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Author(s): Colin Benson
total rating:7.93 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Diz 9 9 7 8
dmdibl 9 9 8 9
eRIC 7 8 9 8
Gerty 6 7 8 8
herothing 9 9 7 8
Jay 8 9 8 8
Jose 6 7 8 9
MichaelP 7 7 8 8
Phil 8 7 7 8
Ryan 7 8 8 8
Scottie 8 9 8 8
category averages
(11 reviews)
7.64 8.09 7.82 8.18

Reviewer's comments

"This is a mostly enjoyable and lengthy levelset, and if it weren't for a few sections that I felt outstayed their welcome, I would have increased my gameplay score. The surroundings are attractively made (although the rooms are a bit sparse in terms of decoration) and I liked the way that textures were used to denote timed runs in the first level. Everything should be doable for the average player, and I admired some of the creativity within the puzzle sections, as well as the secret system that has you choose from different doors that house different supplies (it's best to consider which is the most important; in my case I opted for explosive ammo). On the other hand, the backtracking is a little excessive and I wasn't fond of the maze sections, so I had to deduct the gameplay a bit for that. You do have a chance (unlike some games) to snatch your prize at the end though, which makes it more worthwhile. It does have its tedious moments, but overall it's well worth playing." - Ryan (17-Apr-2019)

"I started this and I got hopelessly lost in the pitch-dark underground area. Yes you get a torch for some light but still. Tried it off and on for a while and decided to do this when the walkthrough was out. Afterwards I can see that a lot of work went into this mini game and although quite a lot of rooms were pretty bare, texture wise it is well done. And the levels are vast. There is so much running around to do, so make a save-game at certain points and explore, as the walky only gives you only the way you need to proceed and not all the pick up and secrets. A pity though, as the builders had it all in his mind and it didn't pan out as it should in my opinion. Too many ways to go and some parts are pitch-black and apart from the very confusing mazes, the whole lay out felt like a maze as well. There are some good ideas but some were repeated a tad too often. I especially liked the secret idea and have a good look at the fire wraith, those I would like to have." - Gerty (16-Jul-2010)

"Part 1 (7/7/8/8, 50 mins, 3 secrets): A classic Coastal setting at the very start with some rather nice looking caves pretty quickly into the game. And you soon find out that it is a fairly 'pedestrian' game, with lots of running through occasionally rather bare and empty rooms, but still, lighting and textures are solidly done and progression is smooth and quick with occasional enemies to kill along the way (dogs, guards, bats, warthogs and skeletons). The secret system is a novel idea, with 3 gems to find and then you pick from a choice of six rooms with goodies and there is a rather good timed run sequence in here.
Part 2 (6/7/8/8, 60 mins, 3 secrets): More of the same and it begins to get a little tedious by now. Lots and lots of orbs to collect in this part, still a lot of running around and (too) many doors to open in the houses that you find. On the plus side, the puzzles around the secrets are creative and fun and again the timed run addition does spice things up.
Part 3 (5/7/7/6, 60 mins, 2/3 secrets): The part I liked the least (to put it mildly). It is darker, with plenty of rather pitch black corners, and it is very much a huge maze through which you run torch in hand, hoping to not miss the next key pickup or crawlspace. And when you finally get out into daylight you get a hedge maze - although that one is not too bad. Missed one secret gem here.
Part 4 (8/8/8/8, 60 mins, 3 secrets): Thankfully back outside in the bright daylight and much more fun and easy flowing again. Puzzles are a bit more creative again too, with the boulder stopping the water flow and a few push blocks to handle. A definite highlight is the emerald room area (great looks achieved with simple measures).
Part 5 (7/8/8/8, 20 mins): The short finale is introduced by a fun little letter puzzle and then you are faced with a nice room with a ton of doors to open, each of which supplies a series of enemies to blast. Can be fun if you are in the mood - if you are not, check the walkthrough for the 4 doors that you must get into. Make sure you do get one of the fire wraiths though - I thought they really looked beautiful.
All in all, this is a very commendable effort with a weak middle part that many may find simply too tedious. If some of the creativity that spilled into the secrets had been more widely spread into the levels main course, this could be scoring even higher." - MichaelP (26-Mar-2010)

