well training for your enjoy. It was boring for me." - Obig (30-May-2010)

"A standard TR3 house level where you play as Sophia rather than as Lara. Play as a home level (forgo saves) in order to access the basement without crashing, and get the racetrack key in the aquarium. Ride the quad bike around the racetrack. Everything works, so this is better than some recent home level releases. The author made this before the flood of home levels by others, so at the time maybe there was a reason for this. Though "Nite Tripper 2," by this author, is only a marginally different home level. It seems like a minor joke, substituting Sophia for Lara, to extend into a full house level." - dmdibl (15-May-2010)

"A classic TR3 mansion with Sophia instead of Lara, rather good setting and sounds but no Audio background loop. There is a couple of timed doors , the main puzzle is to open the way for a shortcut for the timed door leading in the basement, and we are supposed to be able to use the quadbike on a racetrack ; however the game crashed after that timed door to the basement , and thus I could not retrieved the key for the racetrack. There is the normal end trigger that I could reach though, after a dozen of exploration in the mansion and around." - eRIC (07-Nov-2009)
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