"Wow! This is a bit of a marathon! Five levels taking me 4 hours 45 mins to play, more bang for your buck. A nice touch was the choice of goodies that could be had for the blue crystal secrets allowing the players to select their favourite weapons. Coastal areas, caves, tunnels, all nicely lit, even the darkish areas didn't really require flares. Enemies were mainly skeletons, guards and dogs with a few fire wraiths thrown in for good measure. They were well placed to surprise you, occasionally ganging up on you for even better effect. The puzzles were straightforward and the timed runs tight enough to be interesting. They relied more on good technique rather than being able to shave tenths of seconds off manoeuvres. Perhaps a Boss ending would have been nice to use up all the ammo I had left but that would be being picky. Very enjoyable!" - Diz (23-Feb-2010)

"Here the inclined player gets stoned by coastal ruins. And one should consider very well whether one uses up his valuable ammunition in the first four Levels, or maybe operates better really carefully. Since in the last level many opponents rush at Lara, hence, one should handle before very economically with ammunition and Medipacks. Moreover, the inclined player should use the Secret Sapphires only in level 4. Then he gets because so many nice things which he can concern the last level a little more quietly. Most places feel well and built interesting, indeed, it would have been better in my opinion to limit this serial to 3 or 4 levels. I mine especially level 1 till 4. No question, everything is built very well and nicely textured, but everything recurs. And if one sees so many buildings and boxes several hours, the boredom can creep sometime. I do not want to say with it that the levels from 1 to 4 were dull. Definitely not. But the level builder could absolutely have left out something. The lighting could also have been a little bit better, because sometimes it was too light for my taste. Though there were also many dark places, but this was no big problem, because one could find enough Flares. More change with the sound would have also felt well. Moreover, the sound was sometimes absent, above all with doors. All together I have liked this serial. Above all the last level was really funny." - Scottie (10-Feb-2010)

"Big job this time although the gameplay was not good for me (as usual). Example: in the fourth level I choosed the left pole first. After doing all the tasks I arrived to the door where I had to place two pink items and I only had one; I had to return all the way back to the poles to get the second item and all the way back to the door. Then, when I got the key in the theater I had to go back again to the poles a long way back... and so in the previous levels. Backtracking is not good for the players (read the page 70 in the main manual!). Talking about another things, there are few puzzles in this game, and all is based about pulling switches and look for objects to open doors. In some levels, you have to backtracking a lot (not in the first :-)) to take your price when you get some secret jewels. Lights and textures are very good, but I missed some more cameras and musics in certain places. In the first level I got all three secret gems, and I chosen the revolver, the grenade gun and the crossbow, but in the next levels there's no option to get the uzis, so I had to play almost the entire game without them, and only could get them at the end of the fourth level, staying useless almost 1000 uzi ammo through all the entire game. Even so the game was good for me, enough flares and ammo, well placed enemies, good scenes, good architecture... Thank you for your hard work Colin!" - Jose (19-Nov-2009)

"Maybe I'm just spoiled with all the effects made possible with the newer engines. On the other hand, I'm usually a sucker for "old school" levels, but this five-part set didn't really push my hot button. To be sure, I got close to four hours of gameplay out of this adventure, but to me the environs seemed rather uninspiring and the required tasks were rather mundane and repetitive. The builder has provided a very helpful walkthrough and has left the flycheat enabled (which I used on occasion to ease the burden of all that backtracking). You're given periodic relief from the darker indoor settings by being taken outdoors on occasion for some warm sun and clear blue skies. I would recommend this mainly for beginning raiders who are still working on honing their skills. There's plenty to do here, and if you're not used to the glamor of the more recent releases you should have a good time roaming along Memory Lane. I found only one of what I understand were a dozen available secret crystals (and that one only because the walkthrough led me to it), so the builder did a good job shrouding them in obscurity." - Phil (09-Nov-2009)

"Aside from the fifth and last level of this Coastal Ruins / Catacombs adventure which is only the epilogue of it, the levels last almost one hour and offer pleasant discovery through outside Coastal settings and darker Catacombs with the appropriate atmosphere. There is a bit of backtracking at times and some non linear progression to know what is better to be done first. There is not a lot of traps or tasks but the few that are sprinkled are pretty good such as the"Maths" puzzle for a blue Gem , or the Sesame puzzle at the end. I quite like the principle that you can exchange these secrets Gems that offer more gameplay against goodies. I also enjoyed much a couple of long timed runs. The areas are vast generally and some seem a bit empty , the setting is good looking though with a sense of depth , and the lighting has been worked on, I also noticed that aside the traditional textures , the author has incorporated some new ones or modified ones. The enemies are always the same throughout the levels , SAS, dogs, skeletons and bats, with crocodiles in one level and big beetles and fire wraiths in the last. All in all the author has made a good work , and despite some uneventful moments and a certain repetitiveness , this is an adventure to enjoy [4 Hours 06]" - eRIC (01-Nov-2009)

"As with this builder's first level, we are in coastal setting again. This is however a more ambitious and largely very successful level, split into five sections, no doubt due to its sheer size. The gameplay is interesting with quite a lot of enemies to deal with - the usual coastal enemies, plus guards and dogs, some quite tight timed runs and lots and lots of exploring in search of a variety of artefacts. Some things work very well; I especially liked the secret system whereby every time you find a blue gem you are able to choose which room full of goodies to access, as they all hold a slightly different set of pickups. It's a great idea and really makes you think about your priorities - 'shall I have a revolver, or would I be better with some explosives?' Also there are some excellent puzzles, often connected to finding the secret stones. On the minus side, I could have done with a lot less running around dark, somewhat labyrinthine passages, which made things look a bit 'samey' after a while, and there is quite a lot of backtracking. However, overall I enjoyed myself very much and there are some delightful bright outside areas to offset the somewhat gloomy interiors." - Jay (29-Oct-2009)

"I reather good step up from this builders last game. The builder has taken adice from his last mission and incorperated it into this story. The bad thing i can say is that the lighting outside is a bit bland, maybe you could include an atmosphere with a sun in it maybe seeing as though the rooms just look like they have been dolloped there on a diffrent planet, otherwise, the lighting inside is fine. The Textures are o.k, i personally would have used something different but you did make a good choice. The gameplay is also fine, not a very plausible story but it was playable, again the puzzles werent anything new. I liked seeing that you took advice from reviewers to make your game even better: well done. Grade = A-" - herothing (29-Oct-2009)

"An attractive and engaging set of five levels, that kept Lara playing for a lengthy and prolonged romp through large scale architecture. As one might expect it gets better as it goes along. The author has provided a walkthrough, which was helpful a couple of times, but it is nearly as fast to simply play the levels. The walkthrough leaves out all pickups except for essential keys, and omits secret sapphires, which are the best part of the game, since hunting them out is a highlight. The gems allow Lara the choice of the contents of any of six rooms, and here pure greed takes over. The player salivates over the choice of revolver or crossbow. Or how about the room with grenade gun and goodies? This works very well in the first level. In the second level, Lara topped up with items she had had to forgo previously. But by the third level Lara was so well supplied that when I missed getting a gem in a dark and confusing cave, it didn't seem so important. The texturing is good, and many rooms are enormous, but there are seldom those extra details that add reality. One overeager skeleton did slip off an overhead ledge, fall, and disintegrate a meter from Lara, something I had never seen before. The first level starts out bright, but then goes into catacombs where Lara has to find two stars (called something else in game). Lara runs through dozens of black tunnels, some of which just snake around and come back out into the main room. Frankly, I could have done without that entire section. The trouble is that something like that is repeated in other levels, with tedious treks back and forth that serve no real purpose. In the fifth and final level there are numerous keyholes in a long chamber, and Lara could go down the line, testing her key in each one. Then she gets another key to repeat the trial. Here I just consulted the walkthrough to find out where the keys were to be placed. Still, this area has an attractive setting with ghoulish pictures above each door, suitable for Halloween. In sum, there is some good exploration and game play here, a couple nice timed runs, greedy secrets, and relief from overly cramped levels. A good showing." - dmdibl (28-Oct-2009)
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